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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Espronceda turned former industrial spaces into a melting pot for culture and art, encouraging the connection with the local community and the creation of a global network. In this perspective it is interesting to see how the artists investigate space, whether tangible or intangible, and how their research dialogues with cultural identity, between modernity and traditions, periphery and center, past and present.

Young artist Sanja Milenkovic was selected based on her artistic research on the human condition, the environment and nature. We believe her work can make a creative contribution to the local community and to Espronceda. It was intriguing to see her navigate between the cultures of Serbia, Milan and Paris, and her itinerant way of recounting the human condition through the aesthetics of beauty and imagination, without neglecting nature, which is often trampled and disfigured.

GLO'ART is a leading international art center, which offers young talented artists from around the world in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media, a chance to develop their career in the international art world. We ask the young artists to send us a portfolio, on which we base our decision to invite them for a free stay at our art center in Belgium, where they have the opportunity to present and produce their works: GLO'ART offers modern accommodation and all the equipment and materials needed to make the work of art, which will be presented to the public around mid By this date, the best artists will be selected by an international panel of experts and will have the chance to become our partners, supported by our marketing and sales department in building their career.

With her emotional and expressive way of painting, Eryka Jura convinced us that she has potential for the international art world. The Berengo Foundation was established in to become the world-renown institutional voice of the project that Adriano Berengo has carried on for thirty years: introducing the Murano glass art to the highest levels in the sphere of contemporary art by revitalizing, in an innovative way, the age-old glassmaking tradition of the Venetian island. With the aim of educating future generations of new glassmakers and glass professionals, the Berengo Foundation promotes art residencies and internships.

It is therefore with great pleasure that the Berengo Foundation has selected Fabio Tasso as the winner of a residency at its furnace. The young artist's studies in the interaction between bodies and shapes and in the dynamics of solids and voids are a perfect match with glass as a material and its plastic potentials. Supported by the expertise of the glass master craftsman, the artist will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the strengths and weaknesses of the material and continue his research on the rules of transparency.

Il nostro lavoro si caratterizza principalmente per la collaborazione con artisti e scultori nazionali ed internazionali, che necessitano di realizzare le loro opere originali in materiale povero, replicandole fedelmente in varie leghe di metallo, durevole nel tempo, come bronzo, ottone, alluminio, ghisa e acciaio inox. Salvadori Arte srl is a foundry that produces works of art using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. The company has been operating for about 50 years in Pistoia, Tuscany, a land with an ancient tradition of metalworking and the sculptural arts.

Its work is mainly characterized by the collaboration with national and international artists and sculptors, who want to make their original works in poor materials, replicating them in different durable metal alloys, such as bronze, brass, aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel. Salvadori Arte wishes to increase its potential customers, and for this reason it gladly participated as a partner of the Arte Laguna Prize, believing this an opportunity to introduce its services to a range of artists from around the world.

Paul Funcken was chosen as the winner, not only for the originality of his work, but also for the way he approached sculpture, that is, instead of starting from the classical modeling technique, he decided to create the work directly in wax, which has the advantage of greater freshness of the mold. Gli artisti in residenza vivono e lavorano insieme, scambiano idee e sperimentano l'atmosfera e la vita locale di Bodrum.

Abbiamo scelto Inge per il suo modo insolito di esplorare e interrogare un nuovo ambiente. Considerando la sua motivazione, le fotografie che ha prodotto in ambienti diversi sono molto interessanti. Le installazioni e le sculture di Cristina Rodrigues derivano invece da tradizioni differenti.

Come affermato dall'artista, "un'ispirazione locale diventa un significato universale": una frase forte. The Art Department is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing resources for the production of inspiring art projects and organizing educational programs. Its purpose is to develop a network of young artists by creating a friendly environment for their artistic production and supporting their projects both during and after the residency period.

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Artists-inresidence live and work together, exchange ideas and experience the location and the local life of Bodrum. Apart from that, the quality of the artworks presented in the application as well as the motivation of the artist is crucial for the selection. We chose Inge because of her unusual and interesting approaches and inquiries towards a new environment.

