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Suitability should be assessed before being put on a working post and if need be the period of training can be further extended. During these two days, the probationary officers shall be subjected to a detailed assessment of their adequacy to hold independent charge. One month.

At the Railway Staff College , Vadodara for orientation course whenever the same is arranged. Authority: Ministry of Railways letter No. The Probationers of all the services other than Indian Railway Medical Service shall undergo 8 weeks Foundational Course at Railway Staff College, Vadodara , at the first available opportunity after joining the Railways, in which they will be introduced to various facets of Railway working. The Foundational Course will be common to probationers of all services. This induction course shall be different for probationers of different services.

In the Induction Course they shall be given detailed knowledge regarding the working of their own Department, interaction with allied Department and financial rules, procedures etc. Railway Staff College , Vadodara. South Eastern Railway, Kharagpur. Schedule of Probationary Training. Maintenance of Dairy etc. During the two years period of probationary training probationers shall maintain a Diary to indicate their day-to-day activity which shall be checked periodically by the Training Director; during probation. Confirmation after Probationary Training. The performance of Group 'A' probationers during the probationary training and during their posting against working post will be evaluated and marks will be awarded for each item of probationary training and for the performance while working against working posts.

The maximum marks for different items of probationary training and of their performance against working posts will be laid down by the Ministry of Railways, Railway Board from time to time. The inter-se-seniority of Group 'A' probationers of particular examination batch and of a particular service on their confirmation to junior scale, will be decided on the basis of marks obtained by them during the probationary period as indicated above and marks obtained by them in U.

Competition for during the apprenticeship training for Special Class Railway Apprentices. Departmental Examinations. All the Departmental Examinations will be conducted by the Institutes where the probationary training has been centralised. South Eastern Railway. No probationer shall be allowed to re-appear in any institutional or departmental examination except for the following reasons :—. The exemption in b above shall also apply to the probationer who have been permitted to take special examination in the circumstances mentioned in a above.

The Ministry of Railways may, if it is so, deem fit in any case extend the period of probation for a maximum period of one year. Sub-Section I—General. Extent of application. The categories and rules for recruitment of Group 'D' staff on Railways are dealt with in sub-section IV—The branches and groups dealt with in this section are detailed below :—. IV Mechanical Engineering Department. V Civil Engineering Department. IX Skilled Artisans.

X Medical Department. Direct recruitment to intermediate grades will be made where specifically provided for and in other cases as and when considered necessary by the Railway administrations with the approval of the Railway Board. The qualifications for recruitment to grades higher than the lowest will be those as approved by the Railway Board.

Where quota fixed for direct recruitment in a particular year is not fulfilled due to un-avoidable reasons, the shortfall may be made good in the following year without giving retrospective benefit for purpose of seniority. Authority Board's letter No. An intermediate grade is any grade in a class, higher than the lowest.

On satisfactory completion of his training he is eligible for appointment of probation in a substantive vacancy but no guarantee of such appointment is given. Period of Probation. For trainees or apprentices appointed to a working post after the conclusion of their training, the probationary period commences on the date of such appointment.

Health Certificates. The rules for the medical examination of candidates for employment and for the periodical examination of railway servants are prescribed separately. Persons having more than one wife or husband. Provided that the General Manager may, if satisfied, that there are special grounds for so ordering, exempt any person from the operation of this rule. Knowledge of Hindi.

Such staff should be required to pass the same Hindi test within a year of leaving the training school. If they fail to pass the test they will be given a second chance to pass the test in another year failing which they will not be retained in service. Sub-Section II - Procedure. Method of making appointments.

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The Railways or the areas for which Recruitment Boards make recruitment are also as specified in the relevant orders of the Board. All vacancies in posts and services whose authorised scale of pay rises above Rs. All the other posts in the Lower grades will be advertised at the discretion of the Railway Recruitment Boards or Railway Administrations in the English, Hindi and regional language newspapers, commonly read in the area where such vacancies exist. The employment notices will also be supplied to the nearby employment exchanges for exhibition.

It should also be clearly indicated in the advertisement for categories like Stenographers, typists, draftsmen etc. With a view to give wider publicity to the recruitment of nurses, copies of the employment notices should also be sent to the relevant nursing training schools in the areas concerned. The ex-servicemen nominated by the Resettlement Directorate will be considered for employment on Railways along with other candidates.

Applications for employment. The composition of the Interview Committee shall be The senior scale OBC officer so nominated will nevertheless be an equal member of the committee. In case of further difficulty, retired Railway officers of proven integrity belonging to these communities may be co-opted in the Interview Committees. Authority; Railway Board's letter No. The names of successful candidates who are recommended by the Railway Recruitment Boards or selected by the Railway Admn. Selection of a candidate by a Board or a Railway administration is, however, no guarantee of employment on the railway which is subject to his qualifying in the prescribed medical examination and to his being otherwise suitable for service under Government.

