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Not only do you need to be a few dollars if you want another Hero now you have to buy towers as well.. But my very first thoughts before I even played my first stage was how baffling it was to have to pay SO much money if you want all the towers other than the ones they give you. It pains me to see such a game with so much potential be reduced to this.

The game is genuinely polished and well made, the care that this studio takes to make mobile games is apparent in this one just like in all on their titles. The thing that really makes me happy about this game is the pay structure. In an era of game developers trying to relentlessly cram monetization down our throats, ironhide does it super well. You can buy everything with real money, including new towers, but what you can buy does not overshadow what you unlock by playing and I felt like they showed me respect while adding more monetization to the game.

Awesome game, this studio is the golden goose of mobile games as of now. The gameplay is there, the great art is there It has fewer Easter eggs on the stages, which are generally more static and less interesting overall compared to Origins, Frontiers, etc. The enemy paths also seem less inventive - with fewer mid-level surprises are there any? The different upgrade system makes doing other level modes kinda pointless, except to buy one-use items in the shop.

I dunno This is the first game in the series that simply feels like a rehash - and less like a loving effort. Ironhide simply set the bar too high for themselves on past games for this one to get five stars. The Kingdom Rush series of games have all been excellent and Rush: Vengeance is no different. All around amazing game and I'm always looking forward to new additions to the games and the series itself.. As a dedicated veteran of the series I find this game very fun and engaging and would recommend it to anyone who's teetering on the line of whether they want to buy this game or not.

They're not necessarily needed to excel in the game but they're nice additions to anyone's load out into a level. That is my only gripe of the game, so if you guys could put in some way to attain these towers in game or, lower the actual monetary price of the towers themselves. I have all the kingdom rush games and iron marines which I all loved playing, however this newest installment is different by paying for towers I was completely fine that you had to pay for heroes since it did not majorly affect the gameplay, and it was still do-able with the free heroes.

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I really love you creators but when I saw in-game that you made towers an in-app purchase, it just made me sad ;. Also I checked the in-app purchases on this game on itunes and it doesnt even include purchase costs of towers nor does it list them. First off I just want to say this game is a huge improvement over origins and is tons of fun. However, I noticed some quality of life was removed and was kind of disappointed. First off, where are the multiple save files? One thing I liked about the previous games is that I could try to complete the campaign with some challenges in mind, such as beating the game with no star upgrades.

It was reassuring to do this knowing my main save file was still there. Secondly, what happened to the encyclopedia? In previous games, I liked to read the many bios on the enemies. Add these two things back into the game and my review will become 5 stars. I played through the whole campaign and the addition of tower loadouts make this game feel fresh and new. The idea of playing as the bad guys for once is awesome, though I do hope that sometime in the future we can play as the attackers instead of the defenders. The heroes are awesome, and the towers all feel unique.

This has been the case for the other entries in this series. Great job once again guys. Most games have a pay wall or you have to subscribe to pay. But this game is just that, a full game, with an awesome campaign. I fully support this developer because all of the kingdom rush games are amazing.

Plus, they are whole lot cheaper than other less quality games out in the mobile world. Also this game uses the pro motion feature and plays at 60 FPS, so buttery smooth. Thanks Ironhide, keep it up, I love your content. I have bought all the Kingdom Rush games because they are good fun and my 6 year old likes playing them with me. This one is not different. It was fun to play. I liked the twist that you were playing the bad guy.

Overall, it was fun. What I did not like was the lack of ability to have multiple different games going at one time. In the past versions you could have three games going at once. This allowed me to play my own game, my son to play his own game, and one joint game. I can live without that, although it did bum me out. The lack of additional campaigns and quests after you finish the main game is a real bummer and why I dropped the rating to three stars.

In the last versions there were additional campaigns you could play. Those were a lot of fun and are missing from this version. But losing the additional campaigns is a blow. Seriously bummed out by that. I have played hundreds of hours of the Kingdom Rush games the first 3.