As mentioned in her statement, she is questioning what normality is or is considered in different places and societies. Considering her main motivation, the photographs that she produced in different environments are very interesting. We believe that to experience the local culture and environment in Bodrum for Inge would be a nourishing opportunity. The way she uses different materials to create her large-scale installations is quite extraordinary.

To discover the roots of Anatolian culture and the local culture in Bodrum we believe will also be an efficacious fact for her further projects. Il laboratorio di serigrafia artistica Fallani Venezia, spazio dedicato alla cultura e alla ricerca di Gruppofallani, viene fondato alla fine degli anni sessanta da Fiorenzo Fallani. Non sorprende quindi, che si sia scelto il lavoro di sapore fortemente fotografico di Van den Ouvendhoven, o la pittura materica di De Flers. The artistic screen printing studio Fallani Venezia, the space dedicated to culture and research of Gruppofallani, was founded in the late Sixties by Fiorenzo Fallani.

I n almost fifty years of activity, over two hundred artists from around the world have worked in this studio and made over a thousand different graphics. In recent years, besides carrying on the tradition of printing on behalf of artists, galleries and publishers, this space has opened up to a larger public, by offering different kinds of workshops, both for those approaching this printing technique for the first time, and for artists who want to explore the multiple possibilities it offers, paying special attention to young people, with opportunities designed especially for them.

This year the selection of artists has awarded a range of different styles and techniques of expression, focusing on the ones that seem to offer more stimuli and greater potential for experimentation with the screen printing technique. In this perspective, the selection focused on more exquisitely graphic works such as those by Montaner, but also to "wanderings" aimed at creating a complex artistic confrontation and to "challenge" artists that are not intentionally or consciously vocated to screen printing.

It is not surprising therefore that the strongly photographic work of Van den Ouvendhoven was chosen, together with the materic painting of De Flers. The selection of El Khouri, aka Potato Nose, a Lebanese artist of marked and clear street extraction, is a real challenge, since he will have to translate his art into completely different languages and formats. Selezionando gli artisti, Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister ha rivolto particolare attenzione a un linguaggio pittorico innovativo, alle tecniche insolite e a un collegamento consapevole alla storia dell'arte.

In questi ultimi 25 anni, Galeria Fernando Santos ha presentato opere e artisti provenienti dal Portogallo e dall'estero. La scelta di Galeria Fernando Santos, Sanja Milenkovic, rappresenta un ritorno alla pittura dal momento che alcuni avevano previsto la fine di questa forma artistica. The Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister was founded by art historian Isabelle Lesmeister at the end of as a contemporary art gallery in Regensburg, Germany, with the aim of promoting young emerging artists.

In a constantly growing art world, with a constantly growing number of artists, gallerists and art fairs, it is obviously very hard for a young artist to find his or her own unique way of artistic expression beyond the mainstream. The young Australian artist Hannah Camille can definitely be seen as one of these artists that developed their own recognizable technique and picture language.

Italian-Canadian Studies Bibliography

Selecting artists, Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister gives special emphasis to an innovative pictorial language, extraordinary techniques and a conscious link to art history. All three requirements are more than fulfilled with the selection of Hannah Camille. Over the last 25 years Galeria Fernando Santos has presented works and artists from Portugal and abroad. Its aims are to show — to the general public, collectors and institutions — the work of young and promising artists, promote established artists and their career on the national panorama and also seek for a honorable and dignified place for those same artists at an international level.

Galeria Fernando Santos represents, at the moment, about 40 artists like the Spanish artist Jorge Perianes, or the most well-known Portuguese artist Pedro Cabrita Reis. The choice of Galeria Fernando Santos, Sanja Milenkovic, represents a return to painting since the end of this art form was predicted. The works of the young Serbian artist caught the attention because of the tiny, almost ironic, figures; the antithesis between the large backgrounds and the detail of the foreground; but also the affirmation of a certain joie de vivre that unfortunately has been increasingly excluded from contemporary art.

