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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Gallivanting in the Gem City. Stories of Los Gatos, California file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Gallivanting in the Gem City. Stories of Los Gatos, California book. Happy reading Gallivanting in the Gem City. Stories of Los Gatos, California Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Gallivanting in the Gem City. Stories of Los Gatos, California at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Gallivanting in the Gem City. Stories of Los Gatos, California Pocket Guide.

Luisa Adams' years of retreating for a month of solitude at an enchanted lake have yielded a sensitive collection of compelling stories and deep reflective insights. Her commitment inspires the reader to connect to nature, time, and daily life with fresh eyes and refreshed perspective on what truly matters.

September begins a year of intense training and long hours at Walter Reed in Washington, D. Tension and excitement grip the city and the crowded hospital. In the title poem, 'The Shadow of a Dog I Can't Forget' a woman, married for only sixty days, deals with feelings of melancholy by inventing a mysterious dog only she can see. In this carefully crafted world of runaways, mystical goddesses, happy strippers, and Marilyn Monroe returned to us to comment on her life being auctioned away, the poet's words nag at us the way only a great seduction can By the time we are done you will also know how to run the projector, score a baseball game, play a decent game of chess, give a speech in front of the class, and how to type a book report.

Robertson herself. Ray Robertson was a man of many talents, but sitting still was not one of them. He will be remembered best as a businessman perhaps — an entrepreneur who had so much faith in success itself that he was able to take on new business ventures in some cases with no prior experience , and by recreating himself, make them work. She had been imploring him for ages to write his memoirs so his kids and grandkids would know more about their roots.

With nothing else to do and with a nagging wife ever present, Ray finally got to work and produced his biography. It was done roughly, with many asides and flashbacks. As such, I am publishing my recollections in several volumes. Publishing Info. Author's Toolkit. Ways to purchase your copy of any book listed in our gallery: Use the " Click to Purchase " link to access to our secure order form.

ISBN: Click to Purchase. A Ranger, Pure and Simple - Edition. Culture Inside the Company and Outside the Country. Price: A workbook containing legal documents for anyone turning 18 years of age or older. Mario R. Vazquez was raised in a Texas Barrio. Vazquez details his Civil Rights involvement with iconic figures such as Dr.

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Hector Garcia. JSS focuses on the single homeless person; who they are, and the local government roadblocks they encounter. The book also has suggestions for what a responsible citizen can do for those who have the very least. This book about his career and his comrades in the ranger ranks and some of their experiences and passions. The book also includes sections on wildlife, search and rescue, weather, evolution of modern, and some not-so-modern equipment used by rangers.

Chris Packham has written this high level motivational book that will transform you into the person you were designed to become. By appearance alone, you would think twenty-three year old Mitch Baker has it all — smart, good looking, witty, athletic — but you too would be deceived. Mitch is that volatile workmate, risk-taking friend, class-disturbing clown, irresponsible son, and major screw up. How do you defeat the enemy when the enemy is you?

A Better Way! Into Solution. The Work Goes On. And That's the Way It Was. Four Beats to Every Measure. Collaboration and Peak Performance. An Extraordinary Life in Epic Times Played out against the backdrop of the Chinese Revolution, the life of Shi Ming Hu was one of both unqualified success and soul-shattering heartbreak. ISBN: Hardback. An Intellegent, thoughtful and funny— yes funny —poet. With the death of one man, history was forever changed.

The Hard Way Drawing on the experiences of love lessons learned the hard way, legendary CrossFit coach Greg Amundson offers insight into the unique relationship between a husband and wife. Anousim Awake! These lost Sephardim Spanish Crypto-Jews were thought to have disappeared, after their forced expulsion in the Spanish Inquisition.

The full effect in the Iberian Peninsula later Portugal sent them scattering to the New World and elsewhere. Contact to Purchase. Wonderful color photos of Parisian life. A collection of the author's poetry. Fiction: Action Adventure, Family Relationships. Fiction: Action Adventure, Fiction: Historical. The secret of life is to hang around until you get used to it. If you work at the Plaza Hotel in New York long enough, you hear strange and sometimes true stories. This book is a combination of both. Many of the situations described in this book did happen, some almost happened, and some could have happened given the nature of the hotel A young Nevada buckaroo rejuvenates the vigor and good fortune of those around him, showing the true magic of the Seventh Son.

