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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Archived from the original on November 2, Retrieved June 15, Garner, Dwight October 12, Methods: We conducted a multinational online open-ended question survey and semistructured audio-recorded interviews with a purposive sample of researchers who had experience in running collective intelligence projects. The questionnaires had an interactive component, enabling respondents to rate and comment on the advice of their fellow respondents.

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Data were analyzed thematically, drawing on the framework method. The main barriers identified were the lack of evidence-based guidelines for implementing collective intelligence, complexity in recruiting and engaging the community, and difficulties in disseminating the results of collective intelligence projects. Respondents particularly suggested establishing a diverse coordination team to plan and manage collective intelligence projects and setting up common rules of governance for participants in projects.

In project planning, respondents provided advice on identifying research problems that could be answered by collective intelligence and identifying communities of participants. They shared tips on preparing the task and interface and organizing communication activities to recruit and engage participants. Conclusions: Mobilizing collective intelligence through crowdsourcing is an innovative method to increase research efficiency, although there are several barriers to its implementation. We present good practice advice from researchers with experience of collective intelligence across different disciplines to overcome barriers to mobilizing collective intelligence.

Background: Physician-rating websites are being increasingly used by patients to help guide physician choice. As such, an understanding of these websites and factors that influence ratings is valuable to physicians. Objective: We sought to perform a comprehensive analysis of online urology ratings information, with a specific focus on the relationship between number of ratings or comments and overall physician rating.

Methods: We analyzed urologist ratings on the Healthgrades website. The data retrieval focused on physician and staff ratings information. Our analysis included descriptive statistics of physician and staff ratings and correlation analysis between physician or staff performance and overall physician rating. Finally, we performed a best-fit analysis to assess for an association between number of physician ratings and overall rating. Results: From a total of urology profiles analyzed, there were 99, ratings and 23, comments.

All physician and staff performance ratings demonstrated a positive and statistically significant correlation with overall physician rating P Discover Social Media mentions by hovering over the donut. Background: Electronic health record EHR patient portals provide a means by which patients can access their health information, including diagnostic test results.

Little is known about portal usage by emergency department ED patients. Objective: The study aimed to assess patient portal utilization by ED patients at an academic medical center using account activation rates along with the rates of access of diagnostic test results laboratory results and radiology reports , analyzing the impact of age, gender, and self-reported patient race. Methods: This institutional review board—approved retrospective study was performed at a 60,visits-per-year university-based ED.

We utilized EHR data reporting tools to examine EHR portal activation and utilization for all patients who had at least one ED encounter with one or more diagnostic tests performed between October 1, , and October 1, The total dataset for laboratory testing included , laboratory tests on 25, unique patients, of which The total dataset for radiologic imaging included 23, radiology studies on 14, unique patients, of which Results: Overall, 8. The highest rates of viewing of laboratory and radiology results were seen for those who were female, were aged 0 to 11 years parent or guardian viewing by proxy and 18 to 60 years, and self-reported their race as Caucasian or Asian.

Infectious disease, urinalysis, and pregnancy testing constituted the highest number of laboratory tests viewed. Magnetic resonance imaging reports were viewed at higher rates than computed tomography or x-ray studies P Discover Social Media mentions by hovering over the donut. Background: Physician review websites have empowered prospective patients to acquire information about physicians. After reviewing the Web page, participants were asked to complete a survey on their perceptions of the physician and willingness to seek health care from the physician.

Results: The results showed that participants were more willing to choose a physician with higher ratings on technical skills than on interpersonal skills compared with a physician with higher ratings on interpersonal skills than on technical skills, t Some common genes that are included in nutrition-based multigene test panels include CYP1A2 rate of caffeine break down , MTHFR folate usage , NOS3 risk of elevated triglyceride levels related to omega-3 fat intake , and ACE blood pressure response in related to sodium intake. The complexity of gene test—based personalized nutrition presents barriers to its implementation.

Objective: This study aimed to compare a self-driven approach to gene test—based nutrition education versus an integrated practitioner-facilitated method to help develop improved interface tools for personalized nutrition practice. Background: Individuals with psychosis are heavy consumers of social media. It is unknown to what degree measures of social functioning include measures of online social activity.

Objective: To examine the inclusion of social media activity in measures of social functioning in psychosis and ultrahigh risk UHR for psychosis. Facebook was launched as the first large-scale social media platform in and, therefore, it is highly improbable that studies conducted prior to would have included measures of social media activity. Results: The electronic search resulted in 11, distinct articles.

