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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Gedsudski, a singer with an audible German accent, says that The Laughing Man tries to "deconstruct the language to get new meanings out of it". The independent pop music of the Laughing Man, the name inspired by J. The album Strawberry Love had been announced for , but was not published before Jan. After many changes in the line-up recordings for a new album started in He may have come from Thessaly , but in later times he was confused with an Armenian of the same name David Anhaght.

He was a pupil of Olympiodorus in Alexandria in the late 6th century. His name suggests that he was a Christian. Three commentaries to Aristotle's works attributed to him have survived: as well as an introduction to philosophy prolegomena :. All these works will be published, with an English translation, in the series Commentaria in Aristotelem Armeniaca - Davidis Opera five volumes , edited by Jonathan Barnes andValentina Calzolari. Another anonymous commentary on Porphyry's Isagoge which was falsely ascribed to Elias pseudo-Elias , was also falsely ascribed to David. After the disastrous invasion of Rus' armies and the fall of North-eastern Bulgaria under Byzantine occupation in , he and his three younger brothers took the lead of the defence of the country.

They executed their power together and each of them governed and defended a separate region. He ruled the southern-most parts of the realm from Prespa and Kastoria and was responsible for the defence the dangerous borders with Thessalonica and Thessaly. In he participated in the major assault against the Byzantine Empire but was killed by vagrant Vlachs between Prespa and Kostur. David gains the title "comes" during his service in the Byzantine army which recruited many Armenians from the Eastern region of the empire.

The 11th-century historian Stepanos Asoghik wrote that Samuel had one brother, and they were Armenians from the district Derjan. It's a nice feature when applied with care, but the tune won't be more "funky" because of it. Here are some of my mature all time favourites. Hm, they aren't really non-mainstream. But anyway, who cares Knatter made a lot tunes I still like to listen to. As for the more modern tunes I like a lot of Dane but who doesn't, eh? Hysteria Song 3 rocks!!! I remember a Wanderer demo in which this was the loading music.

Quote: The term "funk speed" is a little lame, but I know what you mean. Hm, for people like me who lacks the "drive", it was a good improvement in funkyness, at least I thought it would do Here are a couple of my favorites and tunes that means something to me more there.. I'm quite fond of the wildness in Fred's compositions.. They are almost all hysterical somehow! Stainless Steel Registered: Mar Posts: Honesty Registered: Jan Posts: Also Fate made nice sids.

Yeah, while many of these 90s Polish musicians all sound the same, Phobos is pretty good to listen to. Quote: Yeah, while many of these 90s Polish musicians all sound the same, Phobos is pretty good to listen to. WACEK is the rul0r!! Cruzer Registered: Dec Posts: Ben Account closed Registered: Feb Posts: Any music from Johannes Bjerregard is worth listening to, especially the music to dmc demo 4 and nightdawn.

DustBin Registered: Jun Posts: Olla Account closed Registered: Oct Posts: 3. There are too many SID gems to mention here. Here are just a few of my all time favorite ones. Sweet "Cobra" - Very nice tune "Trap" - This is a great piece of music. Rob Hubbard: "Monty on the Run" - title tune, one of the best Hubbard tunes evar if you ask me.

One of the first, if not the first Hubbard music I heard. Jeroen Tel, started the next generation of SID music. Martin Galway: "Wizball" - title track, soooo nice "Parallax" - title tune. I actually slept to this tune sometimes ;- Other great game tunes: "Samurai Trilogy" - Track 1 "Boulder Dash" - oh, the good old times.. Sorry about the long post, tried to keep it as short as possible Steppe Registered: Jan Posts:.

Sounds vaguely familiar. I might have heard of this guy somewhere. I think he found it somewhere in the desert.. But yes, true!.. I was thinking of the "hidden favorites" in this thread.. Never the less, Rob composed and adapted some seriously brilliant SID tunes. Ron found that Egg of Rob in Nevada and incubated it! This is a nice one. Sorry guys, my bad. I might have been distracted by the many other postings under this topic listing quite some known SIDs. I did indeed. Whenever I am looking for something 'new' -but with appealing features- I start looking in the piles of tunes of Danko, Drax, The Syndrom and Kjell Nordboe..

