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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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At the same time, by coming across other people from other cultures and continents, being back also represents enriching and diversifying my background. Moreover, in an age dominated by an increasing demand for Artificial Intelligence, returning to Middlebury means to upgrade my Emotional Intelligence, because it is in the conjunction of the determination to acquire knowledge and the interpersonal relationships that are created here that I become a more sensitive human being, not indifferent towards the diversity that surrounds me, being apt to prepare my students who wish to give their best, making difference, and promoting change.

The magic of change that these students promote by coming here is our biggest source of inspiration. Either because they had a keen disposition to study the language in order to record a CD with Bossa Nova songs entirely in Portuguese, promoting our culture; either because they chose to implement clean and sustainable energy systems in Brazil and have decided to settle there; either because they left our campus to work as volunteers in Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa for MSF Doctors without borders ; or because they represented our community in their work in the headquarters of UN, in New York City; no matter the reason, there are uncountable motivations; nevertheless, each one of these experiences multiply and enhance even more what we continuously propose to do here.

As, for instance, in an exquisite experience I had, in which I was in the Consulate in Rio to renew my visa to work here, and I met a former student, who was interviewing Brazilians applying for a visa. Why have you decided to spend another summer with us, instead of going to another Portuguese-speaking country, for example? Here, with the pledge, which is the cornerstone of the program, there is a total control of our linguistic acquisition process, and at the same time there are native speakers attentive to everything I say, who correct me and assist me all the time.

Here I learn not only how to speak Portuguese, but I also learn how to think in the language, 24 hours per day, and, If I am lucky enough, when I least expect, I am also dreaming in Portuguese. Each one of these students, in one way or the other, is responsible for transforming our journey, affecting the way we perceive the world and interact with one another. Like in a patchwork, they represent each piece of our new identity, multicultural and multifaceted, shaping our character and weaving our values, which we carry with us for a lifetime.

Fora de eu pensar e de haver quaisquer pensamentos

This, in fact, is priceless: it is the true treasure that we aimed at finding at first. Fernando Pessoa.

Pus o meu Deus no prego. Que na ilha extrema do sul se olvida. Ali, talvez, talvez, Naquela terra, daquela vez,. In Poesias. No fundo do pensamento Tenho por sono um cantar, Um cantar velado e lento, Sem palavras a falar.

Portuguese School – Regina Santos, Assistant Director

Todos haviam de ter No fundo do pensamento A novidade de haver Um cantar velado e lento. E cada um, desatento Da vida que tem que achar Teria o contentamento De ouvir esse meu cantar.

Números em texto integral

Deixa meu ser que rememora Sentir o amor,. Que fiz eu da vida? Fiz o que ela fez de mim De pensada, mal vivida Se ao menos chovesse menos!

Por entre os dois eu vou. Se penso me desmembro. Que sei eu? Que sei eu que abrande Meu anseio fundo? Quero o coreto com a banda! He lives because life lasts.

Sobre as Nuvens de Magalhães: A Grande Nuvem de Magalhães

Nothing within him whispers More than the primeval law: That life leads to the grave. Vive porque a vida dura. Heteronym : Bernardo Soares, Auxiliary book-keeper in Lisbon and a perfectionist without a real life. He lived in a small apartment in the Rua dos Douradores, and all he had in life was "a few accounting books and the gift of dreaming". One afternoon he was allowed to leave the office earlier to run a personal errand right there in Lisbon; the errand being completed early, he found that given the different hours Lisbon was a strange town he was unfamiliar with, and went back to the office, to the surprise of his colleagues.

Where a portuguese original quote exists, the translation into english was informal. And the supreme glory of all this, my love, is to think that maybe this isn't true, neither may I believe it true. To travel? In order to travel it's enough to be. In Madrid, in Berlin, in Persia, in China, at the Poles both, where would I be but in myself, and in the sort and kind of my sensations?

Centro do Universo (Português)

Life is what we make of it. Travels are travellers. What we see is not what we see but what we are. Original: Viajar? Para viajar basta existir.

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All quotations provided in English as translated by Richard Zenith.