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Beings of light can, for instance, materialise in our dreams or in coincidences or unexpected sparks of intuition that seem to come out of nowhere. They may choose to express themselves through the unconditional love of beloved pets. The natural world is another common place for angels to leave their calling cards, perhaps in rainbows, feathers, clouds, sunsets or birdsong.

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They may also make themselves known to us through a hug, a smile, a song, or anything that heals or lifts our spirits. And last, but by no means least, they may reveal themselves through the words or actions of other people, consciously or unconsciously guided from above. And never discount the truth that sometimes it may be our own selfless words and deeds that play a part in bringing heaven closer to earth.

Indeed, anyone who is blessed with the ability to live their life with a sense of the divine presence in everyone and everything could well be the vital ingredient angels need to manifest their loving presence on earth. In other words, angels need us to help them, just as much as we need them. In my previous angel books I had the privilege and honour to collect together true-life stories from people who believe they have seen angels. Although the stories came from all corners of the world, I soon began to notice that a fairly substantial proportion featured the experiences of Irish people, or were related to Ireland in some way.

I could see a definite trend emerging, but a far more prominent theme I noticed was that regardless of any connection with the Emerald Isle, people who encountered angels in their daily lives, or believed angels were watching over them, had whether they consciously realised it or not what I like to call a Celtic soul. And by that I mean they had an awareness of magic that penetrated every aspect of their lives, both ordinary and extraordinary. I also began to see how this magical approach to life was strikingly similar to the spirituality of the ancient Celts.

The more I researched and gathered information and stories for my psychic world encyclopaedias and angel books the more I discovered parallels between ancient Celtic spirituality and the angel movement as it is revealing itself to us today. Perhaps all along these people and their awesome stories and insights were the angels knocking at my heart.

For them there is no division between this life and the next. Heaven is constantly shining through everyday reality and everyone and everything carries a blessing. It is this sense of the immanent presence of spirit and the discovery of the extraordinary in the ordinary that gives the Irish a perception of magic that infuses all aspects of their lives. Without doubt, this sense of divine potential in the everyday is a characteristic of many Irish people but it is by no means restricted to the Irish.

Regardless of race or culture there is a part deep within us all that searches for meaning and magic in life. It is the part of us that is intuitive, creative, passionate, spontaneous and imaginative, but it is also the part of us most in need of comfort, guidance, love and reassurance and the part of us most likely to be forgotten and neglected as we grow older and more cynical and burdened down with responsibilities. Whatever you decide to call it, in our increasingly secular world many of us lose touch with the magic within us, but I want to reassure you that it remains with us all our lives.

Each and every one of us at some time in our lives longs to find a sense of higher purpose and meaning and it is through this longing that our guardian angels will constantly try to connect with us. All we need to do is open our hearts and listen. According to the Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, there is no need to look outside of ourselves to encounter angels, because at every moment angels are within us, waiting to open our eyes and our hearts to the world of spirit.

Our inner angel should therefore be looked on as our best friend, adviser and guide throughout our journey in this life and the next; our anam cara , our soul friend. This book aims to show that it is through our inner guardian angel that heaven first reaches out to us. In this way, with love, trust and an open soul, anyone can see, hear or sense the nearness of their guardian angel. Seeing the world with angel eyes does not mean seeing the world through rose-coloured spectacles, or being impressionable or gullible, it means having an open mind and heart, the ability to feel things deeply and the courage to suspend disbelief, and it is this openness and spontaneity that attracts beings of pure spiritual light to us.

Another thread linking all these stories together is that they are real-life stories, based in fact and not fantasy. The first chapter discusses some of my own experiences. I feel it is important for you to understand some of what I have experienced over the years and how it has brought me to the place I am today. This has led me to believe that we are all born with Celtic souls, or the ability to see, hear and sense angels, and although many of us lose this sensitivity and open-mindedness as we grow older, there are ways to reawaken and reclaim it.

A trip to Ireland may well be one of these ways, but it is by no means the only way. There are as many ways to reconnect with the divine as there are stars in the sky.