Towers no longer have dual conversions, so you,re stuck with a single tower to upgrade. Instead, we have more towers to choose from the good ones are behind a disgusting pay wall , but they must be selected before the match begins. It appears that we have more towers to use, but in reality, we have less options during gameplay. Enemies no longer stand out individually, but rather tend to all blend in together according to their class.

In previous installments, enemies stood out. Maps are OK, but not fun enough to replay. No endless versions of a single map all maps should have an endless mode at this point in game development. This is a thing, I guess. Vengeance is familiar but different. But the UI aesthetic seems to have taken a cue from the current crop of free to play games.

But it kind of looks a little like one now. You can buy towers now. I guess? This game was an absolute blast from start to finish. I purchased the premium towers at the beginning with the discount because these are truly worthy developers of some excellent games. I think it needs an endless mode or three and possibly daily challenges with special rewards. I think it would be neat if you could swap out abilities like the goonies or green fire rain for different abilities like how you can with the heroes. And more free heroes. Special missions that unlock after the main ones like in kr frontiers would be nice also.

In conclusion the only thing keeping this game from truly accomplishing greatness is replay value.

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That is a quite difficult thing to request of these developers but it would really be awesome. TLDR: An uninspired cash grab that seems like it was rushed without much thought on value. Game mechanics are not as well thought out as previous games. Fun while it lasted but replay value is low. I own every KingdomRush and Iron Marines by Ironside; this is by far the quickest play both in terms of challenge yes I played on hardest difficulty and content.

The heroes are ok, though some of their mechanics are copied from previous games heroes. The third hero to unlock seems like a throw away and underpowered. Previous games have endless challenges and other special stages. There are none of these in the game. The developer tries to throw some map challenges the 6 and 1 elite waves at you using the pay for towers to tease you into buying them.

I really enjoy it, and I have no problems with it at all. I was thinking the other day, about a little twist you could put in the game. I thought it would be a little more fitting with the plot as the player being the bad guys raiding the good guys. I thought about the player being the one sending the troops and trying to get past the defenses.

It could be fun, and add a little twist to the gameplay. You could add it as a mini game, or even as a game mode that you could switch to in the settings. Just a fun suggestion. Developers, I hope you read and consider this, because it could be very fun. But overall, this is an amazing game and keep it up! The game is very fun, but the progression feels a bit lacking. The upgrade tree for towers is smaller than previous games and you will most likely have it completed before you finish the game. For me this is an issue because in previous titles I loved going back on the harder difficulties to earn more stars and continue to put points into my tower skills.

There really is no reason here to go back and replay on a harder difficulty. My final complaint is that for 5 dollars the game seems rather short. I inadvertently played Kingdom Rush I when it came out, and have been addicted to the series since then. Applause to Ironhide. I truly hope to continue playing your game in many years to come. We all hate ads right? The fact that there are no ads and people are complaining about in app purchases is kinda annoying. Playing as the enemy and seeing it from the enemy's perspective from the original game is pretty creative.

The game is challenging and keeps you hooked, not in an hour's at a time hooked but play a couple levels here, do something else and then continue playing. It is definitely a learning game that is very much worth the time you put in!

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I very much enjoy this game and haven't put this much time in a game since I was younger! I would pay 5 dollars for few mobile games. But as soon as I saw that this was coming out, I knew I would get it on the first day. Definitely recommend this game!!! Thank you guys. Just in time for the holidays. You guys are truly a great game developer. Your games look like amazing works of art, with Easter eggs and references to pop culture that rock.

As an old gamer I have always enjoyed tower defense games and your titles are super fun with tons of replay value. In an era where almost all games on phones are just black holes for money, I love that you keep coming up with creative titles. This is another great one and a good evolution of past games. The upgrade system is really improved, and heroes have variances that are enjoyable. The prices for the unique towers is a little steep but overall the game is another solid title.

Great QA and Unit Testing during development, you can tell right away! Happy Holidays! Some were boring and the special abilities were boring, which the other games never had a problem with. Regardless, I love these games so much. I have deleted every critical review I had about this game. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Other than that I found no flaws.

