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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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A group of college students, on a trip to the Mountain Man Festival on Halloween in West Virginia, encounter a clan of cannibals. Infected by a virus, a mild mannered HR manager attempts to fulfill his overwhelming desire for brains, all while trying to keep it together so as not to incur the wrath of his bridezilla-to-be. A group of college students gets lost in a storm during their snowmobiling trip and takes shelter in an abandoned sanitarium which, unbeknown to them, is home to three deformed cannibals.

Six high school kids come face to face with an evil entity as they serve their detention before the town scarecrow festival. A couple begin to experience some unusual activity after bringing their lost nieces and nephew home. With the help of home-surveillance cameras, they learn they're being stalked by a nefarious demon.

Three small groups of survivors of a zombie plague join forces to reach the ferry boat to a sanctuary that they are not sure that it does exist in the Catalina Island. Along their journey, they are hunted down by hordes of zombies and only a few of them survive.

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It wasn't ALL bad. The Walking Dead is much better.

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This movie should be watched with many friends. And beer. Lots of it. Turn it into a drinking game. Every zombie that dies, drink. A person says 'zombie', drink. Etc etc Plus Crabman from 'My Name is Earl' is in it, he's cool. Ving wasn't bad either. They need some lore work, but not too bad. The acting wasn't bad, they won't win any awards, but it is OK. Had some fairly acted scenes. The effects were the typical crap SyFy spits out for their movies. I'd say if you're bored, or snowed in, sure watch this. Just do not take it too seriously.

The LEGO Zombie Apocalypse Episode 2: Infection

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Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Months after a zombie plague has wiped out 90 percent of the American population, a small group of survivors fight their way cross-country to a rumored refuge on the island of Catalina. Director: Nick Lyon. Writers: Craig Engler screenplay , Brooks Peck screenplay. Zombie Nation. Vienen Zombies. Use the HTML below.

Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback by Stephen Jones

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Dead Rising: Watchtower Action Horror. A group of people fight to survive in a zombie-infested town. Ending Music: Zombie by Jamie T. With food and water supplies running low, attention turns to how they will manage rations from day to day. Jonas asks Amena about a potential relationship with Kavon which she denies any involvement in. The Army instruct the Survivors to reach a "Missing Persons" wall in the event that people may be looking for them and potentially, more Survivors with Thom and Sara volunteering despite Sara having reservations about the mission, whilst this occurs an electrical storm scrambles the system that the Army use to track the Survivors location whilst on missions.

Returning to base, Thom and Kavon have a disagreement dividing the group. Thom beings to question whether or not they should be saved as there are more important people to be saved over them, whilst the group have resorted to using boiled rain water as a drinking source. Their next mission tasks Leah, Amena and Jonas to reach a water supply and fill canteens which they complete with relative ease that lifts the morale, Jonas explains how he lost his leg leading to how he obtained his prosthetic and Leah reveals to Thom and Sara that she used to be a boy.

As night falls, the electrical storm passes over with the Army instructing three Survivors to find food at an abandoned shopping centre. During the mission, Luke, Megan and Kavon are trapped by several Zombies and attempt to distract them without much success, seeing an opening to escape, Megan and Kavon manage to do so whilst Luke is killed.

Returning to base, the group mourn Luke's death but all agree they would happily have Luke alive rather than the food. The earlier conflict between Thom and Kavon continues with Sara, Leah and Thom talking about how Amena and Kavon are separating themselves from the group and aren't being team players. At the height of the storm, lightning strikes and the power supply opens the shutters to the base camp with Thom and Amena going to restore power though some believe the pairing to be ineffective. Thom and Amena successfully restore power but Amena inadvertently slams a panel alerting a lurking Zombie in her vent.

Thom is unable to escape and is killed by another zombie lurking in his vent. The episode closes with the Army discussing how to retain the remaining Survivors whilst the base suffers a flood, restricting their space further and the audience hears the last words of Luke and Thom before their deaths.

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Ending Music: Zombie Delight by Buck With the electrical storm passed, the Survivors anxiously await their next mission by personalising their living space. Lacking essential cleaning supplies, Aston and Amena head to the Shopping Centre and narrowly escape infection when a group of faster-than-normal Zombies almost penetrate the first blockade of the base. Jackie, Sara and Jonas then head out to replenish their water supply - the group discuss strength in the group and notice that Jackie is arguably the weakest as she cooks for the group and is more likely to avoid going on missions.

Sara confides to Jackie that she feels pressured by Amena to perform better despite her going on two missions. As night falls, the Army go instruct three Survivors to reach a garden centre for supplies which leads to a heated argument between Amena and Sara as Amena believes Sara only goes on missions during the day. Aston, Kavon and Megan head out however visibility has been reduced alongside any known zombie activity. Collecting the supplies, the Army patch through to the Survivors on mission and inform that they're working on a way to get them back to base.

