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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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This collector quality facsimile is crafted to hold its own in a library of first editions. Book Information: Branner, John Casper. Casper Branner of Virginia and His Descendants. Original Publishing: Branner, John Casper. Stanford University, Cal. If you know the book but cannot find it on AbeBooks, we can automatically search for it on your behalf as new inventory is added. Eve Rosina Knupp. April 15, ; mar. Elizabeth Are- hart. Abra- ham Jones. April 3, ; mar, Adam Rine- hart. Henry Leonard. July 29, ; mar. Ludwig Zirkle. June 20, ; mar. John Pence. May 29, ; mar. Elizabeth Mowry. Ij Christina Branner 23 b.

Thomas Hinton, Jr. The date of her birth is not certainly known, but it was prob- ably about The only information afforded by old family documents is found in two papers.

Casper Branner of Virginia and His Descendants - John Casper Branner - Google книги

Inquiry in Virginia discovered nothing more definite than a family legend that the Hintons, or Hentons as they were also called, had gone west. Among the papers of John Branner, the elder son of Casper Branner, however, I have found the following letter which suggests that the money mentioned was a payment made to the heirs of Thomas Hinton, or Henton, in settlement of his father's estate, and that the family was living in Orange county, Indiana, in May And you need "not to hesitate of leting sd Wilson have money for it will "be as shure as if I was to receive it myself.

Given under my "Attest. Another old note found among the family papers has the name spelled Henton. Wayland's His- tory of Rockingham county, page It is dated November 27, , and shows the following family relations: George Hinton mar. Mary Rigney. Marriage Records, Woodstock, Vir- ginia, page 15, Record August 10, Christina Branner. Hannah Hinton mar. Marriage Records, page 41, Woodstock, Virginia, by Rev. An- derson Moffett. Ann Hinton mar. Copeland Alice Hinton mar. Lived in Pearces Hinton mar. Ruth Hinton mar. Thomas Hinton, Sr ?

The signatures of the appraisers are all in German script except that of Hinton. It has been reported to me that Thomas Hinton Jr. Several clues have been followed up in hope of find- ing the descendants of Christina Branner Hinton, but none of them have been successful. May 12, ; d. March 19, ; m. Christina Arey 2J b. Feb , ; d. Michael Branner, the second son of Casper Branner and the ancestor of all the Tennessee Branners, was born on the farm belonging to his father about a mile from the town of Forestville, in what is now Shenandoah county, Virginia. The "burnt records" of Rockingham county, Virginia, vol.

OOO, page , contain the following incomplete record dated October 23, "Whereas I, Thomas Henton of Rockingham County and State of Virginia am about to remove to some distant part of the country, I do therefore by these presents assign over all the right, title, use, claim, and interest that I have in and to the last will and testament of my father and sister William and Mary Henton, both deceased, to my brother William Henton or to his heirs or assigns, to his or their use forever for value received of him," etc.

From this deed the following family relations appear: Mary Henton d. Rebecca Henton. Evan Henton dead in William Henton in N'irginia Lived in Shelby county, Kentucky, Aside from the fact that the name of the latter family is spelled Henton the Thomas of this family would hardly be called Thomas Henton, Jr.

Henton will Dec. Deed Book But little is known of the youth of Michael Branner; it must have been spent, however, on the farm near Forestville, Virginia. Nancy Henderson Lawrence, his grand- daughter, who was brought up in his family,. The ceremony was performed by Rev. They lived, for about fourteen years, in the extreme northern end of Rockingham county near Forestville, on a farm ad- joining that of his brother, John Branner, who lived on the original homestead — the Fairfax land in the southern end of Shenandoah county.

In August the writer visited this place for the first time. Anderson Moffett was licensed by the county court May 28, , to perform marriages in Rockingham county, Virginia. Wayland's history of Rock- ingham county, page Moffett is buried at his old home on the right bank of the Shenandoah river about two miles from the town of New Market. It had stood near the road over a large spring that flows from limestone rocks, and only a part of the founda- tion of the house was standing in The farm is rather rocky and closely resembles the upland parts of the farms of the Silurian limestone region in which Michael Branner after- ward settled in east Tennessee.