Like all the previous versions of this title, I love this game! First of all I live that I can pay a little more for the entire game and not have to micro transaction my way through the content - thank you, thank you Ironside for using this pay to play model! Second, the structure and game play mechanisms are easy, but scalable, repeatable, and variable for hours of challenging entertainment I sound like a commercial, I know, but this is what a game is SUPPOSED to be! Art and animations are great; storyline is fun and relates to the previous versions; and all the achievements and side references to pop geek culture are icing on an awesome cake!

Yes, every sentence in this review ends with an exclamation point I have all of the kingdom rush games and have been a long time fan of the series. I remembered the first kingdom rush back in and I truly admire how you guys have kept your brand integrity. Even in the midst of all the pay to play schemes and loot box gaming, you still find ways to make the game play extremely entertaining and fun! I gladly spent 25 bucks to unlock all towers and heroes because you guys truly deserve it.

I am 31 years old now and don't play much games but this is truly amazing. I strive to unlock every achievement and truly enjoy the small little games like whack a mole. Graphics are so detailed and just beautiful. Thank you guys so much for not losing out to the industry but instead kept the standards high on what it means to have an awesome gaming experience!

Everything about Vengeance is just good enough. Not excellent, not great, just good enough. All the things you come to expect from Kingdom Rush are there but mostly undercooked. Ideas are short, stages are a little less creative, it's like they released version 0. I don't mind if they want to make it easy for new players but you have a difficulty called "impossible", locked for only when you've completed the game. Yet this difficulty is easily passable often on your first try. That was their time to get some longevity out of the game but overall it feels like nobody play tested this very much.

The challenge is not there so any sense of engagement is gone, it just starts to feel like a mindless grind. Looking forward to some updates that fix this, but as of right now the game feels finished but not polished. Message to the developers, if you're going to call it impossible, go all out.

Make it challenging.

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As it is some stages feel finished and others feel like filler. Overall, disappointing but only because you've set the standard so high on the other games. My only complaint right now with the game is that 5 of the 11 towers cost money to play with, and 6 of the 9 heroes too. Overall, good job Ironhide. Expecting, to see Kingdom Rush 5 in the next 3 years maybe cover dwarves?

So many great things to mention about the fourth installment in the series - the numbers of new towers, the stage design, the cool enemies, the sweet heroes. I played this out in about one night and had a blast, then I got the premium content and had another blast. I only have three small qualms with the game: one is, I miss seeing the numerical statistics for the heroes - the stats in this game reflect the stat system in the very first game, simple bats to measure strength of attribute.

The second is, there is no reward for playing on a higher level of difficulty, or for playing the heroic and iron stages. In previous games, these stages awarded stars, and there was a stamp for each level of difficulty conquered. The third is, there is no enemy or tower encyclopedia to help with strategic planning or general reference. Do these things affect the gameplay? Maybe a little bit, but the game was enjoyable without them. I just think reconsidering these choices would improve on an already excellent game. Kudos to Ironhide, they you are my favorite game developers and I will fully support any of their future endeavors.

The sound is amazing and the action from previous games is back. And you either have to adapt or perish. They also added the choice to pick your towers. So it adds a bit of strategy to the maps. Some towers are more suited for certain maps. They did get rid of the endless wave which is a bummer. I really enjoyed it. And IAPs are not needed Love the game so far, the gameplay and art is great as usual. I, however, spotted a couple bugs with the game so far. Firstly, in the first level in the North, when you tap on the horn hut, the little person runs out and yells some stuff at you, but if you tap it again, the sound of the person yelling plays but there is no animation.

Secondly, when you upgrade your orc warriors to level 4 and then buy the upgrade that increases their attack, right when you buy the upgrade, their attack in the tower stats will change, but if you tap on the tower again, the attack says what it was before the upgrade. Hope someone reads this so that these can be fixed.