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Back at base, Sara apologises to Amena for the earlier incident and volunteers herself for the next mission regardless of the time of day. Back on the mission, a hoarde of Zombies have gathered outside and in order for the three to return safely they must separate to avoid suspicion. Aston goes first by smothering himself in zombie remains as the smell would leave him undetectable and returns back to base. Amena is once again questioned about her alleged relationship with Kavon but denies it admitting Kavon is like a brother after stating she wouldn't eat until he returns. Kavon chooses to go through a research area where several Zombies are chained together, under orders to stay quiet and move slowly, he runs and jumps on tables alerting the zombies to his presence but cannot avoid them and is killed.

With all available routes blocked, Megan must reach a scaffolding tower and navigate several floors of zombies then work her way back down to return to base which she successfully does. The group believe Kavon to have died as he left before Megan which upsets Amena as she didn't get the chance to say goodbye to him. Leah criticises Amena's choices for the mission and the two argue.

The episode closes on Amena still mourning the loss of Kavon. With eighty-seven hours remaining until Army evacuation and emotions running high the group are solemn except for Megan and Aston who both dreamed that they were eaten by Zombies. Jonas attempts to comfort Amena whilst talk turns to who will go on the next mission. Sometime later, Jordan and Nic, two new Survivors are seen approaching the northwest side of the Shopping Village but are blocked by a disused checkpoint which has a smartphone that when rung alerts the infected. Nic takes the phone to distract the Zombies giving Jordan the chance to unlock the cage and reach base camp, however exposure to the phone has started a countdown in which Nic has four hours to be cured otherwise he'll become infected.

As the Survivors in base camp watch on, Jordan bangs on the door though Jackie is skeptical about him. After completing the Army approved tests, he is welcomed. As the Army scan for preventative antibiotics, Amena and Jackie bring Jordan up to speed about the situation. With the Zombies focused on Nic, the rest of the area is clear and with the antibiotics located, Leah and Sara head out to retrieve the medicine but are given the option to spend the money on alcohol instead. The group decide on the antibiotics. With time running out and the hoarde growing in number around Nic, Jackie and Jordan head out to rescue him.

Jordan is tasked to divert attention away whilst Jackie administers the medicine, Nic is rescued and joins the group and he settles in. He then announces he is deaf, but is able to communicate via lipreading. Jonas and Amena head on the next mission to retrieve more food from a morgue but must act dead as a group of Zombies scour the area, upon returning to base, Amena and Jonas are both sick.

After settling down for their evening meal, the group decide by drawing the lowest numbered playing card to determine who goes on the next mission with Megan and Aston being selected though Megan is starting to show unusual behavior. As they race back to base, the Army locate a new survivor behind the approaching Zombie hoarde following Aston and Megan, as the Survivor screams for help, Aston goes back and rescues her. After being tested, she introduces herself as Tasha but when she is questioned on her missing backpack, she claims to have left it in a caravan and she ran straight through a group of Zombies.

Amena tells Megan and Jordan that she doesn't like Tasha as she is behaving erratically. Jackie feels nervous about Tasha and suggests to Jonas that someone stay up all night to keep an eye on her whilst Amena suggests that Aston and Megan begin a romance which they both laugh off. The episode closes on Greg James telling the audience that Tasha's backpack contained a 5G smartphone which she had used previously and her exposure to it has endangered the entire base. New arrivals Jordan and Nic have integrated themselves into the group, however Tasha has shown signs of sleep deprivation and feeling unwell.

Jackie questions the Zombies shrieks and movements whilst Aston admits he would have sex with the Zombie known as "The Bride". Attention turns to an eaten can of kidney beans to which Jackie believes that Tasha could be from another group of Survivors and that she has joined them to sabotage their efforts of rescue, Tasha meanwhile complains of nausea to the Communications Room with the rest of the group theorise about her true intentions and why she did not have her bag with her. The Army pick up an unusual signal and scan the area for antibiotics to no avail, however they find a food and water source near the disused caravan where Tasha had been previously and sent Nic, Amena and Tasha though before leaving, Jackie warned Amena to not trust Tasha.

As the three approach the caravan, the Army potentially discover a 5G signal but instead of aborting the mission they continue on. Nic searches for an exit whilst Amena looks for the food and Tasha grabs her rucksack, though the effects of the 5G cause her symptoms to worsen, turning her into a Zombie and attacking Nic and Amena though she fails to kill them - the Army restrict movement in the area as Tasha is now barricaded around the caravan. The pair return to base with Jackie feeling guilty about judging Tasha so early, but happy that her instincts were right and assume that any indications of flu-like symptoms could lead to a Zombie infection.