There is always something which appears to have slipped my attention last time.. And -not to forget- Michael Winterberg did some interesting stuff when it comes to sounds! Laxity, w. Voice Registered: Aug Posts: Quote: funny that.. It's a great tune! Quote: Pfft.. Zardax I like -used him often- this is just hmmmm. Quite inspiring!

One of my favorite demo soundtracks Puterman Account closed Registered: Jan Posts: Ah yeah.. A polish music phenomenon par excellence ;- some tunes from partycompos ;- Playful Quote: ah. Rough, if you must consider any resemblance, it's obvious that Mitch and Dane sounded like Drax and not the opposite way! Gloria is brilliant though, I remember hearing it for the first time back at The Party music compo, it gave me some positive vibes for sure.

Another crazy one I dont understand.. Emotional blackmailing? Subconscious manipulation? VIP: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Shogoon has been mentioned several times. I personally like Fanta's older work better, in which he was primarily concerned with a simple, catchy melody.. I, ubernoob, personally think that that is his strength.. I listened today to Hithouse's Going On.

Laxity: it's find, found, found 8 but you probably know that. Clarence: you're probably right. I just recently discovered Gloria, put it in Deliplayer to pump up the bass and some tones and wow I enjoyed it for hours. Quote: I personally like Fanta's older work better, in which he was primarily concerned with a simple, catchy melody.. Almost all of my favorite SIDs are simple, catchy tunes. Unfortunately it seems that the fashion nowadays is more towards advanced and experimental stuff, and that only rarely results in a very good end product.

Dane Registered: May Posts: Shokray Account closed Registered: Dec Posts: Really good tune.. And I wonder why of all those newer tunes have to sound like Jeff. Stryyker Registered: Dec Posts: He motivated me to make music. Tim Kleinert's directory has a lot of gems. My fav Dane tune is Blowtorch. I still picture the demo part with AEG code where I first heard it. Time to mention Anders bevore this tread is closed Which is based on the FP player, that much must be said.

To be honest I do not think of Martijn as a very good sound engineer very poor drums for example, much too clear lead , he mostly used the instruments Elvin left in there I cannot disclose the player sources and sample tunes. Quote: And I wonder why of all those newer tunes have to sound like Jeff. Yours don't Mine don't.. I should probably mention, as an extension to this that everybody has to sound like Jeff , that I admire Hein, Eeben Aleksi, Goto 80 for their unique and creative tunes.

They all have a distinct nerve to their work, that I really appreciate. Not that I don't like Jeff, by the way. Quote: Anything by Deek. The first time I met React-ers, Cult-ers and the rest of slovak scene. Orcan has beaten me, Lunatic and Yuro with this a bit raw, but neverthless quite amusing 4 speed thingy.. Interresting stuff by CreaMD.

Keep on sending! If I listen to their music I can see 2 completley different persons. Thomas Heeelp! Morgensen has taken strange medicine on his own! Quote: Thomas Heeelp! I always liked the pure draxish drax stuff, when he went into more complicated constructions of the tune I was usually losing the path ience ;-. That's why e. I loved "Valley of dreams". It sounded very early draxish ;- As far as Dane is concerned, it seems that he is afraid of simplicity.

Danish, or Dane-ish? I mean, his music. If you don't want to listen through all of the Deek directory which you should! Scortia was name earlier but he deserves another mention - definitely one of the most underrated musicians. Three extraordinary examples of that are Nebulas, Horizon and Equinox. My favourite in the Bluez Muz gang was always Kristian. If you listen to Ecco, Hole and Skrujern you will find out why. Fear the Swedish SID scene! Thomas Danko has made so many good pop songs, but some standouts for me are Deformata, Elementary and Diffractions.