Provides the same kind of gameplay and fun we enjoyed with the first three installments, so if you liked those you'll enjoy this one. I have two complaints, so I subtracted one star for each. First, veteran mode is waaaay too easy. I flew through the game in two or three sittings getting three stars on each level.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the other games was getting stuck and trying to find the winning strategy. I think the creators were busy finding other ways to squeeze in paid content which is my second complaint and forgot to polish the actual components of the game itself.

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There are tons of extra towers you can use if you want to throw the creators some more money because paying for and outright owning a game is just history now apparently. In that aspect it feels like your just fighting random enemies and not eradicating humans to exact your vengeance. Overall you should play it. It is really fun to play it now. I love this game!!! No side mission or survival games like in the other 3. All I ask is for more free towers and heroes and more content.

This game really brings all the kingdom rush charm and fun! The towers are all really versatile and if used right can be very lethal. One draw back I found was that some of the towers are stuck behind a pay wall but you dont really need to buy the towers to beat the game and have fun. However I did purchase the towers and they are very fun to use so if you have some extra cash they are definitely worth it! The heros play well and are fun to use and you can defined get buy with the base heros.

As for future updates? Please bring back the endless levels! Having an endless mode for each region in the game would make this game so much better! All in all, this game is super fun and worth the money. Then you get to this and it just blows the old games out of the water. Custom towers. More than just your standard 4. Gives you so much replay that you will be here wanting to see each towers upgrade and power. Then there are the multiple powers that you can use as well bottom left it just game me the idea for your guys next game. You should make it to where you can combine towers to create new type.

Sniper mages, Warrior mages, warrior archer, etc. Keep up the great work and content. See you guys in the next addition. If you like tower defense games this is the one for you. The developers that create these make the games better and more creative with each iteration. The graphics are a wonder to look at, the pop culture references are a hoot, and there is a good balance between free content and paid.

Even though the game can be completed relatively quickly by an experienced gamer there is enough content to allow users to switch to different characters and towers in order to try different play styles and strategies. The achievements encourage players to reach a variety of goals and to look for cleverly hidden Easter eggs. Fantastic job, Ironhide Studios! More, please! I have been playing every Iron-fist game since the beginning with the first Kingdom Rush.

Always loved them. Was very excited to see this reverse roll with the bad guys, loved that you added all the different towers, spent money and bought all of them. Spent money and bought all heros. Only giving 4 stars for one reason this one is way to short and not epic like all the others. I finished this in two days where the other Kingdom Rush and Iron Marines it took over 2 weeks to finish. I can give this review confidently having bought all of the towers and heros they will let me.

This game is fantastic, and as someone who has been in love with this series sense the first one was released on armor games i feel like this is another home run in terms of game design. The levels feel good and challenging, and im looking forward to playing through on impossible after beating it on veteran this week. My big complaint is the money. This game costs five dollars to download, but has in game non essential but also non cosmetic gameplay affecting purchases that you can make, thus the full game is not in my opinion five dollars, but and this is with the sale for new downloaders thirty five dollars.

For a mobile game this is not normal and is really pushing it. I would not be mad if, like some of the free heros and towers, the bonus content was unlockable via in game action. Tldr: the in game purchases are relevant even tho they are not essential, which is a turn off, as is the price tag if you buy all the purchasable content ontop of the app itself. The gameplay is however worth the five dollar download cost.

They seriously never stop getting better and I already cannot wait for the next one. The ONLY gripe I can say about it is that as an aspiring voice actor, I do not understand why some of the voices are intentionally annoying. Awesome game. You guys never fail to surprise me. Only thing is Mortemis is pretty weak all around and his range attacks do not do much as they should because he is a ranged magic HERO and not some sidelined soldier. Even if you could make him move faster or teleport and leave 1 zombie behind in that area for a short while that would really help.

When I first played the original Kingdom Rush all of those years ago, it stood out to me as the best tower defense game I had ever played. Enter Vengeance. Similarly, the excellent art style, attention to detail, and hidden joys in each level continue to be a delight. The ones that come with the game are enough. Yeah, it probably sounds sad that I completed the game on the second day of release. But it was one of the best tower defense games along with all the other games.

