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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Enid Blyton Day. Fireside Journal. Cave of Books. Interactive Island. Secret Passage. Lashings of Links. Shortly after her birth her parents moved to Beckenham in Kent and it was there, in a number of different houses over the years, that Enid Blyton spent her childhood. He then joined his uncle's firm selling Yorkshire cloth and, later still, set up his own business as a clothing wholesaler. Together they enjoyed nature rambles, gardening, the theatre, art, music and literature.

When Enid had whooping cough as a baby, and was not expected to live till morning, her father refused to accept the doctor's opinion and sat up all night with her, cradling her and willing her to survive. Enid learnt a lot from her father, especially about nature. In her autobiography, The Story of My Life , she wrote: " And what was more he was willing to take me with him on his expeditions, and share his love and his knowledge with me!

That was marvellous to me. It's the very best way of learning about nature if you can go for walks with someone who really knows. When she wanted to plant seeds in her own patch of garden he made a bargain with her, saying: "If you want anything badly, you have to work for it. I will give you enough money to buy your own seeds, if you earn it.

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And I want the weeds cleared from that bed over there. If the work is done properly, it is worth sixpence to me, and that will buy you six penny packets of seeds. Part of the pleasure and value lay in the fact that she had earned them for herself. Theresa was a tall, raven-haired woman whose life revolved around housework.

She was not creative and artistic like Thomas, and did not share his interests. She expected her daughter to help with household chores but gave her sons a lot more freedom, which Enid, who was not very domesticated, resented. Stern and house-proud, Theresa did not approve of Enid devoting so much time to nature-walks, reading and other hobbies when there was work to be done in the house.

Neither did she understand why her husband encouraged their daughter in such activities. She was a bright girl, blessed with a good memory, and she shone at art and nature study, though she struggled with mathematics. Indoors she played card games, Snakes and Ladders, Draughts and Chess. Her father thought that all young children should learn to play Chess because " And if they haven't any brains it will make the best of those they have! Alcott's Little Women. She said of the characters in Little Women : "Those were real children That's the kind of book I would know how to write.

She was fascinated by Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopaedia : "It gave me my thirst for knowledge of all kinds, and taught me as much as ever I learnt at school. What appealed to her "wasn't so much the story as the strange 'feel' of the tale, the 'atmosphere' as we call it. It hung over me for a very long time, and gave me pleasant shivers. Christopher's School for Girls in Beckenham. She was not a boarder, like so many of the characters in her books, but a day-girl. Intelligent, popular and full of fun, she threw herself wholeheartedly into school life.

During her time at St. Christopher's she organised concerts, played practical jokes, became tennis champion and captain of the lacrosse team, and was awarded prizes in various subjects, especially English composition. In her final two years she was appointed Head Girl. Outside school she and two of her friends, Mary Attenborough and Mirabel Davis, created a magazine called Dab , for which Enid wrote short stories. The title of the magazine was formed from the initials of the contributors' surnames. Enid's first holiday abroad in was to stay with one of her French teachers, Mlle.

Louise Bertraine, at her home in Annecy, France. They had frequent violent rows, causing their children great distress. At night-time, Enid, Hanly and Carey would sit at the top of the stairs with their arms around one another for comfort, listening to their parents' heated arguments. Visible Ink Press. Retrieved December 22, National First Ladies' Library. Animals at the White House". National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance. Retrieved January 3, Psychology Press. White House Pets.

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Wichita Eagle. Retrieved February 3, Peter Rabbit's Funeral".

CBS News. CBS Interactive Inc. October 4, Retrieved May 7, Ethiopianism-Ethiopiawinet Online Revival. November 14, Retrieved May 10, White House Historical Association. Retrieved December 20, Love the markings and the color. Cats are great companions I have four myself and I love them all. Pinot is soooo cute! They are so much lower maintenance than dogs!

We have had dogs in the past but deep down I am a cat person. They are definitely lower maintenance but they still have such fun little personalities. Adorable and love that name.

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Our cat is getting up there in age but somehow still manages to find flowers and plants to nibble on. We said good-bye to our last cat over a year ago. She was only fifteen however her older sister no relation just house mates lived to twenty-two years. They let us live in our house with them but rarely let us sleep through the night.

Oh my goodness, Pinot is so cute. I love that Purina Cat Chow is doing this to help cats in need. There are so many cats out there that need help… Thanks so much for sharing. We have adopted a cat almost a year ago. She is so precious! Purina does so much to help animals without homes. Your kitten is so happy to have found a home with you. What a cutie. We have a kitten also that is just a year old.

So full of life and the dogs just love her. Your kitten is so sweet!! All our animals eat is Purina its a fave in our household! Love this! She seems so inquisitive! It is amazing how much trouble they can get into while wearing the cone! She is adorble!

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We adopted a kitten about a year ago and she is a big part of our family and my little fur baby. Pinot is the cutest little button ever! My two dogs are like my 4 legged kids. I know that feeling, too! When I was younger I had no idea about that strong connection. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to comment. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Comments What a sweet kitty! Love all the photos! My dog had to wear a cone after surgery and it was not fun. She is a very adorable kitty! My sister in law just adopted one last week!

She is so happy. I super love your kitten! I adore how my cats behave too, they are so cute! I am usually not a cat lover but your kitten is absolutely adorable. Oh wow she is just absolutely adorable, I have three cats so am a total crazy cat lady x. Your kitten is adorable, I have always wanted a cat!

We have three adopted dogs. They sometimes act worse than my kids. Your kitten is beautiful. We have two cats in our family. They are so much fun. You can tell you are a proud mama!!! Such a busy body I laughed at her in the food bag so cute! This cat is so sweet! Looks like a much younger version of our Lucy. I did not know this thanks for letting us know.

Oh wow I love her now too. What a sweetie pie. Your kitten is really cute and looks like she has a lot of fun. She is too cute. My dogs keep going until they wear themselves out too! What a sweet cat! So fun! Your kitty is so adorable. I love how many cute pictures you got!! Your cat is adorable! I have adopted two tabby cats a few years ago. They are my fur babies. Omg that cat looks adorable! I wish I was allowed pets in my complex. Love, Ivelisse CarnationDreams. She is adoroable! Such a beautiful kitten! I have never had a cat so to see this post is very good and to see what they get upto.

You will now own and take tons of pictures of kitty. Welcome to the club. She is too cute!

I feel so sorry for her in her cone of shame, though. Sad kitty. She is simply adorable!!! I super like your kitten, this makes me want to adopt one! Super adorable! How handy. Almost as easy as cutting box tops, just to help out!!