Finally, if you're composing on the c64 and you're not in the least inspired by Drax or Maniacs of Noise you've been living under a rock the past 15 years. I have too many favourites to mention. Sorry for not including links, but I am lazy today. Quote: If you don't want to listen through all of the Deek directory which you should!

And I'm really proud that Thomas Danko is of slovak origin ;- Deformata and Elementary are fabulous and there is a lot more ;-. I remember the Fairlight demo with the tune and I would leave it running just to hear the simple tune but delightful : You're right about Ecco - I remember hearing it in the Nitro's diskmag Emphatic along with a simple but nice Shogoon tune. Don't mind a bit of Scimitars by GRG.

I think he used quadrasid I have to teach him how to use a c64 editor again Quote: And I'm really proud that Thomas Danko is of slovak origin ;- Deformata and Elementary are fabulous and there is a lot more ;- I thought he was pure swede ; Spoke very swedish the last time I "tried" to speak to him ;..

I think most of all others musicians on the C64 was better than myself, so I didn't release any tunes for the public I like covers of wellknown tunes, which I do mostly but I also like my own tunes, which is not in the HVSC collection, but they're so funny to listen today for myself, they're so weak. Quote: I thought he was pure swede ; LOL He's been speaking swedish every time I have spoken to him too, but I do believe his father immigrated here at some point. His father made a reputation building guitar stompboxes in the 70's in Stockholm. LOL He was child when his family moved to Sweden.

And he started composing on c64 quite early too. I was a bit drunk yesterday.. Congrats to hein for Crazy work! Saving for special purposes. I faund that Last Ninja under a rock! So What, Boulder Dash? Please ask HEIN! I Quit , L8r.. This cover is almost as good as watching demo on real machine ;-. I have found the old music-contributions from 15 well known guys! Sounds nice I am not sure but I vaguely remember that compo and I even think I contributed but I am not sure Maybe I just thought of contributing ;.

And yes, Laxity's Adventure is coooooooooooool Real oldschool Laxity stuff. Quote: Sounds nice Maybe I just thought of contributing ; Drax, it could be you also have contributed back in those days, though I haven't found a complete list yet, those are the ones I could recover so far: Stefan Fredriks Square on Future-Composer 2 Anders Jansson Mr. Pettersen Ole-M. Laxity's "Adventure! But we have to continue anyway Oswald Registered: Apr Posts: When I discovered him I played some of his tunes non stop for months.

I've already filled the room with 3 cool collaborators My motor-memory of which way to turn the taps in my shower to regulate water temperature Conversely, my motor-memory of how to quickly zig-zag my way up through traffic on The Main About to settle into my last night in Tokyo. Three months. In 24 hours I am over the Pacific again, heading back to Montreal. I feel anxious anticipation; I wonder how I will react to diving back into my old life, which now seems so distant from me.

I know that I will immediately go buy my usual mid-summer groceries at Valmont. I will sit at my desk, in my apartment, eating a tomato and prosciutto salad after having taken a jog up the mountain. None of these things are bad.

MotoGP Japanese GP Race Motegi 2018

They are, or at least where once, all highly enjoyable to me. But they are old. They are worn in, and out. Or so I think they may be. This is what I anxiously anticipate. I won't know if they are until I go back to where they, and I, are from, and see. Barlow had these lines in a recent email about a friend of his' death: Fighting clinical depression is inevitably a lonely struggle.

What could be less conducive to compassion than a disease that make you whine? Laymen and loved ones tell you to get a grip. They make you feel ashamed to be sick. Even if they're more enlightened about the disease, they can't help but harbor a secret, naturally human, belief that you are suffering a failure of will rather than biochemistry.

Meanwhile, the doctors consider little but the neuro-soup and turn you into a shambling medical experiment, testing pharmaceutical nostrums on you that are as blunt as the mind is subtle, though just as unpredictable. But, for you, life just trudges on. It remains, despite whatever visible signs of well-being - wonderful spouse, great kids, well-located house, etc.

