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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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As someone pointed out earlier, Yehosua is not an unusual name. Still it is interesting and something I will look into. I can certainly see his sons reluctance to believe it. I note that many Christians have posted here. It means annointed one, and in this case a very special annointed one. He would be bringing Jews to repentance as well as a leader of those who were allready living a Godly life. The same as Jesus was when he walked the earth.

His mission was to bring back the lost sheep of the house of Israel, free Israel from they tyrany of Rome, and ultimately bring in righeousness and genuine peace and Holiness and health to all mankind. He would be a Messiah and what Rome murdered him for a King. He will bring about the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Kingdom of God, here- on earth. I think It is as difficult for Christians to understand the role of the Messiah in Judaism as it is for Torah observant Jews to consider the possibility that when the Messiah comes, it could actually be Yeshua, the real Yeshua.

The original followers were an accepted part of the Jewish community. But that was years ago, 2 millenia of many of his supposed followers distorting him and his message and persecuting his people so that Jesus was synonomous with those who hated Jews. Since Jesus did not come down from the cross and wipe out the Romans, they completely dismissed him as Messiah. It was only those who saw him defeat the biggest enemy of all—death—who first believed. When Jesus comes again in glory, all will understand.

For now, he is revealed only to those whom the Father chooses—and perhaps one of those individuals was Rabbi Kaduri. Surely, it is all a great mystery—but a fascinating mystery. To both Browndog and Roadturn. Much is correct in what you both have been taught, sought out, and stated here. One note regarding the meaning of Christos the Greek and Mashiach Yehudim.

One caveat here. If you also read Yeshaya 7, and 53, Tehillim 22, and other scriptural locations, there is no doubt that the Man referred to, is Yeshuah, the Nazarit and of Bet-lechem house of bread and peace. As I stated above, using my copy of the Stone Edition and the Jewish Publication Society edition of the Tanach, the most widely used definition, as used by the Jewish writers, means only one thing — Saviour, not the Anointed.

Hebrew has many a nuance to its language. The members of the Council of Nicea, fought with each other for eight years trying to figure out the deity of ha-Mashiach. With those declarations, it can only be said of Yeshuah, that His claim of messiahship means that He and He alone is G-d Almighty — Elyon. In three locations, Mashiach states, if you want life eternal , Mattityahu He is quite mistaken. Best example is Saul of Tarsus.

He was a true believer in the TaNaCH and the Torah; yet, he persecuted those of the Way, until Yeshuah stopped him on the Kings Highway the road to Damascus ; not a good example — okay. They went to war with the Muslim and as a side note, slaughtered many Yehudim at the behest of the Church of Rome and the Pope. Still not convinced? They turned in a lot of Jews for the showers and the ovens — few still deny ha-Shoa Holocaust to this day — and, until they smelled and felt the greasy ash, they still denied any wrong doing. I need not go any further. To deny that they were true Christians is ignorance.

They all believed they were doing the right thing, following ha-Mashiach, denying that He was a Jew Himself. YET, when all was said and done, the majority of the latter Christians will deny they have done anything wrong. It was THE sign of the time. My summary: 1. He too, is ha-Mashiach, the Saviour.

He asked us to obey the commandments Mat. They were never abrogated by His Crucifiction and resurrection, except for those laws pertaining to the sacrifices of animals. In the writings of Saul of Tarsus, can be found the intent to say that the entire Torah was fulfilled, as is taught by the Christian community as a whole. Yeshuah stated that none of the Torah would be done away with until the Earth and the heavens were done away with. Another couple of tidbits for discussion — only the writings of Saul, Marcus and Lucas, were written originally in Greek.

The others spoke and wrote in the language of Samaria.

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They spoke in tongues true tongues when in countries of a foreign tongue through ha-Ruach. If that were not true, then he would have been mentioned in the Hitgaluyot as such. If he was not anathema, why was there no mention of him at all, let alone as an apostle in the Hitgaluyot? The last tidbit — Yeshuah did not establish a new religion, nor what is called Christianity. Nowhere in any of the words of the Brit Chadashah, did Yeshuah say I give you a new religion. A new law, yes. Christianity as we know it was established by Saul as Paul and his followers. If true believers were to follow the words of Yeshuah, they would take on the faith of our Fathers, Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov, as given by Adonai at Sinai to Moishe, followed and ordered by Yeshuah ha-Mashiach.

As it stands now, the so-called Christians should be called Paulinists and their faith, Paulianity. One last note, yes, to an extent, we will be protected by HaShem during the Tribulation.