He settled near Dand- ridge in Jefferson county, Tennessee, and lived there the rest of his life. There his children grew up and married, and his descendants still live in east Tennessee or have moved into northern Georgia and Alabama whence they have spread chiefly over the south and southwest. October 13, , Michael Branner bought of Francis Hick- man "a lot in the toAvn of Dandridge known in the platt thereof as lot ". This is the lot on which the old brick bank building stands in Dandridge, and also the house next above it, which was, for many years, occupied by Captain Nicholson.

He paid three hundred and ninety-two dollars for this property. In July, , he Avas on the jury at Dandridge. Min- ute Book of Jefferson County, No. He was also on the jury in Jul. Adam Peck. Record Book No. On October 19, , he bought the farm on the French Broad river, one mile above Dandridge, and extending from the lower end of the bottoms on the right bank eastward to Branner's creek — a distance of about one mile. The family lived for some time on this farm in a log house at the foot of the hill on which M. Branner afterwards built a frame house.

Later he bought the farm on the south side of the French Broad river opposite Dandridge, built a new house and moved there, and the family lived in it until after his death. These farms were both nearly all covered with heavy timber when he bought them. After Michael Branner crossed to the farm south of Dand- ridge his oldest son, Casper, had the McFarland farm on the north side of the river, and to it, he Casper added the land from Branner's creek to the Hinkle farm adjoining it on the east.

In April, , Michael Branner was on the grand jury at Dandridge. Record Book no. Record Book J, page Michael Branner and his wife both spoke German, and used it almost exclusively in their family. All the children were taught German except the two youngest, and even they also spoke it a little. Their family bible was in German.

Unfortunately it seems to have been lost. They also throw some light upon the early history of the settlement of east Tennessee by the Germans. The Rev. George Esterly or Oesterly mentioned was related to the Branners by mar- riage. See Sgg of this genealogy.

The reports spoken of below are bound in one volume, and belong to Ambrose Henkel of New Market, Virginia, to whom the writer is indebted for the privilege of examining them. Nebst "den Einwendungen gegen die Erunclverfassung der General "Snyode sic. Wie auch zwey Briefe von zween Predigern "von dem Staat Ohio.

In later reports this name is spelled "Oesterly". An English edition of this report was printed in under the following title: "Report of the transactions of the Second "Evangelical Lutheran Conference held in Zions Church, Sulli- "van County, Tennessee the 22d of October, Also two "letters; and the objections against the constitution of the Gen- "eral Synod. New Market, Va. Another one of the German reports, a small octavo pam- phlet, is entitled: "Bericht von den Berrichtuugen der 3ten Deutschen Evan- "gelisch Lutherischen Conferenz, von Tennessee, gehalten an "der St.

Henkel's Druckerey. Michael Brenner sic von der St. Jacobus Kirche, Sevier County, Tennessee". The English edition of the third report has the following title: "A report of the transactions of the third German Evan- "gelical Lutheran Synod of Tennessee, held at St. James' "Church, in Greene county, T. New Market: Printed in S. On page 4 "Mr. James' church. Severe County, "Tennessee" is mentioned as a deputy.

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On page 13 it says: "The Rev. George Esterly, our former Deacon was publickly examined: and likewise some of his composition read. The Synod was well satisfied with his quali- fications and composition. Esterly be ordained a Pastor this even- "ing. On the occasion David Henkel shall deliver an ordina- "tion sermon", and on page 14 it is stated that "Mr.

Esterly "was ordained this evening". This was the 24th of October, The transactions are signed by Michael Brenner, George Esterly, and the others. The report of the fourth conference is a small octavo pamphlet entitled: "Bericht von den Berrichtungen den 4ten "Deutschen Evang. Neu-Market : gedruckt in S. Henkel's Druckerey, " Jacobus Kirche, Severe County, "Tennessee.

