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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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He immediately even though he was groggy picked you up bridal style and carried you back to bed before crawling in next to you. He pulled you into his arms and began tracing lazy shapes with his finger over your arm and pressing soft kisses to your forehead until you fell back asleep. Just posted! Thanks for requesting! Read it here! I split this into two parts for easier writing. Originally posted by luvscheol. Yes yes yes yes. But , he kept his cool as a leader does and smiled down at your blushed face, putting his head on top of yours and slinging an arm around your shoulder, squeezing it affectionately.

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He was in heaven. Originally posted by kristian-do. Jeonghan merely stared at you in shock as you ran into the room, sat down next to him and threw your arms around his chest, cuddling up to him tightly. You had never shown such an act of affection to him before. What made it even more shocking, was that you had decided to cuddle with Jeonghan for the first time ever , in front of the all other members. They all gave the two of you smirks and cute smiles. Jeonghan was flustered at first, but after a few seconds, he cuddled you back, wrapping a delicate arm around you and cradling your head with the other one.

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Originally posted by lovejoshua Keep your cool, keep your cool. Joshua went into panic mode when you intertwined your fingers with his and cuddled up to his chest out of nowhere as you stood next to him in public. He questioned why you had picked then when you were out together as your first time to cuddle. He felt the same way, but was great at hiding it from you.

However, as soon as you had touched him, he melted. He squeezed your fingers in his adoringly, wrapped an arm around you to bring you closer to him if it was even possible , and looked down at you to give you an adorable smile. Jun had bUsTeD a move on you when the two of you were watching a movie together on the couch. He had slyly slithered an arm around you, side-eying you cautiously to see your reaction. When he saw your face flush a deep shade of crimson and noticed how freaking flustered you were by just an arm around you, he felt his heart do cartwheels at how cute you were.

It took you a few moments to regain your composure, but once you did, you returned his action and scooted closer to him to lean your head on his shoulder. Now, Jun was smiling so big that it was embarrassing. He later went and bragged about the innocent encounter to Minghao, who congratulated immensely, but then warned him about what comes after cuddling ….

Originally posted by oshbros. You and Soonyoung had decided to take a nap together. Great bad idea. He tugged you into his chest and you were suddenly squished against him, his grip around your body so tight, you could barely breathe. You were flustered and confused, yet somehow very happy at his affectionate gesture. By the way, yes you sweated, but it was freaking worth it to wake up next to this hamster. Originally posted by jeon-wwoo.

You had walked into his room and found him sitting up in bed with a quilt, obviously just waking up, and looking like he was seriously struggling to get rid of that morning drowsiness. You ran over to him and it was like instinct. He immediately took you into his open arms and fell back onto the bed, squeezing you tightly to his chest.

Seventeen reaction to you kissing them to shut - shookjin

The two of you ended up falling asleep together for another hour and were both late to your schedules that day. First off!!! Thank you guys for followers wAT!! Thank you thank you!! I really appreciate it!! Secondly, I have recently got in quite a few requests, and I am having a hard time catching up because I have a busy schedule and I keep having new ones come in, so for now I unfortunately am going to have to close my requests temporarily of course. Requests will reopen soon! To pseudopo I hope you like this. Thanks for the request! He had had it. And only his. So when some kid started stealing it each day, Wonwoo was beyond pissed.

He had asked around the student housing area, trying to figure out who the student was, but no one could identify who the car belonged to. Mingyu laughed, shifting his backpack around slightly. Are you afraid to sweat a little? Let me know how it goes. That afternoon when Wonwoo had finished all of his classes, he basically sprinted towards his car, determined to catch this parking thief and end his misery. He got in his car, fumbled with his keys for several seconds, and slipped the correct one into the ignition. Wonwoo drove up to his dorm, his coveted spot was empty.

A smile slowly spread across his face as he parked a few spots away. He had beaten the thief. Now, he could catch them once and for all. He dragged a chair to the nearest window so he could watch the parking lot, and wait. Seungcheol scoffed. It only took a few minutes. The oh-so-familiar grey car that Wonwoo had grown to dislike the past two weeks, finally pulled into its stolen spot.

Wonwoo was frozen in place, his eyes glued to you. For some reason, it never really crossed his mind that the student stealing his parking spot would be a girl… a gorgeous girl at that. He ran over to you, offering to take some of your books. You began to walk off towards your dorm, Wonwoo close behind.

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  • You scoffed at his sudden efforts to make conversation, which were probably just out of guilt since he made you drop all of your things. Your day had been bad already, and being scared out of your wits had been the last straw. Especially since this whole time, a beautiful girl was the one taking the spot. You paused and looked up at him curiously. He was obviously embarrassed and you thought it was the cutest thing ever. You can park there whenever you want. You smiled again and Wonwoo awkwardly played with his fingers as he stood in your doorway.

    I understand how important parking spots can be. He was tall, with dark hair and dark eyes. You began to fidget a little at the realization that you had a good-looking boy standing in front of your dorm. You held out your hand and he shook it. Hey, maybe we were supposed to meet like this.

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    I steal your parking spot, you come out and scare me and now here we are. He nodded. Nice to meet you again, Wonwoo. It took him several long moments to process what just happened as he stood there in silence. Maybe you were right. Maybe this was fate. As Wonwoo walked back to his own dorm, he smiled to himself, wondering when he could see you again and wondering if you would continue to park in his spot. He hoped that you would, so that he could watch you walk home. I am so proud!

