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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Our merchandisers do the very same thing. There are Kobo readers in countries around the world. We are also seeing incredible growth in many global territories such as France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Germany. In Italy, Modadori. Within the US our readers come from our web presence but there is a strong contingent of readers who frequent independent bookstores due to our partnership with the American Booksellers Association.

And that changes the dynamics of what sells there, too. The best way is by publishing their work through Kobo Writing Life. And our dashboard is among the best in the industry, providing a comprehensive real-time snapshot of your global sales. I write contemporary romance, both in serial form and series formats. My first novel came out this year in April, which I broke into three parts in order to gain attention as a new author.

I published book one of a romantic suspense a week or so ago, with the next in that series planned for September. Finally I decided to throw my hand in the hat regarding the Billionaire craze, just to test it out. I always, always, always do series. I will always make book one or a prequel novella free. No way to grab attention.

The Cold Publishing Equations: Books Sold + Marketability + Love

Want more? Check out Jaded, by Ali Parker. And the link to go buy it. By the way — this format of marketing works like a charm, but the key is to write and write a lot. When you wrap up a series or serial you should jump for joy. They are my number one source for what I do to sell my books. Check into it. My contemporary romance does much better than anything else.

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Test out your genres and find the right place for you. I price my books based on the number of words I use a range and my ultimate goal. My Billionaire series are 10K word sections. The boxed set is 4 of the 10k word serial pieces together, so 40K words total. I write YA under another pen name, and I will tell you that having my trilogy done and putting book one K words for free was a game changer. Book two and three sell well and the boxed set is golden. Ads with the various agencies have been the first and foremost tool for me.

Second is having an action item in the back of my book. You need something for them to do. I hired a PA not as expensive as you think and created a street team.

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That was a game changer in getting reviews, which assist in me getting approved for ads. I put out books a month, so the budget is going to change as I move forward. I plan to stoke the fire on each of my books every four months. Without books 2 and 3, offering book 1 for free is a waste. I want to sustain a certain amount of income. I think if you want your writing to be your full-time career you can do it, you just need to shift your mindset. I made 6 figures in December as a CPA. I write what sells and pick up the extra time on things I love to write.

As a salaried employee I would work until my finger fell off and did most days and never saw any increase in line with my efforts. Now, the more I write the more I get to publish. The more I publish, the more I market and that leads to more income.

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Debut authors — I would encourage you to keep at it. Until then, write what you love and write it really, really well.

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Write a series or a serial, but complete it and then start looking to market that baby by putting book one for free, getting review and buying a couple of ads. The only thing that will keep me at this and cause me to succeed is perseverance.

Neil Rackham SPIN Selling: Preface & Ch. 1: Sales Behavior & Sales Success

Put that emotion into your characters and keep pushing. Seasoned authors — Keep at it. Write and write and write. I hate giving away my time and efforts too, but if it opens the door for another handful of people to come in and pick up book 2 and 3 when they might not otherwise would have? But if they don't, you won't. And it's not up to you. This is brand new six-month program for owners, executives, salespeople and anyone who wants to grow sales now. It's the first development program I've ever offered where individuals can attain the same incredible and immediate sales growth as my corporate clients enjoy.

eBook sales growth – where it’s really coming from (an analysis of Author Earnings)

The Selling Boldly Coaching program is exactly for you. This is the first time I've ever offered anything like this, and for this program only, you will work directly with me , and with your peers and colleagues to improve your sales quickly. We begin in early January, with details about your work and personal life, goals, plans and priorities.

In January , my team will interview two of your customers calls which you will set up to supply powerful testimonials and insight into your amazing value. You will get more than 40 testimonials from these calls. At this point the coaching begins in earnest : I will begin assigning proactive actions for you to implement with customers and prospects, and you will do or won't! You will track your outcomes, and send them in to me and my team weekly. In turn, we will deliver score cards and a success newsletter to you.

On Monday March 4 , we will have a web meeting to discuss progress and success. You and your peers will tell stories of actions and results.

Hyper Sales Growth - Jack Daly

On Thursday April 4 , we will have another web meeting to discuss your wins and progress. You will tell and hear specific examples of what is working and what isn't. On Wednesday May 22 , we will have a half-day workshop in Chicago where we'll talk about business opened, business closed, and successes and challenges. In June , you along with all the participants from your company and I will talk on the phone to assess your progress and opportunities and lay out your plan for the next six months.

There will be a strong coaching component. I will assign actions for you to complete on a weekly basis, like proactive phone calls, did you know questions, and referral requests. You will track your actions, results, and turn in your sales trackers to me this is direct accountability. We will keep score, and track business opened, progressed and business closed. Every week, my team will put out scorecards that will directly connect your effort to your results. Alex flawlessly explores uncovering how to improve net revenue by direct customer communications. The material is simple, relatable, and logical.

It's something I can take back and immediately implement. I am confident this will help my company. The material was straight-forward and easy. Alex was the value, he is great. It was fun to be in the audience! The material is very applicable to my business. This showed me a new way to approach my sales team! Alex did one of the best presentations I have ever been to. It was a lot of fun to be in the audience. It was engaging and informative to be here. I will now focus on the positive with my customers! My clients tend to be in mature industries in the manufacturing, distribution and service spaces.

They're usually multi-generational businesses. They're in lumber, steel, pipes and valves, construction, and professional services. These kinds of companies are very difficult to grow. Except for you, individually, I expect your sales to grow even more if you do the simple work you'll learn in this program. I'll work hard to teach you what to do, and hold you accountable. But you'll be the one doing the work. These books are the basis of the ground we'll cover in these coaching programs. We know these techniques work, because every one of my clients grows.

The two workshops will take place in Chicago, within 10 minutes drive of O'Hare airport. We will send you the location details upon your enrollment. Alex Goldfayn, personally. You get me. You get two testimonial phone calls to your happy customers for the first person who attends.

That is, two customer testimonial interviews per company. Oh yes. In fact, accountability is the central component of this work.