Love, incoming or out-going, becomes something you think, not feel. I don't know if I am clinically depressed, and I sure as hell ain't pining to find out, but this made me think hard, still does actually, about many things. Original by cr2joe. For as long as I can remember now--memory fails when the brain is deprived of oxygen--I've been stuck in an unrelenting onslaught of waves. Each set is unaware of the sets before it, the sets coming in from other directions. Many directions. All directions.

Each set thinks "gee, what's his problem?

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It is incorrect to say "A was drowned by you and you were drowned by B". More correct would be: "A allowed herself to be drowned by you and you allowed A to be drowned by you, and you allowed yourself to be drowned by B and B allowed you to be drowned by her.

Miscommunication, lies by omission, letting things go These are things we all do, naturally, normally, and must keep an eye on. Sometimes we make a mess. Clean it up and keep going. Love is love and not fade away. Any ideas? Now that she's away, I will switch my daily schedule up, back to something more "normal" for me not to say waking up everyday at 7am doesn't suit me mind you : considering I have barely a week and a half left here in Tokyo yes yes I am going "home", June 12th There are enough people who I want to see before I go to be busy every evening from now till I go..

Ok I see what I do My sister is in the hospital. I don't know how many weeks pregnant she is but it is way too soon. Apparently her uterus is too thin and her cervix is already open? She is hoping to hold on at least 4 more weeks. I think this is insane but of course I hope it all works out for the best. Gambatte kudasai, Sofi-san to Maksu-sama!! Woke up feeling like cordwood; stiff, dead, stacked up and left to dry. Bad night's sleep.

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The number of motorcycles and heavy trucks that pass down this supposedly quiet street at 3am is The number of times a night "Bumbles" decides to meowl and tap-dance around the apartment is also Unlike the weather outside, which has been in a sunny mood since I got here. Which adds to my bad mood as I have cooped myself up in here trying to move ahead on work only to have stick after stick stuck in my spokes. Except I am in a bad mood.

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  • Critical Condition (Mills & Boon Love Inspired Suspense) (Undercover Cops, Book 3).

And my main dev server just went down. Thank you TextDrive. God you suck. I cannot wait for my Dell Poweredge to arrive. Maybe I should just go out and enjoy the su Update: Of course and now I have a sunburn. Just no winning today. Oh wow, that's pretty cool. What are you doing in Tokyo? You must have big clients there who can fly you over? Not really. I am working like crazy but not specifically for any single japanese client.

I just went cause I wanted to and could. Client work? Uhhh, no. I'm house sitting my friend's apartment and taking care of his cats for two weeks. You flew half way around the world to house sit cats? Well if you put it that way Among the many many lessons I am learning on this trip, one of the most salient, and indeed one that I pretty much knew about, is the fact that I am nowhere near as mobile as one would think, at least insofar as being able to work is concerned.

Like I said, I knew this already; it's just become very clear to what extent and much more importantly, what i can do to rectify the situation. Outside of emailing and chatting, a 15" Powerbook screen renders me essentially useless. Trying to get any actual work done without a second monitor is near futile.

My capacity increases with desktop space, measured in pixels. It's true. For anyone who cares to argue with or chide me: you have your needs, I have mine. I am aware of my needs, and my limitations, and I deal with them accordingly. Also, I need a comfortable work station. This means plenty of desk space deep and wide and a chair that doesn't send my butt to dream land. Pins and needles in the nether areas is not fun More than quiet, I need to isolate myself so as to really dive in.

People can be around, as long as I can shut them out artificially. So, this means, to be "work-safe", I need 3 things: - an external monitor. Headphones not entirely needed if a reasonably quiet space is available with no language around. Point is, anytime I want to "temporarily relocate" as I am now doing 2 months Tokyo, 2 weeks San Francisco I can either FedEx or carry this bundle with me.