This game was a good challenge and gave so much more variety than all the other games. Hopefully they add bonus levels after you complete the campaign like the other games. Keep it up Ironhide! This game is amazing! Hello to all who read this, I had bought the game around December, and had also purchased the Hero and Tower bundles as I thought they would spice up the game, and they did. After about a month of playing, someone had deleted the game off my phone, but after I re-downloaded the game, all my In-App purchases were gone. I really love the whole series by far one of the best series of tower defense games in the whole genre.

I bought all of the content when they were on sale and I got a new phone but all of my content and progress was deleted. The progress not too worried about but I could never get my purchased content back at all and tried to send multiple emails explaining my problem but never got any responses or help. All I wanna say is if iron hide make the towers similar to the old kingdom rush it would be much more successful.

Hello all! The game implements so much strategy between choosing heroes and towers, unlimited amount of combinations! Powers are super fun and change depending on hero as well. Now I want to tackle the ugly parts Heroes: I believe the developers should add 2 more free to play heroes because the 3 that are currently implemented, while fun, get old and not as useful. However the designs and the ideas are amazing. Also both towers and heroes are extremely overpriced.

Every game that came out after that was just as impressive as much it was entertaining. The level design flows well and the animations are funny and creative. The towers you can create in this game all introduce a new way you can approach a level. The only thing i wish you could do was zoom in more!!! Overall I love the Kingdom Rush games and I want them to never stop. I really enjoy the Kingdom Rush series and I like the creative angle of this game. I sincerely wish they would have kept the same dynamic as the other games and allowed multiple upgrade paths.

Additionally I would have wanted more heroes to choose from. I was hoping for maybe a dark knight type hero, honestly I was expecting greater variety for heroes as well, as there are so many angles for dark themed heroes. Overall this is another solid game by this developer. Unfortunately there are two major flaws with this game. Way to few boards with low replay value.

Looks like developer just got lazy or needed money so they published quickly. The amount of in game purchases really should have made this game a freemium game instead of a purchased game. Again contributing to the appearance that the development shop needed the money. If you enjoy the game as much as I have and want to support the devs, you can always purchase the extras that add some extra fun and chaos to the game.

Definitely worth it IMO. The Mrs. She started playing them non-stop in her free time once she gave them a try Highly recommend as the scalability in difficulty has something for everyone! Ironhide really presents a polished gaming experience with their Kingdom Rush games. Exceptional tower defense, with outstanding graphics and easy interface. This game, like other Kingdom Rush titles, is accessible for those new to the genre, but requires real strategy to defeat all challenges.

Great game, well worth the purchase. Another amazing game by Ironhide, no doubt there. My problem, and the reason for the 3 star rating, is the added in app purchases. I thought I bought the game, not a limited version of the game. Why must I have my intelligence insulted with a game that has an upfront price AND micro transactions? I thought maybe Ironhide had learned their lesson and grown up some but I was wrong. I believe they could mature some and not insult their customers, but I do not believe they will. You sold your souls to the dollar, Ironhide. I hope it was worth it.

However, after paying five dollars for this app you would expect it to be the best quality. I was playing one of the hardest levels and about to win before it glitched, the app closed, and I lost my progress on that level. My message to the developers, if you are going to charge people a pretty hefty amount of money for a game, you need to make sure it is good quality. The irony is I had just updated it and the new update said it was to fix bugs and glitches. I think you guys missed a few. Love the new idea with selecting 5 different towers but the previous game had splits after the 3rd upgrade which was awesome.

I wish they still had the splits even while selecting 5 towers. I think the hero selection is good and hope to see more with updates. I also hope to see more towers whether they come from progressing through the campaign or from completing achievements. Obviously nitpicking but the game is awesome anyway.

Kingdom Rush has always been a series that once I see a new game, I click and buy, simple as that. This one was no exception and was a blast to play. The developers continue to create quality content and keep me engaged, leaving me wanting more after the last stage. Heroes have always cost money but then towers also became purchasable which left me feeling a bit annoyed.