James Church, Sevier county. James Lutheran church in Sevier county, Tennessee. III That he was a man of high standing in the church. The church to which he and his family belonged, however, was not at Dandridge, but south of the river in the edge of Sevier county, and twelve miles from his home. This was called the St. James Lutheran Church, or "St. Jacobus" as it was called in German. It no longer exists. Its location was kindly furnished me by my friend Alexander Hynds of Dan- dridge under date of November 23rd, It marks the site of the old St.

It was this church that Michael Branner be- " longed to. These services were occasion- ally conducted by his kinsman Rev.

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George Easterly of Greene county. In politics he and his sons were whigs. He owned a few slaves — at least eighteen, as shown by his will. His granddaughter, Mrs. For five years before he died he was affected with paralysis of the left side so that he had to walk with a cane and talked somewhat out of the side of his mouth. He had an old body servant, Mose, who was his almost constant attendant, and who looked after the work of the farm and reported every- thing to his master.

Frank was the name of the colored overseer of the other negroes, and Mose and Arnold were the house boys. Ibby and Tish were the house maids, and Hagar was the regular cook; she was assisted by Leah when there was company. Those who knew him, and his descendants, declared that John R.

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Branner, son of George Branner of Mossy Creek, was the one who, before he became very stout, bore the most strik- ing resemblance to Michael Branner. Lawrence, quoted above, says that her grandfather was a man of fine presence, above the average in stature, but late in life quite stout, weighing over two hundred pounds. He was of fair complexion, with blue eyes and dark hair. He smoked a long-stemmed pipe. Lawrence says that "he was loved and respected by all", and that "he was widely known as a good man of business".

My mother says he was more than usually precise about such matters. Colonel Henry Hubbard of Mossy Creek told me that he was held in high esteem by those who knew him best. He died at his home on the French Broad just south of Dandridge, and was buried in the burying ground in Dandridge near the Presbyterian church on the hill. It has not been possible to identify the grave of Michael Branner with abso- lute certainty, but it is probably the grave next to that of Maria Branner, the wife of Casper Branner.

The uncarved tombstone of Michael Branner at Dandridge, Tennessee. All of the old gravestones north of this one are without engraving, and were probably set up before engraving could be had at Dandridge. His sons Casper and George Branner were his executors. The sale of his personal property took place March 27, ; it included five slaves and other property; the other slaves had already been given to his children and grandchildren, or were ordered sold under his will.

In all eighteen slaves are mentioned in the will or in the bills of sale by his executors. In my visits, conversations, and correspondence relating to the present genealogy I have occasionally found what seem to be traces of an impressoin that in dividing his property Michael Branner dealt more generously with some of his children than with others. Partly for that reason, and partly because it will be of interest to all of his descendants. In the name of God Amen. First I give and bequeath to my beloved Wife Christina Branner Eighteen acres of Bottom land where- on I now live, Beginning at the mouth of the ditch on the river bank, and running up the river a sufficient distance, then out to the foot of the hill so as to make the said eighteen Acres.

Then it is my Will and design that the said line shall so continue as to include the Mansion house where I now live, for the use and benefit and a possession for my dear Wife during her life together with the Garden, one half of the apple orchard, and a field lying back of the orchard, supposed to contain ten acres, then westward so as to include a small field west of the Barn supposed to contain five acres, From that field so as to include the Spring, and all out houses within these bounds.

Then down the spring branch to the ditch, then down the ditch to the Beginning. Then it is my will and de- sire that my dear AVife shall have the liberty of making use of timber on any part of the Plantation, or tract of Land suf- ficient for fire wood, repairing of houses and keeping up her fences, and it is my Will and desire that my dear wife shall have a negroe boy called Moses, and a negroe girl called Eva- line, with all the household furniture, and all the Kitchen furniture or so much of the same as she may think proper to take.

