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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Civil War Boston. A Flush would beat a Straight. The Centennial Dedication of Ulysses S. The Suspension of Habeas Corpus. Fort Pulaski. Torpedoes, submarine, air force and aircraft carrier in the Civil War era. Major Works on Gen. He left his mark on the cliff.

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Civil War Poetry. In defense of Lee. Grant's World Tour. Lessons Learned. Ranking is everything. Re-visit the selection of the Collection Of the U. Commemorative Stamps on the Civil War. Two short stories on two little boys. What is a Yankee? Visiting Elmira. Civil War Oil Paintings. Visiting Beauvoir.

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Reflection on Fort Sumter. Touring New Orleans. Percival and Thomas. In between two fires: The Shirley House in Vicksburg.

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Raising the submarine H. Touring Harper's Ferry and Antietam, Recent site activity The Suspension of Habeas Corpus edited by gordon kwok. Hunley The text of a mini-bit talk Who has seen the famous oil painting of Conrad Wise Chapman on the submarine H. But H. Hunley never reached Home, not until years later. Let's fast forward the time to Author and Webmaster, Gordon Kwok. Hunley edited by gordon kwok View All.

Hunley Raising the submarine H. She was then shipped by rail on August 12, to Charleston, South Carolina. It was designed for a crew of eight: seven to turn the hand-cranked propeller and one to steer and direct the boat. Each end was equipped with ballast tanks that could be flooded by valves or pumped dry by hand pumps.

Raising The Hunley: The Hunley Comes Home

Extra ballast was added through the use of iron weights bolted to the underside of the hull. In the event the submarine needed additional buoyancy to rise in an emergency, the iron weight could be removed by unscrewing the heads of the bolts from inside the vessel. It was equipped with two watertight hatches, one forward and one aft, atop two short conning towers equipped with small portholes and slender, triangular cutwaters. The military seized the vessel from its private builders and owners shortly after its arrival in Charleston, turning it over to the Confederate Army.

Hunley then called Fish Boat sank on August 29 , , for the first time during a training exercise, killing five members of her crew. She sank again on October 15 , , killing all eight of her second crew, including inventor Horace Hunley himself, who was aboard at the time, even though he was not enlisted in the Confederate armed forces.

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Both times Hunley was raised and returned to service. Hunley was originally intended to attack by means of a floating explosive charge with a contact fuse a torpedo in Civil War terminology towed behind it at the end of a long rope. Hunley would approach an enemy vessel, dive under it, and surface beyond. As it continued to move away from the target, the torpedo would be pulled against the side of the target and explode.

The floating explosive charge was replaced with a spar torpedo, a copper cylinder containing 41kg of explosives attached to a 7m-long wooden spar. On the night of February 17 , , the Hunley made her first and only attack against a live target. The vessel was the USS Housatonic. Housatonic , a ton steam-powered sloop-of-war with 12 large cannons, was stationed at the entrance to Charleston, South Carolina harbor.

In an effort to break the naval blockade of the city, Lieutenant George E. Dixon and a crew of seven volunteers attacked Housatonic , successfully embedding the barbed spar torpedo into her hull. You must retain this password in order to access your genetic migratory profile. We will not know the password enclosed in the kit sent to you. The purchase of a Genographic Project Public Participation Kit is governed by the nationalgeographic. We encourage you to read our complete Privacy Policy and any Terms of Service. Will National Geographic conduct health-related analysis on my DNA sample or provide the sample to my physician?

National Geographic will not conduct any health-related tests on the DNA sample provided. The DNA analysis conducted by National Geographic is specific to determining what migratory routes your deep ancestors followed and to which branch of the Phylogenetic tree you belong and in no way relates to analyzing your health, health status or any inherited health conditions. Are children under the age of 18 permitted to participate in the Genographic Project? You must be 18 years or older to submit a cheek-swab sample, create a Genographic account, or purchase the Product.

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