Or, in worst case scenario, go out and buy what I need again I envy those of you who actually can work on 12" screens. I simply can't. I have at least 10 at any given time. It's May 1st. I don't know what day of the week it is. I don't know how long I've been here. I don't know how long I am staying "away". I don't know if I am going to California next week, yet, but it certainly looks like I am.

I don't know if I'll make it to China 3 weeks from now. I don't know. No one likes it when you wear your heart on your sleeve and lose your head. Pop your heart back in where it belongs and strap your head back on tight. Nokia and Yahoo! Another supported feature is the ability to add comments to the photos that are uploaded from the Nokia Nseries device.

You know who you are. All 5 or 6 of you. Big smile. I am just happy to be in the room. Even just as a whispering ghost. Here's an example of how sometimes, try as I might to do something smartly, I end up in a stupid situation. On my way back to the lab early this morning, I decide to turn right and not left, and go to Akihabara to hunt for a new 2. This task has almost become tradition for me since every time I come to Tokyo, 2. I was hoping to find one of the new Fujitsu 12mm thick Gig drives but dammit I couldn't find the nifty deli-style hard drive shop anywhere At that point I should have taken instead the outbound Hibya to Naka-Meguro, then on home to the lab Where's my head?

So I arrive in Akihabara seemingly a lifetime later. Hibya is slow as molasses and I had to pee badly. Electric Town does not open till 10ish. It's By the time I have finished the coffee and the Dutour employee has finished cleaning the washroom before letting me in, it's past Buddy was not happy to see a goddamn gaijin jump into the washroom he just made sparkling for his fellow nihonjin. Tough luck pal. He was waiting for me to get out to redo the job. The streets all seem familiar Like I said, I couldn't find the shop I wanted. I did find one that I did recognize from previous flailing visits and a quick run though their chart of "which hard drives we have fresh today" revealed that the 12mm Gig drives were not available yet and if they were they'd be a pretty penny The Gig rpm Seagate is fine by me.

Lemme go look around a bit more. By noon I am no closer to anything. Inside an Ishimaru big box electronics store, 3rd floor , I decide to pick up a Buffalo 2. Except I already spent three hours of my time on this. I bill high lately so that's not peanuts. In fact it'd have been more cost effective to send someone to get it for me, dammit. So I buy this thing. The cashier does his best to explain that "the software is japanese only" Time to head back.

Closing Statement

I decide to take the Hibya line again since, even though it is damn slow, it takes me straight to Naka-Meguro where I just quickly transfer to the Toyoko track which goes to Jiyugaoka. As a bonus, Hibya also stops at Tsukiji. I'll be damned if I am not going to have sashimi lunch in the fish market mecca of the world. I'm gonna spare you the details.

Sure the fish was good but whatever. The fish is good everywhere here. Let's just say I had 2 half lunches in two different places, mainly because the guy behind the counter at the first place was Now THAT was awesome. If I bought my groceries here everyday I'd die happy. Don't ask me what kinda fish. It looks like salmon but darker. And the guy wanted to sell me 6 slabs for yen.

Crack the case open, remove the interface, swap it with my old trusty FW one. Mounts no problem. I format the thing, name it " Hoppy ", then transfer it back to it's original enclosure. I peruse the packaging and the instruction leaflet--all in japanese--and realize there is some sort of security software built into the firmware on the board. Since I can't read the directions, I don't know what I need to do to get around it. Worse, I have a bad hunch that by formatting the drive via another interface, i may have screwed up their silly little protection mechanism.

This means I have to go buy an enclosure. And another 3 hours of my time. I'm missing dancing. The long late nights in little cozy sweaty lounge clubs. The breakbeat, rare groove, afro-electro-house. The uninhibited moving, grinning, flirting. Till 4 am. I had a funny daydream waiting for my chashumen the other day A medium sized ramen shop in Tokyo. The last bars of " Our house " by Madness are fading out on the radio,. Lots of attitude. They shout out their orders in time, as if counting down the start of the next song: "Shoyu!

