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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Make Your Practice More Efficient and Effective After receiving Academy training in how best to use Interactive Guided Imagery sm , therapists, coaches, and counselors have discovered new ways to empower, educate, and introduce clients to their own inner wisdom and decision-making abilities through this work. Psychologists, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals report that they can now engage their patients in dedicated self-care in a way they had never been able to do before, and coaches are able to motivate their clients when all else has failed.

Teaching clients to use their own imagination in this interactive way results in a shorter but more effective overall treatment time without sacrificing the depth and emotion so central to therapeutic growth. Since imagery is the dominant natural language of the unconscious, the clinical applications of imagery for unresolved psychological issues are boundless.

We invite you to review the information on this website to see how Interactive Guided Imagery sm addresses most of the major issues confronted in clinical practice and how it can significantly add to your professional and personal satisfaction and success. Also check out this post on dealing with difficult emotions. It take s time and practice to become more and more aware of what is arising in our internal landscape.

Mindfulness meditation practice will help you become more self aware if you want to give it a go. Overcoming negative thinking by putting in positive ones can be hard at first, but definitely worth it at the very end. This is really helpful. I have been involved with a woman about a year and a half now , who continually lies to me.

Every time I think that she has changed, she does it to me again. I think of her constantly. My thoughts are obsessed with constantly trying to figure out the whys and ifs and whens. Our entire relationship began under an umbrella of deceit. How do I stop thinking about this situation long enough to allow myself to get past it, so I can once and for all let this woman go?

This may hurt but it sounds like the only person that is lying to you is yourself. You deserve better than having been in a bad for so long. Prepare yourself through the advise of this column not to continue or fix this relationship but make some positive adjustments with yourself so the start of the next relationship is predicated on respect. I had an abusive childhood which caused me many many deep and long term emotional problems. After spending most my young adult life in and out of therapy I finally found Buddhism and meditation. I am now showing great improments though mindfulness.

However, I have a hard time identifying and categorizing my negative thoughts in efforts to acknowledge them and address them. If your not finding it helpful to label thoughts then just drop that part of the practice. As you watch the thoughts and emotions they lose their grip on you. You might gain from also reading this blog post about working with difficult emotions.

This was exceptionally helpful, thank you. I have struggled with these cycles of destructive negativity for years, affecting relationships, work and my own capacity to feel happy.

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I think that having read this I can start on my own journey to learn how to be happy again, grateful for all that I have and have achieved, and not dwell constantly on the loss, grief and trauma. So, truly, thank you! Hey Beno, seeing this comment made my day. Wishing you all the best my friend. I often feel negative about sharp things around me and make me feel uncomfortable……. Hi Salman. We all have our different fears and worries.

How do we want to relate to the thoughts and emotions that are arising in the present moment? We can choose new ways of relating to difficult thoughts and emotions. We can respond to them mindfully. Give this article a read as well. It will teach you how to deal with negative emotions mindfully and gain a new perspective on the negativity as it arises. Thanks for the reference article, I have read this article many time and it was really very helpful and it help me to realize that I am not my fear and I have to be more generous toward my negative emotion rather than fight back.

As I was trap in the negativity for quite long more than 5 years so it is very persistent within me, but I have to take care of it and Insh Allah soon this wounded part will be recovered fully. Hi Salman, yes, you are not your fear! You are not your negative emotions, but still, we all need to learn to work more skilfully when these difficult emotions and thoughts arise.

The best advice i could ever give you my friend, is to go ahead an begin learning the practice of mindfulness. Begin a daily practice even if it is only short 10 or 15 mins a day and you will get better and better able to handle the challenges of life both inner and outer ones. The best way to learn would be to find a local course or retreat to learn with a skilled teacher.

Where do you live? Is these a way you can learn locally? Or perhaps you could simply begin with the free meditations i provide upon signup to my newsletter. Mainly low self esteem. I feel that I need a lot of support from my family. How can I ask them to support me? I find it so ordinary and my brain is just so focused on the next target.

Hii, I am also In a situation of negative thinking all the time and I will surely try out this method but I am a little confused in the choosing constructive or destuctive thoughts part, what exactly I have to do in that part. Please help me out. Hi, Wasim. I find one way to really generate constructive thoughts rather than destructive ones is to first of all notice if i am ruminating or worrying. These kinds of questions re-orient the mind and generate new kinds of thoughts, new perspectives and new ways of responding to life. I hope this is helpful.

Thanks so much for sharing some key tips. It feels refreshing getting a new sense of hope for my negative thinking. One question i have, i keep hearing that i should not try to fight or push negative thoughts and as you said be an impartial observer, but how exactly can i do that? Thanks…even i m goinh thru something like dis…unsure n confused most of d timez.. My pleasure honey. I truly hope it helps. Hi Sarah, your so welcome. I hope these 3 keys help you to live a more peaceful, contented and happy life. Let me know how you go! Thank you so much I so enjoy your input and wisdom.