Personally I love this game more than the other three combined. It has that tower customization thing a while new feel and I love it. The guide that had all the towers and enemies. That was always useful and fun to use. But I found that vengeance does not include it. That would be great thanks. I just want to thank all of you at Ironhide games for all the hours spent playing and losing your games. I could never imagine a world without kingdom rush. Thanks for everything.

Hope you make more kingdom rush games. Second, those annoying paragons that come out take way to long to beat, and most of my towers are magic or harassers. Third, the paragons take only 7 seconds to respawn in just to murder the arch demon. Otherwise, very great game and deserves 5 stars. I have enjoyed all the Kingdom Rush games and this one is equally fun to play. I am midway through the game and the progression seems to have just about the perfect level of challenge. Of course the graphics and sounds are great and there are plenty of clever touches in every level.

I am using just the standard towers and the first hero to play. I do want Ironhide to keep making these quality games and I have no problem supporting their efforts. Definitely the worst of the Kingdom Rush games. But there are a few new implementations that really change the overall flexible and fun-loving experience. The use of a single towers for every level and removing rewards for accomplishing challenging levels. They also really need to include a speed-up option for every level of the franchise.

Also the final level of the castle should be included in the final challenges- since they were among the more enjoyable levels. Note: the blazing gem towers are OP and the witch towers are boring and should include a second hovering witch.. Great game worth the initial price. Charging for the extra towers leaves a bad taste in my mouth though. I get charging for heroes, but towers is pushing it too far. That said, to be fair, none of those towers are necessary to beat the game, nor are gem purchases. This one is actually pretty easy compared the the original three games.

I never use soldier towers and I do my own challenge I call a one tower challenger where I only try to use one tower type. I have played every single kingdom rush game multiple times and have loved every single one. When I heard this one was coming out I pre-ordered it that second and have been playing it a ton since I got it.

Besides that I really do love the game, but just wish I could use all of the amazing features as I am not going to spend that much on DLC for a game on my phone. I do think this game was awesome, as every kingdom rush game is. Imagine playing as the pirates, or the lizard things! Though it would be awesome, I do understand since this game is based on the first game, and it was a different boss then frontiers. But it was a hella fun game. I have bought, played, and thoroughly enjoyed all of the Kingdom Rush games, and Vengeance is a fantastic sequel.

It has everything good about the previous games, and the new features e. It would be nice if my kids and I could each have our own separate games saved. I preordered. Just finished several stages, the old fun is back. Thanks Ironhide. Update: Sadly, I have to reduce rating to three stars after I finished 7 stages. The maps are unnecessarily complicated, almost everyone has two exits. This of course makes the game more strategic, but at same time causes a problem, you have to put a tower on every spot, and at the end you only have money to upgrade one or two towers to fourth level, and no money to active the specialties.

Even you have money to do so, it is already the last wave. What a shame, i have not even seen any maxed tower yet. After seven stages and I already lost my interest. Going back to Origins and Frontiers. Update: Ok, after several more stages, I raise the rating to four stars, later stages are more fun, and finally I got maxed towers. Still a great game, but still somehow it is just not as fun as Origins and Frontiers. This game takes its monetization practices even further however by blocking towers behind a paywall, towers being something core to the game itself, it is called a tower defense game.

I was expecting something more than just playing as the bad guys: play good or evil, co-op mode, etc. ALSO a lot of content that you have to pay for. That cash grab attitude is not okay and ultimately takes away from the integrity of the game. But these are all things that can be fixed with future updates and I look forward to improvements down the road. This is by far the best kingdom rush to date.

The developers brought a different twist to Vengeance with a handful of different towers at your disposal. Each tower has its own upgrade path with its own unique skill set. I have only played an hour or two but this Kingdom Rush brings the classic games back with a new twist and I am loving it so far! This one was particularly difficult and it was clear that the team had put in plenty of effort creatively in order to make the game last longer and also allow various combinations of tower lineups.

