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Thinking deeply gives us new insights. It helps us see new relationships between things. The solitude we love is also the springboard for our creativity. It gives us the chance to imagine and re-imagine our world. As introverts, connecting with our essence is what will help us actualize our talents.

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What are the stages of the journey towards the Living Spirit?

It's ours. It's not about me. It's about us. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. Click here to read more. Think Web Strategy. There is shame involved in being a tortoise. The Way We Manage Energy As opposed to extroverts who turn to other people to recharge and renew themselves, too much interaction saps our energy.

It might be fun for them, but is it fun for us? The Rhythms of Social Conversation As an introvert, social conversations can be a challenge for me. Web More Posts. See a typo, an inaccuracy, or something offensive? Helping out in the kitchen.

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The resident doctor gave me tips to watch what's in the plates of different patients, prescribed according to their illnesses. Rabbit food. There were times when it seemed like life was only this suffering, but something inside of me knew there was more to life , and more to me. Though I had serious medical conditions and was in intense pain, I also felt an inner power that insisted life is precious.

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This fuelled curiosity and passion within me. There is something like this in you, as you read these words; you know that you are meant for more than the oppressive limitations that may weigh you down at this moment. You know you can heal and thrive. I was determined. I tried all sorts of approaches, but nothing seemed to work. I took a chance and decided to go to India for a much needed break from living a highly stressful urban life.

I knew the healing potential of retreats.

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I also completed a live-in Yoga Therapy Training in India, where I could be immersed in the teachings while embraced by a nurturing environment right in the heart of where these healing traditions emerged. I lived in a village ashram, and then in Yoga Therapy hospitals in town. Each day was a new, amazing discovery; I healed myself with yoga and with meditation and mindfulness practice. Yoga Therapy can address specific problems with specific yogic solutions.

I was ready. Is it time for you to feel better too? This was new, exciting territory. What started as a vow for self-healing evolved into a promise to share this healing work with others. You need not put your family and job on hold as you move your entire life abroad; I bring my experience and the authenticity and power of these methods directly to you.

Are you ready to invite more strength and happiness into your life? Would you like to feel the benefits of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Practice? Attending a friend's wedding ceremony. Try to look for me in this photo. A day of rest from ashram and yoga therapy training. Cows are everywhere. With Live to Shine you can finally:. Healing and evolving into a life of more centeredness and joy is not always easy, nor is it a straight path that is the same for everyone.

It takes hard work. It takes courage. It takes determination.

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Yet my own life experience and the beautiful changes I witness in my students convince me these techniques are worth every effort. You can uncover the truest, lasting peace that comes from within.

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My approach to Yoga Therapy is special; it is more than yoga poses. It is a unique synthesis of Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness Training. Live to Shine teaches you how to move and think with a fluid, calm mind because of this integration of intense Mindfulness Training during Yoga practice. This private instruction quickens your progress because you realize what you are doing with your body and mind, and immediately synthesize to create less resistance.

Mindfulness exercises become less theoretical and more tangible, as you powerfully yet gently direct the mind and actions more effectively. Since you are guided and corrected every step of the way by an experienced practitioner, results are often quicker and more potent than if you did this alone. Each person is unique and each journey always provides surprises. It is a personalized means to work with the mind to soothe the body and allow yourself to enjoy life by accessing your innermost resources.

I experienced a setback in my career early last year.

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I felt that what was lacking was a self-awareness and quietness in my inner-self. I was a worrier and was constantly thinking ahead too quickly. After an initial discussion with her, I felt that the 1-on-1 attention really could give me an opportunity to learn the art of mindfulness. So definitely still work in progress, however heading in the right direction. The journey passes through the seven valleys, the seven kingdoms, the chakras, the planes of consciousness, the degrees of faith. But as the journey progresses, less and less do you need to know.

When the faith is strong enough, it is sufficient just to be. It involves a transformation of our beings so that our thinking mind becomes our servant rather than our master. Because many of us have traversed this path without maps, thinking that it was unique to us because of the peculiar way in which we were traveling, often there has been a lot of confusion. We have imagined that the end was reached when it was merely the first mountain peak — which yet hid all of the higher mountains in the distance.

For the first few stages we really think that we planned the trip, packed the provisions, set out ourselves, and are the master of our domain. But eventually we begin to recognize that the journey may be stretching out for a longer span than we thought it was going to. A lot of us now have come through a time of throwing out one tradition after another.