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The reality is that they still see Europe as an external power and not as their own project. The key question for the future of Europe is: who has the power? The people in Europe, or some elite groups? To answer this question we do not have to invent anything new. We simply have to practise what is the essence of Europe, what has been fought for over generations with blood, sweat and tears; we must dare to practise parliamentary democracy in the future. You spoke about democracy. I want to be a little bit more precise.

What makes parliamentary democracy such a strong force? It gives people a say and brings them together. When my voice matters, I care, I engage, I belong, and I am willing to work for a greater common good. And what if my voice does not count? Then it starts to feel like this is not my Europe.

This is visible everywhere today: in newspaper headlines, in Facebook comments and in voting turnout. When you lose people, you lose Europe.

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It is good to knock on the doors of Europeans and ask for their opinion on Europe, and many Members of this European Parliament are doing this on a daily basis; to speak, to convince, to discuss with Europeans. But it makes, in the end, a big difference, and you know this: to simply stand in front of people and ask them their opinion afterwards you can care or not , or whether you stand in front of people and ask for their vote, because then the people have the power.

That is why we need parliamentary democracy. And now to be more precise. True democracy does not work just during the meetings of the Heads of State or Government. True democracy does not mean decisions are taken behind closed doors. Europe is much, much, much, much more. True democracy does not mean denying responsibility. Leaders and national ministers cannot keep blaming and shaming Brussels for their own decisions, and true democracy does not mean dividing us into good and bad Europeans. I respect the will of the voters in every Member State, whether it pleases me or not.

So what is true democracy? President Macron, just take a look around here. The Chamber of the European Parliament is the right place to discuss this. Every citizen is given a voice here. Some people call this old Europe: I call this democratic Europe, where people recognise themselves, with their concerns and needs, with their different views and with their representatives.

The European Parliament is the political landscape of our continent and they can be proud of this. There is no vote on a President of Europe, there is no European-wide referendum. There is simply only one event where all Europeans together are asked for their opinion on Europe. Political issues in Europe must be in the hands of the voters during the European elections, just as national interest issues are in the hands of voters during national elections. And for the same reason, the European Parliament is the only place to elect and to control the European executive bodies — the Commission, or, as I call it, the government of Europe.

This is why the people must be given the right to decide who will become the next President of the European Commission. Candidates must stand for election, must defend their programme, explain to people what they stand for and, finally, they have to look for the support of a majority of this Chamber of freely-elected Members of the European Parliament. This is how the German Bundestag works. This is how the Spanish Cortes works, this is how the Polish Sejm works.


It is simply parliamentary democracy in practice, which gives the power to the people. Not a college, but a government; not a Commissioner, but a Minister; not a regulation, but a law; it would make things understandable for people if we were to do so. And those who want to become a Commissioner next year should probably run in the European elections.

Let the people decide who the government should send to the Commission next year. Other elements are equally important. A true democracy can only survive if it has common basic convictions. There is no French, German or Croatian way of life, there is only a European way of life, and we can be proud of this fundament. It is unique in the world. A true democracy in Europe also means believing in a vision.

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Politicians like Kohl, Delors and Mitterrand have made the impossible possible because they followed their European dream. But again, the key question for true democracy is: when this Parliament decides to freeze the negotiation process with Turkey, then the process has to be really frozen. When this Parliament is deciding about strengthening the external border, then Frontex officers have to be sent to the external border, and when this Parliament decides to introduce free interrail passes, then the project has to see the light of day.

So the people of Europe must decide — and we are representatives of the people of Europe — about the future of the European project. If we ignore the European people, the people will ignore us, and that is what we are facing sometimes today. So let us rebuild Europe as the most successful form of government ever invented by man: a parliamentary democracy. And I know this idea is not welcomed by everybody, but we have to overcome our trauma.

Since we have been discussing more about red lines and not enough about ambitions. Today we have the President of France with us. With his forward-looking approach for Europe we can achieve a lot. The PPE is ready to work for a democratic Europe with ambitious projects, but in the end the people are the owners of the European dream and the European future. They had used flyers to call for resistance against the Nazis.

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This has always motivated me to carry on their dream, dear friends. And I am sure they would be proud of what has been achieved during the last decades, a Europe of peace and freedom. And the task of my generation now is to build up a real democratic Europe, but the future is in the hands of the people of this continent, a true parliamentary democracy for Europe. Let us begin. In these days where the enemies of Europe, those who would like to fight the European project, shout out their hate, and in these days where fake news is governing whole countries, we need to certify and to reconfirm that we need this united Europe and we need a strong Europe.

