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I am using organic popcorn because that was available in my pantry and non-GMO.

Blue Corn Tortillas

Hopefully this will still work! I just thought that it would be nice to try out since organic, non-GMO popcorn is still fairly available locally to purchase, whereas Dent corn you have to order online to get it organic and pay shipping to boot. I noticed that when the corn was boiling in the lime water towards the end a foam developed on the surface. Not sure if its the same as in meat stock foam being yucky, but I went ahead and skimmed it off.

Thank you for your blog, I love it! Leah, do you mean where to buy the corn? Tropical Traditions has a great price on the organic corn and right now they are running a free shipping special!! Looking forward to trying it. For people in Europe and Australia. You can find the lime powder or Calcium Hidroxide at indian food stores. Would whey react negatively with the lime and negate its effects? Thanks for your input.

Homemade Corn Tortillas Recipe | THE NIBBLE Blog - Adventures In The World Of Fine Food

Thank you! I was aware that almost everything with corn or soy is genetically modified these days, so I stopped buying corn chips and tortillas. But I really miss them so thank you for the information. I purchased whole grain sprouted corn and I was wondering if I should still soak and cook the corn before making the masa? Thank you for your wonderful information! I add corn masa flour when I blend spices for chili etc. I lived overseas in the 80s and missed corn tortillas so much, then once I figured out what masa was it sounded way too complicated to tackle. Lard is not healthy. I hope to God that you are not feeding this to children.

Having done something for thousands of years is not a justification. Slavery, war, bloodletting as a medical procedure, the list goes on. You may be — and likely are — dooming your kids to premature heart disease. Look at life expectancies over time and what people were eating in those times. Some people are genetically protected, but even those people can improve life expectancy or at least their relative health in their later years, by eschewing animal products, trans fats, and as far as we know, GMOs and most non-organically grown plant products.

Another helpful resource is The China Study by T. Colin Campbell of Cornell. I am sorry for you and your family. The modern idea of eating man made fats has turned out to be a complete failure as we can all see the information coming out finally about trans fats and hydrogenated fats that the government and food industry experts told us for decades was so good for us.

Now some us have learned that saturated fats are good for us. Karen is not alone in this. The benefits of the fats she mentioned are scientifically documented and incredibly good for us. Conventional Drs. Oh now who said anything about eating man-made fats, or even a low fat diet? You are, quite simply, wrong. Sally Fallon and her ilk are not responsible authorities on diet. I suggest that at the very least you read The China Study — I mean really actually read it, not reviews of it, nor excerpts from it — and maybe even follow up a little on some of the references.

When fermenting the corn for several days after the initial boiling , does anyone change the water…is that necessary? From what I am reading most just let it sit. With the use of lime…. I am trying to remember which kinds of metals react. Is this okay? Not sure if this helps, but I prepared my organic dent field corn just as instructed and after the 10 days the corn was prepared and fermented well, but it had a bad smell.

It was not spoiled though and cooked up fine, but that smell was maintained. I tried the recipe again but this time I changed out the water also adding new lime bc I figure, but not really sure, that it keeps bad bacteria from growing , and this time the corn masa came out well with no bad smell at all.

Corn Tortillas (Day 1238 - 4/15/13)

The masa had a bit of a bitter taste of lime though. Let you know how it goes. Anyone else having bad smell issues too. Thank you for this recipe. Anything to avoid the Monsanto GMO monster.

How to Soak Corn for Masa

I have one concern: So the corn soaks for 24 hours to 2 weeks and does not need to be refrigerated? Thanks so much for this article! It worked exactly as your recipe explained. I made great tacos and froze half the dough and used it to make super enchiladas a week later! It is hard to find and you may have to order it on the internet depending on where you live. If you are avoiding genetically modified corn, you will almost certainly have to order it on the internet unless you have a Trader Joes nearby. They may have it. There are many comments above that are informative also.

Thanks for these instructions. I live in Madison, Wi, and the closest source of masa is Chicago. The stuff in tubes at the local Mexican grocery stores is really awful. As a result of reading and practicing your recipe, I finally made delicious tortillas. But, then I wanted to make delicious tamales.

I discovered that the noise from the food processor grinding the corn was too loud for me, so I did a little research and bought an Estrella grain mill from a Mexican supermercado in Milwaukee. I tried it out and the grind was so much finer and easy! My tortillas were even better!! I can hardly wait to make tamales this weekend with super fresh masa. Muchisimas gracias!! I was wondering if one could make corn tortilla by using sprouted corn flour? Is it possible? Thanks, Gigi. I left to go on vacation for a week and thought I would set some corn out for that amount of time so it would be ready when I came back..

Does this need to be refrigerated? Or just stirred every so often? Could you possibly make it so the recipes can be pinned. Not just the whole site just like one recipe at a time. I live in a very rural area in Panama, Central America. The corn is readily available but the pickeling lime is not. What can I use instead of the pickeling lime? I realize this is an old post but I am wondering if someone can answer a question for me.