Relaxation of the age limit. Employment of physically handicapped persons. It shall, moreover, be open to the administration to transfer staff from one group to another for which they may be fully qualified, but care must be taken to avoid hardship to staff already in the latter group. Refresher and promotion courses. Conditions applicable to Apprentices other than those governed by Apprentices Act, Free medical aid is admissible.

The rate of stipend in all cases will be fixed by the Railway Board. The parent or guardian of the candidate should also be one of the parties to the agreement. Recognised Educational and other Qualifications for technical and non-technical categories are indicated against each category. Signallers and Sr. Train Clerks in grade Rs. I , Pointsman Gr. I , Shuntman Gr. I Cabinman Gr. II and Train Clerks all in grade Rs. Stipend Rs. NOTE :. The rate of stipend—Rs.

The following higher grades are available to this category of staff in the normal channel of promotion :. II — I — Ticket Collectors, Switchmen, Asst. The following higher grades are available in this category :—. Stipend: First year Rs.

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Second year Rs. The following higher grades are available to Traffic Apprentices after their observations in a waiting post for their advancement as per the channel of promotion laid down by the Zonal Railway Administrations keeping the broad policy framework laid down by the Railway Board. Station Supdt. Chief Controller Station Supdt.

Authority Railway Boards letter No. A short duration of about "one month" will normally be adequate. Stipend will be Rs. Authority : Ministry of Railway's letter No. A short training of about one month should normally be adequate. Authority : Board's letter No. Note : 1 The post of conductor in grade Rs. Commercial Clerks and Sr.

Total Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Ticket Collectors in the scale of pay Rs. Commercial Clerks and Ticket Collectors in grades Rs. The following higher grades are available to this category of staff in the normal channel of promotion by non-selection or selection as the case may be :—. Diploma in Rail Transport and Management from the Institute of Rail Transport will be an additional desirable qualification.

The following higher grades are available to Commercial Apprentices after their absorption in test by way of advancement as per channels of promotion laid down by the. Zonal Railways keeping in view the broad policy framework laid down by the Railway Board from time to time. Serving employees who are Law Graduates may also be allowed to apply for these posts provided they have served for at least 5 years in any Branch of the Railway Administration.

Vacancies earmarked for direct recruitment should also be available to the Railway Magistrates who are desirous of applying for such posts and who also fulfil the prescribed qualifications for the direct recruits. The shortfall against promotion quota, if any, will be filled by direct recruitment.

Authority: Railway Board's letter No. Diploma in Catering preferable.

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Bd's letter No. I COOK Rs. Cook in scale Rs. Note: Specified trades for the purpose of a above are as follows Instrument Mechanic. Electronics Mechanic. Mechanic Motor Vehicle. Tractor Mechanic. Mechanic Diesel. Heat Engine. Stipend: Rs. Level 3 National Certification is included with the first 10 days of the course, it enables the Candidate to identify the principles applied to, the processes involved and the components used in the construction of Electrical Panels for Engineering Applications and, the techniques used in inspection, testing and commissioning of electrical panels and associated equipment.

You will gain knowledge and be assessed in the following areas. During this part of the course, you will learn skills on programming, fault finding, modify and using PLC programs. During the course we cover the manufacturers listed below, which are the most popular brands currently in use within the UK. We can accommodate other manufacturers if required. Level 3 National Certification is included within the PLC element of the Course by enhancing the introductory week PLC01 with a second week of the study and undertaking assessments. After completion of the 2 weeks of industrial electrical maintenance training, the candidate will have obtained a Level 3 qualification, within the electrical wiring sector, this qualification is ideally suited for a candidate wishing to enter the Industrial Maintenance Electrical environment.

Our Tutors are qualified, highly experienced, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely friendly, you can take full advantage of all the tips of the trade, personal experiences and practical advice they offer. This short theory course is intensive, but no compromise is made on the course content.

The atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable which creates a good learning environment. The course is intended for installers who have a clear understanding of electrical principles and practices of electrical installations. Essentially you will have worked in the electrical industry with an understanding of 3 phase systems. There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, however, we ask candidates to have a basic knowledge and understanding of electrical principles and practices, with experience of installation within the electrical industry.

Course Duration: 20 Days. Grading A minimum grade of 70 per cent is required. The BCIT student outcomes reports present summary findings from the annual survey of former students administered by BC Stats one to two years after graduation. These reports combine the last three years of available results for the BCIT Outcomes Surveys of graduates and for Degree graduates. The reports are organized into three-page summaries containing information on graduates' labour market experiences and opinions regarding their education.

More detailed information can be accessed at the BC Student Outcomes website. To view these results, you may need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your Web browser. In trades where there is no requirement to complete a Trades Qualification TQ , a Certificate of Apprenticeship is acceptable. Please see the BCIT apprenticeship training section of the website for more information.

If after reviewing the information on our web pages you still have questions regarding our program, please contact any one of us. It would be our pleasure to help you with additional information. Tim Carson, Chief Instructor M. For more information on this or other apprenticeship programs, tuition fees and when programs are offered, please contact BCIT Apprentice Services at:. BCIT Apprentice Services can assist apprentices with their registration, tuition fee payments, and other details.