3 Healing Practices to Connect with Yourself and Release Your Pain

I am very grateful that you share yourself with us all. Thank you for posting this! I read this post around a week ago. I often spend so much time in my own head, the thoughts become so over whelming they make me question my whole life and sometimes I act on the emotion and make irrational decisions, but my 10 year relationship to the father of my children suffers the most.

Im making some lasting changes, my relationship has been brilliant , I feel so close and at ease. Much love. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Start your journey into a more mindful life. Join over , others and enjoy high quality articles, masterclasses and teachings on mindful living delivered directly to your inbox.

Book your mindfulness retreat today and learn meditation and the art of mindful living in a beautiful, tranquil location. Enjoy healthy food and learn valuable skills that will last a life time. The Four Keys all work together to create mental resilience and a calm, clear mind. I get out of my head and into my life more on this in key two As soon as you name the mental story or pattern, you have now stepped back from being caught up in it.

Is this thought in any way useful or helpful? Is it true? Does this thought help me take effective action? Is this though helpful or is my mind just babbling on? What is the truth? My deepest truth? What do I really want to feel or create in the situation? How can I move towards that? How can I make the best of this situation? Who would I be without this negative thought? What new story or thought can I focus on now? How can I see this in a different or new way? What can I be grateful for in this moment? Stay in the Moment Facebook. Hi, Thank you.

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The Futile Dialogue in Our Head

Wasim on July 20, at am. But to my wonder, when Hal and Sidra explained the roles of each self, I realized how to harmonize the many selves within me. With this consciousness, I thank God that I am a very beautiful vessel again. In my experience the method of self knowledge named Voice Dialogue is quite wonderful. Traditional techniques which focus on valid issues such as childhood, parenting, education and personality to name a few, seem to present a complex picture, without necessarily changing the experience of confusion and suffering.

Voice Dialogue has given me clarity around my behaviours and that of others. After many years of trying to combine my roles as wife and mother, with that of teacher and spiritual searcher, I suddenly found myself a single Mum, with new needs and demands upon me. With so many apparently conflicting voices within my own head as well as from my family and community all competing for acknowledgement, these tapes have been an invaluable tool in helping me to make sense of them all and move on to create a happy, balanced life.

With appreciation to you John and all responsible for making them available in this form, which I can continue to use again and again. I have received the set of videos and audios called The Voice Dialogue Series. I am completely bowled over! It is a stunning production and I cannot find words that would adequately express my delight and gratitude.

Firstly, in psycho-neuro-immunolo-therapy PNI , with people who have cancer and other degenerative illnesses. PNI therapy strongly emphasises the bodymind connection and the immune response to inter- and intra-personal relationship stresses. I have been slowly separating from my own heavyweight subpersonalities and know how liberating and healing that has been for me……and it is keeping me in remission. Secondly I use Voice Dialogue in my spirituality work. I am discovering that the effectiveness of the spiritual exercises I practise is enhanced when, in Voice Dialogue terms, we recognise WHO i.

Thank you dear Hal and Sidra for the wonderful work you have done, and so generously share with our world. May you always be abundantly blessed. Through the study of The Psychology of Selves and Voice Dialogue, it has become clear to me how automatically I have responded to situations in my life. I then had the opportunity to be facilitated in the Voice Dialogue technique. In the space of 10 minutes, I experienced the incredible energy of one of my subpersonalities, just as Hal and Sidra present on the videos.

After a few more facilitated sessions, I have identified the subpersonalities that have drawn me into certain kinds of relationships and career paths. Since developing an Aware Ego, I have gained more respect for myself, become more confident and assertive. I have also taken more responsibility for the way I respond to life situations.

4. Schedule a time for it, and stick to it.

I have a personality, but it is not who I am. My wife and I are now closer than ever before and our friendship continues to flourish.

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  • I cannot begin to thank Hal and Sidra for their gift of Voice Dialogue, as there are not words to describe how grateful I am. It has demystified my own reactions and behaviours, revealed what restricted me, and allowed me to tap into an unlimited potential of expression. If there is only one thing you can learn about on your self development path, make it Voice Dialogue and The Psychology of Selves. I have been involved with Voice Dialogue since on a personal and professional level.

    It is definitely the most powerful transformational tool I have come across. Learning to become comfortable with the polarities within my personality and developing an awareness centre has helped me become more successful in all areas of my life. I feel empowered in my work, am more able to be in conscious relationships, take care of my body and generally have more awareness and choice. But most importantly, Voice Dialogue has facilitated my ability to be connected to a deep soul level presence in my daily life. I have been teaching Voice Dialogue since and promote the Voice Dialogue Series as an essential part of my seminars and sessions.