Cue music: " Rock this town " by the Stray Cats. As the waitress scuttles away with a gleeful "Haaaaaiii! Salary men slurping their soup 'n noodles , trying hard to not notice. Office ladies giggling , and looking away quickly As the song ends, the three all at once return to their seats as their meals are plopped down before them.

With thanks to Lil for the classic snaps of japanese rockabilies and everyone else who posts to Flickr. I'm on a fast railroad down my last days here. For the first time in my life, I do NOT look forward to going home. This is going to be tricky. Between 2am trans-global conference calls between Tokyo, New York, Boston and London; 14 hour time-shift work schedules; and hanging out with Joi: I don't know, as they say, if I am coming or going. I don't know how may days I have been here, at the lab. I think I may have seen 3 sunrises, and as many sunsets. I've been sleeping in 4 hour shifts.

Best of Team Radio - 2018 Japanese Grand Prix

Somewhere in there I had some sort of mild food poisoning, which kept my head in a spin as well. I am actually enjoying this. I have at least 3 jobs I need to "work on" for hours at a stretch. It's am, I've been up since 2, with a 2 hour nap in there somewhere I've set up a reBlog on a server in New Zealand, tested a Flash based IRC client from France, chatted about small circles as gleaned in Austin, created a development test blog at Harvard, and answered more emails than I can remember. Lying is a feature, not a bug.

The great dream of a utopian society is a system where lies are not necessary; the great nightmare, one where it is not allowed or even possible. That said, realizing you have been lied to, can be Fumi: what do you want to be when you grow up? Me: I am what I want to be: myself. And I never want to grow up! I was very surprised myself to hear these words cross my lips.

When I am here, strange colors appear in my life. I have bought a pair of socks; deep red. I have bought an umbrella; muted orange. What next? I am doing a giant cleanup of my apartment before I leave so that my house-sitter, Steven, doesn't feel like he's living in my junk, but also it's just a good opportunity to do so, and get rid of a lot of stuff, if not just rearrange it. For instance I have completely redone the shelving arrangement in the living room, and thus all the books that once were strewn all over the place are now neatly stored.

There are 5 seats that never ever get used, at least 3 of which there is literally no room for in the place: an office chair, a kitchen chair and a single sofa chair teak and black leather. That's not to mention the two antiques, one of which serves purely as a place to drop stuff when I enter, and the other as dust-ball gatherer, perched atop my kitchen cupboards. Brining these all out to my mother's would require two trips in the Golf The key to telling a joke that will get you laughs, is telling it the way the audience would if they knew how.

If you cannot tell the joke, then perform it. Generally folks don't get my "jokes" until I "do" them, and this is fine by me. Guess I did get some of my mother's clown. The last time I marked the anniversary of my father's passing here was 3 years ago. He passed 7 years ago. So fast. I'm really tired though. I woke up at 5am, flew to Toronto, had a bunch of great meetings and conversations. I just got back. My writings here have dropped off for about a year now because I seem to have forgotten something that had previously been a hard won affordance: don't worry too much about what people think of you.

If you've been reading me long enough you remember all my crazy way-out rambling on all sorts of topics. I've kept my mouth shut about such topics in here, for various reasons, but have found myself "letting loose" quite verbosely in emails and IMs and "real world" conversations a lot more lately. I don't know what the reactions are to these brain-streams but you know what? I don't care so much. And I'm gonna start acting like that here again.

I won't do just that stuff but I will definitely start doing it more often again. My random over-wrought thoughts need out. The fine line is of course being regarded as a complete quack but I think I've proven to enough people, myself included, that i am not insane, that I am frighteningly intelligent, if sometimes misguided.

