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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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To the Countess of Ailesbury July 31 Congratulation on the taking of.

The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford - Volume 3

To the same July 1 Improvements at Strawberry Hill. To the Rev Mr Cole Aug 8. Irish politics. To the same Dec 16 City politics Unpopularity of the ministry Dis. To the Rev Mr Cole Jan To the same Feb 15 Great debates in the House of Commons on general. To the Rev Mr Cole April To George Montagu Esq Contradicting a report of his dangerous illness. To the same Feb 23 French Parliaments. To the Rev Mr Cole Nov 8 To the same Feb 26 Historic Doubts Guthries answer thereto. To the same April 15 Temperance the best physician Easy mode of pre.

Horace Walpole 4th earl of Orford. The letters of Horace Walpole, [ed. He is a sensible man, but has not worn off his authorism yet, and thinks there is nothing so charming as writers, and to be one. He will know better one of these days. There are the two rival mistresses of Houghton, neither of whom ever wished to enjoy it! Lord Bath's vault in Westminster-abbey. Lord Holland. Charles Townshend Conway, May 1.

Committal of Wilkes to the Tower To Sir David Dalrymple, May 2. Conway, May 6. Wilkes's release from the Tower. Dreadful fire at Lady Molesworth's. Lady M. Montagu's Letters Madame de Boufflers. Madame Dusson. Miss Pelham's entertainment at Esher. Anne Pitt Conway, May To the same, June To the same, July 1. Castle Ashby. Easton Maudit. To the same, July Dupery of Opera undertakers To the same, Sept.

Comforts of keeping a gallery Crosby's pictures. Death of Mr. Visit to Sir Thomas Reeves To the Earl of Hertford, Oct. Expulsion of the Jesuits Death of Sir Michael Foster To the Earl of Hertford, Nov. Wilkes at the Cockpit. Privileges of Parliament. Lord Sandwich's piety. Wilkes and Churchill. Wilkes's "Essay on Woman" Conway's voting against the court. Unpopularity of the ministry. Debates on privilege. Quarrel between Mr. James Grenville and Mr Rigby. Opera quarrel. Lord Clive's Jaghire. State of the Opera. Prince de Masserano. Count de Soleirn.

Irish politics To the Earl of Hertford, Dec. Riot at the burning of "The North Briton. Intended assassination of Wilkes. Sheridan's comedy of "The Dupe" Lord Clive's jaghire. The King at Drury-lane. Prize in the lottery. A New-year's gift. Lady Temple. Portrait of Lady Suffolk at seventy-six. To the Earl of Hertford, Jan. Conway's opposition to the ministry. Feelings of the government towards his lordship. Ministerial disunion. Marriage of Prince Ferdinand with the Princess Augusta. His reception in England.

Churchill's "Dueller. Proceedings against Wilkes. The Duc de Pecquigny's quarrel with Lord Garlies. To Sir David Dalrymple,, Jan. To the Earl of Hertford, Feb. Charles Townshend's bon-mot. East India affairs. Duc de Pecquigny's episode Duel between the Duc de Pecquigny and M. Formidable condition of the Opposition. City rejoicings. Expected changes in the ministry To Sir David Dalrymple, Feb.

Cole, March 3. To the Earl of Hertford, March Debate on the budget. Lord Bute's negotiations. The Duchess of Queensbury's ball. Affairs of India. George Selwyn's accident D'Eon's publication of the Duc de Nivernois's private letters. Liberty of the press. Lady Cardigan's ball. Bon-mot of Lady Bell Finch To Charles Churchill, Esq. D'Eon's pamphlet. Efficacy of James's powder. Reappearance of Lord Bute To the Earl of Hertford, April 5. Cambridge University election. Jemmy Twitcher. Lord Lyttelton's reconciliation with Mr. Lord Bath at court. Bishop Warburton and Helvetius Lady Susan Fox's marriage with O'Brien the actor.