But is his power supernatural or the accidental gifts of an observant young man?

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The Napa and other valleys north of San Francisco Bay are the settings for these two novellas. In Crush Charles Henry, a San Jose newspaper reporter, is enlisted by Gina Cefalu, a wealthy Napa Valley widow and former high school classmate, to try and find her missing son who has mysteriously vanished from his home and his marriage without leaving a message. Heat is about another valley and another time long ago.

The ranch lies at the edge of wild lands on which deer and even mountain lions range. A fire threatens the ranch and its crop, requiring of Charles and Uncle Will swift and difficult actions. Ursula and her brothers experience normal childhood adventures while the world around them is caught up in the flames of war. The struggle for survival comes alive in Essen, a city in the Ruhr Valley known for its steel industry, coal mines and manufacturing plants.

Pearson, Steve Parke,r Beth Vieira, Greg Grummer, and David Mehler: Seven poets from three countries, forty pages each, and no rules—this is Burning Gorgeous , an anthology of new, experimental poetry edited and published by the poets themselves. In contrast to most of the western poetry published today, these poems have been written and published outside academia by poets who found each other in an Internet poetry forum.

Mary Fujiyoshi brings words from the original messengers for reflection and connection to angels, illustrated with 26 ink and watercolor paintings that will give you joy or pause for thought. This beautifully told story unfolds amid lush flora, intricate customs and elegant hotels in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

On a flight to Singapore, Jeffrey Millner, a young orthopedic surgeon, meets wealthy Englishman and his beautiful, mysterious daughter. Through unforeseen events, the three will be linked for the next two months—time enough for the young doctor to fall in love with the troubled young woman. Told as Momma Tee shared them with the author, Whispered Blessings is a collection of short stories that is for everyone.

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They are for the one who has ever had an obstacle in their path, an ocean to cross or a mountain to move. They are for those seeking inspiration and hope and a way to move beyond the familiar into the unknown. Ever dream of living outdoors, your home on your back and enjoying the backcountry? Now is the time to do it! There are good trails and great adventures within reach of where you live. Today a safe, enjoyable overnight trek in the back country is possible for most anyone of any age.

Who killed JFK? A gripping climax and twists and turns in the plot keep you glued to the page, …a sensitive and well written novel. Kennedy and the escalation of the Vietnam war. The assassins of JFK return to terrorize an incoming administration and only one woman, with a unique and secret tie to the slain president can stop them! With the explosive climax, the reader is left gasping: Has America at last, achieved its final justice? Based on the work of George O. Dragg, deceased master angler and teacher, Anglerobics pokes some fun at various fishing concepts, but also offers sound advice for novice and veteran anglers alike.

Cartoons by Robert Moncrieff. Turning the pages of this book is a step back into small-town life in Northern California. These memorable stories vibrate with nostalgia and warmth as they share the lives of the generations of families living their tears and their laughter in Los Gatos, California.

When Steve Sporleder uncovers the trials and triumphs of these characters, they are so real they could be your next-door neighbors. His son makes two new friends at middle school and they become entangled in a biker gang's criminal scheme, which leads to murder. Their post-World War II tales are rich in nostalgia and as cozy as your mother's pot roast on Sunday. Now, some thirty years later, the truth is closing in on him like a freight train at full speed. His daily routine is interrupted by a phone call from his older sister, Lydia Webb.

Their father, Wendell Webb, has died. Although apathetic about his father, Venice feels obligated to help his sister and uncle with funeral arrangements and estate issues, and he heads back to Los Gatos. In a starting mix of abrupt confessions, resurfacing memories, and disturbing clues, Venice is left to piece together the incidents that have forever marked the Webb family. But all islands are not the same. Its subject is its natives and its visitors. In it Carl describes those who have lived there all their lives and those come for the first time.

His stories tell how the island, though seemingly eternal, brings change, of how its trade winds, showers, clouds and surf offer new vistas, new life and new beginnings. Two of these stories are prize winners, but all are bewitching. Like Kauai itself, truly an island in the turquoise sea, they are unique. The book is meant to be empowering, focusing on women at all stages of their professional careers. Men are dumb!

