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Connecting people and cultures. Helping people stay healthy. One Cangoroo at a time. The first wealth is health. How often do you burst into spontaneous laughter while driving a car? We believe that having fun is a human right. Great respect for Mother Earth. Follow traffic rules and local regulations with a smile. Care for other people.


Always use protection, such as a helmet, when jumping. Jump in bike lanes, pedestrian streets or in the city park. And most importantly, love yourself. Only one jumper per pogo stick is allowed. Prices may vary depending on your location.

Our contribution is to bring about change in cities all over the world and change everyday behavior when it comes to moving shorter distances in the inner city. Cangoroo and our pogo sticks offer a quicker alternative to walking, a more convenient alternative to having a bicycle and a more environmentally friendly alternative to cars and e-scooters. You bet! We are striving for enabling a more environmentally sustainable alternative to many other ways of transportation. Each pogo stick has an expected lifespan of which is up to 10x longer than similar shared commuting services.

Your data privacy is of the highest importance to us. We will never sell or share your data with any third party. In most countries, Cangoroo is classified as walking, meaning the vehicle does not have any Motor Third Party Insurance. In the very unlikely event of causing yourself any damage while jumping on the Cangoroo, this should, in most cases, be covered by your own insurance. In the Cangoroo app, secure payments are being made through Klarna.

Time to quit your and join the Cangoroo revolution? Needless to say, this is only the beginning.

Chiang Mai X-Centre - Jungle Bungy Jump

Jump on our exciting journey and become a part of disrupting smart mobility as we know it. Stay updated on investment opportunities here. Interested in knowing more about our vision? Growth plan? Revenue streams? Psst…hurry up! Early subscribers gets a limited edition Cangoroo helmet.

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Literally jump on a Cangoroo anytime and cruise your way through the city. Soon in a city near you. Launching summer San Francisco. Help us put your city on the map.

Route JUMP: Boulder / Lafayette via Arapahoe

Request Cangaroo. Just when you think its all going to end very badly you feel the tension increase on the bungy cord and you are pulled up just short of disaster and shot back into the sky. About this time you hear the cheers of your friends on the ground and you start to feel wonderful.

You've just conquered your fear and done something that only a few people are brave enough to do. You're a bungy jumper! The bungy is located in a very pleasant garden setting with plenty of seating surrounding the lagoon which allows an excellent view of each bungy jump. Jumping on your own is tremendous fun but if you prefer to share the experience with a friend you can choose to do a tandem jump.

As well as doubling the laughter, some people just find it easier to go through the experience of a first jump if they have the support of another. Jungle Bungy Jump is the original bungy operator in Thailand. The Chiang Mai bungy has an excellent safety record and full public insurance is included as part of any bungy jump package.

If jumping off a platform feet high is not quite exciting enough on its own you can ask the jumpmasters to calibrate so that you are dunked in the lake at the cord's maximum extension. The jumpmasters will always check with you before setting up the jump so fear not. You will not get wet unless you want to. Bungy jumping is an ideal activity for large groups. Almost as much fun as actually jumping is cheering or jeering your mates while they contemplate the wisdom of taking the big leap. We can accommodate sizeable groups on the day but we do recommend that advance notice is given so we can arrange free transport and any catering if needed.