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We, too, will live through the Tribulation. Many believe in Pre-Trib Rapture. A fairy tale sold as pie in the sky deliverance. If you follow this admonition, then you must agree with Hitgaluyot In these two verses lies the answer to the question of when is the translation not Rapture. As for me and my house, we will follow Adonai. I follow the Torah as best I can; and, as He requested. When and where I fail, I know that He will forgive my sin. All I have to do is confess that sin in a sincere prayer of repentance.

The followers of Jesus, those that knew him best, were Jews. There was nothing he said or did that went against Judaism. His followers were practicing Jews, plain and simple. It is even possible that a majority of Israel saw him as their King. But he was never viewed as a divine figure by those who knew him best.

Even his resurrection would not be considered evidence of him being God. Judaism was always universal, in that gentiles could be Righteous God Fearers awithout full conversion. They needed to follow the covenent God made with Noah. If they wanted they could become full Jews.

They were fully accepted as Nazarines , etc, without having to convert. Even though they were believers, this did not close the door to some of them still following the Torah and becoming full Jews if they so desired. Paul combined mystery religions of a divine saviour christ who descends and is sacrificed, along with the gnostic idea of someone bringing a secret message into this world of darkness, an Judiasm. You obviously have not read the New Testament which equates the two.

They are one and the same titles in two different languages. Roadturn, I disagree with your premise about not having to convert completely. In the Torah, is states that if the foreigner choses to live among us, he must follow the Torah to the last stroke. It does not use the word stroke; but, I am sorry, I cannot quote it directly.

Blessings, Micah. In accordance with the Torah, I think in Devarim, if a foreigner choses to live amongst us, then he too, must obey the tenants of Judaism. Shalom, Micah. That sounds like fence-sitting to me. Please quote. Only one thing I claim: That I seek Wisdom. There is a detail that the paganised jews who are following doctrines invented by the catholic church and the jew hater martin luther are overlooking. Rabbi Kaduri never said the actual name jesus haysus in spanish and the horse in Hebrew. Actually I would not be suprised since the meassiah as formulated by the sages is the embodiment of Israel and his job is to redeem them,not cause them more suffering as the almost year persecution and murder that his followers brought upon the Jewish people.

IF the verses in isaiah 53 refer to the messiah they actually prove the opposite of what tyhe christians claim and mabe thats why rabbi Kaduri focused on those verses. If the verses do not fit jesus and they are about the messiah they actually prove he is not the messiah. I know his diisciples if you are a christian and want to brelieve invent an answer.

Israel despite millenia of persecution murder and martydom sttill live and still see their children learning torah and following in the paths of torah. It is interesting that after identifiyiong je-zeus with the greek name it is suddenly the fashion to call him yeshua or yehoshua Perhaps that is to get them used to the fact that the real; meassiah will be a religious Jew who keeps G-ds commandments and will bring about the long awaited yeshua salvtion one more thing.

I have a friend whos oldest sons name is yeshua and he middle ones name is eliyahu elijah. Zaidyavi, you certainly have some interesting insights. I think it might be helpful to some to make clear the context or a bit of it at least of Messiah, Salvation, etc -as it has been understood by Jews. This would include things that Jesus and his disciples believed and practiced. Well, if they believe that, then they have an obvious problem, for their beliefs go against the beliefs of the one they believe in. That being said, the concept of all men being damned to the eternal torture of God in hell is foreign to Judaism.

An individual saviour to die for mens sins so that they can escape hellfire is besides being a bizzare belief and making God far worse than hitler not needed. Whatever happens in the afterlife, magically going to heaven for believing the right thing or hell for making a mistake is simply not part of Torah, or Judiasm. We dont need a saviour to be tortured for us.

We all will face God one day, and though at times there are indications of vicarious suffering, there is no need for God to have the Romans Cruelly crucify a man to save others. Salvation in the fundemantalist Christian sense is not a reality. Salvation and eternal hell fire is not part of Torah, or reality. Salvation to the Jew can mean a lot of things. But when it comes to the Messiah it means salvation of Israel and ultimately the nations.

The world would be ultimately saved from evil leaders, evil nations, and there would be an end to war. Repentance and wholeness and health and genuine peace and righeousness would prevail. That is salvation. As far as individual soles being saved — there has never been a need for a crucified saviour to save gentiles. God made a covenant with all nations and peoples and the door has always been open. Was the real Jesus or Yeshua who walked on the earth years ago annointed of God to bring about repentence, etc.

When the Messiah comes, will it be him? For a gentile to believe he is God- well I think that can lead to a valid love of God , and God would accept it. When a Jew has that belief he is making a big mistake. At the same time, many people have turned their lives around thru a misguided faith. I think Jews, especially those who love God, to be able to understand the real Jesus who was a Torah obvservant Jew, and guide these people with understanding so that they stop believing falsehood and unintentionally practicing idolitry.