Some of the outlandishly clever means some wives have used to keep their husbands in the dark about their extramarital flings, as told by the wives themselves. Illustrations by Frank Hill. Just in case a woman forgets what she should be expecting from a relationship, this is a great reminder. And for men Full color illustrations. A fun read about a very bright guy who had humor, good looks, and lots of luck! Sonny Newman is no Shakespeare or Longfellow — just an everyday guy who uses pen and ink to express his feelings and thoughts of life's experiences.

You'll find a mix of poetry, comics, drawings, and a little about the man. From the first time Margaret saw her she knew that was the puppy for her. It was love at first sight. They shared good times, when Teezer made them laugh. There were sad times when Teezer made them cry. Teezer seemed to fill that empty spot in their lives. Who could ever resist those big black eyes with that sad look and that tiny pink tongue just waiting to lick your troubles away. Autobiography, Short Stories. Stuckey describes his childhood adventures and misadventures, his triumphs and failures, his first loves and his most painful losses.

These stories are bound to inspire memories of the reader's own childhood; they also capture, in scenes of heartbreaking drama and breath-taking action, Stuckey's struggle to maintain his idealism and hope on the mean streets of West Berlin, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh, and on the deceptively quiet campuses of Lawrence, Kansas, and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Caroline Morrison comes of age during the turbulent war years of the s. The attack on Pearl Harbor shatters the illusion that young women should lead sheltered and protected lives, and women realize they must help the war effort. Caroline is no exception. A civil service exam she takes as a class assignment in her senior year of college leads to an internship in hospital dietetics at Walter Reed Army Medical Center followed by a commission as second lieutenant in the Medical Corps. The author grew up during the Depression, when people learned to appreciate the little they had and they survived by helping one another.

Jerry compiled this book of his favorite Quotes, Things to Ponder, Stories, Bits of Verse and Humor to instill these same values in his grandchildren. A compelling, deeply personal and educational portrait of regular folk living life after one has received a terminal diagnosis. This book is the result of daily writing over a year, as Darlyne and Philip clarified and expressed their feelings about Darlyne's impending death and Philip's loss.

In an extraordinary reception of direction they decided to share their feelings with the public — an unusual and powerful decision. They speak clearly, cry openly, and dance for the joy of being alive. The title of "Stopwatch Teacher" refers to Robertson's ingenious use of a stopwatch which her student's used , to add the spice of competition to their learning.

This book is about extraordinary teaching without compromise, written by a master teacher. How one teacher got about 1, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders to sit up, listen, and learn, through the use of many innovative techniques. In twenty-five chapters Robertson tells her story, with nugget after nugget of down home insight and dry humor. It is an absolutely wonderful book. Recollections of a Long and Interesting Life. Autobiography of Edith Coffin, — She had leukemia and was in a great deal of pain. On an extended visit to me, her oldest daughter, we tried various schemes to help her get her mind off her pain Finally one day I suggested she tell me her life story Day after day she lay on the bed and in between bouts of pain she would dictate.

Gradually the story grew. Search this site: search powered by FreeFind. Site Map. Purchase books from Ingram in the U. To view our selection of books for Children and Teens click here. Personal Memoir, Beekeeping. Hicking, Winter Sports, Caving. Meditation, Personal Growth-Happiness. The Evolution of Parks and Park Rangers in America Parks and park agencies face a huge challenge from a growing population and a society that is becoming out of touch with nature.

Maintaining Apache Identity. Published: Opening Words. The Warrior and the Monk. A Fable About Fulfilling Your Potential And Finding True Happiness This book tells an extraordinary story of a young warrior who seeks the counsel of a wise monk on a universal quest to find true happiness. Lighten up with Letters to Lisa. One Man's Journey. Short Stories Over the last 27 years John has written at least stories and the book has grown to 80 or 90 pages. Conducting Workplace Investigations. A Horse Trilogy. Water script. Unraveling Family Secrets. The saga continues in book two and book three My Family.

A Portrait in Letters. More Good Talk. Good Talk.

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Only in America. Focus on Your Star. Homeless in the Gold Country. Hooked on Parks. World Enough For All. When the Enemy is You. Skipping Stones in the Sky. The characters of both sections portray a need for self-actualization and authenticity. Untold Nightmares. The Last Chapter is Missing. Dyslexia, My Gift, My Story. Necessary Reflections. Six Short Stories. The House on the Hillside. The Journey to Hangtown Haven. Living with Twelve Men.