Projected marriages. Expected changes. Confusion at the India-house Conway's dismissal from all his employments To the Earl of Hertford, April Conway's dismissal from all his employments. Political promotions and changes. Prosecution of D'Eonn. East India affairs Conway's dismissal. Offers him half his fortune The Hon. Conway to the Earl of Hertford, April Conway To the Earl of Hertford, May 1.

To the Earl of Hertford, May Conway, June 5. Answer to the "Address to the Public" To the Earl of Hertford, June 8. The Mecklenburgh Countess. To the Earl of Hertford, Aug. Instability of the ministry. Determination to quit party. Regrets that the Earl did not espouse mr. Conway's cause. Consequences of Lord Bute's conduct. The Queen's intended visit to Strawberry. A dinner with the Duke of Newcastle. Fracas at Tunbridge Wells.

Conway's dismission. Walpole's Counter "Address" Seizure of Turk's Island. Visit to Sion. Ministerial changes. Murder of the Czar Ivan. Generous offer of the Earl. Farewell to politics. Lord Mansfield's violence against the press.

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Conduct of the Duke of Bedford. Overtures to Mr. Recluse life of their Majesties. Court economy. Dissensions in the house of Grafton. Nancy Parsons. Death of Sir John Barnard. Conduct of Mr. William Pitt, Aug. Birch, Sept.

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James the Second's Journal. Illness of the Duke of Devonshire. Folly of being unhappy Reflections on his birthday Virtue rewarded in this world Reply of a poor man in Bedlam. Story of Sir Fletcher Norton and his mother Lady Harriot Wentworth's marriage with her footman. Unpopularity of the court Adieu to politics D'Eon's flight. Wilkes's outlawry. Churchill's death.

Objects of his intended journey to Paris Separation in the house of Grafton. The Duke of Kingston and Miss Chudleigh. Correspondence between Mr. Legge and Lord Bute. Dunning's pamphlet on the "Doctrine of Libels. Ann Pitt's ball Dunning's pamphlet. Debate in the House of Commons on the Address To the same, Jan. Reported death of Lady Hertford. Death of Lady Harcourt. Conduct of Charles Townshend. Couplet on Charles Yorke Sir William Pynsent's legacy to Mr.

Duel between Lord Byron and Mr. Lady Townshend's arrest. Griffiths's "Platonic Wife" Petition of the perriwig-makers. Almack's new assembly-room. Williams the reprinter of "The North Briton" pilloried. Wretched condition of The administration. Recommends him to quit his country solitude. Contemplated visit to Paris. Runic poetry. Mallet's "Northern Antiquities. Antiquarian Society Publication of "The Castle of Otranto" To the same, March 9. Consequences of the Droit d'Aubaine. Percy's "Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. Rosamond's Bower.

Ambition and Content To Monsieur Elie de Beaumont, March Effects of Richardson's novels The King's illness. Count de Caraman. French admiration of Garrick. Quin in Falstaff. Old Johnson. Cibber and O'Brien, Mrs. Garrick's chief characters. The wolf of the Gevaudan. Favourable reception of "The Castle of Otranto. Strait of Thermopylae April 5. Quin and Bishop Warburton. To the Earl of Hertford, April 7.

Fire at Gunnersbury. Count Schouvaloff. Anne Pitt. Pitt the, first curiosity of foreigners. French encroachments. Poor bill. A late dinner Proceedings on the Regency-bill. Enmity between Lord Bute and Mr. Rumoured changes. State of parties. Lord Byron's acquittal. The Duke of Cumberland's illness. Daffy's Elixir. Consolations of authorship--[N. To the Earl of Hertford, May 5. The Princess Dowager excluded from the Regency The Duke of Cumberland ordered to form a new administration. Failure of the Duke's negotiation with Mr. Ministerial resignations. Humiliations of the Crown. Attack on Bedford-house.