The Army instruct the group to complete the balance test. Later on, Jonas creates a space for exercising which the group noting how strong he truly is. On their daily water collection, Jonas and Jordan are instructed to reroute the water mains as the supply has run dry. At the water mains supply, Jordan directs Jonas via a headset as he navigates a dark room to turn on the water however a loud hiss when activating the mains alerts the Zombies and as he is about to leave the room, Jonas is caught.

Jordan returns on his own with the group upset at Jonas' death but shortly after all the Survivors are sent out as a group to collect fresh food from the Garden Centre. During their mission, a group of recently infected Zombies approach with the Survivors all climbing into an abandoned vehicle. The Army deduce that the Zombies are still able to run and instead order the Survivors to return to base individually with Sara going first but she is caught and killed, her death gives the others the distraction needed to return to base.

Jackie, however is trapped within the car. After a while, she manages to make it back to base unharmed, but not before being chased by a group of ravenous zombies. The group compare the deaths of Jonas and Sara as Sara's death was treated as light-hearted due to her apparent "zombie suicide" with Amena and Jackie contemplating whether or not their last mission was every man for themselves. The episode closes on the group toasting to Jonas and Sara.

The Army pick up an unusual Zombie heat signature, leading to the assumption of a previously tested on Zombie being the reason behind it. On their daily water mission, Jackie insists on a third person joining her and Leah who is agile enough to outrun the faster Zombies though nobody volunteers. Whilst at the pump, the Zombie detected by the Army appears which they mistake as a slower Zombie though he is shown to be fast and begins pursuit of Leah and Jackie. They make it back to base but do not secure the first barricade, allowing regular Zombies and the larger Abomination Stevie J.

Douglas to reach the food hall. The Survivors watch as Abomination tears apart one of the surrounding Zombies and then activates the shutter release but as the shutter does not open fully and the door is locked, he leaves. Greg James informs the audience that prior to the apocalypse, the Zombie, known as Abomination, was a security guard at the Shopping Village but due to his size he was antagonised by locals which filled him with hatred and coupled with the 5G signal makes him an uncontrollable force. The Army observe his frantic behaviour and send two Survivors to out to a laboratory on site to discover any weaknesses.

Aston briefs the group with all eyes on Jackie to go out but she refuses with Nic and Jordan heading out. Whilst at the Laboratory, the pair discover The Abomination Project and that changes in temperature will either increase of decrease the chance of Abomination attacking and unlike other Zombies he is highly intelligent and self-aware, whilst gathering information they are almost caught but return to base. Jordan believes if they can lure Abomination into a freezer it would stop him permanently. Sometime later as Nic and Jordan head to the Communications Room, Jackie rallies the others to send Jordan back out as he is trying to send everyone else out and come up with a plan to flatter him.

Amena believes that Jordan is trying to go out on a mission with her so she can be used as bait with Leah stating that at this point it is every man for themselves and Aston saying that Nic and Jordan should be next to die, leaving the original Survivors to reach quarantine. The Army locate a freezing unit that requires unblocking and request one Survivor to complete the mission, Jackie's plan works as Jordan agrees to go with the intention of him being sent to his death.

With tracking on Abomination at a standstill, Jordan unblocks the fan but cannot avoid the speed of Abomination who chases him and is killed. Back at base camp, the Army relay Jordan's death to the group with Jackie reassuring the others that Jordan going for the mission wasn't strategical due to his annoying behaviour. With the group down to six, Nic is the only newcomer remaining in the group is assumed to be the next target.

With the freezer active, the Army tasks a team of four to lure and trap Abomination with Megan and Amena the trap team and Aston and Jackie the luring team taking the lead. The trap team head out first to ready the door whilst Aston and Jackie bait Abomination, though Jackie mistakenly runs into the Freezer and is trapped with Abomination and ultimately killed as well as Abomination being subdued.

The episode closes on Leah jokingly blaming Megan and Amena killing Jackie by locking her in the freezer as regular Zombies begin to repopulate the perimeter. With 6 hours to go until rescue, and zombie activity high around the base; the survivors are told by the army to prepare, and be ready to move at any moment with little warning.

They inform the survivors that there is a silver case containing flare, as well telling them they need fresh water and to eat. Leah admits they've eaten all the food, but may have some spare. The survivors spend some time packing their belongings into their bags; Amena remarks that "you can't make friends with zombies". As the group focus on what could happen today, Amena expresses worry. Megan tells everyone that it'll be okay as long as they all stick together, stay calm and listen to what the army's instructions.

