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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Book 2. The Illearth War by Stephen R. After scant days in his "real" world, Thomas Cove… More. Shelve The Illearth War. Book 3. Shelve The Power That Preserves. Book 4.

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The Wounded Land by Stephen R. Four thousand years have passed since Covenant fi… More. Shelve The Wounded Land. Book 5. The One Tree by Stephen R. Thomas Covenant and Linden Avery begin their sear… More. Shelve The One Tree. Book 6. White Gold Wielder by Stephen R. Thomas Covenant knew that despite his failure on… More. Shelve White Gold Wielder. Book 7. The Runes of the Earth by Stephen R.

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The triumphant return of the New York Times -bests… More. Shelve The Runes of the Earth.

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Book 8. Fatal Revenant by Stephen R. Rare book. Shelve Fatal Revenant. Book 9. Desperate for help to find her adopted son, Jerem… More. This everyday use of power emphasized the alien nature of the society covenant had entered into, and thus made the land even more distant from that by now familiar semi medieval England that so many fantasy authors resort to.

It is also an aspect of his world building which Donaldson continues through the other books, and provides a welcome intricacy as compared to the somewhat forced nature of his characterization. I also very much enjoyed Donaldson's writings of poems, songs and rhymes in the land. This gives the land a real sense of history and tradition and once again, emphasises that this is a real society into which Covenant has fallen, and one quite different from our own.

A complex and many layered book, with some elements of high beauty, and some distinct and unpleasant flaws. Generally how well a person might enjoy the book can be said to be a reflection of how well someone can appreciate the one and disregard the other, which is why I have given a dead centre writing of five.

It is true that perseverance will be rewarded, but it is also true that a reader must persevere through a lot for that reward, especially when it comes to the less than heroic protagonist. This series is not for everyone. It is by turns beautiful and grim, inspiring and depressing. Echoes of The Lord of the Rings but overall even darker.

And Covenant is a very difficult man to root for but I think this was a master stroke as it shows what one of us would really be like if we were transported to a magical, almost utopian land. It would show our pettiness, our grasping to material wealth, our complete disregard for nature and the planet.

If Steven Erikson's Malazan books worked for you then I am confident you will appreciate this book and the series now standing at 10 books as a whole. A must for fantasy fans. I have read these books multiple times over the years. Although I concede that they may be a bit difficult for some people, these books stand amongst the best fantasy works of all times. Be warned, if you are looking for a sunny and bland book where the heroes are easy to understand and the story is pre-digested for you then these books are not for you.

However, if you enjoy challenging literature that is both complex and satisfying, these books are definitely for you. Though the ten 9 books published so far eagerly awaiting the last one I have at times laughed, cried, been exasperated with the characters, fallen in love with them, hated them, been exalted an exhausted but never been bored. These books will run through your emotions and capture your imagination like few others can even if you have read them multiple times.

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I am thankful I was introduced to them by my brother who gifted me Lord Foul's Bane many years ago. These books have enriched my life and sustained me though dark periods in my life. I have an immense appreciation for Mr. Donaldson and even though I understand that all good things must come to an end, my only regret about this series is that there are only 10 books that give me the opportunity to visit The Land. Thomas Covenant got me hooked on the genre. From the first pages of "unclean" you get dragged along in a story built on self doubt and unbelief.

Donaldson gives us a difficult task, and at times a chore, to follow a character who is so extremely flawed. You get frustrated and even angry at Covenant, but the story itself and the description of the land is wonderful. I would not tell anybody you must read this series, but I suggest you sit down, take some deep breaths, and give it a try. The rewards are truly there for all to see. Read it twice over the years,will read it again one day. It's different. Funny thing could never get into Lord of the Rings. Chasing the last book now, will it ever end??

I realy loved this book and the whole series.

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Donaldson's series are totaly diferene first because Thomas Covenant escapes the stereotype of the hero good guy who has no doubt. He is a normal person who have fear, doubts, he makes mistakes and suffer for it. I really loved it. This is one of those series of books that I think of fondly from my youth that comes to mind when I think of fantasy books the other important set of work for me was Brook's Shannara material.

I thoroughly enjoyed these books and remember anticipating each new release. But I also remember being disappointed in the last book or two in the overall series. After 20 years, I plan to re-read this and see what I think of it nowadays. I love fantasty books and started this book due to great reviews but stopped halfway.

Too slow-paced and the hero was unlikeable. Did not want to waste anymore time on it when there are thousands of other fantasy books to read. Seems the reason this book is supposed to be unique is because the hero suffers from leprosy; however, that is not a good enough reason to continue on with the book.

Never really figured out why people like these Thomas Covenant books so much. It was a struggle to merely finish the book, the naming system in the book is a joke Seriously, the bad guy's name is 'Lord Foul' , and all the characters are one dimensional cardboard cutouts, with the except of Covenant himself.

Covenant spends more time being useless All powerful ring--rarely ever used than as an "anti-hero", but the only thing that even makes this book semi-interesting is the fact that you're never quite sure if good really will triumph over evil. A real tough read, but truly worth the journey. Once I realised that the real hero of the story is the Land itself I became totally immersed in the world that Donaldson creates.