Chelouche Gallery is one of the most prominent and leading galleries in Israel. Located in Tel Aviv, Chelouche Gallery maintains its primacy presenting a large variety of work, ranging from new media to video art, sculpture, painting, installation and photography. Since its opening in , Chelouche Gallery has been keeping its primacy in various fields of art. The gallery persistently collaborates with eminent curators and artists both in Israel and abroad, participates consistently in sought-after international exhibitions and biennales and showcases the works by Israeli artists in prestigious venues in the world.

The gallery selected artist Ching-Hui Chou for his unique poetic yet powerful way of looking at modern society and the outstanding execution of his projects, which puts him at the forefront of the contemporary art world. His photography projects involve a theatrical set with staged performing of modern civilization in a powerful way. La galleria collabora costantemente con curatori e artisti illustri, sia in Israele che all'estero, partecipa stabilmente ad ambite mostre e biennali internazionali ed espone gli artisti israeliani della Galleria in luoghi prestigiosi nel mondo.

La fondatrice della galleria, Oksana Salamatina, afferma: "Cerco sempre artisti che riesaminano i metodi tradizionali di fare esperienza dell'arte contemporanea. Credo che l'arte contemporanea sia prima di tutto una forma di esercizio concettuale, in cui impariamo a convivere con quello che non comprendiamo".

Gli artisti sono stati scelti in particolare per una caratteristica che tutti e tre hanno in comune: un fortissimo impatto espressivo. All these artists were selected for a feature they have in common: the powerfully expressive impact. They represent a cross-section of a multifaceted world of art, which reminds me of a statement made by Wassily Kandinsky: "Every work of art is the child of its age and, in many cases, the mother of our emotions. It follows that each period of culture produces an art of its own which can never be repeated".

The Salamatina Gallery presents artworks in all media by a diverse and talented group of international artists. From cutting edge pieces by emerging artists to those by established Contemporary figures, the gallery offers a broad range of aesthetics in a unique setting. In a society and a culture in which everything has a message and everything has a meaning and everything has a purpose, it is good to look at things that are obscure, that are directionless, that are useless, that are complicated.

Questi gettati al suolo, hanno formato una cascata di carta che fuoriesce in maniera pervasiva da una stampante. The winner is Evangelina Elizondo, whose work conveys an ecoethical and aesthetic value to trivial daily actions, carried out in common workplaces such as offices. The artist involved in her project a group of employees, inviting them to crumple printed sheets in a playful gesture.

Thrown to the ground, these sheets have formed a flooding cascade of paper that comes out of a printer. This performative act has unveiled the relationship between production, consumption and waste: Elizondo made visible the invisibility of our daily impacting gestures, in an age where the show of consumer goods is triumphant.

Her work makes us reflect on the need and urgency to promote the Reuse - Recycle - Reduce strategies. Even waste can give rise to an eco-ethical work of art, which provides an image for our future because, in the words of Karl Kraus, "art is what the world will become and not the world as it is". RIMA opera nel settore dei salotti da diversi anni, restando sempre al passo con la tecnologia sia per quanto riguarda la produzione di divani e letti imbottiti, progettando e producendo divani che dispongono di movimentazioni recliner o giocano con materiali diversi, come il ferro, conferendo al prodotto un tocco moderno e personalizzato che rimane comunque sempre fedele alla linea aziendale: un divano comodo da sedersi e bello da vedersi.

(PDF) Journal of Italian Translation Vol. XII, No. 2, Fall | Luigi Bonaffini -

I pattern di Philip Colbert con le icone pop contemporanee trasformano il papillon in un accessorio ironico ed irriverente entrando in un mondo ancora inesplorato, agli antipodi del classico papillon. Aiutiamo i clienti, grandi e piccoli, a guardare oltre i propri orizzonti progettando infrastrutture informatiche e sistemi applicativi scalabili per sostenerli al meglio e rendere il loro business efficiente e reattivo.