There is no man between man and God. The true Christians have never persecuted the Jewish people for we clearly understand the Scriptures that the Messaiah would be offering Himself tss a sacrifice for humanity, and the Prophet Daniel had written that He would be cut down by the Gentiles, in this case the Romans, not the Jews. Anyone who blames the Jews lacks understanding for the Apostle Paul clearly repeated what Jesus had said, that salvation came through the Jews. There are many sects that have deviated from the truth,. The evil-one was very cunning in watering down Christianity by causing the Romans to absorb the Christianity after the evil-one saw that persecuting the true Christians was not destroying Christianity, but rather spreading the Truth much faster.

It was a clever ploy, but the true Christian remmant did not fall for the ploy, and continued with the truth to this day. Jesus said that the door that leads to salvation is very narrow and few enter through it. He also said that He had another flock, besides the Jews, and that one day they He would bring them to Himself as one flock. Beware brethern, do not aceept any other Messaiah that is going say that they he is Him.

He was very clear to Adam and Eve that they would surely die that day if they took of the only tree that He forbid them to take from. They received their punnishment when they disobeyed and He did not allow them to take any more fruits from the tree of life—so they died a physical death before one thousand years passed from the moment that they ate of the forbidden fruit.

God did forgive them by shedding the blood of innocent lambs and osed the skins to clothe them.

A self-proclaimed Messiah in Brazil casts his net for disciples on social media.

So man fell and lost his right to this plannet; the evil-one. The Passover had shedding of innocent blood to protect the Isrealites from death, and is a symbol of the Messiah shedding His Blood to protect those who by faith accept the Messiah and thus be justified from eternal death and thus be saved. The Jewish Messiah already came and and suffered just like Issiah 53 said that He would suffer. The innocent Lamb of God shed His blood and now death just passes over us and cannot touch the soul, just the flesh. We are justified by Grace if we accept His free gift, and repent from our sinfull life, and are Baptised in the name of Jesus Acts or Yeshua, just like Peter answered in Acts Let me tell you a story: When the evil-one rebelled in Heaven, he must have poisoned the minds of the angels that were under his command a third of angels in heaven, billions of them with the common lie that God did not love them, because God was denying them.

This tactic is clearly illustrated when Absalom used it against his father King David. Absalom won the hearts of many people by lying to them that King David was denying them justice; and he granted them their wishes, just to win over their hearts. Now back to Heaven, the evil-one successfully injected doubt in the hearts of many of the citizens of Heaven, that God really did not love them and that God was not really who He said He was— the Creator of All.

He dwelt among them as the Angel of the Lord, and this made it easier for the evil-one to confuse and lie about who the Angel of the Lord was, and thus also make himself think that he could also take over the Kingdom of Heaven, and be even greater than God Himself. Obviously the evil-one found out who God really was when he lost after the mutiny, and was cast into the dark physical universe where the Earth is located along with a third of his followers. But here is the problem: God cannot die, even as the Angel of the Lord Jesus before being born in the flesh , for He is eternal.

If God Almighty were to be born as a human, He could die a physical death, and yet His spirit would continue to be eternal. If He died and suffered for ALL creation, as a small simple human, would there be any doubt that His love is genuine? By now the evil-one was already working on destroying the smallest created beings in the Garden of Eden. He limited Himself to a human body, but He is the essence of Almighty God, or full Deity in an earthly vessel.

He is no coward! I want to tell you there are several things that the New Testament Jesus did that went against Judaism. To begin with, he touched a leper which is forbidden by Torah. The coming of the Messiah is an interesting issue to which many prophecies are connected. Below, we are going to examine this area, that is, the prophecies connected with the coming of the Messiah. The purpose is to go through especially what has been told in the Scriptures — the Books of Moses, psalms and prophets — about the coming of the Messiah, the point of time of His coming, His life, His origins and whether or not these prophecies have already been fulfilled.

In other words, the purpose is to find out how these things actually came true. However, we will not only be restricted to the writings of the Bible, but also use old commentaries of the rabbis Midrash, Targum, Zohar, Talmud, etc. What is surprising is that from these old sources — especially from the oldest — can be found a powerful expectation of the Messiah and a description of His supernatural characteristics, presented in a way which very much resembles the message of the New Testament.

An example of this expectation of the Messiah is what Talmud has said on the following lines. They indicate that prophets prophesied only for the days of the Messiah:.

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  • For example: If a leper slips on a mountain trail and you see that he needs help right away, would you let him fall just because the Law says to not touch a leper? Clearly the greater good would be for you to save him. If an unknown woman falls into a lake and is drowning and you are nearby to assist, would you let her drown just because you cannot touch a woman who is not your wife?

