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Here are the steps he describes for absolute surrender:. The sun, moon, stars, flowers, trees—all is surrendered to God.

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When God clothes the lily with its beauty, is it not yielded up, surrendered, given over to God as He works in it its beauty? I love this!

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It is God who works in us and accomplishes the surrender for us. God wonderfully accepts our surrender when we give him our lives completely. You may not feel it, you may not realize it, but God takes possession if you will trust Him. Come to him as you are, and he will accept you.

Oh, that may find rest for our souls when we give him ourselves completely! I believe the reason God wants us completely, absolutely surrendered to him is so that he can bless us with all the promises he has for us—promises of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control Galatians So, I encourage you today to stop being a committed Christian and start being a surrendered Christian. Ask God to show you what that means and how to walk it out. Kathryn Kos of Primal Musings is a mama of two boys, and two fur babies.

She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and a writer. Kathryn is the Content Manager for Dr. She has recently shifted her gears, into the realm of personal development, relationships, and sexuality in both her speaking and writing. In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys CrossFit, hiking, yoga, and bass fishing with her boys. It means the battle is over. We have lost. The war in our mind. The war of fear. The war of control.

We try to control everything in our life. Stop trying so hard. Believe you already have what you desire or that it will come easily.

To Live Free of Fear, Surrender to God

Give space for the universe to make it happen for you. This is where the art of surrender comes into play! It means you trust. You trust in yourself and you trust in the world. This sends out the energy that you are ready to receive. Surrendering allows space for personal reflection as well. Surrendering can help clear up conflict in our relationships.

Surrender without blaming. Surrender without judging. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

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These days, letting go of control often means being OK with the disaster area that is my house. On any given day, you'll find crumb-laden floors, finger-smudged mirrors, dirty toilets and all the mismatched socks lying all over the house. To give you a bit of perspective, I was the type to dot the bottom of my socks with different nail polish colors so I could more easily find the pairs.

Decades later, with a husband and three kids in the mix, you might say I've thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Dozens of mismatched socks lurk on the floors, under couches and beds—or wherever they all end up. The pursuit of keeping socks perfectly matched had to end.

I chose to surrender to sanity. When I first began to entertain the idea of a life surrendered to God, I thought it would be the end of Katie. My social life would cease along with any semblance of fun. It wasn't that I thought God was a mean and spiteful killjoy; I just didn't think He really knew and understood who I was, what I loved and all I aspired to be.

In my mind, He was distant and indifferent. Surrender to Him would be an inconvenient interruption—a permanent detour from my personal plans. In the Christian schools I attended growing up, we had weekly chapel. Beyond the typical messages of abstinence, sobriety and being a light for Jesus, they often challenged us to give our life over to Jesus. This wasn't salvation-talk. It was a surrender-talk: Give up your plans.

Join the mission field. Forsake earthly pleasures and store up treasures in heaven. These words terrified me, as I began to imagine the disappointed eyes of the six-foot mural-face of Jesus and His condemning, pointing finger on the youth-room wall. I knew it was what I should do.

Surrender was the right answer. But deep down I believed that if I truly surrendered to God I would have to do whatever He told me to do. I was certain that if I did surrender, I would wind up living in a teeny tiny African hut, married to an ugly, boring missionary man. Yet this notion of surrender stuck with me.

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Deep down, I knew that the Christian faith couldn't just be about the do's and the don'ts. Why would someone surrender all they have to follow Jesus to hot and dusty Africa—just to follow more rules? The life of duty and deprivation couldn't be what all the fuss is about, could it? There was lingering emptiness in my life.

How to Surrender Your Fear of Losing Control

A thirst for more. Every once in a while, I caught a small glimpse of who God really is and the satisfaction and joy that I might experience through a life lived in relationship with Him. Yet the predominant portrait of God that was being painted by those around me was a distant, strict God who was watching me like a hawk, waiting for me to step out of line so He can catch me in the act.

I was afraid of God and ashamed of my imperfection. The image of the count the cost, compassionless Jesus sent me hiding in the shadows. Though I am grateful for the Christian education I received, and all the dedicated church youth-workers who put up with me through those awkward teen years, there was something massive missing in my understanding of who God is and His heart for me. Maybe that teaching was there all along and I was too immature and distracted to see it, but I had not been pointed to see God for who He really is: compassionate, personal, loving, faithful, mighty and more.

And I didn't understand the transformation that had occurred years earlier when I entered into a relationship with God through the sacrifice of Christ.