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How did the death occur? Was it sudden as in an accident? Was it caused by an illness gradually leading to the expiration of the physical? We will get into that a little later. Not all beings have the same experience, but a typical one that occurs after the spirit leaves the body is that one passes through a tunnel and observes a light at its end. Most of those who have had near death experiences also pass through the tunnel. It is but an entranceway into the next dimension of light on the other side.

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Even the details of passing through the tunnel vary from one spirit to the next. Their experiences may vary regarding the sounds and colors, whether they go through alone or with others, and what they experience when coming into the light. There are many factors that determine what a spirit will experience after reaching the other side.

The Other Side of Death

Those who have had a long illness and have suffered physically may go into a period of a spiritual sleep state. This may occur before they are welcomed home by their friends and relatives who passed before them, but some will enter into this state after they are greeted.

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The spirit is often exhausted after a long suffering illness and a sleep or rest period is necessary for the spirit to recover. Various ascended masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or light beings and angels often initially greet those who have a deep faith. Following that greeting they may be introduced to those who have passed on earlier and have come to greet them.

Many see a bright light

They are loved ones, family, friends, and even those known in past lives who have come to welcome them home. A person who has died suddenly and instantly, such as in a car crash, a plane crash, or in an explosion, are often confused and may not aware that they are physically dead. Some of these beings do not initially go to the other side but stay for a while in the astral plane between the physical and spiritual planes. Following is a story of such an individual with whom I had a personal experience.

I will use only his first name here. I was hired to organize, staff and equip the branch as a service organization for the entire staff. A wonderful man named Van hired me to serve in this position. As time passed and the Institute evolved and changed, Van was moved into a position that required a lot of travel.

I had a private enclosed office and during my hour-long lunch period I would often close the door, quiet myself, relax, slip into the alpha state and tune in to the spirit realm. In those times I received many messages on various subjects from various spirits and documented what came through. It was also a good way to deal with the stresses of the corporate world.

One day as I quieted my mind I heard a mental voice I recognized as Van, but Van had recently been killed in a head-on collision while on a trip to the DC area. Though his voice was in my mind I recognized his so called voiceprint. His spirit had not yet gone into the light and he was not aware of his physical death. So, he came back to his work place as he always did, but he could not get a response from anyone because they obviously could not see him in his spirit form.

You died instantly and you are now in your spirit body. No one will talk to you because they cannot see or hear you. However, I can hear you because I have been blessed whereby I can communicate with the spirit dimension. Van, listen carefully -- look up and you will see a bright white light. When you see it, will yourself to go towards and into that light. This time he was much calmer. I am fine now with my life here on this side.

As you have helped me, so will I help you one day.

Life After Death: The Other Side - Dolores Cannon

He was also a pilot so we had much in common. We saw each other from time to time while judging sport parachute competitions. During weather delays we often had lengthy conversations and got to know one another very well. There were several team members and crew on board and all were killed instantly. He came through to me a short time after the crash and he seemed disturbed about dying so young.

He really wanted to come back because he felt his life here had been cut so short. I connected with him a couple more times after that and then I quit hearing from him for a while.

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Finally he came through again and explained what he experienced subsequent to entering the spirit plane. Here is his story. I shall try to describe in physical terms so you may understand. When I awoke from a spiritual sleep after first crossing over He was sitting beside me. He was the most beautiful person or entity I had ever seen and I knew Him for I had seen him before.

I wondered how I could have forgotten Him so much on the Earth plane. He was no stranger to me. Then He called to one named Daron who came and also sat beside me. All I wanted to do was go back. I had been called so quickly that I just was not ready and you know what happened.

Identical Experiences for Everyone

The next thing he knew, he was back in the spirit plane because his potential mother had an abortion. That made him realize he had been given a great lesson. He was loved while in the physical and dearly loved when he entered the spirit plane, but now he was rejected and back to the spirit plane because he was not loved. This experience brought him to the realization that he must study and prepare himself if he still wanted to return later.

He was my friend and He always had been. Oh, when I think of all the times I betrayed Him and hurt Him. Well, He called to Daron again and Daron became my first tutor. He taught me all the things I needed to know; you know, the basic things. Then I started going to hear the Master teach in the temple. He is so wonderful. He shines brighter than any light known to man. He wears a white robe, but not the same white you have.

Most people experience peacefulness

His hair is shorter than most pictures of Him. If life after death is assured, what do we do after our soul leaves a physical body before it reincarnates to live another life on Earth? My subjects have described a state of being where the soul is taught lessons by great masters and has access to all the information it needs to learn and grow. These schools of knowledge exist on the astral plane, which may resemble the physical plane of Earth, but is far more evolved and refined. You may see incredibly beautiful buildings, landscapes and greenery — all bathed in energy and colors that are more pure and vibrant than any on Earth — what you might call Paradise.

When experiencing life after death , Paradise could be thought of as the higher astral planes of Earth, where souls go to study and learn about their physical experiences. The concept of Heaven is abstract and difficult to describe in terms humans on the physical plane can understand. It refers to the higher planes where everything is energy. Souls that are learning about their lives on Earth go to Paradise to study life after death.

"I Went To The Other Side!" A Near Death Experience! (True Story!)

When souls finally learn all the life lessons required they no longer need to reincarnate on Earth and can merge with the pure energy of the Creator in Heaven — the ultimate goal. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. United States United Kingdom Spain. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.

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