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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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The hunter becomes the hunted When Lydia's partner is running late, she decides to follow her prey alone. Captured, she's bound, helpless and begging for mercy, but she soon discovers that vampires have none! They have questions she doesn't want to answer, but how much can she take? Warning: This 7, word story includes masturbation, light bondage and dangerously sexy predators!

Words: 22, Published: June 26, When her village is threatened by a legendary monster, Anna pulls the short straw, chosen by fate to make the ultimate sacrifice. Bound in chains, she's left in the woods, a virgin offering to his feral lust. But what kind of night demon is he? And what dark hungers will she be forced to satisfy? Anna's desperate efforts to save the cursed beast-man in The Sacrifice and The Temptress are foiled when they are captured. The witch who cast the curse has returned, and her vengeance will be dire. What will Anna do under the searing influence of the witch's punitive lust spell?

Warning: This word short story includes a blazing hot mfm with a beast, and a lesbian seducation. Published: May 17, When Anna is left for the beast in The Sacrifice , she willingly sacrifices her virginity to free the man inside the monster. But it was not enough to break his curse, and now the clock's ticking.

Will Anna lure two more innocents into the woods, more sacrifices to his feral lust? This sexy short story includes anal sex, oral sex, and a searing mmf menage a trois. Published: April 22, And what kinds of hunger will she be forced to satisfy? Words: 37, Published: March 23, A pack of Montana wolves are more then they seem, to the terror and delight of a pair of intruding women.

Warning: These short stories include massive amounts of hot werewolf loving! Words: 20, Published: March 20, Ranger Cassie and her partner Rick have been assigned to a station deep in the wilds of Montana. Six months ago, the previous ranger had been brutally murdered. When Cassie investigates, she makes a terrifying discovery that will change her life forever.

Warning: Hot Werewolf Gangbangs! Published: March 18, After being kidnapped by a rogue alpha and his lustful pack, Cassie's new pack-mates attempted to rescue her. Their plan goes terribly awry and all the wolves are captured and sentenced to death. With the lives of her pack at stake, what will Cassie do to free them, and herself?

- Taken In Public

Her only hope is to create a distraction Warning: Graphic, sexy werewolf gangbangs with double penetration! Published: March 11, After having her throat torn out, and surviving, Cassie discovers the passions and perils of belonging to a werewolf pack. But an intruding pack abducts her, to make her one of their own. Led by a psychopathic alpha male, the new pack takes what they want from her. Will Cassie ever get free? Which pack will claim her?

Warning: This hot short story includes graphic werewolf gangbangs! Published: February 25, Park rangers Cassie and Rick are assigned to a station that was the scene of a grisly murder, six months after the fact. When Cassie takes a walk in the woods, she stumbles onto a dangerous secret, and will have to decide how far she'll go to survive.

Can she satisfy the monsters she's discovered before they tear her apart? Warning: contains explicit, graphic werewolf sex. Words: 4, Published: February 16, The Garden of Eden is the original tale of love and depravity. What can a skilled lover teach Eve about her body, and how to use it? Warning: this short story contains vivid depictions of sex between an innocent and the depraved.

Published: February 11, Formerly published as My Hairy Valentine. When a stray dog follows Marie home after saving her from a vicious mugger, she doesn't know her furry new friend has a secret. But when her night-time fantasies suddenly become surprisingly realistic, she starts to wonder: Is her sweet lover a dream? Or can even a monster sometimes want to be a house pet?

Published: February 9, Samantha is investigating a mystery when she discovers that some monsters are real. She's captured by the pack and drugged, making her crazed with lust. What will she need to do to survive? And will she ever regain her freedom? Warning: contains graphic gangbang werewolf sex. Samantha has re-encountered her mysteriously fast-healing patient, Logan. Both are now prisoners of the werewolf pack, and Sam must make a choice: help Logan overthrow the king or submit to being the pack's sex toy for the rest of her life.

Warning: Contains oral sex, anal sex, double penetration, gangbang sex and lustful werewolves. Published: February 5, After investigating a mysteriously fast-healing man, Dr. Samantha was captured by a pack of werewolves in Lycan's Lust. Now she's been drugged with a lust potion and given to the pack. She's been told to satisfy all of their desires, or else!

