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Window Functions in Stream Analytics

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"window" in the context of a time duration.

Chrome Full support Edge Full support Yes. Firefox Full support Opera Full support Chrome Android Full support Firefox Android Full support Opera Android Full support In situations with very brief or unpredictable windows of opportunity, automation may be employed to take advantage of these windows, as in algorithmic trading. In some time-critical situations, failure to act may entail a continuously increasing cost over time, or a continuously decreasing probability over time of achieving the desired outcome.

This may be represented in real-time computing systems by time-utility functions.

In some cases, critical windows may be artificially imposed or even falsely implied as a marketing tactic to encourage action, in what is known as a " limited time offer ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For time-critical applications in computing, see real-time computing.

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Working Knowledge. Harvard Business School. Retrieved 25 April The windows of Azure Stream Analytics are opened at the window start time and closed at the window end time. For example, if you have a 5 minute window from AM to AM all events with timestamp greater than AM and up to timestamp AM inclusive will be included within this window.

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The output of the window will be a single event based on the aggregate function used with a timestamp equal to the window end time. Timestamp property using an alias. Every window automatically aligns itself to the zeroth hour.

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For example, a 5 minute tumbling window will align itself to ] , ], Tumbling Window Azure Stream Analytics.