Somebody like you, President Macron, having dedicated his own faith to his commitment on Europe, is very warmly welcomed in this House. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your pro-European stance. We need that and we would like to see more leaders doing the same. Just look at the slaughtering in Syria and what happened over the weekend. But, please, this is a real case for a unified Europe. This is a real case for strengthening the European institutions.

So please work in that direction. More is needed than the action of Member States. Permettez la manifestation. Protestations sur plusieurs bancs du groupe FI. Vous nous demandez de ne pas interdire une manifestation. Or, elle permet de faire que les manifestations se passent bien. Mme Perrine Goulet. Je vous remercie de votre question et de votre investissement sur ce sujet.

Philippe Berta. La fiche! Christian Jacob et Christophe Naegelen applaudissent. Du calme! Mme Caroline Janvier. Nous devons changer de paradigme. Quels en sont les leviers?

Marlène Schiappa : « Je vais déposer un projet de loi contre les violences sexuelles »

Enfin nous mobilisons les entreprises. Nous mobilisons les entreprises, les associations. Mobilisons-nous tous. Philippe Vigier. Monsieur le Premier ministre, les maires font la force de la France. Applaudissements sur les bancs du groupe LT. Il faudrait le montrer! Monsieur Cordier! Cela peut arriver…. Vous le savez, je le sais. Protestations sur les bancs du groupe SOC.

Parfois cela se passe bien, parfois cela se passe moins bien. Je vous en remercie par avance. Gilles Lurton. Applaudissements sur plusieurs bancs du groupe LR. Alors pourquoi manifestent-ils? Pourquoi manifestent-elles? Ce matin, M. Mme Caroline Fiat. Nous voterons donc contre ce budget Applaudissements sur les bancs du groupe GDR. Charles de Courson. Enfin, sont-ils socialement justes? Ces deux projets de loi ne remplissent aucune de ces quatre conditions. Alain Bruneel. Mme Marie-Christine Dalloz. On en a bien besoin, oui! Ce budget vient financer des politiques publiques, qui renvoient chacune au quotidien de nos concitoyens.

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  3. Accueillir les pensées de ceux et celles qui vivent dans des situations d’exclusion sociale.
  4. Exclamations sur plusieurs bancs. Ce budget tourne le dos aux oppositions habituelles, facteurs de division. Olivier Falorni. Elle rame! Rires et exclamations sur de nombreux bancs. Je sais que vous le faites tout comme moi. Jean-Louis Bourlanges. Vincent Descoeur. Jean-Louis Bricout. Cependant, nous ne voterons pas ce budget sans quelques regrets.

    Applaudissements sur divers bancs. Mme Christine Pires Beaune. Applaudissements sur quelques bancs du groupe LaREM. Mme Lise Magnier. Elle a raison! Sylvain Waserman. Franck Riester , ministre de la culture. Bonjour la combine. Franck Riester , ministre. Ces annonces prouvent la prise de conscience des plateformes.

    Comme en France. Il y a du boulot.

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    Merci pour vos applaudissements. Je le sais bien! Elle deviendra obligatoire dans les programmes scolaires. Mme Constance Le Grip. Michel Larive. Bruno Studer , rapporteur. En tout cas, il est certain que des cas de manipulation existent. Il y en a ici des professionnels!

    Ugo Bernalicis, pour le groupe La France insoumise. Ugo Bernalicis. Que faire? Faites le savoir autour de vous!!! Cobolet du 30 janvier Est-ce que cela va faire comme pour les banques? Quelle action, pouvons-nous mener? Ou autre chose? J e veux bien! Encore moins de revues italiennes. Cette situation est inadmissible et scandaleuse! Je ne comprends absolument pas que M. We have detected that you do not have sufficient credentials to access this record. Please contact your library administrator for assistance. I love this library — truly an international treasure.

    Under the leadership of Guy Cobolet, the library and its history of medicine museum is a virtual friend in France for the world, not to mention a rich accessible resource for French-speaking West Africa. Quelle nouvelle! Mais cela, Monsieur Cobolet, je comprend que vous ne puissiez le dire. Dr Jean-Pierre Aymard Metz. Bonjour et merci pour votre commentaire.