What will Samantha do in the grip of fiery desire? Will she escape the werewolf pack? Warning: contains group sex,and smoking hot werewolf sex! Published: February 3, ER doctor Samantha was intrigued when her mystery patient healed right in front of her eyes. But when he escapes her tender care, she needs to track him down. She soon discovers that some monsters are real, and is helpless when trapped by the pack.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men. Author Lola Newmar has created a wonderfully touching, highly romantic, and an erotically sensual memorable story that reaches out and grabs the reader's heart. The author easily seems to lure the reader into the web she spins with riveting characters, an enchanting plot, and sexually charged action for a story that is impossible to put down.

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The heroine is matched with an equally strong and compelling pair of heroes that delight. Taylor is believable, tender, kind-hearted and undaunted heroine who isn't afraid to ask or go for what she wants. Best friends, Jay and Brody are men most women would absolutely love to have. The heroes are strong-willed, noble, dominant and deliciously sexy men who know exactly how to treat their woman by making her the center of their world.

Once these two men see Taylor, they can't curb their desire for her beauty or her generous spirit and a bond is quickly formed. The sex is smoking hot, adventurous and touching.

the werewolf experience 3 mmmf paranormal werewolf erotica Manual

The involvement of the heroes' and heroine's families helps make the story even more entertaining. The danger that threatens Taylor and the relationship between her men works wonderfully to tie up any loose ends in this fairy tale. A Bride for Two Billionaires is nothing short of incredible! Let me tell you—Male Order men knew how to treat their women. Taylor Ewing had a good life in Dallas with her beauty crown and her charity.

When she needed to get away from the good life, she decided to visit her aunt in Male Order.

Male Order wasn't an ordinary town, it was a town that encouraged multiple partner weddings. Taylor wasn't looking for a relationship with a guy, but to her surprise, she had a relationship with two gorgeous self made billionaires. Jay Stephens and Brody Bartlett were best friends and planned all their life to share a wife.

Brody was getting concerned that Jay was growing apart from their plan. He was dating alone more and more. Then Taylor came along and they couldn't resist her beauty or her unforgettable generosity for her charity. Her father had passed with heart disease and Taylor raised money so that they could find a cure for a disease that took her beloved father. Jay and Brody wanted to show Taylor the good life, one where she was the center of their undivided attention and love.

They took Taylor on a sexual adventure that included them doing positions that Taylor dreamed of. She wasn't afraid to say what she wanted and how she wanted it, but in their relationship Jay and Brody were the dominants and were not afraid to spank to prove their point. Needless to say, Taylor enjoyed her punishments as much as her rewards. This book has a little of everything, but mostly it has two generous men who only want their woman happy and well satisfied.

It certainly will burn the pages in some scenes. Good job, Lola on a well written book. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Deciding that she has had it with the fakeness of the big city she heads for Male Order, Texas, to enjoy the small town feel with her aunt. Only this small town would not be approved of by her conservative mother. How can Taylor deal with something so out of the norm for her and will it impact the funds she needs for the charity that she chairs?

Brody believes that he has found that woman when he sets eyes on Taylor Ewing, but Jay seems to be reneging on their unspoken pact of joining together and sharing one wife and children with each other. Brody is gentle, loving, and not scared to show his emotions while Jay is frightened to love for fear of loss.

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Can these two men learn to love and share even if there is the potential for loss in the future? A Bride for Two Billionaires reads like an afternoon soap opera with all the drama and love rolled up into the pages of an erotic, fantasy romance. Taylor is plunged from one extreme into another, only to find happiness in something that she never dreamed of entering into. I gave him my innocence. Do I dare take his heart? The Hinky Brass Bed.

Too much of a good thing Lord Randy was bad in bed in , so his magician-mistress turned him into a sex demon with a curse: "You don't get out of this bed until you satisfy women! Lucky for Clay, fraud-cop Jewel has a weakness for hunky con men! Jewel is the hundredth woman, and she frees Randy. Now he's her sex slave, and her case against the con artist dissolves in a hail of hormones.

Lucky for Jewel, she's got a lusty libido! He wants to show her how hard it can really get. Her V-card is all mine. By joining her mailing list you'll get regular emails with links to the hottest new romance books in the Kindle Store and occasional contests and giveaways. Your information will never be shared or sold and you can unsubscribe at any time by scrolling to the bottom of any email from Haley and clicking on "Unsubscribe".

From the moment the door inside that room closes, I am not going to be Mr. Nice Guy. Do you wish to proceed on that basis? Secrets of Meadowbrook. The one man who will protect her is engaged to another woman. Can she survive? Something is amiss. All odds are against them, but will Chloe and Brandon ever be together? The Penance List.