Please ensure you have reviewed the detailed information on this site, using the navigation to the right, before submitting the form below. As well, if you meet any of the following criteria, please follow the links for more information, instead of sending the form: you are an international student you are looking for financial aid you have already applied and want to check your application status.

Apprenticeships & traineeships

I have read the information above and still have a question I need answered. School of Construction and the Environment. Note: To be eligible for apprenticeship training you must be registered as an apprentice. Apprentices beginning Level 1 after April 1, will be required to complete their levels in the harmonized program. Please see the Harmonized Plumber Apprentice section below for further information. Apprentices who have: completed the required work-place hours as signed off by the sponsoring employer , successfully completed the in-school technical training and, passed the interprovincial exam, are eligible to receive a Certificate of Apprenticeship and a Certificate of Qualification with an interprovincial red seal endorsement.

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  5. Apprentice Level 1 Start Date Work-place hours required In-school hours required Prior to April 1, hours hours in 4 levels of training On or after April 1, hours hours in 4 levels of training Apprentices who successfully complete the highest level of technical training and have received their British Columbia Certificate of Qualification in this trade may apply to receive a BCIT Diploma of Trades Training. Harmonized apprentice levels will be regularly scheduled as follows: Level 1 intakes offered after April 1, Level 2 intakes offered after April 1, Level 3 intakes offered after April 1, Level 4 intakes offered after April 1, Current Plumber Apprentices will have the following options to complete their training: Option 1: Complete the current program Apprentices that began their training prior to April 1, are encouraged to complete each level of their training in their current stream as follows: Level 1 before March 31, Level 2 before March 31, Level 3 before March 31, Level 4 before March 31, If you try to register and the level is unavailable please ask the Apprentice Services Customer Service Representative to add your contact information to the interests list to be notified when additional intakes become available.

    Option 2: Transition from the current stream to the harmonized stream Current apprentices that need to transition to the new program will need to complete GAP training in order to enter the new program. Program Entry. Pathways There are two ways of beginning your new career as a plumber apprentice: Take our Piping Foundation program. Entrance requirements You must be an active apprentice registered with the Industry Training Authority to register for apprenticeship training at BCIT. International applicants BCIT welcomes apprentice training requests from Canadian citizens and permanent residents only.

    Scheduled intakes Multiple start dates each year. Register for apprentice training Consult the training schedule to find a date that is suitable to both you and your employer.

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    Disclosure of personal information and privacy notice BCIT Apprentice Services reserves the right to communicate with the Industry Training Authority ITA and your active employer sponsor about your registration, progress, and related academic information. Tuition fees Please see the Fees, Payments and Refunds section of the website for information on full-time tuition fees. Books and supplies Apprentices are expected to supply their own CSA approved steel-toed boots, hard hats and safety glasses.

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    6. Courses Each year in the program is a building block to the next. Second Year Theory consists of: BC Building Code - Drainage and Venting Requirements Fundamentals of hot water heating Builders level Blue print reading Compressed air Medical gases In the practical portion of second year: You'll design and lay out a set of blue prints for a plumbing system of a three level residential home that meets the requirements of the B.

      Plumbing Code, then rough in a bathroom group that includes drainage, venting and water piping. Install a hydronic heating system that includes two zones complete with three baseboard heaters. This system will be fully operational using a circulator, zone valves, baseboard heaters, thermostats and a fan control switch. Builders levels will take you on a mini-tour of the BCIT campus while taking numerous elevation shots along the way.

      You'll perform a medical gas silver soldering project using an inert gas for purging. Third Year Theory consists of: BC Plumbing Code application Water pipe sizing systems Gasfitting Specification Interpretation Rural Water Systems Fire protection Cross Connection Control The practical components of third year include: Clocking gas meters Burner adjustments Testing and troubleshooting backflow prevention assemblies, which lead to "Tester" certification in cross connection control.

      Fourth Year Theory consists of: Combustion and ventilation air requirements Atmospheric and power burners Gas valves and regulators Appliance venting and start-up procedures Rural sewage systems National Plumbing Code Hydronic heating design and controls The practical portion of fourth year includes: Electrical circuit wiring and testing Appliance light-up and trouble shooting conducted in both the Gas and Electrical Labs Designing a set of gasfitting drawings for a single family home.

      Class hours , Monday through Friday Please refer to the Apprenticeship Training Schedule for class hours and availability of upcoming intakes. Note: The harmonized matrix below will take effect in April, Students starting the program before this date will follow an alternative matrix. Program Details In BCIT's Plumber Apprenticeship program you'll learn a variety of trade-specific topics, enabling you to install, maintain and repair piping systems that carry a wide variety of fluids used in residential, commercial and industrial settings according to the BC Plumbing Code.

      Program length Current Stream: The total amount of in-school training for a plumber apprenticeship is hours. Graduate employment outcomes The BCIT student outcomes reports present summary findings from the annual survey of former students administered by BC Stats one to two years after graduation.