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Maybe your manager is cutting your salary due to recession.

Do We Have A Choice In Suffering?

Maybe you just got retrenched. Maybe people around you are discouraging you from pursuing your dreams.

Do We Have a Choice About Salvation?

You can either react in a helpless manner and continue to suffer in the problem. Or you can muster your courage and take action to create the outcome you desire. The first path will lead you to become a bitter, disjointed, and unhappy person who gets a limited view of life.

The second path will allow you to live life proactively, making things happen and creating results you want to see. From where I stand, the second option definitely seems like the better one.

Positive or Negative: Do We Have A Choice?

Every so often, people would complain about how they dislike what they are doing. They complain about the same thing like a broken record, over and over again. I understand this pain and helplessness.

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I have felt this way before about certain life situations. Yet if I had adopted this attitude, I would never be able to get my coaching business up and running. However, I realized that whatever I did in the past were all my choices. But my job helped me in other ways, such as accelerating my personal growth and allowing me to build up my savings. I was in a country with a very limited personal development industry, sure.

You Always Have a Choice

But I can build my audience online and reach out to people overseas instead. I accepted responsibility for everything that had happened, whether it was seemingly within my control or not, and took charge to create the life of my dreams. I rose above my constraints to create what I wanted.

You will always stay as the person who is powerless over your life circumstances.

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Rather than blame the external environment for what you are facing, you take action and become proactive in getting what you want. Things will start shaping themselves into what you want them to be, because you are actively working on them.

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No matter how things may seem, you always have a choice. Only by accepting responsibility for it, can you finally progress toward what you want.

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  8. For example, in some experiments, participants watched a video of a person doing a set of routine daily activities in an apartment. Some people were told to push the space bar every time he made a choice; others were told to do so every time he touched an object for the first time.

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    They were then asked their opinions on social issues. Another experiment found that when people think about choice, they are more likely to blame others for bringing bad events on themselves, like having a heart attack or losing a job. Savani and his colleagues wondered if this was also true for people outside of the U. After choosing among consumer objects like pens and chocolate bars, both American students and Indian students were shown a photograph of a poor child and given a description of his life.

    Thinking about choice led Americans to be less empathetic, but had no effect on Indians. He wonders if, in the long run, all those consumer choices might have a cumulative negative impact by making people less sympathetic towards others and less concerned about the collective good.