However, it only took me a little while to finish the game. I really do hope that with the steep price for the game, Ironhide will release more content for the game perhaps more areas to explore and conquer soon to keep the game moving and progress. The Kingdom Rush series is one of my all time favorites. This new game delivers perfect game play and new concepts. I'll give it Five stars even though it didn't give enough Bonus levels like the other games. Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a great game and I seriously consider purchasing this Game.

Hands down to the best tower defend game there is. Ironhide keep up their good reputation with buy and play games, not the pay to win kind which we have so many nowaday in mobile gaming. And as for you Iron Hide, keep this up and i will purchase more as long as it not pay to win. It's fun so stop bugging me to review it. Minus 1 star for the annoying review spam while trying to play. These game developers are basically "hacking" people's minds to get more money out of people for their games. That's why I generally avoid free-to-play style games. This is a great game but it could have some more to it.

This game is also good for its jokes from moes bar in the simpsons and other thing like that. Ah ha ha ha ha. Oh my goodness. This is the Kingdom Rush game I always dreamed about but never really expected them to make. This game is deeply satisfying, including a ton of new and awesome features, such as interchangeable towers and a simplified and improved ability upgrade system. The story is great, the enemies are fun, and, lets face it, it is awesome to be able to play as the villain, to rain down the arcane fire and watch your enemies burn as you laugh and raise a flag over their corpses.

It almost hurts me to give a Kingdom Rush game 3 stars. But sadly, the day has come, as some of us predicted it would. Kingdom Rush has finally stepped into major monetization territory, and is no longer the series most of us know and love. First of all, the towers. The previous two games were a step into the wrong direction but this one has gone too far. This game feels like a modern cash grab. Along with the towers, gems are a thing still.

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And yes, you still have to purchase them if you want more than like 1, The towers, enemies, and heroes all feel so.. The enemies are basically a port of previous games, and so are towers with a few exceptions. Is there anything good about it? Well, yes. It may have stepped away from the originals in more unimportant ways, but it still feels like a Kingdom Rush game. My message to the creators: Most of us want a return to form, meaning a Kingdom Rush game with more interesting characters and less monetary aspects.

The third entry into the series was great solely because it checked both of these boxes. Anyway, my final take on this game is, meh Also, adding to the negative parts of this review, there are some scrolling bugs and other things that need fixing, but the game is mostly enjoyable for what it is.

One last thing: this game looks incredible. It is simply beautiful. The game itself is amazing! However, only 3 heroes and a handful of towers, then you have to pay cash for the rest. If I pause a level and leave the app to come back an hour later it erases my progress. Pretty simple and it needs to be fixed. This game could have been so good, and it is, however the DLC ruined it. The basic towers that you get are acceptable and preform but to unlock the really fun ones, you have to pay upwards of dollars for them. The level design and gameplay is great but, personally, the purchasable towers and expensive heroes ruined the game.

So overall, I feel ironhide took a step down in this game, while the gameplay is as fun and enriching as their other games, the pay-to-win strategy tarnishes the once flawless reputation of Ironhides games. I always wanted the dragons even before this but never wanted to purchase it. Add a restore purchase feature such as you had done in your previous games such as KingdomRush, Origins, and Frontiers.

Was a lot of fun, but the campaign felt a lot shorter than previous games. I was a little let down when I finished, beating it in pretty much one day. The gameplay is great, the new stuff changes up how you play it in a good way, I just hope they add more stuff. Great game! An samu f…. Hits guda 15 a jere da Rajesh khanna yayi. Bollywood's All Time Grossers. A kwanakin baya nayi rubutu akan cewar Amir Khan ya doke dukkan wani jarimi wajen aje tarihi a bollywood. A wancan karon na kawo films 16 Wanda babu kamarsu wajen aje tarihin kudaden da suka kawo.

Amma sai wasu suka gaza fahimtar abinda nake nufi. Ga jerin finafinan da suka Fi kawo kudi tun daga har zuwa Bayan na kawo su sai in yi bayani Dan kowa ya fahimta. Movies Year DC.

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Footfalls of Shah Rukh Khan Films A lokacin shine biggest star na biyu bayan sunny deol. Kamar yadda wani abokin chunky pandey yake cewa "some stage at baazigar and darr time you knew he was there at the top. List of Bollywood Blockbusters Year Wise List of Bollywood Blockbusters Year Wise 1. Dabangg 2. Golmaal 3 1. Bodyguard 2. Ready 1. Ek Tha Tiger 2. Dabangg 2 3. Rowdy Rathore 1. Dhoom 3 2. Chennai Express 3.


Krrish 3 4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 5. Aashiqui 2 1. Kick 1. Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2. Tanu Weds Manu Returns 1. Dangal 2. Sultan 1. Tiger Zinda Hai 2. Golmaal Again 1. Sanju 2. Padmaavat 3. Simmba 4. Baaghi 2 5. Badhaai Ho 6. Footfalls of Aamir Khan Films Footfalls of Salman Khan Films By Haiman Khan Raees January 13, A binciken dana gudanar a wata cibiyar kiwon lafiya dake a Cairo ta kasar Egypt na tabbatarda cewa kamin Namiji ya iya gamsarda matarshi a lokacin saduwa to ana bukatar a kalla zakarinsa yakai tsawon inci 5 kOh 6 6 ince long domin idan bai kai ba to da wahala zakarin ya iya kaiwa ga wani wuri da ake kira da 'G-spot' wanda shine ke matukar samarda jin dadi ga mace harda kai ga samun biyan b….

By Haiman Khan Raees January 09, Ki samu danyen zogale ki hada da cocumber, ki markada su, sai ki zuba madarar ruwa, ki adana sai yayi sanyi, sannan an fiso a rika sha da maraice. Image result for acid reflux ulcer Alamominta: ciwon qirji, saurin jin yunwa, da xaurewar qirji tokarewar nunfashi, da zafin jiki da zazzavin lokaci-lokaci. Idan tad axe a jikin mutum zata haddasa buguawar zuciya da xumin ciki da gigicewa da kasala da vacin rai. Maganinta: Sai a sami dakakken garin alkama da garin almawafiq a ringa sha da Nono ko madara fik sau uku a rana. Maganinta: Sai a sami barkono "Tsiduhu" sai a sami kabeji zogale sai a hada da kayan yaji a daka sai a ringa ci sau uku a rana abinci.

Ko kuma a nemi bagaruwa a dakata a haxa da gujiya sai a daka a ringa sha a madara fik. Ko kuma a nemo ganyen zogale da habbatus-sauda a rin…. Don haka sai ko wane Dan Adam ya zabawa kanshi ayar da zai tafiyar da rayuwarshi akai. Ya Allah ka raya mu rayuwar marabauta, ka tashe cikin masu tsoron ka, ka amintar damu Jin kunyar duniya da lahira.

Urs Nanadiso. One who will serve you day and night? She will never argue, fight or be unhappy? Sisters, do you want a man who is very handsome? A wali? He is wealthy? Not demanding? Willing to look after himself? Comes from a great family and is compromising, loving and helpful? He owns many cars, has a big balance and is willing to drive you around, take you to fancy restaurants, holidays and shopping trips? Okay here is the what you should do: Make wudhu, go to your room, switch off the lights, go to sleep and pray for Allaah to bless you with a dream with someone who does not exist.

Stop ha…. Ita dai wannan ta auri mai mata kuma uwargidan tana da kirki sosai domin kowa yana yabonta amma wasu lokutan takan nunama amaryar alamun kishi,Itakuma amaryar tana sonta tana bata girma kuma tana gudun bacin ranta domin tana tausaya mata tasan tana son mijinta sosai kuma ta amince ya Aurora.. Little do you know, that your hatred may destroy you, it may never make you grow an inch. List of Blockbusters of Amitabh Bachchan: 1.

Roti Kapada Aur Makaan 2. Deewaar 3. Sholay 4. Amar Akbar Anthony 5. Muqaddar Ka Sikandar 6. Suhaag 7. Naseeb 8. Lawaaris 9. Coolie Mard Mohabbatein Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Blockbusters of Sunny Deol: 1. Betaab 2. Tridev 3.