I read all six books of the same series A fantasy that works on more than one level - an exploration of the psyche and the psychological conflicts of a man who suffers leprosy - either a new world is drawn or the inner world is exposed - fantastic. I really didn't like it, struck me as "oh poor, poor me"all the way through it. I hate that in real life, unbearable in a book series though. Shocked to see so many people rate it so highly - clearly its not annoying to most folk. This was the series after Tolkien that started my obsession with Fantasy. Brilliant first 2 series. This ain't your cutesy fantasy but my god it's good.

If you read fantasy and haven't read this do so! This is not what fantasy should be about. Fantasy is about hope. It is about a world where belief is possible and good always prevails though not of course without a struggle against evil, and not without taking major losses. It is about characters who are willing to risk everything, even their own lives to do what is necessary. In life, our choices are confusing. In fantasy, they should not be.

Tolkien knew this, LeGuin knows this, many of the other major fantasy authors both for teens and adults infuse this central theme in a wide variety of creative ways throughout their sagas. However, Donaldson creates a detestable "hero" who is pitiful, whiny, has lost all hope, and is only a few steps away from being evil himself. This, to me, is not fantasy.

It is what much of our modern fiction has turned into, with a little magic added in. The writing style itself had its merits, but I was hugely disappointed in Thomas Covenant. I read the Covenant series when it first came out and was less than impressed. To have this ranked so high on a top list is a mystery to me.

To not have Jack Vance any where on the list is a scandal.

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  • His "Lyonesse" series is so bright, creative and well written compared to Covenant it is pitiful. Behind Tolkien, Donaldson is one of the Grandmasters of fantasy. Both the Covenant series are some of the most briliant fantasy writing I've read in 35 years of being an avid fantasy fan. Though the first book was difficult to get through, his Gap series was also an excellent foray into Sci-Fi.

    This book is different. If you want cute talking animals and friendly elves, pick another title. I highly recommend the series, but not for the faint of heart. A rating of 8 was awarded. I have tried to read this book 3 times but it's just too hard to get into. The writing seems unnecessarily complicated and in the end I just gave up.

    I did enjoy the descriptions of the Land though. Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. The Dark Tower series Stephen King 9. Roland of Gilead, the Last Gunslinger. He is a haunting figure, a loner, on a spellbinding journey into good and evil, in a desolate world which frighteningly echoes our ow Nightfall Will Elliott 9. Aden awakens naked in a bath tub, knowing only that he is dead. His new world is Nightfall, a place filled with characters bizarre, grotesque and magical: Julius the duke, City of Stairs Robert Jackson Bennett 9.

    You've got to be careful when you're chasing a murderer through Bulikov, for the world is not as it should be in that city. When the gods were destroyed and all wor One Word Kill Mark Lawrence 9. Vurt Jeff Noon 9. Take a trip in a stranger's head. Travel rain-shot streets with a gang of hip malcontents, hooked on the most powerful drug you can imagine.

    Yet Vurt feathers are not f Babylon Steel Gaie Sebold 8. Babylon Steel, ex-sword-for-hire, ex-other things, runs the best brothel in Scalentine; city of many portals, two moons, and a wide variety of races, were-creatures, and re The Four Realms Adrian Faulkner 8. Half-vampire Darwin stumbles across a corpse on the streets of London, and in a pocket discovers a notebook in a mysterious language. Divided between human ethics and vampi Weaveworld Clive Barker 8. Weaveworld is an epic adventure of the imagination. It begins with a carpet in which a world of rapture and enchantment is hiding; a world which comes to life, alerting the Stephen R.

    Donaldson was born on the 13th May in Cleveland, Ohio. His father, James, was a medical missionary and his mother, Ruth, a prosthetist a person skilled in Rating 9. A very complex work of fantasy, tough going but rewarding. Free preview. Duncan from UK it deserves a high rating due its quality as a story and its strangeness? Daniel from United Kingdom This book was terrible; odd pacing, dislikable characters. Kathy from Australia This is a great book.

    Ron from United States I read this 30 years ago when in high school and it made an avid reader out of me. Vince from UK Epic quest, the search for the truth inside us all, characters that you love and hate in equal measures. Clare from Australia Thanks for the review and the comments.

    Kevin from Minnesota An all-time favorite of mine. Mackenzie from Scotland I have to admit that the first of the Thomas covenant series books were stressful, irritating and sometimes unbearable - but to me these feeling signify a good story telling where the writers character can cultivate you so much to extract these emotions from you. Luke from Durham, north England My perspective on Steven Donaldson's books, particularly on this the first of his Thomas Covenant novels is inextricably linked to the time at which I began reading them.

    Xavier from Austria This series is not for everyone. Ivan from Texas I have read these books multiple times over the years. Aaron from Bangkok Thomas Covenant got me hooked on the genre. Chuck from Australia Read it twice over the years,will read it again one day. Fabiane from Braisl I realy loved this book and the whole series. Steve D from Braintree I could not put this book down. Robert from Nebraska This is one of those series of books that I think of fondly from my youth that comes to mind when I think of fantasy books the other important set of work for me was Brook's Shannara material.

    Nancy from Minnesota, USA I love fantasty books and started this book due to great reviews but stopped halfway. Simon from Devon A real tough read, but truly worth the journey. Joan from London I read all six books of the same series