Celtic Angels True Stories of Irish Angel Blessing

For some of us the journey may take place on foot, but for others it may be an inner journey through our dreams or sudden hunches or insights, whereas for others it may be through coincidences or angel signs or calling cards, or a sense of connection with a departed loved one. The possibilities are endless. I guess what I am trying to say here is that by sharing some of my psychic journey with you — and what were sources of transformation for me — I hope you will understand that anyone, however self-doubting and whatever their age or background, can have the profound connection with angels that is their birthright.

The rest of this book is a collection of real-life stories sent to me by people whose lives have been touched and transformed by angels in some way or other. These people come from all walks of life. Some, but by no means all, had a deep faith in angels or were devoted to a particular religion, but others did not describe themselves as religious in any way.

Like many people today they believed in something, but they were not sure what. And then there were those who before their encounter did not think they believed in anything at all.

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  • All this confirms once again that although celestial beings of light appear in all the world religions, you do not need to be religious to see angels. All you need is an open mind. The first batch of stories will focus exclusively on stories from Irish people or people who have visited Ireland and been transformed by it in some way. My aim is to lead you to a place where your heart can be healed and nourished; a place where you can meet your own guardian angel, and discover your own true soul friend, your anam cara.

    Then the stories will move away from Ireland to the rest of the world so you can read experiences of other people with magical souls. Some of these stories will strike you with their profoundness; others may make you shed a tear and a few may make you smile. Some will send shivers down your spine; others will astonish you or even stretch your belief, but let me assure you again that they are all, to the best of my knowledge, true. Although in some cases names and other personal details have been changed to protect identity, all of these stories are the real deal. In addition, all the stories you will read are reproduced authentically.

    In other words, as few changes as possible have been made to the narrative in terms of style and content to ensure that what you are reading is again the real deal. A number of anecdotes were sent to me in response to my previous angel books, and some were gathered by me during trips to Ireland, while others were collected over the twenty-odd years I have been writing features about the psychic world. Everyone who contributed to this book, either by getting in touch with me or allowing me to interview them, has touched me deeply with their honesty and openness.

    I do feel so very privileged to be given your permission to share your experiences with a wider audience. During the years I have been a paranormal writer I have lost count of the number of times people have told me that reports of angels can be explained perfectly rationally. That they are products of an overactive imagination is one of the most popular explanations.

    Celtic Angels by Theresa Cheung | Waterstones

    In the early days of my writing career I would try to do all I could to prove that angels were real. I would point out that angelic encounters have been reported in every culture for thousands of years and many of these encounters have remarkable similarities. I would argue that in a court of law an eyewitness account is taken as evidence.

    Celtic Angels - Carlyle Fraser

    The proof of their existence is therefore a very personal thing. Basically, it is all a question of personal faith, and to those who believe, because their lives have been touched by heaven or because they have an affinity with the message of hope angels are trying to bring, no proof is necessary because nothing will have more power than their belief.

    And this is, of course, where once again we can learn such a great deal from the Irish. Even those with just a single drop of Irish blood flowing through their veins tend to have a spiritual flame burning within them. It is a flame that burns deep within their souls, lighting the way, guiding them through life with joy and hope. Whether you are Irish or not, whether you have had an angelic experience or not, I hope that reading these astonishing stories about people whose lives have been touched by heaven will remind you that you too are a spiritual being.

    Celtic Angels: True stories of Irish Angel Blessings

    We all have a spiritual flame, a Celtic soul, lighting the way for us inside our hearts. I hope these stories will encourage you to listen more to your heart and to live your life with an awareness of spirit. I hope they will make you laugh or cry, or move you in some way, because every time a person is touched by reading an angel story, angels fly closer to earth, bringing with them their pure unselfish love and peace.

    So, if you feel ready, prepare to be astonished and inspired by the stories in this book. As with every angel book I have written, working on it has renewed and refreshed my connection to the world of spirit and opened my eyes to new and wonderful possibilities. It is my sincere wish that it will do the same for you by showing you that all over the world ordinary people can open their doors and their minds and hearts to their angels and experience the magic, hope, love and blessings they bring with them.