General spirit of mutiny and dissatisfaction. Extraordinary conduct of Mr. The King compelled to take back his ministers. Reconciliation between Lord Temple and George Grenville. Conway restored to the King's favour. Extravagant terms dictated by the ministers to the King. Stuart Mackenzie's removal. Ministerial changes and squabbles Ministerial squabbles and changes.

Bentley's' poem. Danger of writing political panegyrics or satires. Lines on the Fountain Tree in the Canary Islands General Schouvaloff. Felicity of being a private man. Ingratitude of sycophants To the right Hon. Lady Hervey, June Regrets at being carried backward. Resolutions of growing old and staid at fourscore Conway, July 3. Effects of the gout. Dreams and reveries. Madame de Bentheim To the Countess of Suffolk, July 3,-State of his health.

Lady Blandford--[N. To the same, July 9. The Rockingham administration Entrance into old age through the gate Of infirmity. A month's confinement to a sick bed a stinging lesson. Old friends and new faces. A strange story. Motives for revisiting Paris. The French reformation. Churches and convents. To the same, Aug. Pleasant anticipations from his visit to Paris.

Revival of old ideas. Stupefying effects of richardson's novels on the Frenchmnation Death of the Emperor of Germany. Lady Hervey, Sept. Modern French literature Meeting with Lady mary Coke. Duchess of Douglas. A droll way of being chief mourner. A French absurdity. The Duc de Fitz-James. Arrival at Paris French gravity. Parisian dirt. French Opera. Italian comedy Chantilly. Illness of the Dauphin. David Hume the mode at Paris. Mesdames de Monaco, d'Egmont, and de Brionne. Nymphs of the theatres French society.

Mode of living. Le Kain. The Dumenil. Italian comedy. Their savans. Admiration of Richardson and Hume. Dress and equipages. Parliaments and clergy. Effects of company Madame Geoffrin. His own defects the sole cause of his not enjoying Paris. Duc de Nivernois.

The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford — Volume 3 by Horace Walpole - Free Ebook

Colonel Drumgold. Presentations at Versailles. The King and Queen. The Mesdames. The Dauphin and Dauphiness. Wild beast of the Gevaudan. To John Chute, Esq. Their authors. Style of conversations. English and French manners contrasted. Presentation at Versailles. Duc de Berri. Count de Provence. Count d'Artois. Duc and Duchesse de Praslin. Duc and Duchesse de Choiseul.

Duc de Richelieu A supper at Madame du Deffand's. President Henault. Walpole's blunders against French grammar. Sir James Macdonald's mimicry of Mr. David Hume. Elliot's imitation of Mr. Presentation to the Royal Family. Dinner at the Duc de Praslin's with the corps diplomatique. Visit to the State Paper Office. Mada mede Bentheim. Duc de Duras. Wilkes at Paris Cupid and death.

Allan Ramsay the painter. Common sense. Lady Mary Chabot. Visit from Wilkes. President Henault To the Countess of Suffolk, Oct. Duc de Richelieu. Lady Browne. Visit to Mrs. Joys of the gout--[N. To Thomas Brand, Esq. Wilkes, Sterne, and Foote at Paris. Lord Ossory. Mesdames de Rochefort, Monaco, and Mirepoix.

Description of the Philosophers. Their object the destruction of regal power.

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To Mr. Gray, Nov. Infallible specific for the gout. Picture of Paris. The Philosophers. Visit to the Chartreuse Lady Hervey, Nov. Squabbles about the French Parliaments. Logogriphe by Madame du Deffand Sameness of llife at Paris. Invites him to transplant himself to Roehampton. Reflections on coming old age. Object of all impostors. Rabelais-- Duchesse d'Aiguillon.

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French women of quality. Duchesse de Nivernois. Conway, Nov. Dissuades him from going to Italy. Advice for his political conduct. Portrait of Count Grammont. French painters French politics. Marshal Richelieu. French parliaments-- To the Countess of Suffolk, Dec. The Comtesse d'Egmont. The Dauphin--[N. Severity of the Frost. Dread of being thought charming.