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    However, you knew that deep down he was the sweetest and softest boy on the planet. Any time Junhui was around you, he became undeniably anxious; terrified that he would mess something up and you would think he was weird. This showed the most when the two of you were on your first date. He had taken you to a wonderful restaurant, not too fancy yet not too casual. He did his best to keep up comfortable conversation with you even though he was a nervous wreck the entire time. Afterwards, Junhui took you to the park across the street so he could talk to you for a little longer.

    You blushed when you noticed that he was secretly stealing lovesick glances at you every so often as the two of you walked together in the park. You gazed over at him and grinned, letting him know that you had caught him looking. His face flushed and out of embarrassment, suddenly grabbed your arms to pull you flush against him, causing you to squeal. You began to laugh hysterically as Junhui spinned you around, his heart melting at the delicate sound of your laugh.

    Junhui paused suddenly and out of dizziness you stumbled, falling against his chest. After you recovered, you looked up to realize that his face was centimeters from yours. You blinked in shock, frozen in place and Junhui seemed to be experiencing the same emotion. You held your palms against his chest for support as he looked down at you lovingly.

    David Cook And Archuleta On First Kisses (One Has Never Been Kissed)

    It seemed that neither of you had anything to say for several long moments as you stood there, completely still. He let go of your waist to bring his hand to your cheek, holding it softly as he deepened the kiss. When he finally pulled away, he kept his forehead pressed against yours.

    Soonyoung had everything planned out. He had made the reservation for your favorite restaurant several days in advance, he got a new outfit to wear, he had conversation starters planned— your first date with him was going to be exceptional. The first twenty minutes were going phenomenal, besides the fact that Soonyoung was a nervous wreck.

    Ever since he had picked you up, you had noticed his fingers shaking lightly on the steering wheel, his eyes shooting you occasional nervous side glances. You were inwardly cooing at how adorable he looked when he was this nervous. You wanted to grab those puffy, adorable cheeks and kiss them all over. Your cheeks heated up instantly at his comment. He was ecstatic for this date even though his nerves were driving him wild. You kept looking over at Soonyoung fearfully as he made the car come to a stop on the side of the road.

    You watched nervously as he frantically tried to figure out what had happened, swearing quietly under his breath. Suddenly, he made an exclamation of realization and threw himself back into his seat angrily. He was silent for several seconds, holding his face in his hand. It was running on its last bit of gas and I forgot to fill it up before our date. This just absolutely failed. Soonyoung exclaimed in surprise when he suddenly felt your lips on his. You had gotten tired of his self-loathing rant and leaned over to shut him up by kissing him softly.

    After it hit him that yes, he was indeed kissing your soft lips , he took action and grabbed your cheeks with both hands, deepening the kiss and making sure the moment lasted as long as possible. He looked like a confused puppy and it made you giggle. Stop beating yourself up. Soonyoung immediately melted into one of his adorable smiles. He leaned in and gave you another quick kiss. Originally posted by luhan-bee.

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    You felt your cheeks redden slightly at his romantic words. His dark brown eyes would be peering over his camera to look at you and you would act annoyed, but deep inside, your heart was melting at the way he would look at you. Every little thing you do is just so picture-worthy. Your heart sped up violently and all you could do is look away, grinning in embarrassment. How was he capable of such loving words. Your heart stopped. Minghao tensed at first, mainly out of shock, but after a few seconds he began kissing you back, sliding his hands down to hold your waist.

    You could feel the passion in his kiss. You never wanted to pull away. He looked absolutely dazed. Originally posted by minghaio. Chan absolutely tried to go overboard on your first date, and when he was talking to you about it, freaked you out with his lavish idea of a fancy restaurant, fancy flowers, fancy absolutely everything. You had interfered with his idea, frantically telling Chan that you just wanted a simple date with him. All he wanted was to make you happy. Instead of a lavish restaurant, Chan took you to get ice cream, a more casual experience that made you feel way more comfortable.

    Vernon brings you down the hall and through the doors of the staircase, nostalgia hitting you from when the two of you had first met. Just two kids laughing and running, sneaking out without a care in the world. You remember the first time you both went stargazing. The apartment was only a 15 minute walk within the both of your houses. With being young and rebellious fresh on both your minds, you would meet up at the end of the street and walk together, going up the staircase and to the rooftop. You smile, thinking of how it used to be. You slip his hoodie on before following him outside.

    No matter how many times you had been up here, the view would still surprise you. Vernon places the blanket down and lays down, patting the spot beside him. You lay down and cuddle into his side. You lean your head on his shoulder. Seventeen members most to least likely to fall in love with someone with a language barrier. Dating Dino! Dino: He would open his eyes widely and smile at you, before wrapping an arm around you.

    You should be resting. I missed you too. Anonymous asked: most to least likely to fall in love with someone with a language barrier. Seventeen members most to least likely to fall in love with someone with a language barrier sorry for the wait!

    David Cook And Archuleta On First Kisses (One Has Never Been Kissed)

    Or a scenario? Thank you in advance! Anonymous asked: Could possibly do "dating Dino would be like" please? Love u! Dating Dino hope you like it!! Thank you sm!!