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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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While some survivors shared stories that appear to be resolving with hope, many more continue to find themselves walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Together in reconciliation. When I am tempted to feel sorry for myself, I think of her and the way she conducted herself as she walked through the valley of the shadow of death. A conversation with Steve Fay.

It seemed by the enormous numbers of workmen who thronged the guarded approaches to the unfortunate colliery, and who for hundreds of yards, lined the side of the highway beyond the canal dividing the said highway from the colliery yards, that all the collieries of Mid-Glamorgan had suspended operations for the day, and that all the men and boys employed therein had been urged by intense sympathy to this valley of the shadow of death.

Newspaper digitisation joins the past with the future and helps tell the story of Wales; A century after they were last in the public domain, the National Library of Wales has opened up its archives of newspaper reports, giving a fascinating glimpse into Welsh 19th century life. Graham Henry reports. Mitt Romney was excoriated for this initiative during his sojourn through the valley of the shadow of death --also known as the Republican primary contest. Ruthie called out to God for help in the oppressive darkness of the valley of the shadow of death , and He sent help. Speak no evil: is it brave not to talk about death?

Our family has learned what it means to "walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Living in the valley.

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An example is his translation of Psalm , which reads in the King James Version "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death , I will fear no evil. The Book of Psalms. Group 1 Crew sang a song called 'Forgive Me' that was like a hip-hop version of Psalm 23, including the words "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Moshing for Jesus.

WHEN the gallant rode into the valley of the shadow of death , they didn't ask reason why. But death is really not what these familiar words of Psalm 23 are most about. The Hebrew word in the original poem literally means "the valley of deepest darkness. It is not the only valley that is dark and can be difficult.

Life has many other valleys through which we must walk. Shepherds in mountainous areas usually keep their sheep at home. There's usually a fenced area where they can graze and where they are fed grain in winter time. But when the snows subside in the high mountain, it is then that the shepherds take their flocks and move with the snow melt up the mountain, there finding fresh pasture land, eventually moving up to the timberline. Above the timberline, there are all types of pastures that are green and fresh. The air is clean. The water is clear.

And the spectacular views are available to them. Unfortunately, it's not always an easy path up to the top of the mountain because there are sheer cliffs that the sheep can't climb.

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So they have to snake their way up circuitous routes, through canyons and valleys. It's the only way it can be done, and it can be very dangerous. There are flash floods. There are predators. There are risks of falling and dropping significant distances that can injure, if not kill, the sheep.

But there's a wonderful part of it: while the shepherd may leave the sheep alone in the pastures in winter, the shepherd in summer always goes with the sheep. In fact, shepherds usually won't even go home. They'll just sleep out with their sheep at night. It is the shepherd's responsibility to care for them, to know the canyons and the valleys, to scout them out, to know where the dangers are, and to pick the path that, while still dangerous, is the safest path of all.

I need not tell you about the deep, dark valleys of our own human experience because it is something we all have in common. We each have different experiences, but we all experience these dark valleys. We don't all call them by the same name. Some of us refer to walking through the dark valley of failure or the valley of broken relationships, or there is the valley of sickness. Or we refer to the valley of divorce or the valley of the shadow of robbery or bankruptcy or betrayal. There's also the valley that is filled with shadows that is called unemployment and another one that is labeled addiction.

There are valleys that are called assault and depression and death.

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Some are very difficult at the time, but once we get through to the other side, they don't seem quite so bad. In fact, those are the valleys after which we get together with friends and we talk about them, with those that share the experiences. Or we compare our valleys one with the other.

You talk about that experience back in school when you didn't cheat but you were accused of cheating. Remember the bad grade and how painful that was and what criticism there was? You remember it, and you talk about it. But there are some valleys that are difficult to talk about, some that are so deep and so dark that even though the years have passed, it is hard to come up with the words and to fight back the emotions.

Like the deep, dark valley of the death of a child. Or the valley with those indescribable shadows where a marriage that was thought to be for a lifetime crumbled, shattered, and fell apart. The valley of a terrible, inexplicable illness, one with pain for which there are no words, of seeing someone you love with all your heart walk that valley with all its disabilities and disappointments. And to have your own valley that is not quite the same cut but runs alongside. Or there is the valley of the crime that victimized you in unspeakable ways; even the thought of it is a painful memory, it is not a thing to be discussed.