    I thoroughly recommend the series to anyone who is interested in using Voice Dialogue for their personal and professional development. What I learned with Voice Dialogue has truly changed my life. Voice Dialogue takes a while to learn and requires courage and determination. I am grateful that this video series makes it possible to deepen my knowledge. Professionals — Psychologists, Counsellors, Therapists. Voice Dialogue has had a powerful impact on both my personal and professional life. The understanding of bonding patterns and energetics has transformed my relationships. Learning about my Primary Selves and how they operate in my life is an exciting, ongoing adventure.

    It is comprehensive in its interviews with Drs Hal and Sidra Stone who explain all aspects of the development of the work and its current applications. People who study this series prior to beginning work with Voice Dialogue, find themselves at a great advantage. Robin Gale-Baker, B. Paul Gale-Baker, B. In our teaching programs for psychotherapists, consultants and trainers we have found that the Voice Dialogue Series gives an inspiring and clear contribution to the work we offer.

    We heartily recommend the Series as an important asset to any educational program aimed at giving insight into human behaviour. Further-more it offers new and exciting ways to enhance consciousness and restore balance in individuals, couples, teams and organisations. Robert Stamboliev M. This tape series is a powerful, clear, and touching rendition of the fundamental principles of the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego Process.

    It can be used very successfully to communicate the spirit and concepts of Voice Dialogue. It is a foundational educational tool for any professional dedicated to the empowerment of others. Francine Pinto, B. This video series is a real gift. In courses, the video tapes are a useful resource: the questions asked by the interviewer are clear and to the point, and Hal and Sidra cooperate to give different insights about the issues with convincing charm and humour.

    They know what they are talking about, they believe in it from the core of their beings, and they communicate it in a very direct way. Even people who are not familiar with Voice Dialogue, get the point. The tapes are professionally made, and stay with each subject long enough for the viewer to listen, learn and reflect. I recommend the series without hesitation. The participants say this benefited their interactions both at home and at work. We highly recommend these educational tapes. The Voice Dialogue Series has been one of the most instrumental teaching mediums I came across in my twenty years as a psychotherapist and teacher.

    It offers a clear presentation of the Voice Dialogue method and the Psychology of Selves, one of the most profound theories of the last 50 years. I use the series while I teach university students, when I present for national conferences and in my training of mental health professionals with astounding results. I would highly recommend the Voice Dialogue Series to individuals seeking a comprehensive introduction to the Psychology of Selves.

    I also recommend the series to experienced Voice Dialogue facilitators since the material can serve as an excellent tool for continual review and training in the Psychology of Selves system. For me, these tapes have been an essential step in sorting out internal dilemmas within myself. This understanding has, in turn given me the ability to help my clients embrace those parts of themselves they could not see before. This has given them something tangible and positive to work with in re-establishing good relationships and mending ailing ones.

    I have been recommending this set of tapes to my clients since the day they were released. They provide a unique opportunity to learn directly from Hal and Sidra Stone about more effective ways to deal with emotional and relationship issues. I share the view voiced by my colleagues, that in this video series, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone have given us easily the most understandable explanation of the Psychology of the Inner Selves and the Voice Dialogue technique.

    I use these tapes regularly both when I am conducting Voice Dialogue trainings and in my lectures on this powerful and wonderfully effective work. The additional eight audios that come with the set are just an added bonus. Voice Dialogue and Breathwork are complementary and mutually supportive techniques. Breathwork deals very effectively with traumatic experiences, bringing them to consciousness and integration, and thus dissolving the blocked energy they contain.

    It cannot, however, deal with the complexity of our various subpersonalities and their differing agendas. Through Voice Dialogue this becomes simple and deep fun. Voice Dialogue compliments and deepens the integration brought about through Breathwork through the fine details of what it reveals on cognitive and analytical levels. They enhance and affirm my teaching of the work. I also enjoy them as a way to introduce people to Hal and Sidra Stone and how they teach and relate to each other. I have watched all the videos myself, and they reaffirm and help me grow. I have found the video on Dreams especially appealing to all different classes and ages of people.

    The New Beginnings Foundation Inc. Voice Dialogue is an elegant, simple and effective method of accessing the inner family of selves. Voice Dialogue readily lends itself to integration with other psychological models and is used extensively by psychotherapists from a wide range of modalities. It is easy to understand and apply, and its immediate benefits are one of its major advantages.

    We are fortunate to have such a complete record of the theory and method as related directly by the founders, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone.