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Responsible Management in Asia - Perspectives on CSR | G. Williams | Palgrave Macmillan

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This is a key concept in evolutionary psychology that is argued to fuel all human behaviour: people only do something if they can get something back in return. In the case of CSR and ethical consumerism, however, consumers get very little in return for their investment. Ethically sourced or manufactured products are typically higher in price due to greater costs.

However, the reward for consumers is not much different from that of a non-ethical counterpart. Therefore, evolutionary speaking making an ethical purchase is not worth the higher cost to the individual even if they believe in supporting ethically, environmentally and socially beneficial causes. Shareholders and investors, through socially responsible investing SRI , are using their capital to encourage behavior they consider responsible.

However, definitions of what constitutes ethical behavior vary. For example, some religious investors in the US have withdrawn investment from companies that violate their religious views, while secular investors divest from companies that they see as imposing religious views on workers or customers.

Some national governments promote socially and environmentally responsible corporate practices. Fifteen European Union countries are actively engaged in CSR regulation and public policy development. Some studies have claimed that the role and effectiveness of these actors were case-specific. Canada adopted CSR in The 'Heilbronn Declaration' is a voluntary agreement of enterprises and institutions in Germany especially of the Heilbronn-Franconia region signed the 15th of September The approach of the 'Heilbronn Declaration' targets the decisive factors of success or failure, the achievements of the implementation and best practices regarding CSR.

A form of responsible entrepreneurship shall be initiated to meet the requirements of stakeholders' trust in economy. It is an approach to make voluntary commitments more binding. They further claim without source that "There is no form of market failure, however egregious, which is not eventually made worse by the political interventions intended to fix it," and conclude "there is no need for further research on regulation in the name of social responsibility.

In the s, the US government could take away a firm's license if it acted irresponsibly. Corporations were viewed as "creatures of the state" under the law. Woodward established a corporation as a legal person in specific contexts. This ruling allowed corporations to be protected under the Constitution and prevented states from regulating firms. On 16 December , the Danish parliament adopted a bill making it mandatory for the largest Danish companies, investors and state-owned companies to include CSR information in their financial reports.

The reporting requirements became effective on 1 January The law requires that all businesses affected establish a CSR committee to oversee the spending. Unlike global definitions of CSR which are in the triple bottom line, corporate citizenship, sustainable business, business responsibility and closed loop realm, in India CSR is a philanthropic activity.

What has changed since formalizing it in is the shift in focus from institution building schools, hospitals etc to focusing on community development. Crises have encouraged the adoption of CSR. Magellan Metals was found responsible for lead contamination killing thousands of birds in Australia.

The company ceased business immediately and had to work with independent regulatory bodies to execute a cleanup. The company recalled all apple or carrot juice products and introduced a new process called "flash pasteurization" as well as maintaining lines of communication constantly open with customers. Corporations that employ CSR behaviors do not always behave consistently in all parts of the world. Many of the big retail companies in the UK joined the Ethical Trading Initiative , [] an association established to improve working conditions and worker health.

J Sainsbury [] employs the headings 'Best for food and health', 'Sourcing with integrity', 'Respect for our environment', 'Making a difference to our community', and 'A great place to work', etc. The four main issues to which UK retail these companies committed are environment, social welfare, ethical trading and becoming an attractive workplace.

Anselmsson and Johansson [] assessed three areas of CSR performance: human responsibility, product responsibility and environmental responsibility. Martinuzzi et al. Product responsibility means that all products come with a full and complete list of content, that country of origin is stated, that the company will uphold its declarations of intent and assume liability for its products. Environmental responsibility means that a company is perceived to produce environmental-friendly, ecological, and non-harmful products". An article published in Forbes. RI monitors social responsibility reputations by focusing on perception of consumers regarding company governance, [] positive impact on the community and society, and treatment of the workforce.

According to the CSR Journal, the millennial generation worldwide helps propel brands toward social responsibility. Many millennials want to conduct business with companies and trademarks that employ pro-social themes, [] sustainable manufacturing processes, [] and ethical business practices. This organization believes all citizens in the United States must be held liable in ensuring democracy works for all people. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Form of corporate self-regulation. Main article: Social accounting. This section does not cite any sources.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Play media. Main article: Socially responsible investing. The Academy of Management Review.

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Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC

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Adaptations of CSR in the Context of Globalization

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