As the rescue helicopter's ETA becomes 30 minutes, the army see that the zombies are still moving towards the base, which may mean the group have to run for it to survive. A loud bang, followed by clattering, scares the survivors. It turns out the zombies have broken through the glass panels and into the food hall.

The CCTV goes down, hindering the army's attempts to see how many zombies there are. When the CCTV comes back on, the zombies have vanished from the food hall and are now making their way to the rear of the base. A banging in the base confuses the survivors for a moment, until a wooden panel is broken through, reveal some of the large zombie horde attempting to reach the survivors.

The army instruct the survivors to leave through the food hall as it is now clear, but not to forget the silver case with the flare. Nic runs back to grab the flare, narrowly missing the zombie horde as they fill up the base. The survivors are told to find a way to block the zombies if they want to make it to the rendezvous with the rescue helicopter. They use the missing persons wall, oil drums and wooden crates as a makeshift barrier, before hiding in the morgue. As they hide in the morgue, the survivors notice a zombie, and instantly assume that all of the horde are going to be coming their way.

With zombies at the landing site and near morgue, the army focus on getting the survivors out the morgue safely. They instruct them to cover their bodies with the remains of the people bagged up in the morgue, so that the zombies won't be able to smell them. They do this, but not without complaining about the smell.

The zombies lose interest in the area, as the army decide that one survivor should climb the scaffolding and light the flare, whilst the army's ground forces try to remove the zombies from the landing site. The survivors all try to make their way up to the top of the scaffolding as quietly as possible, with Nic setting the flare off just as the zombies break through the barrier.

The Walking Dead recap: No 'Guts,' No Glory

The survivors are instructed to hide in the supermarket now that the landing site is at risk of being overrun with zombies. The survivors barely make it to the supermarket, barricading the entrance as they try to hide out of sight of the horde. Some of the zombies manage to find a way around the barricade, by means of an air vent, which causes the survivors to try and use the shelves to hide themselves.

Eventually the zombies lose interest and move away from the supermarket, but they are now blocking the only clear route to the landing site. The army decide the only way for the survivors to get there is to risk going past the chained zombies in the research area, despite the fact Kavon died in that area when he was sent through there. They tell the survivors to move slowly and cautiously in order to make it through. Leah, Amena and Megan make it through, despite each almost being grabbed. When Aston takes his turn through the area, he tries to hide between two zombies. Unfortunately, the zombies are just able to reach him and he is killed.

Nic runs through whilst the zombies are distracted. Despite having to make it through the research area, the exit is now not clear. The army send the survivors through the contamination war, where zombies are tied to beds, appearing to be asleep. As the survivors go through the screening doors one by one, the noise of the doors and the scan wakes the zombies. The zombies become more agitated with each survivors passing through the doors.

When last to go through the doors, Leah, is scanned, the door detects a potential infection, and gives a warning of 30 seconds to leave, or exits are sealed. Amena and Nic follow instructions to hold a button in the doctor's office for five seconds to override the scan successfully, but the zombies are now escaping their restraints, due to the noise making them aggressive.

The ground support arrives as the survivors escape the contamination ward. They all get inside the vehicle which drives around in a large circle, to pull the zombies away from the landing site. The survivors celebrate their victory a bit early, as they now need to be checked for any sign of infection before being allowed on the helicopter. The army will not allow anyone on board if they show even the slightest sign of infection.

The survivors all manage to board the helicopter safely and quickly, as the zombies gather where the helicopter was, the group continue to celebrate the fact they have indeed, survived a zombie apocalypse. The credits are backed not with zombies this time, but the survivors in order of first dead to last alive.

Jacob Banks. The episode starts by going over how the infection started, showing news stories, BBC presenters being attacked by zombies and that Greg James was the only presenter to survive. As he narrates over the video, he begins to recap the events at the shopping village, starting with the survivors first entering the food hall and gaining access to the base. The rescued survivors begin to give their comments on living in the base. Amena remarks that it was "disgusting" as no-one could wash properly, as well as living off corned beef and pasta being "awful".

Leah also says it was disgusting to live in the base. The first mission, where Aston and Luke retrieve bedding supplies, is shown, along with the power going down for the night. Greg James narrates that they were unaware of what was to come. The start of day two is shown, with Jackie telling Jonas there's not much water left, and Jonas answering back by telling Jackie they can drink each other's urine. The mission to retrieve supplies from the supermarket, which resulted in Luke being the first survivor to die, is shown.

Megan narrates that it was scary, and she thought she was going to die there too. The mission involving returning power to the base is then shown, including where Thom met his death in the vents at the hands of a zombie policeman.