RIMA has been operating in the field of living room furniture for several years, constantly making use of state-of-the-art technology in the design and production of upholstered sofas and beds, which include reclining movements or play with different materials, such as iron, giving to the product a modern and personal touch and remaining faithful to the company line: a sofa that is comfortable to sit on and that is beautiful to behold.

Gara Poetica Sarda: Beppe Sotgiu e Mario Masala, cantano Tempus e Omine

By participating in the 11th Arte Laguna Prize, our goal was to discover the creativity of new projects especially destined to the field of communications. In the selection we focused more on the proposals dedicated to the advertising of our product, an advertisement that is not made through words or news, but by expressing emotions. The winning design provides suggestions that give a new vision to the customer. The project by Kemical Comunicazione will be included in the new catalogue, where every sofa or bed will be characterized by an image conveying an emotion.

Papillover is the brainchild of three young people who wanted to revolutionize the world of the bow tie, an emblem of elegance and formal style, and launch this accessory for casual-chic outfits, presenting it in many new shapes and original patterns to be worn daily and with every look. Philip Colbert's patterns, with their contemporary pop icons, turn the bow tie into an ironic and irreverent accessory entering an unexplored world, the antithesis of the classic bow tie.

The union of the artist's unique and unmistakable style with Papillover's skillful Neapolitan tailoring techniques gives life to a "limited edition" destined to impress on our imagination a new understanding of the bow tie, which becomes pop, cool, casual and without constraints. Papillover strongly believes in the contamination between the fashion world and the art world, and the artist's vocation to create wearable works of art is another strong point on which the brand has based its selection, with the aim of creating a solid foundation for a lasting collaboration.

Eurosystem: with companies, towards innovation. We are a computer consulting firm established 37 years ago in Treviso and active throughout Northern and Central Italy, with offices in Treviso, Bergamo, Bologna and recently Udine, thanks to the merging with Nordest Servizi. We help our customers, large and small, to look beyond their horizons, designing IT infrastructure and scalable application systems to support them at best and make them efficient and responsive.

His creative submission has reached the objective to connect art and technology in a relationship of mutual enhancement, highlighting on the one hand the ability of art to convey deeper meaning to technology, and on the other, the evolution of the potentials of artistic expression offered by technology itself.

Sanson, Helena

We like the idea of the constant presence of people who interact with works of art, as if they were creating a further intertwining between art, technology and people. In fact, behind every work, stands not only the artist, but also the user, who makes the work itself take shape and completes its meaning. Ogni ispirazione artistica, liberata su pregiati pellami, viene lavorata dalle migliori maestranze artigiane italiane, che completano e perfezionano ogni prodotto: il risultato sono oggetti preziosi ed emozionali, capaci di distinguersi in modo unico sul mercato.

I membri Blue, Gold e Platinum pagano una quota mensile o annuale di appartenenza a Biafarin, mentre i membri Basic gratuiti possono scegliere un metodo Pay-As-You-Go per i singoli servizi. The concept of art does not only blend with fashion, but it is its founding principle: this is the philosophy of Deglupta srl, an Italian firm that produces unique and non-reproducible leather accessories, created from paintings by artists.

Each artistic inspiration, reversed on fine leather, is processed by the best Italian craftsmen, who finish and perfect every product: the result is precious and emotional objects that stand out uniquely on the market. Maintaining a solid relationship with the art world, as well as with the world of the authentic Made in Italy craftsmanship, is the fundamental will of the company, which never ceases to look for new talents to valorize, and with whom to promote its collections: this is why Deglupta chose as the artist Aaliyah Navras, whose style is a feast for the eyes and transmits vibrant emotions, the same felt by every person who buys his bags, to add an original touch to their style.

Dedication to work, attention to detail, and passionate pursuit of quality: this is what makes the brand Deglupta an authentic creator of beauty, which adds value not only to the world of fashion, but also to the artistic and cultural heritage. Biafarin Inc is a Canadian Artist Management company with an online portal and an international network of artists, art buyers and art businesses. Biafarin Portal is an online self-service marketing tool assisting artists and art businesses to manage and improve their business transactions efficiently and receive competitive exposures and results in the market.

