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Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. Since Waverly has a huge online following, this requires a bit of finesse and training, and Dahlia uses the opportunity to speak out about cloning. Waverly is doing some investigating of her own, particularly once she learns that the clones, including her, have an expiration date, and she befriends one of the servant clones in her home, weaning her off of the supplements that are included in the food fed to clones to suppress their personalities.

I loved how Waverly changed over the course of the book, from a vapid reality star, to someone willing to risk her life to reveal the truth about clones. I was completely satisfied with the ending and all the drama with the Administrator. If nothing else, this book proves that one person with the right connections or "followers" in the case of Waverly's social media can make a huge difference in the world.

As much as I enjoyed the first book in this duology, I was not disappointed in the least by the sequel. I'd have liked more character development on the part of some of the characters, such as Hennessy, Lorna, and the administrator, of course, but I still was completely hooked by the book's story line. And Trigger just totally rocks with all of his tech-savvy ways. I'd want him on my team if I were going up against the system. Jul 19, Debra Elsner rated it it was amazing. I love it when a story ends right. The whole concept of clones and robots who are "alive" is a big thing, with both Humans and Westworld on TV.

I really enjoyed the book. The conclusion of the story was bittersweet and really moving. Jun 01, Laura Gardner rated it really liked it. What did you like about the book? Dahlia has been living in Lakeview all her life as one of 5, clones. Waverly has lived a life fit for a princess with her every move documented on social media. When they meet and find that they are identical, the biggest discovery is that Waverly is actually the clone. Dahlia is the original. The consequences of this are staggering -- Waverly is destined to "expire" die in just ten years and s What did you like about the book?

The consequences of this are staggering -- Waverly is destined to "expire" die in just ten years and she is unable to have children. Waverly's family needs Dahlia to help "fix" Waverly, but when Dahlia is accidentally inked with the matching engagement tattoo that is supposed to tie Waverly and Hennessey together forever, things get more complicated.

Now Dahlia must learn how to be Waverly and stand in for her at various occasions with a live feed that goes out to all of Waverly's followers. And when the two discover the truth of how clones are treated in the "real world," they will bond together to fight for clone's rights and upend society as they know it. Like the first book in this duology, I found this a compelling, quick read.

Every student who has read the first book has loved it and they can't wait to read this new one. I found this book very thought-provoking and enjoyed seeing characters, especially Waverly, grow and change over time. To whom would you recommend this book? Students who like science fiction that's heavy on romance. Some elements of worldbuilding don't quite add up and Hennessey's character is completely flat. He was accepting of everything Waverly decided to do, but he seemed like a shell of a person. The clones all had more personality than he did! Jan 22, Trudi rated it really liked it Shelves: ya , family , dystopian.

Dahlia 16 manages to escape the clone farm and ends up face to face with her identical, Waverly. Waverly is from a rich family and she is hugely popular. Dahlia 16 accidentally gets Waverly's wedding tattoo and has to pretend to be Waverly for the benefit of the media. As Waverly, Dahlia takes a stand for clone rights which causes an uproar among the powers that be.

This is the fascinating conclusion to Brave New Girl and I loved all of the thought-provoking issues that were brought to light. Als Dahlia 16 manages to escape the clone farm and ends up face to face with her identical, Waverly. Also try Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch for a similar read. May 24, vvb rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , dystopia , review-copy-received. My love continues for this series. The ensemble cast was fun to follow with each a hero in their own way.

Social media is a heavy player in this story wielding its powers for the positive. Got me thinking of clones and the impact they would make. Mar 08, Kaylie rated it it was ok. I plowed through this book in two sittings. Maybe because there was never an actual fear that all would not end well. Perhaps it was the glorious absence of a love triangle. Or the speed-reading was due to a limp plot and falling action.

Regardless, I can tell you this: Strange New World is better than the first, but since this light book is weighted down by too many themes and generic dystopian ideas, it still makes for clunky, less than satisfying reading. Unlike the first, there's a dual narr I plowed through this book in two sittings.

Unlike the first, there's a dual narration between sister clones Waverly and Dahlia. I like this because it shows how their very different upbringings impact their choices and identities. Waverly is a modern influencer with her every move watched by the public. This contrasts yet feels akin to Dahlia's life, who is monitored not by friends but by the government. However, due to the event's of the first book where Dahlia runs away, this shared story quickly turns into a case of mistaken identity.