    Clearly the greater good would be to jump in and save her. If an evil murderer came to you and demanded that you tell him where he can find Mr. X so that he can kill him, would you tell him where to go look for him, or in other words, would you tell him the truth just because the Law demands that you say the truth? Clearly the greater good would be to deceive the murderer and lead him away from Mr. X ; this in order to save his life. He broke the law but He kept the spirit of the law with a greater good, and God did not punish him. The same can be said of Jesus! Whenever He touched a leper or a woman, He did it for a greater good, to heal them or to save them.

    Men had added so many more burdensome rules beyond what God had commanded. Healing a man on the Sabbath was now wrong? The religious leaders were actually imposing more than God intended — they were not keeping the intent of the Law —they were adding a burden upon the people. Currently the laws of this country the USA , have also gone beyond what the founding fathers intended for America. We are also losing our way! If the founding fathers were to appear in the present, they would also not keep these twisted laws which are not the original intent of their written constitution.

    They would say that we have also lost the intent of what they intended for this nation. Now regarding the taking of the donkey: There are multiple explanations about why this was not a theft. Let me give you two of them. First, there is a possibility that Jesus had a prior arrangement with the owner of the donkey, and He knew that He could use it when ever he needed it.

    And if any man ask you, Why do ye loose him? And as they were loosing the colt, the owners thereof said unto them, Why loose ye the colt? And they said, The Lord hath need of him. Another possibility is an unwritten rule, that when a person of authority or a Rabbi requested to borrow an animal, that the right thing to do was to loan it out, knowing that it would be returned and the owner would be justly compensated.

    This can happen even in modern times. Shalom Violaine, I see your point of view. So Kidduri could have been one of the prophets. Also, please note that the Greek language is as complex as Ancoent Hebrew. Hence, you can not, in no possible comprehensible way, translate te scriptures into English. You not only need the words which are among the hardest , but you also need the mindset.

    His name is Yahoshua like Rabbi Kaduri wrote. Did he preach Jesus of Nazareth as the Apostle Paul did? And what in the scriptures says that a former President of Israel must die before the Messiah is revealed …. Jesus says that no one knows the time of his return … and which return is is Kaduri supposedly refering to? Kaduri gave no evidence of being converted as Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimithea were they publicly took Jesus of Nazareth down off the cross , or as Rabbi Saul Apostle Paul was.

    Kaduri was not a believer and thus there is no reason to believe anything he says concerning who the Messiah will be. It is more important to know who the Messiah WAS and to experience a true, full gospel conversion. Otherwise, it is the Lake of Fire one has only to look forward to. Yeah Israel will be revisited so that Rev 11 can come to pass. This is because in the first visitation they were blinded to give the gentiles a chance to worship and be saved.

    Did not recognize Him and ended up killing Him but these are His people He cannot forsake them. Going by the old Testament prophesies it is undeniable that Jesus met all of it, check both in scripture and history. A visitation of days which is the 2nd part of the last week prophesied by Daniel the prophet.

    Commonsense AND the halachot of lashon hara dictate that one should give the benefit of the doubt for even an average Jew and not assume negative stories about our fellow Jew are true. Even more so for an undisputed tzadik such as Rav Kaduri! What I understand is that in their foundation the christian and jewish religion are the same. Jesus came to spread in a pagan and barbaric world easier teachings.

    What is the problem if he comes back? The reunion of all the religions. That would really mean that the days of the messiah are coming. When Jesus comes the next time, it will be an invisible return and HE will not step on Earth. He is NOT coming to unite all relegions! Foolishly, many will believe his lies that a new era of peace on Earth has arrived , when in fact, the worse wars, persecutions, and natural calamities will occur.

    The only way to escape this near future, is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ, God Almighty encarnate, be baptised by sumersion, recieve the Holy Spirit with evidence of good fruits and wonders to be a witness to others and also guide them to salvation by the grace of God. Abraham was told he would have a son, and that his heirs would be a numerous as the sand.

    Abraham waited. Sarah was already past child bearing and yet was impatient and brought her servant woman Hagai in to sleep with Abraham. A son was born, but not the son GOD had intended. When Sarah was pregnant, dou you suppose there was any doubt whether the child would be a boy or a girl?

    Avant le retour de Yeshoua Hamashiah. I find your comments fascinating browndog. We need to understand that Jewish people today are following opinions that were given from generation to generation but that dosent mean that its true tp what they have been taught.. I find it hard to believe that when Jews say that all prophecies werent completed… it means that He wasnt the messiah but the torah states that the Jewish Messiah will have to arrive before the temple is destroyed… I personally just think that people are following the torah but also denying parts of it just to suit their opinions…..