Also one horse beast, and that she shall have her choice out of the Stock of horses, and that she shall have three Cows, and shall have her choice out of the Stock of Cat- tle if she wishes to take them. And it is my will and desire that if there should be any Silver on hands at my death, that my dear Wife Shall have one hundred dollars, if there should be much, and if there should not be that much it is my desire that she should have what there is ; provided that it does not exceed one hundred dollars the money to be hers for ever.

And that there should be no misunderstanding, my will and desire is, that my Beloved AVife shall have the Lands, Prop- erty, Articles priviledges and Possessions herein left to her for her use and benefit during her natural life and shall have one year's provision for herself and famil,y to be set apart to her by such person or persons as my Executors shall name. Also the flax. Cotton, Sheep and bees if there be any.

I give to my eldest son Casper Branner the Planta- tion whereon he now lives to him and his heirs forever. Third I give to my second son Michael Branner the Plantation where on he now lives, to him and his heirs forever. Also I give unto my son Georg Branner one Negroe Boy called Nimrod which he now has in possession to him and his heirs forever. I give to my fourth son Benjamin Branner the Plantation I now live on after laying off the upper end of the survey to my son George Branner in manner heretofore devised Except that part of the plantation which I have here- tofore given to my AVife during her life, and after her death it is my Will that it shall belong to my son Benjamin Bran- ner with the other part already devised to him, to him and to his heirs forever and it is my Will and desire that my son Benjamin Branner should have the two cows the choice of the Stock, after my Wife has taken her choice to him and his heirs forever.

Casper Branner of Virginia and his descendants

I give to my daughter Elizabeth Leith one Ne- groe Boy named Nelson which she now has in her possession to be hers and her heirs for ever. I give to my Daughter Margaret Moyers one Ne- groe Girl named Lavina which she has now in her possession to be hers and her heirs forever.

And that my Execu- tors herein after to be named do see that the proper means be made use of to obtain her freedom. Likewise my Horses Cattle Hogs and farming utensils, Wagon and all my other perishable property, not otherwise mentioned in this Will be sold at twelve months credit.

It is my Will that my son George Branner shall have three hundred dollars to be paid out of the sales of the above mentioned property when collected, the three hundred dollars and the Negroe Boy Nimrod Hereinbefore devised to my son George Branner, is to assist in making his Lands equal in value, to the Lands which I have given to each of my three sons, to wit : Casper Branner, Michael Branner, and Benja- min Branner.

It is my Will that grand Daughter Sarah Bran- ner Thomas Daughter of Sarah Thomas deceased Shall have five hundred dollars to be paid out of the Money arising from the Sales of the property hereinbefore mentioned when col- lected to her and her heirs forever. My Will is that all other Monies that I may be possessed of at the time of my death and all out Standing debts that may be due and owing to me, shall after burial and other expenses be paid and my debt, that I may owe at the time of my death by security or otherwise be all settled and be paid ttte ballance of said Money and debts shall be equally divided between my three daughters.

It is my Will that my two sons. Also, it is further my Will, that at the death of my dear Wife Christina Branner, my Negroe Boy Moses and Negroe Girl Evaline, with all the household and Kitchen furniture and other property left to her and not otherwise disposed of in this Will; be sold at twelve months Credit and the money arising therefrom, be Equally divided between my daughters Catherine Derrick, Elizabeth Leith and Margaret Moyers to them and their Heirs forever. And I do hereby appoint my two sons Casper Branner and George Branner my Executors to this my last Will and Testament and do allow them to act without given bond and security, and it is my Will that they should not make any charge against the Estate for their own trouble.

But that it should be gratis, and them to serve without pay. In witness where of I the said Michael Branner, have to this my last Will and Testament set my hand and Seal, the day and year above written. Signed and sealed by the said Michael Branner the Testa- tor as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who were present at the time of signing and sealing thereof.