And that's not very original. When their status as sisters, not simply clones, is revealed, it comes at no shocker that Dahlia is truly the original. However, both sisters are likable enough, just boring, since all they do is question each other and their lives repeatedly. I think author Vincent is obsessed with squeezing in observations about our culture without really fleshing out the world she's created.

Because she covers so much, she scratches the surface of key issues, like the public versus private life in a very social world, different interruptions of humanity and the role of emerging tech here: clones in its definition, and how different individuals can bond together to make change. Vincent provides a hopeful enough resolution, but I still have questions. Will clones still expire? Will Waverly's hormone therapy work? Do I care? May 19, Zoe rated it really liked it. What an amazing novel! The ending was just amazing.

The storyline was also amazing. Waverly whitmore is Dahlias clone. But her life has been completely different to dahlias. After teaming up together to show the truth about Lakeview to the rest of the world, Dahlia, Trigger, Hennessy and Waverly do the unthinkable. Jul 29, Ashley rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , sci-fi.

This was actually an extremely fun read, and one that wasn't hard to follow despite being a sequel I know, I know; I have a bad habit of accidentally picking up sequels to review.

Brave New Girl (2004) HD720p

The characters are layered and have distinct personalities, the plot is intriguing and suspenseful, and the conclusion is satisfying while leaving things open-ended for the reader to fill in the blanks. My only gripe is that I wish this book were longer, as the plot seemed to go really fast and the story ended far to This was actually an extremely fun read, and one that wasn't hard to follow despite being a sequel I know, I know; I have a bad habit of accidentally picking up sequels to review.

My only gripe is that I wish this book were longer, as the plot seemed to go really fast and the story ended far too soon. Strange New World continues the story of Dahlia 16, a girl who has been raised as a clone her entire life in a place known as Lakeview. Though she has been raised her entire life to believe that her life is the norm - training to provide a useful service to society as one of 5, identicals - she has recently discovered that the world is very different from her life at Lakeview.

After escaping the prison of Lakeview, she finds herself wrapped up in drama she never expected. Enter Waverly Whitmore, an extremely famous and pampered girl who has known nothing but privilege and good fortune her entire life. What she does not know, however, is that she is not the only girl wearing her face. She quickly learns that she is actually Dahlia's clone, and that her genes were created in a lab at the request of her parents, who could not conceive a child naturally. As the two girls become friends, they quickly realize that thousands of real, breathing, feeling human beings are being raised as obedient slaves with no rights I absolutely adore fantasy and sci-fi, and this title did not disappoint.

Rather than focusing on aliens or being a classic dystopian novel, this book has an extremely interesting premise: what if we got so good at creating clones from saved DNA that we were able to replace every-day labor? What would be the consequences of replacing normal citizens with clones, and what rights should clones who are still people in every biological sense be expected to have? This book can easily spark a lot of discussions , and brings up uncomfortable issues like mind control and modern slavery. At the same time, however, the book is highly entertaining, with characters who are easy to get invested in and root for.

Speaking of the characters, I really liked the dimensions that Vincent gave each of the characters. For example, Waverly being a spoiled, rich heiress could have easily been a villainous brat. Instead, she actually grows to care for her clone, and for the issues facing clones in general. What starts as a logistical nightmare Dahlia has to pretend to be Waverly for public appearances due to a mishap involving a tattoo , becomes a platform on which Waverly begins to stand, realizing the power and influence she has over her massive audience. In the age of YouTube, I think this is an important message to spread.

And, while Waverly might get a tad whiny at times, in the end she sacrifices her popularity and good name in order to do what she knows to be morally right. I was happy to see this, along with yet another strong female friendship between Dahlia and Waverly. I also really appreciated the relationships between characters, romantic and otherwise. Hennessy and Waverly have a sweet, supportive relationship, and Trigger and Dahlia's relationship continues to develop as the novel progresses.

I also liked seeing the dynamic between Waverly and her mom; Lorna might be trying to protect the daughter she loves, but in doing so is willing to do despicable things. At the same time, you can tell she genuinely cares about keeping her family together, so her struggle is at times very sympathetic. This was a woman who risked literally everything to have a child, and I felt myself sympathizing with her even when I wanted to slap her for some of her actions.

As a random note, I also thought it was very cool that this book both showed and discussed menstruation, as not many YA books bother to do so. Because Dahlia was raised as a clone, she knows nothing of fertility and the reproductive process, so there is a scene in which she discovers her period for the first time and has no idea what it is. While I think this book is skewed more towards high school girls, very few books aimed at teen girls talk about things like periods and fertility. Waverly's struggle with hormones and fertility was also unique, as this isn't usually something girls worry about when they're still young.