The success of all these things such as weblogs, websyndication, etc, is directly attributable, I think, to one basic fact: weblogs are basic, rudimentary Content Management Systems. At risk of over-simplifying, I say that human intellect, human intelligence itself, in vasty varying levels of sophistication, is also a Content Management System.

And while over the course of human development we have evolved methods to bridge all our individual Content Management Systems, by using such technologies as speech, writing, printing and their myriad extensions, in keeping with the acceleration afforded to it by "electric communication", it is in the past 10 years that we have built the infrastructure for what we have over the last 3, seen emerge. It is still early. We have not yet transposed semantics into what we have built recently yet. That will come. I gleefully repeat to anyone who will listen, that we are "building out telepathy", echoing McLuhan's "we are extending our central nervous systems" We began relaying messages at first.

Now we have begun structuring the messages. This will continue. All our technology is externalization of ourselves. As such it is fundamentally organic and follows easily predictable paths; if you have the patience and know how to tend a bonsai tree Do you really believe you have acquired everything you possibly ever could or could want or need?

How magnanimous! Thank you for leaving something for the rest of us! And if so; if you have taken all that you could and all that you need from the world in your short time here, what have you given back? What have you shared? What have you furthered or made better?

Canada's upcoming federal election is this coming monday. By the time the polls open I'll be sitting on the tarmac on my way to Cambridge for 3 days. This trip was planned and booked on Wednesday, the day after the deadline for any sort of advance voting.

So I entrust our country to you fine people. Please don't make me come home to a right-handed majority! In other words, I am beginning to suspect that the use of such things as Instant Messaging and email is somehow confusing the brain, which is normally used to associating experiences with way more environmental clues such as person's face, lighting in the scene, sounds around, geo context, etc than you get with an email or an IM chat.

I suspect this is akin to ghost limb syndrome. Whether the person is there or not is irrelevant because as far as my brain knows, it's all imaginary anyways right? I mean, there's no live person in front of me, I did not displace myself to interact with this person, etc. Now I am also seeing the effects of this, theoretically, on my memory as well.

My brain is actively "flattening" my memory space of all my other communication modalities as well, as if to compensate following some sort of "lowest common denominator" rule for how much meta data to store, or at least, to keep actively "close by" and easily accessible. What that means is, I will remember the message of a communication, almost word for word.

But I will need to greatly labor to recall a WHO the conversation was with b WHEN the conversation took place c WHERE it took place, be it in physical space or via which network protocol, and of course all three are related and cross referenced. If I remember who it was with, if it was with a local, I will have to look further for environment clues such as "was it live conversation? Of course I make this sound far more drastic than it is, but I also am merely scratching the surface of this phenomenon which I can sense is very definitely happening to me.

The title of this post is taken from my light hearted impression of my mother who can sometimes be a bit absent minded. I imagine it may possibly be a placebo effect but I started popping some pills about a week ago and holymoly do I feel better as of yesterday! More energy, able to concentrate, and the winter blaaahs don't seem so heavy anymore! What am I doing? Well, I'm making a little experiment. Every night before going to sleep I take one melatonin and one St-John's Wort.

Since all this stuff is harmless and my dosage is totally moderate, and I'm not convinced it's not psychosomatic, I'll definitely keep at it for a bit and see what happens. I've long admired this proverb but it never quite sat well with me. I know why now. Or rather I always sensed why, but now I can explain it. The trick lies not in the acceptance, but what you do with what you have accepted. To not accept is to reject, and when you reject something, you are finished with it; you no longer have any possibility to do anything with it, be that change it or place it on the back shelves of your consciousness.

When the world presents you with a gift, you accept it. Now you can choose to do many things. If it is repulsive to you, have the courage to change it, or the strength to hide it away and bear the weight of doing so. If you cannot change it yourself and you feel you must, have the temerity and drive to recruit others to help you. This has been on my mind for a very long time. Very often when speaking of buddhism and zen with people, their perception of these philosophies is that they are dismissive and lead to complacency because of their focus on accepting the world as it is. This is very far from the truth however.