Boardwalk Beat Down. Lessons in Leadership. Cleared for Takeoff.

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The Scapgoat. I did not have financial transactions with that man The Trip That Took Itself. Orphans Through My Window. The story takes place between the politically turbulent years of and A Hero's Life. A Lighthouse of Wisdom on Highway One. Searching for Sophia. An Officer in MacArthur's Court. Greenleaf's Notable Quotables. The Moontime Harmony Workbook. The Moontime Harmony Journal. Whitewater Journals. Enjoy a book for teachers and parents that embraces and enhances mindfulness Teachers will acquire tools to discover if students truly understood a lesson, if a major unit of study achieved its goals, and, if a classroom system causes more pain than joy, how to analyze it and improve it.

Vanilla Grass. The Ballad of Horatio's Gold. Fiction: Romance-Historical, Historical General. A Woman's Soul Reflections. A cozy mystery thriller An early morning knock on a motel door is often a harbinger of bad news. Careers - Job Hunting, Personal Success. The Joy of Exploration with My Love. Should Codependency treatment be different for men? Teaching Your Teen to Drive. Nerves of Steel. A tribute to my mother Shi Ming Hu. Imagine being wrongfully accused of a crime, taken from your home, and locked up… Relive the compelling case of a dog named Tony, court ordered to be euthanized in Clifton, Arizona.

This is one talented writer. Afraid to Let Go. For Parents of Adult Addicts and Alcoholics. Love, Jealousy, and Undying Friendships. Mentoring in Higher Education - Best Practices. David James. History-Military-Vietnam War, Photography. Poetry : American. The Loose Stone, a three-time cancer survival story. The 4 Secrets to College Life Success. These make the perfect sign for any man cave, office, basement, garage, college dorm, kids bedroom, game room, bar, pub, tavern or countless other places.

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The buyer is responsible for any costs to return the item or items. Returns will only be accepted for items that were damaged in shipping or if we made an error in the manufacturing of your item, i. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture.

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Now I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds. An easy to read and use guide to understanding and healing painful events from your past, using Thought Field Therapy TFT with complete instructions for using a non-drug, non-invasive, non-cognitive, safe technique to eliminate overwhelming upset in the context of a complete approach to mending the aftermath of horrific life and death experiences.

This book gives you step-by-step instructions to activate meridian treatment points by tapping on the points with your fingertips. A Safe, effective, and fast relief from overwhelming emotional distress and pain. Mentoring in Higher Education: Best Practices focuses on models of effective mentoring that can be used for staff development and also what administrators and faculty can do to work effectively with diverse student populations in order to promote high levels of student academic success.

This book describes the significance of best mentoring practices in academic institutions and is designed as a resource for boards and presidents, chancellors, faculty, affirmative action officers, administrators of mentoring programs, academic affairs officers, student counselors, and participants in mentoring programs. This book reflects moments, experiences, and issues in black society. Cataloged in the written word of poetry, it explores character flaws and inspires ambitions from teens to adults.

In a montage of different times and places, this black journey is taken in areas of education and family relations. The world has never been a more complicated place to exist. The current state of affairs at the global, national, and local levels is based on people and their choices. Simple as that. War is always a choice. Peace is always a choice.

The provokers choose to provoke. The provoked choose to react. How people react is always a reflection of who they are. We all can choose who we become, who we are. The choice belongs to each of us, but we must decide. The Book of Be is not another book that focuses on what is. The son of immigrant Italian family grows up in a small California beach town during the depression, joins the armed forces near the end of WWII, goes to college, raises a family, has a successful career This book illustrates his realities of life as they occurred.

Global Energy is a rapid, ever-rising river that we have not been able to control. It will show why the conventional wisdom for solving our energy problems has not been working. You will understand why alternative energy sources have limitations that go beyond technology. West Pokot is an area barely touched by the print of modern man, where the people live as their ancestors did for eons. This story begins with the love of two people, sweethearts from their youth, adventurers from their souls with a relentless quiet inward call that beckons them to reach out to others.