Rousseau's visit to England. Great parts. Ill- accordance of the French manners and climate. Presentation to the Comtesse de la Marche. Douceur in the society of the Parisiennes of fashion. Charlatanerie of the Savans and Philosophes. Count St. Rousseau in England. Walpole's pretended letter of the King of Prussia to Rousseau Jan, 5. Dreams of life superior to its realities. Lord Temple and George Grenville.

Goody Newcastle. Picture of the Duchesse de Choiseul. Verses on Madame Forcalquier speaking English. The Italians. The gout preferable to all other disorders To The Hon. Conway, Jan. Honours and distinctions. Invitation from Madame de Brionne. Pretended letter from the King of Prussia to Rousseau Cole, Jan. Cathedral of Amiens. The Sainte Chapelle. King of Prussia's letter Gray, Jan. Their religious opinions. The Parliaments. The men dull and empty.

Wit, softness, and good sense of the women. Picture of Madame Geoffrin. Madame de Mirepoix. Anecdote of M. Madame de Rochefort. Familiarities under the veil of friendship.

Madame de Gisors. Duchesse de Choiseul. Duchesse de Grammont. Pretended letter to Rousseau. Walpole at the head of the fashion. Carried to the Princess de Talmond Lady Hervey, Feb. The Comtesse d'Egmont Duc and Duchesse de Choiseul A French horse-race March 3. Defeat of George Grenville.

The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford — Volume 3 by Walpole, Horace, 1717-1797

Repeal of the American Stamp-act. Lit de justice. Remonstrances of the Parliaments Lady Hervey, March Funeral sermon on the Dauphin. A French woman's first visit to Paris contrasted with his own. The Princess of Talmond's pug-dogs. A commission To the same, April 3. Old trees Conway, April 6. Change in the French ministry. Lettres de cachet. Insurrections at Bordeaux and Toulouse Duke of Richmond. Lord North. Death of Lord Grandison.

Lady Townshend turned Roman Catholic. Clive's bon-mot Swift's Correspondence, and Journal to Stella. Bon-mot of George Selwyn. Pun of the King of France Translation of a tale from the "Dictionnaire d'Anecdotes. The King's letter to Mr. Cole, Sept. Great dislike of the place. The new buildings. Lord Chatham Tired to death of Bath. Lord Chatham. Watering places Hymns to ballad tunes. Style of Wesley's preaching. Countess of Buchan. Inefficacy of the waters. Life at Bath. Motives for leaving the place. Old age. Dread of ridicule Visit to Bristol. Its buildings.

Abbey church of Bath. To David Hume, Esq. Folly of literary squabbles Omissions by D'Alembert in a published letter of Walpole's. Picture of modern philosophers Ministerial negotiations. Deaths and marriages. Caleb Whitefoord's Cross-readings from the newspapers Quarrel of Hume and Rousseau. High tide Ducarel, April Intended trip to Paris. Death of Lady Suffolk. Lord Lyttelton's "Henry the Second. State of the ministry. Dinner at the Duc de Choiseul's--[N.

Old Pulteney State of his health. Roman Catholic religion To Sir David Dalrymple, Jan. Gray, Feb. On his own writings. King of Prussia. Lord Clarendon's "History. Boswell's "Corsica. Thanks for notes on the "Noble, Authors" Guthrie's answer to the "Historic Doubts. Fate of George Selwyn's bon-mots. Completion of his tragedy of "The Mysterious Mother. President Henault's tragedy of "Corn elie" Cole, April Projects a History of the Streets of London. Foix's Rues de Paris. The Methodists.

Whitfield's funeral sermon on Gibson the forger To the same, June 6. Cardinal Lewis de Luxembourg. Cardinal Morton. Painted glass