Street Boys - Brave New Girl

It is, however, something that could be very important in the future, so I was pleased to see this very small addition to the plot. As I said above, my only gripe with this book is that it felt too short and rushed at times, with things developing almost too quickly for my comfort. I would've liked to see more time dedicated to Dahlia and Waverly's growing friendship, as well as a much slower unraveling to the mystery of the clones and Lakeview.

The end, while satisfying, also felt very rushed, as there were many questions I had that were left unanswered. For example, were there any legal repercussions for what the four teens did to the factory building? Does Waverly ever find a cure to both her infertility and her expiration date? How does her popularity change after the live broadcast and the information she reveals?

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What about the workers and average citizens protesting due to lack of jobs? I think there could easily be a third book exploring all of these things, but if there isn't, I'm going to be left filling in a lot of these blanks for myself. And, while this isn't always a bad thing, I would've liked to see more time devoted to tying up loose ends. As a whole, this was a very well-written and entertaining book.

As someone who hasn't read the first book, I must also say that this one was extremely forgiving, and it was easy to pick up the things I might've missed from the first book. I would still recommend reading the first book first, of course it contains all of Dahlia's backstory and how she escaped Lakeview , but it's still an easy read if you decide to jump in on book two like I did.

I would highly recommend this to fans of sci-fi, romance, or suspenseful novels, as it has all three elements in equal measure.

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The premise is interesting and explored in a fun way, and the characters feel both flawed and extremely human in their emotions and actions. I plan on reading Brave New Girl as soon as I can, and I can't wait to see what this author comes up with next! Aug 14, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: beautiful-covers , better-than-expected , dystopian , sci-fi , romance , main-with-disability. The problem with Brave New Girl were the main leads, Dahlia and Trigger, who weren't interesting enough to carry an entire book.

They even meet Waverly, one of Dahlia's clones who grew up as an individual, and their interactions were much, much more compelling to read about. Waverly was a relatable character - in terms of personality, not in terms of class - and her emotional dramatics was a fun contrast to Dahlia's reserved, rational thinking. It was interesting seeing how Waverly came to terms that she was a clone and how Dahlia and Trigger slowly came to terms that everything they were taught in Lakeview was all propaganda to keep the clones from rebelling.

My favourite interaction between them was when Waverly showed Dahlia her engagement ring and Waverly asked Dahlia if Trigger ever gifted her anything. Dahlia replied that Trigger gave her a peanut and a carrot and Waverly was so confused because she didn't know if that was a clone thing, or if that was something that Dahlia and Trigger did, but she tried so hard to be encouraging and nice about it. It was a cute and un intentionally funny moment. Even Dahlia and Trigger's romance seemed to make more sense in this world. In Brave New Girl, the romance developed very quickly and without much chemistry between the two characters.

However, in Strange New World, Dahlia and Trigger are thrust into this completely foreign world that they aren't used to. Now they have to depend on each other to survive and deal with the untrustworthy people in it that could sell them back to the Administrator. Waverly's mom tries especially hard to keep Dahlia and Trigger apart in order to gain the upper hand so the desperation they feel for each other is more justified. All of the moments where they were grasping at each other or passionately kissing each other seemed more realistic because that moment of intimacy could have been their last.

I even thought Trigger was a more appealing love interest in this book.


Strange New World is a book that made me think, but I also don't think it's as smart as it wants to be. This story touched on a lot of philosophical topics: citizenship and the precarious ways that it can be taken away, the excuses made by the elite to maintain slave labour, the perils of capitalist society, and much more. For example, I thought it was horrifying that most clones were designed to die by the age of 28 so clone factories could sell more product within a shorter timespan, rather than having clones live a full lifespan and making the factories less capital. That's already a terrifying concept but then the point hit even harder through Waverly's character.

She's getting married to the love of her life and now she's realized that if they started a family, she would die before she could see her children grow up. But the book chose to focus on the weirdest things. Throughout the book, Waverly and her mom made such a big deal about how clones are infertile so she would never be able to become pregnant and carry a biological child.

Page was especially bad for this because it kept emphasizing on how "normal" women had breasts and were fertile. I thought this constant theme in the book of so-called "real" women having breasts and carrying pregnancies to term were pretty invalidating. Some women are flat-chested. Some women have difficulties conceiving, or can't at all. But this doesn't take away from their womanhood. I thought it was an odd choice to focus so heavily on this when the characters also discovered that they weren't going to live passed the age of This became a more important storyline in the end, but so much of the book focused on Waverly's infertility DESPITE a very touching scene where Hennessey, Waverly's fiance, told her that they didn't have to have biological children to be a family.

