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I felt like I was talking to a best friend through every session. Would definitely recommend her!! This course is filled with love and so much support! Her passion shines through and I learned so much about myself as a result of all the love and energy that she put into this course. Thank you thank you thank you! If you'd like to learn how to break out of the vicious cycle you've gotten yourself into, rebuild your self-esteem and self-confidence, please sign up today for the "Master Your Self Esteem Challenge". You can do it! I've been beaten down and stuck in a horrible marriage.

I wish someone was there during that time to help build me back up. But I had to do it myself. Allow me to share those tools with you now!

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Your message has been sent! Your email will only be seen by the event organizer. Your Name. Email Address. Enter the code as shown below:. Send message Please wait Copy Event URL. In breathing meditation you are anchoring your attention to the physical sensations in the body as you breathe and you are calming the body with each in and out breath. As your mind will follow the body into a calm, awake, relaxed state the mind-chatter will diminish.

You will start to experience gaps in the never stopping thinking as you learn to ride this delicate balance of "relaxed but awake". You will start to see that you are not what you think - that thinking is a multifaceted process bubbling up from the subconscious and presenting itself to you as "me" in a 'fait-au complit'.

You will start to realise that everything changes, that you cannot stop this including ageing - though you can take sensible measures to stay healthy.

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You may find that as you worry less about how you appear, your appearance is less old! You probably have worry lines on your face from all this thinking that is troubling you, and of course, feeling the way you do now makes social interaction very hard.

The key to all of this is not to get goal oriented in your meditation or look for a "quick fix". It will take time practicing meditation to develop a calmer, more accepting view of yourself and the world. Really though the biggest answer to your "problems" is to realise they are created by expectation and this creates stress. Stress becomes quite habitual. So you need to learn to accept what is it really doesn't matter how old you look - you know this - but society tells you it does and you believe it I hope something there is helpful to you.

Life is to be lived: you make it into a warzone for yourself instead at the moment it seems. Kindly, Matthew. Thank you very much Matthew for taking the time and giving me sound advice.

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Yes, you right that the Mantra hasn't really given me help with these issues. I am doing the breathing exercises with music as well. It's from project meditation called "life flow". I'm sure you have heard about it. It says it makes you go into a meditative state faster. Do you think I should not listen to it? I was rely looking foward on going to this 10 day course.

What do you mean by negative reaction? I'll go nuts? It won't help me at all!? At least start the healing process and get the tools I need? Thank you again. Meditation is about relaxing into knowing yourself and untying the knots you find. I don't think music helps: it gets between you and yourself.

Your first post lists a number of inter-related issues and sounded like you are quite troubled. And then you say you have been getting psychologically healthier, which is good news of course but begs the question, "do you need to kick-start the process? Thank you for the advice. I am not using music anymoreanymore. It seems to be very hard to get into a meditative state. But practice makes perfect right? I believe I have begun realizing that my thoughts are not me. They are merely clouds in the sky that change all the time. I want to do the 10 day course to multiply that knowing.

I have a quiet similar story to tell. Negative thought patterns dominated my life throughout the last years. Even though I have always been quite popular, I struggled with low self esteem and general negativity. I took a time out and went on a long holiday to India, leading a secluded life and meditating a lot. I think for me it was not only the meditation that helped but also to get out of my old environment. At home I was imprisoned in my negativity and I had reached I point where I saw no hope. I was diagnosed with double depression and started taking anti-depressants for about two months.

These helped reducing bad thought patterns but they couldn't give me a life where I could come to like myself. But by leaving behind my old home I could get rid of my negativity. Meditating helped me not build up new bad thought patterns but the old depressing thoughts can still be triggered from time to time.

Knowing that they will pass makes them a little easier to bear but by no means easy. It is probably much easier to get into a state of mind were no new negativity is created then it is to leave old, bad thought patterns. While I was depressed I didn't do any Anapana or Vipassana Meditation, I would not have been able to keep bad thoughts from dominating my mind. I found that the guided meditations Vajrayana Style or even Louise L.

Hay helped me getting into a more relaxed state of mind. After my mind got more stable I found Anapana more and more beneficial and it became one of my main practises. I have completed a 10 day Vipassana course and found it extremely helpful but only after I had already improved a lot. Ten days without communication can also give your negative thought patterns a lot of space to amplify and you risk invalidating a very useful method. MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media.

Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional. Privacy Terms Ad policy Careers.

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Please note: If no author information is provided, the source is cited instead. Latest news How a unique gene mutation may drive autism. Working with animal models and analyzing human genetic information, researchers discover how one gene may be key to the development of autism. Very low levels of 'bad' cholesterol may raise stroke risk.

New research in a large sample of participants finds that too little low-density lipoprotein cholesterol correlates with a higher risk of bleeding stroke.