    I personally say that for the answer one must pray.. Jesus is NOT Yahushua and this is a serious problem. Do not be deceived. Big difference simply email me and ask for more Blessings. A partial reply follows:. Perhaps whie I prepare a few things for you, I should take you on an interesting tangent, whereby I ask, would you be so kind as to look up the true meanings of -anti -christ- for yourself. He has promised to explain his positions further, so that we can launch the discussion as a separate yet certainly related topic to that of Rabbi Kaduri and Ariel Sharon.

    If the Christ annointed one is not the Messiah promised one , how are the two different and how can each be recognized? Sorry friend. Yes, of course you are correct Micah. Neither Paul nor any of the Apostles in the New Testament writings taught against the Torah teachings of good works and deeds. Jesus taught that the spirit of the Law was love of God, neighbor and that by loving all Law was obeyed.

    I want to invite you all to read it and then come back to this great site to continue the great dialog about Yeshua, Jesus. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

    For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together. Matthew And he said unto the disciples, The days will come, when ye shall desire to see one of the days of the Son of man, and ye shall not see it. And they shall say to you, See here; or, see there: go not after them, nor follow them. For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day.

    But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation. Luke Actually, more than two, Messiah means Annointed and there are many annointed Aaron being the first. According to Rabbinical tradition, Messiah ben Yosef comes first to prepare the way for Messiah ben David. Here we see Messiah Yehoshua, but Jewish tradition differs as the Jews believe that Messiah ben Yosef comes immediately prior to Messiah ben David not seperated by thousands of years , and they also believe that Messiah ben Yosef comes from the Tribe of Ephraim, not the Tribe of Judah. Christians believe that Yehoshua is both Messiah ben Yosef who shall return as Messiah ben David, whereas the Jews believe that two annointed Individuals fulfil the two roles.

    May He come soon. That idea seems rather thinly patched together from apocryphical sources, Dafydd. There was a precursor to Messiah — John the Baptist. Will there be another precursor to his return — a Messiah ben Yosef? Stranger things have happened, I guess, but I would need to see the idea backed up by canonical sources.

    Let us continue to pray for the Jewish people, that the veil that covers their eyes be lifted, so that they may escape be Raptured with the Church from the coming troubled times. And we will see more and more of these perverted twisted interpretations of the Word of God. This is what is coming soon: First the rapture or harpazo of the true believers who followed the scriptures and were submerged in Baptismal waters in the name of the Lord JESUS Christ, received the Holy Spirit with evidence of signs that followed in their lives, and are living a holy life, as humanly possible.

    Oh how terrible it will be, for he will betray them to the point of almost exterminating them— times worse than Hitler. My hope is that we all read the scriptures and and go back to the teachings and examples of the 1st Century Church, before the scripture or interpretation of them got watered-down by the evil one and his followers.

    Seek God, and be ready or else suffer the consecuences of our own actions. The Jewish Messaih is coming for sure, and for sure his name is Jesus. One day other Jewish remnant will know that. Praise the Lord! My Messiah revealed in I met a person, but after for Israel does not make sense. My God is righteous, but please trembling of his mercy. Rabbi Kaduri was afraid of coming and so it remains a great mystery, how can this happen? However, what is not possible between people may be obvious to the Supreme … Shawl Shalom Yerushalayim. Romans 11 — If the tribulation is 7 half years.

    Jesus is the savior,Amen. What I read above in the main article is that Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri said that the Messiah would appear after the death of Ariel Sharon; but, he did not specify how long after, the Messiah would happen. As a pre-tribulationist I believe that the Bible clearly says that Jesus will come first to snatch His Church, in a twinkle of an eye very fast , and that He would meet the Church in the clouds — therefore no one else other than the Church and the angels will see Him.

    Then the seven years of tribulations occur here on Earth, while at the same time the Groom and the Bride Jesus and the Church are having the wedding supper, or feast of celebration, up in heaven. Brother Don Sturgill, Thank you for this forum that you provide. I have seen multiple comments in a different language Yedish?

    Yes, this is a fascinating discussion. I love the different perspectives. I use Google translate. Translation is the key. Vania is excellent in his explanations! Do you know why the sculpture of Moses head hornes on his head— due to the wrong translation from Hebrew. We also as Jews will have two mashiakhs, essentially: ben David, and ben Yosef, and the translations from Torah in Daniel and Yekhezkiel seem to imply that ben Yosef will die before ben David is known universally, which gives us the impression that ben Yosef is a martyr of some sort.

    Vania, thank you for the comment. You offer much to foster closer research. Annointing mentioned only once in Torah? You are such a wonderful scholar!!

    1. Jefferson Davis and the Civil War Era;
    2. These men say they’re the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Their disciples agree.;
    3. Rabbi Kaduri, Ariel Sharon and Jesus (Yeshua).