Michael Branner Seal Test. John Roper John McFarland. From manuscript notices found among the papers of his son, Casper Branner, it appears that after his death an executors' sale was held at the house on May 27, , at which were sold "four negroes, horses, cattle, hogs, one wagon and divers other articles". A letter from his youngest son Benjamin, to Casper Bran- ner, one of the executors, and dated at Summerville, Georgia, December 14, , shows that the settlement of the estate was only completed a short while before.

This final settlement, however, related to personal property left by the death of Michael Branner 's wife Christina, who had been living at Summerville, Georgia, with her daughter Mrs. Margaret Moyers. Christina Arey, the wife of Michael Branuer, deserves es- pecial mention. Lawrence thinks she was born in Germany, and she is quite positive that her parents were born in Germany. She is said to have had sisters, but nothing is known of any of them except that her elder sister, Elizabeth Arey.

When their mother died and their father Godlip Arey married a second time, Christina went to live with her sister Mrs. Philip Long. Inasmuch as both the ancestors and descendants of Philip Long lived in what is now Page county, Virginia, on the south fork of the Shenandoah river, not far from Luray, it seems most likely that it was there that she lived when she married Michael Branner.

His name appears as "Cutlip Arie" in the poll tax list of Augusta county in Way- land's History of Rockingham county, page His father was married twice, and Godlip was the half-brother of Wil- liam, Philip, and George Arey, whose descendants still live in Rockingham county, Virginia. The relationships are shown in the following table.

Philip Long b. They lived on South river. Page county, Virginia, near Massanutton postoffice. Arey b. Michael Branner Nov. Arey mar. Polly Stowers and! Sally Arey. Lewis Zirkle grant. They had no children.

Page county, Virginia. March 5, ; d. Mary Koogler and lived at Rushville, Rockingham county, Virginia.

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  8. Their descendants live about Bridgewater and Dayton, Virginia. Mary Arey Shiflet whom I visited in November, She then lived a mile or two from Liberty Springs on the east side of Shenandoah moun- tains, Virginia. She is a remarkably bright and well preserved woman; her state- ments are all borne out by documentary evidence in so far as documentary evidence has been found. In this connection the relationship of the Longs was traced and found to be as shown in the following table. The name is German and was originally Lung; this is distinctly shown by the signatures in German script to several documents in the clerk's office at Woodstock, Virginia.

    Paul Long b. April 4, ; mar. Reuben Long mar. Susan Arey. Reuben Long b. Mary Shank, d. June 29, ; went to Ohio. Adam Long b. Jonas Long b. Nathan Long b. Isaac Long b. June 18, ; mar. Elizabeth Shuler. Michael Long b. July 1, Isaac Long. Caroline Long. Lawrence says that Christina Arej' had other sisters than Elizabeth, who married Philip Long, but I have not been able to learn anything of them. The only suggestion found is that the marriage records of Kockingham county show that on November 8, Henry Nul married Marget Arey.

    Wayland's History of Rockingham county, page She may have been an older sister of Christina Arey. My mother, who knew Christina Arey Branner personally, said that she was extremely neat and precise about her dress and her house. She also said that she was a very handsome woman for her age, and but slightly gray when she knew her shortly after her husband's death.

    His name is there spelled "Lung". She was extremely nice about the house. This custom ' ' was kept up as long as I lived with her. After her husband's death, she lived for awhile with her daughter Mrs. Margaret "Peggy" Moyers. Colonel Henry Hubbard tells me that when he was married in he and his wife Mary Bran- ner spent a day with Christina Arey Branner, who then lived two miles below Dandridge with her daughter Mrs.

    The house where Mrs. Moyers lived then stood at the place where the Muddy creek road from the ferry at Dandridge joins the same road from the ford below town. This house is now abandoned and gone to ruin. Branner went with her daughter Mrs. William Moyers. Lawrence says she lived with her son Benjamin a while. She died at Mrs. Moyers' house at Summerville, Georgia, and was buried at Alpine, Georgia. A letter from Benjamin Branner dated Summerville, Georgia, February 17, , and addressed to his brother, Casper Branner, at Dandridge, contains the following in regard to their mother's death: — "Dear brother, I have to inform you that our beloved "mother departed this life the 13th inst.