Full-text evaluation was conducted on articles, of which articles met inclusion criteria. A total of 58 social functioning measures were identified. With some exceptions, reports on reliability and validity were scarce, and only one measure integrated social media social activity. Conclusions: The ecological validity of social functioning measures is challenged by the lack of assessment of social media activity, as it fails to reflect an important aspect of the current social reality of persons with psychosis.

Measures should be revised to include social media activity and thus avoid the clinical consequences of inadequate assessment of social functioning. In the present study an e-portfolio framework was designed for medic Background: Quantification of dietary intake is key to the prevention and management of numerous metabolic disorders.

Conventional approaches are challenging, laborious, and, suffer from lack of accur Conventional approaches are challenging, laborious, and, suffer from lack of accuracy. The recent advent of depth-sensing smartphones in conjunction with computer vision has the potential to facilitate reliable quantification of food intake. Objective: To evaluate the accuracy of a novel smartphone application combining depth-sensing hardware with computer vision to quantify meal macronutrient content.

Methods: The application ran on a smartphone with built-in depth sensor applying structured light iPhone X and estimated weight, macronutrient carbohydrate, protein, fat and energy content of 48 randomly chosen meals type of meals: breakfast, cooked meals, snacks encompassing food items. Reference weight was generated by weighing individual food items using a precision scale.

The study endpoints were fourfold: i error of estimated meal weight; ii error of estimated meal macronutrient content and energy content; iii segmentation performance; and iv processing time. While estimation accuracy was not affected by the viewing angle, the type of meal mattered with slightly worse performance for cooked meals compared to breakfast and snack.

Segmentation required adjustment for 7 out of items.

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Conclusions: The present study evaluated the accuracy of a novel smartphone application with integrated depth-sensing camera and found a high accuracy in food estimation across all macronutrients. This was paralleled by a high segmentation performance and low processing time corroborating the high usability of this system.

Background: Successful integrations of machine learning into routine clinical care are exceedingly rare and barriers to adoption are poorly characterized in the literature. Objective: To report a qual Objective: To report a quality improvement effort to integrate a deep learning sepsis detection and management platform, Sepsis Watch, into routine clinical care.

Methods: In , a multidisciplinary team consisting of statisticians, data scientists, data engineers, and clinicians was assembled by the leadership of an academic health system to radically improve the detection and treatment of sepsis. This report of the quality improvement effort follows the learning health system framework to describe the problem assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation plan of Sepsis Watch. Results: Sepsis Watch was successfully integrated into routine clinical care and reshaped how local machine learning projects are executed.

Front-line clinical staff were highly engaged in the design and development of the workflow, machine learning model, and application. Having secretly set up a Oscorp subsidiary called Multivex, he purchased the smokestack in Brooklyn and ordered it torn town immediately, leading to the discovery of the skeleton of the Spider-Clone that was planted there years ago. As expected, this draw Peter and Mary Jane back to New York as they attempted to learn the truth about this skeleton.

However, their attempts to get Seward Trainer were blocked because Gaunt was pressuring Trainer into developing a cure for his condition. Since the Parkers and Reilly were getting too close to uncovering his connection to Multivex. This prompting Osborn to hire Cell to beat Peter Parker into unconsciousness. Most recently, Judas Traveller somehow discovered the connection between Gaunt and Multivex and became a threat to Norman's plans. However, all Traveller was able to reveal was that there was a great danger coming to Spider-Man.

Epilogue [Continuity 52]. As Norman Osborn ends this entry in his diary, he is interrupted by Gaunt who informs Norman that Seward Trainer is ready to begin the process to restore Gaunt back to normal. He thinks about every time he tried to tear down Peter Parker. He killed his girlfriend, but she fell in love with another. Stripped him of his humanity, but the hero happily gave up his costumed identity to start a new life. He tried to create a rift between Peter and Ben Reilly with the recently uncovered skeleton, but it only served to bring them closer together -- almost like brothers.

Osborn's concludes that the only way to totally destroy Spider-Man is to take everything away from him. With Mary Jane about to give birth, the time is becoming ripe to strike. Events in this story occur behind the scenes that affects the chronology of the following characters:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Part of the " Clone Saga " storyline. Original Price. Bob Harras. Cover Artist. Kyle Hotz. Stan Lee Shirrel Rhoades. David J. Glenn Greenberg. Mark Bernardo. Richard Starkings Comicraft. Joe Andreani Ralph Macchio. Previous Issue. Categories :.

February , Web of Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Man The Spectacular Spider-Man Spider-Man Unlimited Spider-Man: The Clone Journal 1. Spider-Man: The Jackal Files 1.