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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Vincent has always been unique, requiring us to think outside the box and this is no exception. Our oncologist is reaching out to other experts for second opinions and we are reaching out to our personal connections in the oncology world. We are also meeting with radiation oncology next week to hear what they have to say. No one wants to radiate Vincent's brain now, he is too young, but we need to hear what they have to say even if we are almost sure we will not radiate now. I have also been in contact with another ATRT mom who's child also had liver toxicity from Dactinomycin almost 10 years ago and discussed what they did and our oncologist is contacting her oncologist.

Vincent will be getting an MRI on Tuesday. If there is any disease on this scan, Vincent's situation will be much more serious and we will literally be scrambling for options.

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We are praying for a clear scan, for the Doctors to find answers, and for our ability to continue to make decisions in Vincent's best interest. This is so very hard and I feel so incredibly sad. To have come this far and now be in limbo is so scary. To know there is no path forward and we need to blaze our own trail is nerve wracking.

We dont know what that trail will be.. We are remaining optimistic but also realistic. This is the worst shade of gray to be in for me. The unknown, no answers, tons of questions I'm trying not to let my fear take over my head space. Easier said than done. Vincent is feeling good, happy, and continuing to have improvement in his liver function. Please keep praying for and sending love to Vincent.

I know you will, but I don't know what else to say.

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This is pediatric brain cancer. This is why we need more funding for research. We should not be in this position. We should not have to poison our son to the brink of death to try to save him to then be out of options. Vincent has been moved from the PICU to the oncology floor. His status is still critical but he is stable and the oncology feels they can manage his condition.

We are now in a waiting game to see how much liver function he will have once he recovers. He is still on oxygen and still has an abdominal drain putting out fluid from his belly. He is exhausted from fighting to stop his body from dying. He is still getting daily platelet and plasma transfusions. He still has a long way to go and we aren't sure if there will be a path to move forward on to treat his cancer. Please continue to pray and send us positive vibes. Thank you.

G163-2 Duke William The Conqueror raising Dragon Symbol. Battle of Hastings, 1066.

VincenttheConqueror victory4vincent. Update 9. We are so sad to provide this update. Vincent's situation has taken a sudden, rapid turn for the worse.

On April 9th, he spiked a fever and was admitted to the ER for what we thought was his regular neutropenic fever. In less than 24 hours Vincent developed something called VOD which is a life-threatening complication from chemotherapy. He is now in acute liver failure in the PICU. His abdomen started filling with fluid and he had a drain inserted in his abdomen to remove fluid. He is on a ventilator because both lungs collapsed from the pressure of his liver and abdominal fluid. The doctors do not know if he will recover from this setback.

His liver functioning is not following the pattern they expect to see in VOD and no one knows why. He is fighting so hard. He was beating his cancer and now he is fighting for his life because of the treatment he received. This is not fair! We are heartbroken and scared out of our minds. Please pray for Vincent's liver to recover and for his healing. Not having any answers is torture. We are constantly updating on his status on our Facebook page if you would like to keep up with his fight please follow www. Update 8. In the weeks and months that followed, Dad was forced to try to recover from a triple bypass and spinal surgery, while coming to terms with his new diagnosis as a C incomplete quadriplegic.

He ended up receiving a tracheostomy and he required a ventilator to breathe.

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He ended up battling pnemonia twice, which resulted in a few code blues called while he struggled for oxygen, as the pnemonia and paralysis took its toll. On top of this, Dad suffered numerous life-threatening stomach bleeds which required yet more emergency surgeries and blood transfusions. There were times when the doctors told us they didn't know if he was going to make it; that his kidneys were shutting down, that he may need the tracheostomy the rest of his life, that he may never get to eat actual food again.

But against all odds, Dad fought back and proved them wrong over and over again. Dad kept up his fight and made it from Royal Columbian Hospital to GF Strong where he has been in rehabilitation for the past 4 months. The time has come where he must face these new life challenges the best that he can.

Mom and Dad were forced to sell their 3 level home and buy a condo that would suit the accessibility and needs of a quadriplegic. Most people who have suffered the tragedy of a spinal cord injury have a claim through WCB or ICBC, where monetary assistance is a given. Dad's injury does not fall under either of those categories, and therefore the sole monetary burden has fallen directly on Mom and Dad.

While medical does partially cover the cost of some things, the costs are unyielding and ever-growing. Dad requires a power wheelchair, overhead lift and slings, hospital bed, commode, mattress, CPAP machine and mask, not to mention the accessibility renovations to their condo, newer tech items to help Dad in his independence, and a vehicle that dad can be transported in. Please, if you can find it in your hearts to help take the weight of this burden off of Dad and Mom we would be forever grateful.

