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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Fargeat never throttles back on the blood and gore component, splashing gallons upon gallons all over the screen. While it upends logic, it makes up for that deficit in mood and cinematic panache, particularly when it compliments the emotions of the characters, whether its perseverance, fear, desperation and especially anger, particularly during the gonzo finale, where all hell goes loose.

One of the ways is her use of imagery aided by vibrant cinematography by Robrecht Heyvaert and smooth editing by Fargeat, Bruno Safar and Jerome Eltabet and props to separate and satirize gender stereotypes. For example, Jen tends to her injuries, cauterizing them using a beer can while inadvertently branding herself the logo of a phoenix. Not only does the imagery indicate the character progression of Jen rising from the ashes, the prop of the metal beer can serves as a pointed commentary on the perception of sexual behaviour, symbolizing chastity or a chastity belt.

In doing so, Fargeat compliments the dialogue that the men say to her in terms of putting up a fight and supposedly sending signals, which implies that women are better off limiting and blaming themselves for what happens to them. But that type of symbolism can only work if the men are in on it and Fargeat amusingly does, through the character of Richard.

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In his case, he becomes severely injured to the point that he resorts to tending his injuries with the use of plastic wrap, which symbolizes prophylaxis i. The contrast of female restraint and male prevention provides ample food for thought that pushes the female stereotype out of their shell and the male stereotype to get over themselves. Or a scene in the second act, which details graphic injury detail hinting a yonic symbolism directed at the male characters and the foreign object penetration and extraction of the object of said injury, which adds a punch to the pitch-black humour.

Another way Fargeat subverts the rape-revenge genre is how she portrays her characters aided by the pulsating score by Robin Coudert , dubbed Rob. In the case of Jen, after the rape and violent ordeals, it would be expected that director Fargeat would lense and shoot her character in a way that would indicate any sort of arousal of the audience i.

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Yet, Fargeat never changes her shooting method, but uses it in a way that indicates a moment of control Jen attains in her circumstances, showing her in a heroic pose on the edge of a cliff. In the case of Richard, at one point in the film, he is shown fully nude in a long, singular take in the shower, after going through an ordeal.

In terms of its flaws, the dialogue can be on-the-nose at times and the lapses in logic of the anatomical term can irk some, but looking for subtlety and realism in a rape-revenge film is beside the point. Revenge is a beautifully realized, amusingly sick, pointedly subversive and uncompromising piece of exploitation that is sure to shock and nauseate in the best of ways. Revenge will be screening at the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival , in all major cities from the 5th of March to the 19th of April. July 5, As soon as she arrived, her colleagues noticed something was wrong.

And that was only the beginning of it. There was vomit, there was mopping, and even a written warning.

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However, not necessarily all of them were done by poor Sarah. Scroll down to check out how everything unfolded! Image credits: dragana Like what you're reading? Subscribe to our top stories.

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Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! This lazy panda forgot to write something about itself. So glad I work for school that I have 10 days I'm sick days and I can carry them over every year if I don't use them. We're born to stay home when we're sick!

Nobody wants that shit spreading around the school.

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Unlimited days, paid, and still building vacation money and days. What weird world it is to have a set amount of sick days. Thank you, Diane, I know what sick days are. We can call in sick at any time, without notice, without days, without max. It is the amount of days you can call in at zero notice and say you are unable to make it due to illness - not pre-booked vacation - as you need to take them immediately. If you go beyond what is deemed acceptable for that workplace then you start getting in trouble. I understand making a big deal about attendance in school, where you're dealing with joking and mischievous youth and those who are really sick usually have protection from their parents anyway.

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But with adults at work? Responsible people who somewhat chose to work for you? The more of an asshole you are about it, the more will people hate coming. What does irritate me slightly being a non-driver is when people who drive say they cannot come to work - because oftemporary lack of a car, or being unable to drive, when there is public transport available. One lady who I covered for on a temporary contract took 3 months sick leave - because that was the amount of time she was told she shouldnt drive for following an operation.

The bus I went to work on every morning to cover her job went right past her house - she wouldnt use it. In the meantime she was back to jogging and the gym but would not use public transport to go to work. Us non-drivers dont have that excuse to use. Kind of feel you shouldnt take a reponsible job knowing full-well you are not going to be able to get there half the winter. Guy across the hall from me bikes to work. A bicycle, in Saskatchewan where you can count on there being snow on the ground at least half the year.

He's never missed a day due to bad weather, though I'm not entirely sure what he does when the snow is a foot deep or more - probably the bus, but I don't think he does that very often. It's very impressive. Another non-driver here. I've never tried to get a license, but I am a bit directional challenged, so I am not sure if would be able to pass the practical exam.

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I am used to using public transport. It's well developed in my city, so it's fine. My current job is right next to a subway stop, so a lot of my colleagues also prefer using the subway, even if they have a car. Wow, another non driver! We seem to be a rare breed. I can't pass a driver's test or drive due to anxiety.

Glad you have a functional public transit system. If my job required me to be in at a fixed time every morning, I'd lose my job. Even if I tried to get there an hour early, I'd still probably be out often enough to get written up. Fortunately the place I work for now is very flexible about work schedules, so if I show up an hour late or have to leave an hour early because the train schedules are fubar again , it's no big deal.

Nikki D - I used to travel all up and down the country every week - using trains and planes. Now, due to anxiety a 10 mile journey on a bus fills me with dread - lol. Not all adults are responsible. We had a co-worker at a groom shop I worked at that would call clients and reschedule morning appointments so she could sleep in.. She didn't last very long.. Thank the good Lord! Yep, not all of them are, but a whole community of normal people shouldn't need to suffer because of special cases that may or may not happen.

I was warned by a boss about the Monday self inflicted illnesses from partying to much. Not that I ever did that. Got out of the partying mode when I worked at Nintendo. But he was a recovering alcoholic and wouldn't tolerate it from other people. His philosophy was.. He would also offer to be a sponsor for people that were struggling with alcoholism.