One cannot truly appreciate anything without accepting it when it appears before us. Accepting something affords us to chance to inspect it and to know it more deeply. I accept that there are atrocities in the world. So far I have shouldered the burden of merely carrying this knowledge along with me, all the while being mindful of it, watching it, learning it, and my relationship with it.

All of this is by no means an excuse for inaction--another misunderstood concept of zen and buddhism; action and inaction. The lesson here is that acceptance is not a destination, it is a starting point. Once you have accepted something, you must choose what to do with it and how you will live the relationship with what you have accepted. Past The past is a comforting place. It is your old room; a box stuffed with boxes stuffed with memories.

It is warm and cozy, everything in it's place; predictable, known. It is stuffy, the window hazed with condensation and outside, the sun has set long ago. The past is all memories, bound in and limited to them. Future The future is an anxious place. It is a field stretching out; as far as the imagination that makes it. It is windy and agitated, in a constant flux of boundless possibilities and desires; unpredictable, unknowable.

The future is all imagination, bound to and only limited to it.


Present If the present where a place, it would be the door between the Past and the Future. But there is no such place, just as there are no lines between colors on a canvas. The present is an infinitely small, non-existant point between memory and imagination. And on that point is where you are.

The present is a transition. Couldn't resist the clever little punctuation trick there and the pedantic explanation for it. The slash is also known as a " separatrix ", which also has a meaning in mathematics. I had also heard the term applied in a presentation given by Greg Lynn in reference to a line created by the meeting of two bodies.

There is also a term in art theory for this but I cannot recall it at the present. Totally unintentional pun. Anyways, this is all intellectual diarrhea of course The visions dancing in my mind, The early dawn the shades of time. Twilight crawling through my window pane. With your head held high and your scarlet lies, You came down to me from the open skies, It's either real or it's a dream There's nothing that is in between. Across the night I saw your face You disappeared without a trace You brought me here but can you take me back. You brought me here but can you take me back again.

This has been an entry about reality, screenology, cyberspace, immersion, externalization, cyborg tendencies, dreams Please do not flog me for also stating that my first exposure to this brilliant brilliant piece of prescient pseudo-romantic post-post-modernism came from it's use as the theme song for Densha Otoko. Rough day. I may be sick of living in my current flat, but seriously It's as if I had a short circuit and totally forgot a whole bunch of things; things that point me in the exact opposite direction of renting a pricey nice new apartment.

I haven't even had lunch yet and in one hour I am back in the dentist's chair to boot! At I visited the apartment I mentioned here previously. Arriving at the address, one of my suspicions was confirmed: it was indeed the same building that an english professor of mine from over 10 years ago lives in. Matthew von Baeyer taught a course on essay writing at John Abbott College; I was not actually enrolled in the course but I became friends with him and sat in a few times.

When I visited his apartment all those years ago, he showed me his grandfather's Nobel Prize in Chemistry , which he had been awarded for synthesizing the color indigo for use in commercial dyes. He also showed me the small book of poetry he had self-published, all about indigo. So I visit the place; classic Montreal apartment layout: off from the entrance are two large rooms with no wall between them making it one big room but still considered separate , a central living room area which is not much more than a widening or an outgrowth of the hallway, much the same way Lake St-Louis is just a widening of the St-Lawrence River , a tight washroom, a small kitchen the stove was in a closet It was I went through the motions, filled out the application form, buying time to think about it.

This is where I spare you details about going back home and then returning to bring the landlord some contact info. After dropping off the envelope with said details, I turn around, snap this pic , and head back home. I get closer to see the details. A cheerful, elderly woman's voice, heavy with foreign accent answers. Come, come see! I am outside! Which apartment is it? I come out.

It is upstairs! Upstairs, I meet George. Mid to late 60's greek man. If it weren't so close to Christmas, I wouldn't hesitate to say he was jolly I find out later what makes him so jolly and his nose so red