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Blue, Gold and Platinum members pay monthly or annual membership fee in Biafarin and Basic free members choose a Pay-AsYou-Go method paying only when they order a service. We were fascinated by the high standard and diversity of the submitted works. It was a difficult decision process and many wonderful artworks had to be excluded due to the number of the awards.

Creativity, originality, artistic excellence and concept had been the main elements for choosing the winners for Biafarin Awards from the artists shortlisted by Arte Laguna Jury. Art Nova , launched in , is a high-end platform that discovers and promotes young artists, who participate in the activities of Art Nova exhibitions and forums both in China and abroad, as well as a multichannel artist promotion program.

Art Nova continues to cultivate a diverse community and a set of resources for artists, curators, academics, and collectors, while providing a means to help young artists on the path to achieving their dreams. Seven portraits , Mercato del Sale, Milan, Italy. W ritten texts and sound , Galleria Milano, Milan, Italy. Selected group exhibitions. Waterfront , Palazzo Costanzi, Trieste, Italy.

ArteFiera Book in the Box , Mantova, Italy.

Piccolissimi, anzi grandissimi , Biblioteca Braidense, Milan, Italy. Alfabeti della mente , P, Bologna, Italy. Invenzione in forma di collage , Il triangolo nero, Alessandria, Italy. Venezia Salva, Corrispondenza fra arte e letteratura , Museion, Bolzano, Italy. Il colore del domani , Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy. Quasi Pagine. Primo amore. La passione di un collezionista. Tuttolibri , Galleria Milano, Milan, Italy.

Oltre la parola , Garbagnate Milanese, Italy. Dedicate 2 , Cavenaghi Arte, Milan, Italy. Omaggi e confonti, incisioni , Galleria Pangeart, Bellinzona, Switzerland. Un cuscino per sognare , Kultfabrik, Munich, Germany. Poesia totale , S. Parole, parole parole , Percorso Vita, Bologna, Italy. Preziose carte. Senza Titolo , Spaziotemporaneo, Milan, Italy. S cripturae , Galleria Civica, Padova, Italy. Mail Art. Sindoni , Spaziotemporaneo, Milan, Italy.

Un milione! Rastatt Revolution in der Box. Muster in wort und bild , Kunsthaus Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany. Opera e comportamento , La Salerniana, Erice, Italy. Post Scriptum. Poesia Totale dal colpo di dadi alla poesia visuale , Palazzo della Ragione, Mantova, Italy.

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Poesia visualizzata e arte critica , La Calusca, Turin, Italy. The primary languages of Calabria are the standard Italian language as well as regional varieties of the Neapolitan and Sicilian languages , all collectively known as Calabrian Italian: calabrese. Calabrian it: Calabrese refers to the Romance varieties spoken in Calabria , Italy. The varieties of Calabria are part of a strong dialect continuum that are generally recognizable as Calabrian, but that are usually divided into two different language groups:.

The linguistic division roughly corresponds with the historic administrative division already in place since medieval times: Calabria Citeriore or Latin Calabria and Calabria Ulteriore or Greek Calabria. This is a broad generalization and many communities in the more central parts of the region exhibit features of both language groups. The dialects of Calabria have been extensively studied, catalogued and commented upon by German philologist Gerhard Rohlfs.

From the mids to the mids, he traveled the region extensively and assembled a very extensive, multi-volume dictionary. The term Sicilian-Calabrian is also used to distinguish the group from the Northern Calabrian group. It comprises Central Calabrian and Southern Calabrian. The primary roots of the dialects is Latin. As a result, French , and Spanish have left a strong imprint. French and Norman vocabulary entered the region via the kingdoms of the Normans and the Angevins in Calabria.

Other words derived from Spanish , Catalan , and Occitan :. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Essi sono dotati di ragione e di coscienza e devono agire gli uni verso gli altri in spirito di fratellanza.