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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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It started to move with some resistance, but after a few twists, it freely moved in a clockwise rotation. A clanky musical melody played out as the host turned it. Suddenly, however, the Music stopped and wouldn't start again with his continued rotations.

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The camera light suddenly died, and then the crank rotated a few spins on its own. The top of the box flew open and a form sprung out. Affixed to a giant spring was the decomposing body of Jack Schmidt. After a thorough police investigation, the bodies of the thirteen children as well as the body of Jack were shipped to the local Louisiana coroner's office for further examination.

Around midnight on Halloween, the van carrying the body and box of Jack disappeared into the Louisiana swamp in a freak accident. Later that week, the bodies of the BBC cameraman and host were found as the victims of a grisly and unsolved murder. Throughout the following years, urban legend retellings of the tale started, with a corresponding story about the decomposing body of Jack killing again.

The legend states that Jack is searching for Dr. Oddfellow, in a thirst for vengeance. The legend also states that Jack will reward anyone who releases him from his toy tomb by turning the crank with a very special reward. In , Universal Studios bought the old props from the old House of Horrors, including what was sold as the box that Jack was trapped in for so many years. Apparently, some poor fool tried to test this claim, and Jack was unleashed on the unsuspecting Halloween Horror Nights guests for the first but certainly not the last time.

Jack's presence lingered in some form or fashion throughout the years, until he was resurrected, as a mortal, along with other Icons for Halloween Horror Night's Sweet Sixteen celebration. The now mortal Jack was soon caught by the authorities and committed to the place of his birth, Shady Brook Asylum For The Criminally Insane, an institution that had suffered an inmate escape a few years earlier.

Though often isolated in the Maximum Security Ward, Jack's mere presence seemed to have an adverse affect on the unstable population, who started emulating the crazed clown, much to the staff's dismay. Eventually, the inmates started a mass riot, gruesomely tortured the hospital staff, and put Jack in charge of the facility. During the chaos, Jack found records that his former boss and murderer, Dr Oddfellow, was still alive but presumably now a very old man since he had been on the job since the s and running a small traveling carnival.

Jack left Shady Brook, traveling to the depravity of Dr. Oddfellow's Dark Carnival and Emporium. In the dark of night, Jack stalked into the tents and took his long-overdue vengeance. When he emerged, he was changed. During incarceration, Jack got a taste of what it was like to run the show, and he desired to be the ringmaster of his own carnival. He dressed himself in the bright red coat and boots of a proper Ringmaster. He also adorned himself with a crude top hat and terrible trinkets of his liking.

He completed the transformation with Dr. Oddfellow's prized possession which also presumably what kept Oddfellow alive and in motion for 80 years : a silver-headed cane of souls. Putting the Carnival on hiatus, Jack spent the next few months traveling the world to find the right sideshow acts for his deadly Carnival of Carnage.

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He gathered a plethora of monsters, mutants, madmen and maniacs, many with egos nearly as large as his own, luring them with promises of fame, fortune, showbusiness, and plenty of fresh victims. In , Jack, along with the other past icons, has became one of the five minions of Fear himself. His desire to wreak havoc has truly earned him the title known as "Chaos". On Halloween of , the last day of Halloween Horror Nights 24 , a package was sent out by Universal to various media outfits, which contained a bloodspotted letter, closed with a wax seal marked with an "S".

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Inside the letter was a small flashdrive, marked with a white thumbprint and sealed over a strand of orange hair. On the flashdrive was a short clip thanking fans for attending that year's event while showing various terrifying moments from the houses and scarezones from that year. Near the end of the clip, the screen begins to flash with images of Jack laughing while a broken down music box plays Pop Goes The Weasel in the background.

On May 19th, , a video was released by Universal on YouTube showing a darkened corridor, with a dark figure walking toward the camera. As the figure gets closer, an eerie music box tune begins to play Pop Goes The Weasel, and Jack enters into the light, looking much older and wearing a new Ringmaster's outfit.

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After a few short moments of a black screen, Jack pops up in front of the camera and snarls "Did you miss me? Seemingly drunk with power after his transformation into a Herald, Jack decided he wanted his spotlight back from his former master, Fear, and successfully created a sort of cult around himself, called "Jack's Maniacs". With his ego in full swing, he committed himself to prove he was better than Fear, believing himself to be Horror Nights incarnate, and decided to prove that to everyone by expanding and improving on his Carnival of Carnage, making it more terrifying than ever.

After the conclusion of the event, it was revealed Jack and Chance were detained by authorities, with Jack sealed away back into his box, and Chance being committed to Shadybrook Asylum. It is currently unknown what became of Jack's Box after Chance broke out of Shadybrook. He was reincarnated several times after the event. His backstory was added to for the seventeenth year. In Halloween Horror Nights: Carnival of Carnage , he became the ringmaster of a traveling carnival after murdering Oddfellow. He took the doctor's "Cane of Souls" and made the carnival his own Carnival of Carnage.

He, along with all the other icons, appeared in the XX event at the scarezone, Fear Revealed. In , Jack appeared in Singapore as the owner of his house, Jack's 3-Dementia, plus a new show: Jack's Nightmare Circus; with Chance once again as his partner. Heavily carnival themed, it deserves special mention here.

Jack's pride and joy, the Clown Prince of Pain has spared no expense to bring his murderous vision to life. As the Main Attractions, Jack enlisted three of the most famous slashers in movie history, as well as a collection of freaks, mutants and loonies who share his twisted dream.

They are the heart and soul of that organization.

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I am just lucky enough to get to call it home, hang out and have some fun. Maybe disturbing. Brightly colored clothes, which is why I really enjoy the clown suits.

As far as a signature prop, chainsaw. No disrespect to them. No real good reason.

In honor of that retching fear that I get, I occasionally have been known to sing a couple of Tom Jones songs. What have you learned about the inner workings of people who go to haunted houses? In a strange way, it makes them feel alive. Thursdays and p.