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Cut out scones with floured cutter or glass. Am really enjoying the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries! When I read them I think of how much my late mother also a writer would have enjoyed them as well.

Basic scones

Could you post the other recipes from the books here as well please? Thank you, Susan, for your kind words! Thanks for reminding me! Thanks so much for sharing my review, photos, and video of your Traditional English Scone recipe! I adored both your book and your recipe and am honored that you included me on your blog! I love that you are British, love scones and kitty kats.

Thank you, Reiki, for your lovely comment! Sorry for my late response. I am an avid baker, and mystery reader! I am always looking for great recipes and food to share with my group. I just recently tried the Scone recipe in your book, gorgeous recipe! Shhh — I have to tell you a secret: I personally prefer whipped cream to clotted cream, I think, and your version with vanilla sounds absolutely delicious!!!

Traditional English Scone Recipe October 19, 9 comments. I have read the Privacy Policy of this site. Privacy Policy Checkbox. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Comment Cookie. Notify of. Susan Shiels. Hanna Hsin-Yi.

Easy Classic British Cheese Scones

Would there be any changes for high altitude in both your scones and clotted cream recipes.? I live in Colorado, 5, ft above sea level. I wish to try these recipes, and want to make sure to address this.

  • Tudor Survivor: The Life and Times of Courtier William Paulet.
  • Katja: Roman (Frauenmärchen 1) (German Edition).
  • Classic scones with jam & clotted cream recipe | BBC Good Food.

Hi Tina. The scones may be a bit trickier. They might work as the recipe is written, since they have a pretty good structure. If they come out dry, you might need to decrease the oven temp by 15 degrees. But, be sure you are pressing straight down when cutting the scones and not twisting the cutter, because that can cause them to not rise properly as well. If you give these a try, do stop back by and let us know how they turn out for you.

In making my scones, if I do no changes in the recipe, I must watch then closely as they do cook faster and the tops can brown fast. And thank you for your recipes. I made your clotted cream last night but have yet to separate it out. One question though. At such a low temp. Thanks for your notes Terrie. As far as the cream, you need bacteria to do the clotting. It is similar to when making yogurt, but a different kind of bacteria. So I finally got these to work at the 3rd attempt and as a Brit living in the USA can say, they are very good. The first attempt failed because I added too much milk and the dough got too sloppy.

The second failure was the bitter taste that people here complained about and again that was my mistake. The 3rd attempt was the charm and enjoyed them immensely. Thanks for sharing your experience!

My Good Food

Is there any way that you could also include mass measurements for your ingredient usage? After I added the splash of milk extra it incorporated properly, but, the top of my scones came out really cleanly, not rough like the picture on the recipe shows, more like the top of a little pound cupcake; do you think I might have accidentally incorporated the dough a little bit too much?

Thank you in advance! If it matters, I used the left over milk byproduct from the clotted cream recipe before I added in the extra splash of plain milk. Maybe too much fat? Hi John. Happy to! Hopefully this helps. A smooth top is typically just the result of getting your batter nice and smooth before cutting the scones.

Nothing wrong with that! I tried the recipe today! They are cooling right now! The amount made 12 scones! Of variuos sizes! Always my mistake.. Which is rare in Calgary. I also am sensitive to baking powder so I made sure it was really well incorporated, used a sieve and put the baking powder evenly around instead of just mounding in the center. No bitterness whatsoever. Love this recipe. Hi I like your recipe for the scone.

Also dried cranberries are nice with white chocolate. The fruit is added after rubbing to a fine breadcrumb, then the milk. I find if the dough is too dry you end up with a heavier scone. As all flours differ I do tend to go by feel on the finished dough, but make sure when you cut them not to twist the cutter as it impairs the rise as does letting the glaze run down the sides.

Thanks for the tips Catherine! Our scone is a bit lighter on the butter, but we found the texture to still be delicious! What a great tip on cutting the scones too! We have had a couple people comment on trouble with these scones rising, but we have never had that issue. It makes me think that the way they were cutting them had an impact. I would like the english scone receipe that has to be rolled out and then cut into triangle shapes. In the meantime, you can very easily cut these scones into triangle shapes and add raisins to the dough.

Hi Sam. The consistency is more biscuit like. Hi there! Super excited to try this, as I can never find an authentic scone in America! I only had almond milk on hand, so I used that. Could those two things have been the culprit? The dough should be a breadcrumb texture when you massage the butter in. Hope this helps! I put a little flour on parchment paper. Once you get the dough on the paper work into a round and the cut it into,pieces form rounds then put the parchment Paper with scones on them in freezer for half hour before baking.

Hi Mark.

Perhaps your baking powder is old. That would cause them not to rise properly. Also, scones tend to be very finicky about how they are cut. You really need to use a well-floured cutter and press straight down and up. We really enjoyed these. They were perfect for the sixteenth birthday tea for my daughter. Thank you! I used maple sugar instead of regular and no one noticed.

We had the double cream, fig jam and chai tea. I will send this link to our friend who so enjoyed them. She is from Ireland and likes these less sweet kind too. I followed the recipe exactly and they turned out very well. They did not have a bitter taste at all. I enjoyed mixing it up with my hands! I also appreciate the information on how they differ from biscuits. The texture does seem different! Especially for such small amount of flour. I used this recipe and my scones had a bitter aftertaste of baking powder. Not right at all.

Is A Scone A Biscuit?

Curious to see other results. Hi Silvia. While that is a high ratio of baking powder to flour for a lot of baking, its a pretty standard ratio for traditional British scones. A high amount of baking powder is what gives them their characteristic rise. They might not puff quite as nicely, but the flavor will probably be more to your liking. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Explore recipes inspired by global flavors.

Print This Recipe. Prep Time. Cook Time.

Total Time. Yield: 10 2 inch scones.

Books by Jane Romsey (Author of Traditional British Scone Recipes)

Course: Breakfast. Cuisine: British. Servings : 10 people. Author : Sarah Curious Cuisiniere. Preheat your oven to F. In a medium bowl, place the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and butter. Rub the mixture together with your fingers to break up the butter, until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.

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English Scones Recipe

Yours faithfully, Denis. Thanks, Donna. What a fun gift! Once more, Thank you! Most Kindly, Tina. Thanks again, Terrie.