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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Twenty-one minutes exactly of rich bliss music. A small quiet storm of sound. Da ascoltare e da avere.

Il potere della Seduzione

As its title suggests, Blue. The slow-motion unfurl could mislead the inattentive listener into hearing the piece as a static entity, whereas, in fact, changes occur throughout, such as subtle modulations in volume and intensity, but with such careful calibration they could be overlooked.

In short, the material breathes in a becalmed manner reminiscent of the slowed breathing patterns associated with sleep. Befitting the concept, the work is immersive and meditative, its mood conducive to that time of day when melancholic reflection comes naturally to the average working soul. But this piece, by LA-based sound-artist Yann Novak, is pretty classy.

Hour is presented here in a darkened room with 4 channels of sound paired with a large scale video projection. You may fall asleep with this disc, just put it on repeat. His art and experiments are largely devoted to sound spatialization and process music. Consequently he has contributed to numerous installations to various galleries and museums of modern art all around the world in the field of sonic arts.

Derniers numéros

His musical signature is particularly interesting and positively challenging. Naturally his complex textural experimentations fit perfectly with the catalog of Farmacia a label created by the musician Fabio Perletta to promote what we can distinctively consider to be the pinnacle of nowadays abstract electronic minimalist music.

Musically speaking Blue. Hour frankly operates on the territories of sonic ambient music, approaching such a luminous fusion between meticulously done timbral experimentations and poetically moving sound references. Emotion, simplicity and tonal refinement are driving strengths behind the creation of this album. The processing method which controls the sonic events trough time is focused on micro-variations, movement patterns and sound spectrality. A meditatively beautiful and subtly introspective album which reveals the fundamental structures of time through melodious, static and dynamic ambient motives.

A calmly enveloping musical elevation which is highly recommended. Yann Novak specializes in calm sounds. Here he continues onward down the path between the field recording and the gentle drone. This is a translucent sound.

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While every piece appears to be tangible the insects, the noise, and the environment it remains somewhat mysterious. Exactly where Yann is does not matter in terms of sound. Rather what Yann does is the amazing part. By having the created sound match the organic and having the organic sound match the created; Yann Novak has each side reinforce the other. Gently the environmental sounds filter in deeper and fuller. What is initially believed to be the sound of thunder is in fact the low end of the drone. It never gets louder than that. Deep within the recesses of the sound is even a melody.

This is the sort of melody that has no specific origin. Before the melody hovers gently up it feels like that sound had always been there.

Yann simply turned up the volume on the quiet sounds. Here in this environment he celebrates the quiet sounds that are often drowned out by nearly everything else. Slowly he takes the deeper registers of sound and slowly removes them layer by layer. By the very end of the track it sounds reminiscent of evaporation. Catalani, R. De Filippis eds. Musco et al. Plurality of Philosophies in the Middle Ages, 3 vols. II, tome 1: Comunicazioni. Kappler, S. Caroli ed. Alano di Lilla. Review by C. Colomba, Medioevo Latino 34 , 17 n. Vasiliu, A.

Maria Burnett Italian-English literary translator

Galonnier eds. Review by R. Angelini, Medioevo Latino 28 , 22 n. Alano di Lilla, Viaggio della Saggezza. Anticlaudianus, Discorso sulla sfera intelligibile, a cura di C.

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Chiurco, Machina Philosophorum. Review by A. Poppi, Studia Patavina Gamberini, Medioevo Latino 26 , 23 n. Bompiani, Milano Other entries: Altruism vol. Chiurco, I.

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Sciuto eds. Other publications comparative philosophy : 1. Zanardo ed. Abelardo, Grandangolo 19 Corriere della Sera, Milano , pp. Participation to the theatre show-cum-conference Nazionalpopolare. Minimal wear. Your purchase also supports literacy charities. Brossura editoriale illustrata pagine Firma di vecchio proprietario. Soft Cover. L'Arte di Piacere e di Piacersi. Segrate ; ril. In un viaggio affascinante tra arte natura e comportamenti sociali ma anche cinema letteratura scoperte scientifiche e testimonianze di vita vissuta Pasini analizza con grande attenzione le luci e le ombre della seduzione.

Libro Co. Bon Etat. Very Good. Soft cover. Texte Francais Couverture Souple. Bon Etat car micropliure de couverture. Used - Acceptable.