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA City Limit Sign - Aluminum

They came to Africa to help build a bridge—one of many. Esther's story takes place over a period of one year and focuses on her life in transition after the death of her husband— her struggles adapting to the French way of life: plumbing problems in her tiny apartment, hilarious communication issues, the threat of possible spies, her encounters with French men, and "oh my goodness, the pastries!

Band of Brothers? Stories based on actual events They were the dregs, the last manpower left to fight the closing days of World War II. They were the cast offs of service commands, the Air Force rejects. They were the college boys the Army had hoarded until then in the Army Specialized Training Program, the year-olds just old enough to be drafted, but not to buy a drink. With inadequate and hasty training these infantry replacements were rushed overseas to fill the gaps in the frontline left by unexpected casualties.

For the Army, as usual, had miscalculated. The war had gone on longer than planned; new bodies were needed immediately. And by their presence they brought the war in Europe to a close; they created a peace, they began a new world—a world bright with hope yet stained by the past.

An inspiring and adventurous true story of two people who fell in love with an island and it's secluded wilderness, off the west coast of Canada. Carolyn and Robbie Begg left behind the comfort of their urban life in California for the peacefulness of nature that grabbed and wrapped around them. They cleared the land, sawed the lumber, built a home—and in the process found what it was to live with animals, trees, sea, solitude, and the love of God's wilderness. This is a great book about living in a wild, beautiful environment. Wedding Cry Death Dance is based on participatory observations stretched over a period of more than five years.

The style of the book is from general to particular. A general introduction of Chinese language and one child policy is given to start with relatively more familiar preconceptions of Chinese culture, prevalent among people outside China. Then the subject matter moves on to the introduction of research locale, enabling the reader to grasp basic demographic picture of the area.

Onwards the book systematically reveals the origin, cultural practices and belief system of Tujia people, related to each phase of life. Case studies are also used to complement beliefs. This organization of the book has the potential to engage the reader from the very beginning by starting with the most familiar notions and gradually moving on to specific ethnic group. Contemporary viewpoints are discussed parallel to the findings of the current study. This book presents a realistic portrait of what really went on in the Navy bases and ships. For those who served in the military, this book nails the experience in touching, sometimes painful, and sometimes humorous echoes of our past.

For those who never served, this book accurately portrays the transition of young men from peacetime mid-western quiet life to wartime Pacific Islands during WWII. JFK even makes an appearance at one point. However, as time goes by and the situation worsens, he must adjust to reality. With resilience, he learns to live as normally as possible within his close-knit family, surrounded by the havoc of war. In difficult times, people show their best or worst behavior.

Friendships are made, strained, or lost. Pierre experiences all these, but never loses hope during the four long years separating the first day of invasion to the day of liberation. Having trudged slowly through the first two years of ordinary high school. Seeking freedom, paradise, an escape from the mediocrity that it is. We have found it We are an academy. Not to be mistaken as a high school, since we are full of epic artist who have given up hours of their spare time and years off their lives, dancing the deadline ballet to bring you this collection.

We are unique. Flirting with the fine line between normality and insanity, we congregate at this place. A haven where the teachers are just as crazy as the students, and the work feeds our addiction to expression. The path we lay, the tight rope we walk, the journey we struggle, in the end it's all worth it. Oskar Thurnher was very pleased to have been asked by the Leon P. The result is an informal chronology beginning in the s, at the time the first dedicated ambulance service organization came into being in San Jose. This presentation covers the organizational, regulatory, and patient care aspects from the early ambulance days to the s — as well as mentioning some of the key players, and including a variety of anecdotal information and personal observations.

A humorous account of an American husband and wife who stumble upon the perfect "Enchanted April" villa on the French Riviera near St-Tropez. But knowing little of the language and even less of the culture, will they find bliss — or the Bastille — as they attempt to live among the French? A Month of Sundays is a must read for those of you interested in the pros and cons of villa rentals—whether your preference is Provence, Tuscany, or any other destination. Although finding that dream villa involves more effort than booking a hotel room, the enhanced cultural experience, the extra privacy, the additional space, and the lower cost for room and board will make you wonder why you ever vacationed any other way.

In our search for the perfect place we discovered, purely by accident, that there are numerous affordable villas for rent in the hills along the Mediterranean coast His mode of travel consisted of whatever was available broken-down buses, ships that should have been junked years prior, backs of motor-bikes, and just plain backpacking.

