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But Janecki and Vntsibanov say the Polish press expect K - K to come from countries whose national teams are expected to play in Poland during the group phase and only expect them to spend - million zloty. Moreover they write that part of the problem is that tourists from four of the five GIIPS nations which are going though severe austerity, namely Greece, Ireland, Italy and Spain will start the tournament in Poland. While fans from the richest countries and the one's most keen on following their teams i.

They do however add:.

Hence, their fans are also likely to spend some time there, especially when their national teams are to play in Poland. Given that Ukraine is hosting the final, it is naturally expected to be the more attractive tourist destination. Government official expect , - 1.

And lets not forget, some European officials have threatened to boycott matches being played in Ukraine because of the nation's treatment of former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, which could impact tourism. Tourist expenses are however expected to help offset one-off balance of payments and should satisfy household demand for foreign currency, remember Poland like other Eastern European countries is struggling to payback mortgages denominated in foreign currencies among other things. In the end, the event is being seen as causing an infrastructure boom and fans take on both countries could impact the tourist industry.

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You should be there nice and early if you start pedalling on Friday night. Good for Euro widows and widowers who want to miss the first few matches, but not so good for skipping the rest of the tournament. These will be fevered times on this island, beside the sea is the best place to be. Celebrate with a triumphant sea shanty if we win our matches, avoid the temptation to drown your sorrows in the briny in case of defeat.

James Joyce set his modernist masterpiece Ulysses in his home city over the course of a single day: Jun 16, Or just pay your own tribute to Mr Bloom, with a breakfast of grilled kidneys, and a pint at Davy Byrnes pub. Bloomsday Festival Information: www.

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Those seeking a new way to commune with nature, and a brief respite before the Italy match, should head for County Sligo on the weekend of Jun 15, where The No Place Like Dome festival will be happening on the grounds of Temple House Estate. This could be the best place for all of us depending on how the match against Spain goes.

Or Greece versus Germany? Best of all, The Midsummer Festival will take you all the way up to the end of Euro , the festival ends on Jul 1. New departure: Landmark JFK terminal transformed into a retro-style hotel. Tom Dunne on life after heart surgery. Home Job.

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