They could always adopt. I didn't know where to put this point but I also liked how Waverly's mom, Lorna Whitmore, wasn't really the antagonist. Yes, she did blackmail Dahlia into donating her cells to help with Waverly's medical problems, and she sentenced Trigger to solitary confinement for over a week. Those are inexcusable things. Lorna Whitmore was such an interesting, grey character.

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The ending was a little rushed. Waverly, Hennessey, Dahlia, and Trigger all get ambushed by the Administrator and her soldiers when other law enforcement officers intervene. Trigger holds onto Dahlia, declaring about how they were finally safe, and then it immediately cuts to an epilogue.

I wanted the book to give more time for the characters to feel relief and know that their efforts in exposing the clone factories were successful. The epilogue met my expectations in the way that it tied up loose ends about the ongoing politics surrounding the non acceptance of clones, but also gave hope for their future as well. I genuinely liked the characters, the setting, and the overall pacing of the story. This is actually the second sequel that I've read in which I gave the first book a low rating, yet gave the sequel a much higher rating.

Jun 09, Maxine Livingstone rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult-romance , borrowed-from-library. So once I finished with book 1 I immediately started in this one. We find out that Dahlia's identical that she meets on the outside after she escapes her "home" is actually her clone. Dahlia is in fact the prototype for her identical that was created. She was meant to be born to two parents but the wrong embryo was sent in she was raised with the other identical.

I love the growth rate of Dahlia's character. She wasn't the type of damsel in distress to sit around and wait to be saved. She truly So once I finished with book 1 I immediately started in this one. She truly dominated in this book with help in planning on how to save her "sisters" and trying to figure how to bring an end to the corruption of the soviet and create another new world order for the clones. With the help of friends as well as the boy she loves she is able to complete her mission and bring about an awareness to society of the truth of what was actually happening.

I was always thinking is this it. Is this when something happens and everything that Dahlia is working so hard to achieve will finally crumble just from one fatal mistake on her part. Will she finally be captured and euthanized. This was journey that I was happy to read.

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Yes i did finish this book in one day. Of course there is a happy ending and there is a reunion of sorts. However, I'm going stop here. If you are reading my review and have not read this book then you should do so. I actually came home from work this morning, started reading and could not go to sleep because of how invested I was in Dahlia's journey. Nov 25, Elle rated it it was amazing. The story kicks off by meeting Waverly, Dahlia 16's last living clone. Dahlia 16 and Trigger 17 had tricked Waverly's fiance into getting them out of the administrator's clutches.

They had barely escaped with their lives. When they come face to face with Waverly, they are not surprised, for the geneticist who designed them had already told Trigger and Dahlia the situation. This was news to Waverly and she was horrified that clones could've been walking around with her face.

Clones in Mountainside and the rest of the world are treated like slaves, and the clones are usually in a mental fog, not really thinking for themselves. But in Lakeview, the place where Dahlia and all other clones grow up,they are taught they will serve their own city with effectiveness and productivity. They have no idea they are sold as manufactured slaves.

Waverly's mother has plans for Dahlia to benefit her daughter, but things might get complicated. I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars because it was suspenseful, and whenever you stopped reading, the book left you wanting more. Dec 02, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: binged , dystopian , science-fiction , ya , adventure.

The first one was OK, but this one has better characters, a stronger plot line, and a much more accessible and understandable setting than the first. I think that many readers will enjoy this conclusion to the story and be satisfied with how it all wraps up. The romance is pretty tame and there are NO love triangles, which is a good thing for some readers who are over that trope in dystopian novels. Told in dual perspectives, this is the story of Dahlia 16 after she has escaped the Lakeview compound and her unknown identical Waverly Whitmore, the "people's princess" of Mountainside. Once Waverly accepts the truth, that she is a clone, and that the lies they have been told about clones abilities and capabilities aren't true, she realizes she has to help Dahlia.

But if those in Mountainside learn that she is a clone, everything will be ruined. Because clones aren't treated as people-they can't get married, they can't make decisions, and they can't have children. And since Waverly is a reality star, she has to keep Dahlia off camera as much as possible until they figure out what to do. Recommended for those who have patrons interested in science fiction and dystopian novels. Another great one by Rachel Vincent! Totally not surprising. I'm typically not a huge fan of duologies, but Rachel has an incredible talent for pacing her stories correctly, so it was fine with me for this series.