    Wonderfully done. I am sorry that I made mistake in the word faith not my mother tong. I wish I could study under your supervision! Brilliant explanation! Vania Melamed. So, I vehemently disagree with your analysis. I am a Jew, born under the Torah and with an analytical Jewish mindset. Though many deny that either, this was not his note; and, that the total story is a fraud. Or, the Rav has identified another Yeshuah, not Yeshuah ha-Nazarit. I do believe he was visited by Yeshuah ha-Mashiach and none other.

    At mid-Tribulation, we are urged to relocate to the Rock City of Petra or the mountains , however it is determined. I presently live in the United States; but, as soon as I see that treaty signed, I am moving home to my beloved Yisrael. It is where my ashkenazy grandparents would have gone, had they lived this long. Shalom, Micah ben-Yehudah. These are fascinating times, Micah. What are the ramifications? The Mashiach Jesus is Messiah I believe it. He is mashiach ben Yosef the suffering servant who like moses will leave and come again, when he comes he will be the Messiah ben David that returns.

    As a reigning king. On an interesting note Moshe turned water into blood in the time of judgment the sages have mentioned that the mashaich will turn water into wine becs it will be a time of Joy. I urge you if you indeed have the Fear of Adoni you will go and do research look at both sides of the story and be not bias messiah fillfiled the prophesies conserning the suffering servent the ones about the righning kind are yet to be fullfiled in is 2nd coming but be honest HaShem knows your heart!

    Wherever He entered, into villages, cities, or the country, they laid the sick in the marketplaces, and begged Him that they might just touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched Him were made well. When Jesus was asked by the apostles when will your coming be He said as in the days of Noah. Methuselah name said his death will bring. Is this possibly a similar link. Woooow indeed as someone has already said. I hesitate to put my website for it is political, not religious. Oh, well. I owe at least this much to my students at Yeshiva.

    The fact that he names the Messiah will have the name that has ALWAYS been the one that Jews believed it was long before the founder of the Christian religion was born and given that name which was translated to Greek in the Gospels as Jesus…. Sorry, it is NOT a momentous statement, more a momentary one. Why is this not important? He kept Torah, and His followers will also. If you want salvation, there is no other salvation available. The original was Hebrew. John, I guess you are saying the person is the same … but most Christians have the name wrong?

    I had never grown up going to any type of church nor was I aware of any type of faith based indoctrination. What I did grow up with was demonic torture and the only way they would disappear was when I called out using the name of Jesus. Because I was not yet a Christian, they would come back. You need to be very careful telling people that they could not possibly know the Lord because they do not use the name Yeshua over the name of Jesus. For that matter why did God give the gift of speaking in tongues?

    The name of Jesus is Greek for Yeshua. It was so that everyone could hear the good news. God created the languages, be happy that people have come to know the Risen Savior. Please do not hinder someone from the Kingdom of Heaven over which language they should use to call out to Jesus. I know of His Hebrew name but I personally know Yeshuas Greek name and prefer to hold it dear to me since I was saved in the name of Jesus. I look forward to seeing you in the presence of our Lord Jesus Yeshua.

    May the peace that passes all understanding be upon you. Ask him to help you see through His eyes. Great, gracious post, Tara! I totally agree with everything in it and I love all three names if our Lord — the Hebrew, English, and Greek. Love your testimony, too. Reb John, You are correct partially. Marcus and Lucas were of the Greek persuasion as they were not Yehudim. Peter and the earthly brothers of Yeshuah were also, writing in either Hebrew or Aramaic.

    The more learned of the Apostles used Hebrew, while the less learned probably used Aramaic. I for one, as I noted in a previous message, with a very strong belief in the TaNaCH, being familiar with Yeshaya and Chapters 43 and 45 amongst others, take them very seriously. Many will disagree with me; but, I desire only truth.

    Only the Holy Scriptures define newer scriptures, and the people they refer to. One topic not touched in these messages so far has been the two witnesses during the Tribulation. They are referred to as the Lampstands of Adonai. If in fact they are, then speculation is not necessary. If I read correctly, Zecharias is speaking truth, and I have every reason to believe he is, they cannot be Enoch, Elijah, Moses, or any of the previously named candidates by speculation.

    I use only scripture, not conjcture, to understand the Word of Adonai — the commentaries, though written by Christian sages, if there be such a thing, are not always more than just pure opinion. I have become my own. Does that mean I should set aside the law or change the law? God forbid. Thus neither is following the Savior. Not many will be found obedient. Matityahu This in addition to His grace through faith, of His crucifiction and Resurrection. I have noted the significance of Sharon and the fact that Jewish and Christian brothers may disagree but we are still family and agree salvation is only through the Christ, there will be no peace for Jerusalem or the World for that matter….

