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♫ Jackdaw - song / call / voice / sound.

Juvenile birds have a less prominent grey nape, etc. Their eyes are a pale blue in the first year, turning to brown in the spring of their second year and eventually to light grey. Their call is a high-pitched metallic sounding "kyow" or "tchack", after which it is named. While on holiday , I noticed young Jackdaws picking dead insects off the front bumpers and registration plates of cars parked in a car park Dolgellau, Wales.

(Eurasian) Jackdaw

One youngster, at the rear of a car, seemed quite puzzled and tormented by the absence of dead flies! Jackdaws will take over old nests of larger birds or use holes in trees and buildings. The nest is made from twigs and lined with hair, rags, bark, soil, and many other materials. Jackdaws nest in colonies and often close to Rooks.

The smooth, glossy pale blue eggs are marked with blackish-brown, and approximately 36 mm by 26 mm.

Jackdaws love people, and probably because they love eye contact

The female incubates the eggs by herself. After the young hatch, they are fed by both parents.

Jackdaw coming home for breakfast.

Many are the stories told by individuals who scooped up stranded fledglings in need and were rewarded with a bemusing trust and friendship. Jackdaws recognise human faces and studies by Cambridge zoologist Auguste von Bayern concluded that they respond to human expressions.

This interplay has encouraged and enabled research. From the s, the Austrian ornithologist Konrad Lorenz, founder of modern ethology, determined a strict social hierarchy within jackdaw groups collectively called trains or clatterings.

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However, when a female is selected as a mate, she assumes the same rank as her partner and is accepted as such by all others in the group, upon whom she may impose her status by pecking. Sharethrough Mobile. Dr Lorenz also discovered that, although the birds normally pair for life, jackdaws in captivity tend to form same-sex pairs. Jackdaws are among many species that may form same-sex pairs, he declared. Jackdaw Corvus monedula pair perched on a bush bordering flooded marshland, Gloucestershire.

7 amazing jackdaw facts

The apparent lackadaisical attitude of jackdaws on procreation seems to have had no bearing on population. After significant reduction of British numbers in the s, Corvus monedula is flourishing, with 1. In four sub-species, the bird is found from Scandinavia to North Africa and as far east as central Asia.

They can ‘marry’ to boost their status in society

Our jackdaw was classified in the 18th century by Carl Linnaeus for its habit of picking up bright objects, particularly coins monedula being from the same Latin stem, moneta , as money. The best-known literary jackdaw is found in the Ingoldsby Legends of R.

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Barham, the Jackdaw of Rheims. Jackdaw numbers are thinned on some shoots, but, in the wider world they represent little threat. Corvids are blamed en masse for small-bird losses, yet magpies, grey squirrels, cats, changes in land use and habitat destruction are the major culprits. Indeed, its diet confirms this. Insect and animal constituents spanned earthworms, woodlice, spiders, mice, frogs, snails, slugs, eggs and young birds. Vegetable matter included cereals, potatoes, cherries, berries, walnuts and poultry and game feed.

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All of this identifies the jackdaw as a useful ally in pest control and only an occasional opportunist feeder on other species. Dialect variants included ka, kae, caddow, caddesse, chauk, college bird, jackerdaw, jacko, ka-wattie, chimney-sweep bird and sea-crow.