This made a real change. To his shame, William made no effort to control his fury, punishing the innocent with the guilty. He ordered that crops and herds, tools and food be burned to ashes. More than , people perished of starvation. I have often praised William in this book, but I can say nothing good about this brutal slaughter.

God will punish him. The land was ravaged on either side of William's route north from the River Aire. His army destroyed crops and settlements and forced rebels into hiding. In the New Year of he split his army into smaller units and sent them out to burn, loot, and terrify. Food stores and livestock were destroyed so that anyone surviving the initial massacre would succumb to starvation over the winter.

The survivors were reduced to cannibalism. Refugees from the harrying are mentioned as far away as Worcestershire in the Evesham Abbey chronicle. In , Yorkshire and the North Riding still had large areas of waste territory. Independent archaeological evidence supports the massive destruction and displacement of people. The archaeologist Richard Ernest Muir wrote that there was evidence for the "violent disruption [that] took place in Yorkshire in —71, in the form of hoards of coins which were buried by the inhabitants.

Roberts in his book The Making of the English Village , suggests the reason that large numbers of villages have been laid out in regular pattern in Durham and Yorkshire, was through a restructuring at a single point in time, as opposed to natural settlement growth.

Harrying of the North

He goes on to say that it is highly unlikely that such plans could have resulted from piecemeal additions and must have been necessary after the Harrying of the North. The dating is thought to be secure as it is known that Norman lords used similar regular plans in founding new towns in the 'plantation' of rural settlements in other conquered parts of the British Isles.

However, although the Domesday Book records large numbers of manors in the north as waste, some historians have posited it was not possible for William's relatively small army to be responsible for such wide-scale devastation imputed to him, so perhaps raiding Danes [c] or Scots [d] may have contributed to some of the destruction. It has been variously argued that waste signified manorial re-organisation, some form of tax break, or merely a confession of ignorance by the Domesday commissioners when unable to determine details of population and other manorial resources.

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According to Paul Dalton, [35] it was questionable whether the Conqueror had the time, manpower or good weather necessary to reduce the north to a desert. It was evident, from the chroniclers, that William did harry the north but as the bulk of William's troops, Dalton suggests, were guarding castles in southern England and Wales, and as William was only in the north for a maximum of three months, the amount of damage he could do was limited.

Mark Hagger [33] suggests that in the words of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle , William's Harrying of the North was "stern beyond measure" [36] but should not be described as genocide as William was acting by the rules of his own time , not the present. Other historians have questioned the figures supplied by Orderic Vitalis, who was born in and would have been writing Ecclesiastical History around 55 years after the event. The figure of , deaths was perhaps used in a rhetorical sense, as the estimated population for the whole of England, based on the Domesday returns, was about 2.

David Horspool concludes that despite the Harrying of the North, being regarded with some "shock" in Northern England for some centuries after the event, the destruction may have been exaggerated and the number of dead not as high as previously thought. In William appointed another Earl of Northumbria. This time it was William Walcher , a Lotharingian , who had been appointed the first non-English Bishop of Durham in Having effectively subdued the population, William carried out a complete replacement of Anglo-Saxon leaders with Norman ones in the North.

The new aristocracy in England was predominately of Norman extraction; however, one exception was that of Alan Rufus , a trusted Breton lord, who obtained in — a substantial fiefdom in North Yorkshire, which the Domesday Book calls "the Hundred of the Land of Count Alan", later known as Richmondshire. Here Alan governed, as it were, his own principality: the only location held by the King in this area was Ainderby Steeple on its eastern edge, while Robert of Mortain [45] held one village on its southern fringe; the other Norman lords were excluded, whereas Alan retained the surviving Anglo-Danish lords or their heirs.

Alan also exercised patronage in York, where he founded St Mary's Abbey in By Alan was one of the richest and most powerful men in England. The influence of Margaret and her sons brought about the Anglicisation of the Lowlands and provided the Scottish king with an excuse for forays into England, which he could claim were to redress the wrongs against his brother-in-law. The formal link between the royal house of Scotland and Wessex was a threat to William, who marched up to Scotland in to confront the Scottish king.

William's hold on the crown was then theoretically uncontested. In Walcher , the Bishop of Durham, was murdered by the local Northumbrians. In response, William sent his half-brother Odo, Bishop of Bayeux north with an army to harry the Northumbrian countryside. Odo destroyed much land north of the Tees, from York to Durham, and stole valuable items from Durham monastery.

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Many of the Northumbrian nobility were driven into exile. As a result of the depopulation, Norman landowners sought settlers to work in the fields. Evidence suggests that such barons were willing to rent lands to any men not obviously disloyal. Unlike the Vikings in the centuries before, Normans did not settle wholesale in the shire, but only occupied the upper ranks of society.