A man of wit and perception, he brings to life the people of Africa, the wide gaps between poverty and wealth, and gives vivid descriptions of cities, jungles and wild animals he viewed on his great adventure. Note: All profits from the sale of this book are being donated to charities. Her book of daily readings cover a range of experiences, emotions and feelings that survivors of childhood sexual abuse, incest and rape grapple with in the aftermath of the deep violation of sexual abuse from their childhoods that weave heavily into their adult lives.

From the perspective of a survivor and former counselor to sexual assault victims and survivors, she invites her readers to share in their communal healing challenges. Her book speaks to women who may be just beginning their healing — to women who have been walking their path for years committed to a journey for their personal healing. Shirley has over 20 years of counseling experience, is and has been an advocate for sexual assault victims and survivors for the past 11 years.

A Life of Memories and Surprises Margaret enjoyed writing this book because it helped her live her life a second time around. It brought back so many memories, the good ones and even the bad ones. She is thankful that the good Lord blessed her with so many wonderful people in her life. She learned through her mistakes. She shared many happy years with loved ones who will always hold a special place in her heart LaVerne Brookover Uhte's story begins with her ancestor's 17 week voyage in from Europe to the British colonies in America. When the ship that carried Jacob Brookover from the land of his birth sailed into Chesapeake Bay, he found himself alone in a strange land at the age of sixteen.

LaVerne tells how succeeding generations spread out in all directions from the eastern seaboard to the Pacific Ocean, and goes on to write about her eighty-five years, living through a time of accelerated cultural changes. Sheila White shows by example how any woman can fight for her rights in the workplace. She describes what her life was like working in the railroad yards of Tennessee, how she learned to stand up for herself and how she helped the legal system defend her from the discrimination, retaliation, and humiliation she experienced over the years.

We must not take this type of abuse in the workplace or anywhere else! Throughout the process Sheila shows us that taking charge is not easy nor a fast process; it takes a lot of patience, but it can be done. After reading this book you will understand how she defended herself and in the process helped open the door for all working women. A Night in Odessa tells the riveting story of Erika, a young German woman, and Michael, a Russian cardiologist, and their prohibited love in former East Germany.

What would be a light-hearted love story under democracy turns into a dangerous and chilling tale under communism. California, Odessa, and Dubrovnik are colorful stopovers in this fascinating, fast-paced novel. Award winning author, Ursula H. Meier, weaves a tale full of plot twists that surprise, enthrall, and delight. TORA is an introduction that teaches a unique method on forming sentences out of the symbols of the Tarot.

With 78 card definitions and 96 practical examples explained layouts , this unusual book is designed to help you learn by actively exploring, while at the same time giving you insight on situations that occur in life. This collection of short stories and whimsical drawings inspire the reader to discover meaning amid the loves and losses of growing up, growing old, and all the events in between. By taking this book in hand, you will create time for a personal retreat with the exquisite beauty of nature as you host.

The reward, the splendor of grateful living, is priceless.. Luisa Adams' years of retreating for a month of solitude at an enchanted lake have yielded a sensitive collection of compelling stories and deep reflective insights. Her commitment inspires the reader to connect to nature, time, and daily life with fresh eyes and refreshed perspective on what truly matters. Arthur explores in this book the ways that Christians can effectively worship God — insisting that divine worship is a holistic act in which the body, mind, and soul participate. There is a demonstration that worship is more than singing, or going to a worship service, but aimed at enhancing our awareness of the schemes of the enemy, and at showing us the various acts of worship that would provide us the spiritual weapons for pulling down strongholds and defeating the powers of darkness.

In addition to exploring the various ways we can celebrate and portray God's worth, this book will bring awareness to our views on contemporary church service. The author conducted a survey to ascertain the factors that most influence our worship experience in a church service. The survey results, which are tabulated in the Appendix, should serve as a useful tool for Pastors and Church leaders who want to improve on their shepherding responsibilities. Sonny Newman is no Shakespeare or Longfellow — just an everyday guy who uses pen and ink to express his feelings and thoughts of life's experiences in this bipolar world of highs and lows.

You'll find a mix of poetry, comics, drawings, and a little about the man. From the first time Margaret saw her she knew that was the puppy for her. It was love at first sight. They shared good times, when Teezer made them laugh. There were sad times when Teezer made them cry.