    If you take the names of the early characters of the Bible mentioned in the Noahic genealogy of Genesis 5, and write down what each name means, a message appears. Likewise, could the death of Arial Sharon bring Messiah? Absolutely correct!! How easy this question is solved by Islam— only to kill infidels, people from both our fathes. That is a true triumph of hope over evidence.

    The rapture occurs prior to that and not all eyes will see him at that happening. There is no proof there is a difference between the rapture and 2nd coming. Bible scholars seem to have merely read about the same event from different vantage points in the bible,and then claimed they were separate events. And then they taught these fallacies in the bible colleges,which in turn taught it to pastors in training,who then in turn unintentionally misled their congregations and organizations by preaching it.

    In a family, when a new baby is about to arrive, only a few eyes see that baby — those expecting him, and in a happy home there is much joy. But after a time, more and more will get to see him who at first did not expect him. Even in the ancient Hebrew culture, the bridegroom would come for his bride at a moment of his good pleasure.

    There would then be a ceremony of matrimony; and after that a wedding feast. Only invited guests would be able to see and participate in the wedding feast. Very few would get to see the bridegroom at all. Those who are ready and those who are not. The disciples were told by the angels — This same Jesus will so come in like manner as you have seen Him go.

    Some saw Him go into Heaven; only some will see Him come as the Bridegroom. But afterwards, every eye will see Him come as conquering King over the nations. Now the zillion-dollar question, Ian, the debate that keeps us separated and at war.

    A self-proclaimed Messiah in Brazil casts his net for disciples on social media.

    The issue that has resulted in smugness and self-righteousness, almost from the beginning : Who gets invited to the party? After the seven years. No pre-Tribulation Rapture. Read it for yourselves.


    But, putting words into my mouth notwithstanding, the Rapture will be a very public event. Or calamities brought on by absentee airline pilots going unnoticed. When the rapture happens the news agencies will put it down to extraterrestrials see Nephilim no doubt and many will be deceived. This leads me to say that we need to be careful of not being deceived wholesale. Your answer to this question should determine whether anyone else on this forum respond to you again.

    I base that on a number of points, among them that the two names seem to have been mixed in acts and also Hebrews. Obviously it was not according to the teachings of the Rabbis of His day, but He affirmed that He did not come to alter the law. He is our savior who gives those who believe eternal life. No one sounds fearful to me on this post.

    Some christians need to have some fear, because when Yeshua returns, He will open your eyes to the beauty of obedience to Torah. No…it does not make any sense. I think you is the most fearful!! Nobody is afraid, but you imposing your doubts, fears etc on others. And as usually… on Jews!!

    Thank you, but I am not afraid at all! I believe in God!!! But, do you obey His command to obey the Commandments, the Torah, the Law? I do not know how many of us are here on this list; but, I am a Messianic Yehudim. As you can see by my name, I am a Jew, born under the Law, and saved by Grace.

    How can you claim that we Christians do not believe or follow or do as the Torah says? We certainly get instructions from the Torah and it is essential to the whole Bible—without it it the Bible would be incomplete. Does your interpretation of doing what the Torah says, mean to do all the ceremonies and religious rituals to the letter and somehow that will save you?

    Why then we would be no different than all the other religions of the world who think that they can save themselves by doing all their rituals. Doing what the Torah says is not doing all the ceremonies literally to the letter! The Laws of the Torah are insurmountable—-nobody can keep them to the letter, therefore no one can be saved by them.

    Its purpose is to give you the tools of Faith, and to force you to look UP, to seek help from the only One who can give you mercy for your sins. Just like the snake was raised in the desert so that the ones who were bitten by the vipers sin would be saved by looking UP to the only ONE who can save them Meshiak, Yeshua, Jesus, the Lamb of God.

    God established the Mosiac Law so that people would be made aware of their sin and therefore ask God for mercy. All the rituals and ceremonies were intended to be pictures of what to do spiritually in our daily life: to seek Him, to enter into His Sabath, to serve him and sacrifice daily our lives by staying away from sin, the lusts and joys of the flesh. Blog Roadturn 4 To:JohnHasse. Jesus is the Son of God and he lived on earth and died on the cross to save us from our sins. Therefore there is a new covenant. Jesus set us free from the Law of Moses. Jesus — Yeshua — was a Jew.

    The perfect Jew, actually. The law of Moses is perfect, just as the scriptures say. You need to gain an understanding of Hebrew. The old testament, of course. Many christians are in for a surprise…. As far as the spirit of the law is concerned he put them on steroids with His sermon on the mount speech. Example: Does a man use foul language if he thinks it but never says it? Because God sees and hears my thoughts. God sees the images as clearly as I do. And this was the problem with the Law. Nobody can measure up to it. But Jesus did. And that makes me so happy. God knew that nobody could measure up to them, but made provision through Jesus who as Ron Nolan has said appears many times in the Old Testament.