I purchased what i believe to be ornamental indian corn from a farmers market. This is dried corn red, black, multicolored on the cob with husks peeled and dry but still intact at the end. Could I use this corn for this recipe and if so how would I prepare it? I have heard this corn is much more nutritious so hoping i can use it. I used corn like that one time, but it was old, blue corn still on the cob. I just pushed the corn off the cob with my fingers it was easy to do , measured it out and calculated how much lime I would need based upon how much corn I had.

I made the masa according to the above recipe. This is a great masa recipe! I used organic popcorn instead of field corn and it worked fine. I cooked it in the lime water for 10 minutes and then put the whole mixture into the fridge for a day. Then I cooked it for quite a bit longer, maybe even a few hours until it was pretty soft.

When I tried this before it was just too hard on the food processor but cooking it longer seemed to help a lot. I found the tortillas are the least satisfying way to cook the mixture, too much smoke and effort : I tend to make them into pattys and fry them, sometimes mixed with beans in the patty. Or I might throw the masa into soups or line my casserole with it.

BTW, I linked from another blog who claimed to have adapted from yours but even though she has your same directions all her photos are of dry masa and her tortillas are perfect as one could only get using fine ground dry masa flour. What is an American tablespoon in ounces, or grams or mls? Here in the UK a tablespoon is 15mls.

I followed the directions on this blog and mine turned out pretty wonderful! I used popcorn and it was just as good maybe better?

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I soaked mine in the lime solution for 5 days — never got sour or nasty, but I never changed the solution or uncovered it allowing bacteria in? Thanks to whomever suggested using the meat grinder! It worked great! I am growing my own corn. Do I need to dry it and then rehydrate it by soaking the corn again? Or am I able to use it fresh? What purpose would drying and rehydrating serve… changing the texture? This seems way too easy which is awesome! Once the moisture of the dough is added, it can speed up that timeline. If you plan on using your corn tortillas within a day or two they should be fine at room temperature.

This is the number one frustration with corn tortillas and why a lot of people gravitate to flour tortillas instead. You know how restaurants always serve fresh tortillas in a special container or wrapped in aluminum foil? Since corn tortillas are gluten-free naturally, they are held together primarily with a small amount of fat.

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In this case, lard. For that essential pliable, slightly springy texture make sure your tortillas are completely warmed. The best way to serve homemade corn tortillas is straight from the skillet. As you toast each one, place it into a tortilla warmer or kitchen towel and cover it up. This will help keep them both warm and flexible. The added heat from layering them in the towel should make up for anything lost when opening and closing it. If you need to reheat your fresh tortillas, the best way is in aluminum foil.

Here is the key detail though — do it in small bundles.

Corn tortilla

No more than per pack. This will make sure that the tortillas in the middle get as warm as the ones on the outside. If you want to really up your tortilla game, check out some of these helpful culinary tips. This recipe is part of a joint effort with other bloggers to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The big thing to remember is to use a DRY pan when cooking the tortillas. I recommend using a large cast iron pan because it evenly distributes heat and cooks the tortillas better. However, any pan will work. As a reminder, make sure that your pan is super clean. So either prepare a step stool to reach your smoke alarm, or be meticulous with your inspection.

Use this grocery list to help simplify shopping. Everything is listed in standard grocery store amounts. We only use storebought for that. As for the enchiladas, we do make ours fairly thick, even with a press. I have always wanted to make corn tortillas. Masa will be hard to find. I will look though. These are not make-ahead.

What is The Best Way To Store Corn Tortillas

But, they are amazing when made fresh. A bag of masa makes s of tortillas. I store the bag in the freezer to extend its shelf life. So I have been reading through the archives and was inspired to try making my own corn tortillas. They were wonderful, my 19 year old daughter said we should never buy tortillas again, just make our own.

We had recently made the change from flour to corn tortillas, but were disappointed in the corn tortillas I was buying. Thank you for the inspiration. So glad you liked them. Yes, a tortilla press is definitely the way to go. Cast iron would be great, but this one is good, too. And a little cheaper. Have you tried making tortillas with other flours such as brown rice?

Corn of any kind is on my sensitivity list fyi. I have not made my own tortillas yet and am eager to try, but would like it if someone else tried it too to get another viewpoint in the experiment. I already make bread and pancakes out of brown rice with acceptable results slight difference in texture or rise. We have also observed that our corn free food is more satisfying. I tried making flour tortillas before but not with much success.

Paleo avoids corn. From making homemade tortillas with Papa or helping me make pizzas and pancakes, cooking has always been a family affair. Now that […]. Recipe Rating. Please note that the advertisements posted here do not necessarily represent Jessica Fisher's views and opinions. Also be advised that some of these advertising partners may use cookies and web beacons on our site when you click through.

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You can read more about this site here. Check out my cookbooks if you're needing some budget-friendly inspiration. Read about how to make healthy eating work for you here. Print This Recipe. Homemade Corn Tortillas Homemade corn tortillas are not difficult to make and best thing — they will transform your taco night into something out of this world! Roll the dough into golf ball-sized balls.

Once all the dough is rolled into balls, cover the bowl with a damp paper towel. Remove from griddle and keep tortillas warm by covering them with a cloth towel. About Jessica Fisher I believe great meals don't have to be complicated or expensive. Comments Paula H says. Jen FrugalFreebiesandDeals says.