    She could walk about the room until within a few days "of her death. See Mary Branner Henderson August 1, Mariah Doherty. July 2, ; mar. Henry Derrick. March 9, t ; mar. Edith Leith. July 11, t ; mar. George Leith. Newton Hen- derson. Jane Lucky. June 7, ; mar.

    AVilliam Moyers. Lawrence says that they had "three sons in the war "of , Michael, John, and William. Paulus Henkel. Copied from St. The record is in ierman. The date of the birth of George is there given as July 10, Their graves are six miles north of that city with "a stone house built over them. I have it from my mother that Casper Branner spoke to her of his brother John, though this may have been only a child's recollection of a younger brother.

    I have, however, heard nowhere else of a son named William Branner. Lawrence is very positive about the loss of two of the sons in the war of , and says she has heard both her grandparents and her uncle Mike speak of the fact. They spoke of their "poor boys being buried at Fort Strother. Branner, son of George Branner, was named for him, as was also her brother William Henderson. August 25, ; d. March 8, ; m. Elizabeth Branner was the youngest daughter of Casper Branner.

    She was born near Forestville, Virginia, cm the old Fairfax homestead. Her husband's family relations, as they have been found in deed books, will books, etc. Catherine Harpine mar. John Branner Philip Harpine m. Catherine N. Philip Harpine mar. Eve Magdalene Harpine mar. Philip Daly, Washington County, Pennsylvania, Susannah Harpine mar.

    Jacob Zerfos, July 24, Margaret Harpine mar. Jacob Pennewitz. Elizabeth Harpine mar. George Maurer. Abraham Harpine mar. I Catherme Harpme. In Rev. Paulus Henkel's diary it is written "Herpein" at page 25, and "Herpine" at page In documents written by other persons, the name is sometimes Harpine and sometimes Herpine.

    No special attempt has been made to trace the genealogy back of the elder Philip Harpine mentioned above, but it may be noted that Jonathan Herbein was naturalized in Pennsyl- vania between January 9. See Rupp's ''Collection of 30, names," 2nd ed. April 13, ; mar George East- erly, Jr. May 11, ; mar. Susanna Lindamood. April 30, ; mar. Joseph Nehs, Neas, Nease, or Nees.

    Casper Branner of Virginia and His Descendants (Classic Reprint)

    July 7, ; m. Eve Rosina Knupp 3, b. June 1, James Hoffman, December 22, He was bap- tized in , and Casper Branner, his grandfather, was his sponsor. Rader's church record. The only data obtained regarding him are in the form of deeds, some of which are mentioned below. His wife was sometimes spoken of as "Effy, " and her maiden name is variously spelled "Knup," "Knupp," "Knop" and "Knopp. They are both buried at Rader's church near Timberville, Virginia.

    Deed Book III, pages He was given land by his father in Rockingham county. Deed Book XIV, page August 14, ; mar, John Arehart. Elizabeth Branner 43 b. August 14, ; mar. John Branner. George Branner 4g b. April, ; mar. Rebecca Chrisman. July 14, ; mar. Naason Bare. April 15, ; d. Elizabeth Arehart 3 J b , ; d. John C. The standard author abbreviation Branner is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name.

    John Casper". Who's Who. United States National Museum Bulletin. Retrieved 2 January Stanford University presidents. Swain acting Donald Tresidder Alvin C. Hennessy Marc Tessier-Lavigne. Presidents of the Geological Society of America. Penrose Jr. Berkey Douglas W. Johnson E. Bruce Adolph Knopf Edward W.

    Berry Norman L. Longwell William Walden Rubey Chester Stock Thomas S. Lovering Wendell P. Davis John Rodgers Richard H. Jahns Luna Leopold John C. Maxwell Clarence Allen Julian Goldsmith Robert Folinsbee Charles L. Drake Peter T. Flawn Leon Silver Laurence L. Sloss Howard R. Bailly M.