    I have been a Christian since I was ten and I am now 42, but you have explained things in a way that I now understand what I never had before. Thank you. Then why did he command us to obey the commandments? I would just like to know. The statements you make are not in agreement with His words. You are apparently disobedient to His Word. To 50Spence: That assumption that Christian do not use the Old Testament is inacurrate, for the New Testament is composed of mostly the Old Testament scriptures and their interpretation.

    Without the Old Testament, the New Testament would be empty, except what Jesus said, and the again, He was also quoting the Old Testament, the law and the prophets. Have you ever listened to the preachings of David Hocking, David Jeremiah, and many others? They constantly preach using Old Testament scriptures. You are misinformed that Christians ignore the Old Testament and you have not researched on your own to reach your own conclusion.

    Listen to some Christian preachers and you will be surprised of their use of the Old Testament. State Department and this will be seriously enforced by Passover, 2 The prophecy of Rabbi Kaduri years ago that he saw the Messiah before his death and he was shown that Mashiach would come soon after the death of Ariel Sharon 3 The public announcement in Israel that Sharon is now near death 4 The coming blood-red moon of Passover and 4 blood red moon tetrads….

    Not yet. The peace treaty between the so called Palestinians and our peope has not yet occurred. Have you ever looked past the typical christian pre trib rapture wet dream and ever thought that Kaduri might be talking about the appearance of antichrist,rather then the real Jesus? Yes, really, the coming of the Messiah will be a glorious postribulational event, and not a mysterious presentation at some place: Matthew 23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

    Here is an overview link, Andy. In Exodus God paints a story that first the rock would be smitten by Moses and life giving water or salvation would come forth. God then tells Moses Numbers to Speak to the rock and water would come forth. So first the Rock would be smitten then we would speak to it and receive salvation.

    Does the Old Testament Law Still Apply?

    Instead Moses struck the rock in Num 20 and destroyed Gods illustration and for this he was banned from entering the promise land. In Psalm 22 we read of Jesus death on the cross hundreds of years before crucifiction is even invented. Daniel 9 predicts the exact day Messiah would enter Jerusalem.

    Isaiah and Isaiah 53 foretell of his torture and rejection by Israel and his death among thieves. Zechariah 11 that he would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver and the money used to buy a potters field. These are but a few old testament teaching of Jesus as Messiah. Every book in the old testament or Torah teaches about Jesus if you take the time to look. One never even has to open the new testament to see it.

    For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God. I support what Richard posted, as someone who grew catholic, attended catholic school, and after studying and noticing the differences in translations and interpretations of the OLd testament, I can support his idea that the Vatican, edited the Torah and the Zohar for their own sake, and made a new religion in order to have power over everybody.

    Judaism holds the truth from the very beginning until our days. But the Church, historically, recorded and compiled the scriptures of the New Testament. The Septuagint being the authority for Old Testament. If you get a Christian Bible, you will only get the bias of the Council of Nicea of , which later became the foundation for the Catholic Church of Rome. A very good version is the Stone Edition. Your local Jewish boutique should have one, or be able to refer you.

    Look up Jewish dealers on the internet. It would be more helpful that you listen to the prophets themselves rather than the false prophets. No man knows the day or the hour, the end of this system of things will come like a thief in the night. The test of a prophet is whether or not the prophecy is true, Michael. One thing is for certain: His return is near, in a sense, for everyone — and has been since he left. Life is brief.

    I think Jesus Christ was the last prophet, I only mark his words as truth. What I know for sure is that all of us will be caught off guard, and we are to treat every day as if its the last. Michael, we should not be caught off guard. Roadturn is right. We are given bits and pieces of the End Times puzzle, and there are people who are given the gift and two of them Malachi the last pope and Rabbi Kaduri have given us some pieces of the puzzle. Global warming signs of the end is giving us this horrible weather. It cannot be denied.

    Even the plans are rumored to be ready. This is an excellent piece of the puzzle in regards to end-time prophecy. I dont think Kaduri said the Messiah was coming back, he said the Messiah was coming… He never claimed he met the crucified and risin Messiah Yahshua. If he did he would have stated that. I believe that the adversary was trying to set the Jews up to accept the false Messiah who is to come before the true Messiah. Yesss thank you from clearing that up, I had to tell my mom the same.

    Kaduri is telling the world that the Yahweh will lift of Israel….. Jesus has already come and he will surely come again!! The daily sacrifices a lamb in the morning and evening on the Altar…. And the Whole World has a party sending each other gifts…. Then the 2 witnesses arise from death,and fly away, and the world sees it all in HD on TV….. All this I. Is anything new about hate to Israel??? I would be very shockingly surprised if…it would be Love to Israel.

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