All of these are the valleys that we fear. And it is in their depths that we are frightened that life's happiness might be snatched away from us, taken away in some horrible experience, never to be regained. It is a path that is one way, and there is no going back. There is no need to try to avoid these valleys, for they seem to be an inevitable part of everyone's experience.

It is sometimes in them that we may quote or have quoted to us the words of Psalm 23, and it is then that we may take special comfort in hearing that even though we walk the deepest, darkest valleys, we fear no evil because he is with us. The deep and dark valleys of life are not necessarily there because we have done something that is wrong. In fact, often that is precisely the path that we trod because we have done something that is right.

Lest all of this becomes just too depressing, be sure to take special note that the deep, dark valleys are never a destination. They are just a part of the way along the journey.

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There is high ground on the other side, and that is always the ultimate destination. Many of you could say: "That's right! That's right, because I've been there. I've experienced that for myself. But I'll tell you, it sure can be scary, really scary, along the way. I'll confess to you that I personally find fear an easy thing to come by. There are some things that I do poorly, and some things that I do well. I rather identify with one woman a man told me about: he said his wife should be employed by NASA because she could think of everything that could go wrong.

I understand that because I find that when I enter into some experience, I can also think of pretty much everything that could go wrong. There have been a number of nights when I have been here in this building alone, and it's late. While on a Sunday morning with a lot of people and bright lights it seems like a cheerful and safe and happy place, let me tell you that alone, late at night, this place is designed to be creepy.

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You start imagining how many places there are for bad people to hide and jump out at you as you walk through the hallways trying to get to an exit. We have here a security system, and it has these perimeter sensors on windows and doors and motion detectors throughout the building. One of the last things that we're supposed to do as we close down the building at night is to set that security system. You're supposed to make sure you're the last one out.

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You can punch the OKAY button and activate the system, and you have so many seconds to get out of the building. The bad news, especially when you're alone late at night, is when a number comes up, which you have to look up. That means that, depending on the number, one place or another in the building is not secured. Then you have the opportunity to walk through this creepy place all the way to that door, which always seems to be a long ways away, and to lock it up.

Worse yet is when multiple numbers flash. Worst of all is when you find out that one of those is for a motion detector, because that means it's not a door that's left open but that somebody is in the building. One time I just left. I just walked out of here! I thought to myself, What's the worst thing that can happen? And I decided the worst thing that could happen would be they could steal the organ.

So, we'll get another organ! I thought that was the reasonable thing to do. Once it's all set, the distance to the car becomes miles. We also have this furnace that, in the winter time, has an electronic ignition that sounds like gun shots. As you walk, you hear "Boo boo-boo-boom! And then you get in the car and drive out. There are a lot of reasons fear strikes in our hearts like that. There's fear because of past experience.

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We've been there. You know what can happen because it's already happened before. The horrors of yesterday come back to the surface of what can be a repeat experience. Or if it's not experience, it's ignorance. You wonder and have those panic attacks, thinking about all of the options that can go wrong and everything that can happen to you. Sometimes we fear evil because there is evil.

It's not a figment of our imagination. It is reality. It is not because we're paranoid. It is because we live in a world where bad things do happen to people, even good people. Make your own list. What are the evils that you fear? It doesn't take any of us long to come up with a list of what could happen. Don't you wish you could take all of those fears that come to mind, write them on a piece of paper, hold the piece of paper up, look straight into all of those fears, and say, "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because you are with me"?

Wouldn't it be grand to be fearless in the face of all of the dangers, to have that delight that you could go into the scariest, the creepiest, the most dangerous places and not be afraid? Is it possible? Is it possible to live fearlessly in a world where evils abound? We have a choice. We can either assume full responsibility for every problem in life, or we can trust the shepherd. We can make an assumption that the shepherd knows the way through the valleys and has checked it out, that if ever there is a time when the shepherd is closest to us, it is precisely in the deepest and the darkest of valleys and that he has promised to take care of us.

Let me be vulnerably honest with you about this.