Obsession, kidnap, murder No wonder this one's going to Hollywood! Karen J Mossman. I love thrillers that have a bit of romance in them. Add a little paranormal to the mix, and it's got the makings of a good book. Now reading the description, it sounds awesome! Great cover! Can't wait to read it! Emma Monaghan. Jillian Riley. S Cunningham Books is a great Author, I will never miss another book from her.


Just downloaded "The Deal" by S Cunningham. That Summer Kiss. Whoa, baby. My sister got me into this. When British heartthrob Edward is forced to fake a relationship with his American co-star and perpetual brat - Amanda - things are far from predictable. Career versus love. Love for a partner, love for your friends, love for the place you call home. One decision can change it all. When a huge opportunity for Emily forces her to move across the country, her relationship with her boyfriend crumbles. Newly single and now trapped in a small town for next several months, Emily throws herself into her work: an in-depth report on an up-and-coming hockey team and its number one player.

Sam has just been given the opportunity of a lifet. Michelle Lee. Fun and sexy story. Loved the leading lady taking charge of her life and finding some hot romance.

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  • Cassie Samuels moved half-way across the country with nothing but a Dachshund named Derby. She created a new life, a new name, even a new line of work - all to keep a dangerous ex-boyfriend from finding her. Ryan Dawson has been running from the ghosts of his past, trying to find peace after the death of his wife and son. But when a violent ex-lover pays a midnight visit, Ryan is forced to chose between his own safety and standing his ground to protect his new found love. Hunter's Moon. Did I mention I might be turning into a werewolf? Ellie Howard, a perennially single, successful photographer thinks she might have hit a home-run with a guy she meet on-line, but when he stands her up on their first date she walks back to her apartment alone.

    Her lonely walk nearly costs Ellie her life when a rabid monster attacks her. Staring into the eyes of a gigantic, hairy, fanged beast, Ellie is about to accept her fate, when she is rescued by a stony-jawed hero. Saved from near death by a professional werewolf hunter, Ellie now faces a fate worse than death - an eternity of servitude as the chosen mate of an Alpha werewolf. Its up to her brooding hero. Life Renovated. On the same day that an expected promotion turns into the worst day of my career, my relationship with my fiance comes to a stinging and abrupt end.

    Obviously, a wild night of dancing and flirting seems like the only sensible thing to do. In more ways than one. Will my one night stand become a DIY repair for both my crumbling home and my broken heart, or will my amorous ways cost Liam his job? Life Renovated is a stand-alone romance novella with no cheating and HEA. Exposed Alpha Seal. Success can be a double edged sword, especially when you have no one to share it with.

    Sometimes Love Conquers All Or does it? Navy Seal Bad Boy Collection filled with exciting plot lines and hot romance stories to keep you warm. Fall for the hottest men around in a collection of 3 separate stand-alone stories. Happy Ending guaranteed. Keeping Her Safe. She is the one that got away, leaving me to fantasize about the curve of her hip and the taste of her lips.

    I have everything I could ever want, except for Grace. And impossible to pin down—even for a man of my considerable resources. Now, maybe I have a second chance with her.

    But not now. Now, I only have eyes for Grace. But will I be able to keep her safe? I will. One Night with Mr. Right Jess Winters.

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    Coming from a terrible relationship in West Virginia, how could Ziti ever trust another man? In a setting unfamiliar but also familiar, Ziti meets the sultry, self-assured, sexy Luke. He was a member of a motorcycle club in the town of Carefree, Arizona and he has many secrets. He wins her trust almost immediately with his cool, savvy personality. Not on the market for a new girlfriend, why did the hot little Ziti appeal to Luke so much?

    Why did he care to impress her? He saw Ziti before she entered the bar and followed her inside. She was an exotic, rare beauty and he wanted to get closer to her, find out who she was, and possibly more. Raven Merlot's Spanking Tales Vol. In "Initiation" Raquel takes an earlier flight home than her husband anticipates and she catches him with another woman. In her post-divorce life she meets an enchanting and dominant woman who introduces to submission and discipline.

    Alexandra Noir writes what she lives. She's a therapist by day and devoted kinkster by night. She's committed not merely to letting you into her wild imagination but to give you a window into the intense feelings and intimacy that occur in real BDSM relationships. In Her Master's Voice Mary has always been an obedient wife and her husband, Jason, always gave her what she needed. But as time has gone on Mary has become too complacent in her submission to her husband.

    He decides to remedy this, and to pass on some of his wisdom to a young friend, Marcus. Between the two of them, they stand a decent chance of putting Mary back her in place. A Night with the Biker.