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Do not take the chance. As previously mentioned, birds make noise. If you or a family member values silence, perhaps a picture will work for you as well. Birds do not. Even small birds need large and expensive cages and that is just the beginning of the financial outlay. When considering the cost of food, toys and avian veterinary medicine, birds are expensive to maintain properly. Parrots are social creatures, and they need daily interaction, if only for a few minutes at a time, several times a day.

As stated earlier, parrots are expensive. Get a large parrot if you live in a small space. Appalling though it sounds, numerous pet parrots as well as infants are suffocated yearly when sleeping alongside humans. There is no excuse to run this risk. This needs to be avoided for obvious reasons, as sexual stimulation can lead to serious problems for owner and bird.

How to Teach a Parakeet to Talk | PetHelpful

Unlike shorter-lived companion animals like dogs and cats, many pet parrots can live a long time. Even a canary can live for 20 years and to year lifespans are common with larger parrot species, such as Amazon parrots , cockatoos and macaws. They need a long-term commitment from us. I recently encountered a young woman who was looking for a home for her 4-year-old Amazon parrot because she was going to college.

Parrots can be aggravating companions even for those of us who love them. To bring such an intelligent, sentient creature into a home where others do not welcome it is incredibly selfish and totally unfair. How would you like it if someone did that to you? Thank you for this helpful, concise list.

I own two Cockatiels and had been contemplating adding a larger parrot to the mix. After reading this I have to be honest with myself and realize that bringing another bird into our home would be selfish for many of the reasons given above. This is an excellent article. We share our home with a cockatoo that we love, but who also could try the patience of a saint.

I think suggestion 3 has much value. We would respond to our bird when he was screaming and try to do something to get him to stop. Now we are trying to unlearn this behavior by rewarding him when he gets our attention by playing appropiately or talking without screaming etc. He is a valued member of the household and we will keep learning and working with him. We did a lot of research before we got our conures, and they are exactly as advertised — loud, messy, time intensive, expensive, a huge commitment, and completely delightful.

Enjoyed your article. You hit many good points. My daughter purchased a African Gray who decided that I was her pick, not my daughter. Daughter has since moved on, but the Arfican Gray is still at home. Would not trade her for the world!! Powder, mess and all. While some can be fairly free-singing, little to no attention is paid to the style or quality of the song by most breeders. Color Canaries: These canaries are bred for the colour of their feathers, and range from the yellow-and-green colours of the other breeds, to more esoteric shades of bronze, vermillian, silver, and pink, including almost every hue except true blues and solid black.

If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe. Bilbo left is a non-intensive Consort Gloster canary. He is the type of bird who is bred to the crested canaries to produce both crested and non-crested Glosters.

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The crest is a dominant mutation, and a crested canary should never be mated with another crested. Unlike many species of birds commonly kept as pets, canaries are territorial rather than social. The song of the males, and, to some extent the hens as well, is used to announce their presence and their claim to their territory.

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They are not very social with others of their kind and will rarely if ever enjoy sharing a pet-style cage with another bird. Cages: Canaries are flyers rather than climbers, and therefore require larger cages relative to their size than many of the hookbills. Round cages should never be used with any kind of flying bird the shape makes it difficult to place perches parallel to each other, and so restricts the birds, making it difficult for them to move naturally. Diet: Like most other cage-birds, the canary requires far more than just seed alone.

Clean, fresh water must always be available. Due to their small bodies and high metabolic rate, a canary will die within hours without it. Health : Canaries are extremely sensitive to trace gases and other such toxins, so be careful to not use air fresheners, rug deodorizers, perfumes, and other such volatiles in their presence. For this reason, the kitchen is not a good place to keep them; fumes or smoke from cooking foods could make them ill. Every bird-owning household should beware of Teflon cookware as this emits gases that are highly toxic to birds if overheated.

Moulting should occur once a year, just after midsummer. A moult at any other time of the year is usually caused by the presence of a warm or cold draft from which the bird has no shelter. If you are setting out to teach your bird to sing a song, it's a good idea to pay attention to the sorts of sounds that your bird seems to like. Try putting on the radio to see how your bird responds to different types of music.

Is it more interested in songs with a lot of bass, or higher-pitched sounds?

Does it respond more to male voices or female voices? You may even discover certain artists or genres that your bird seems to enjoy more than others.

How to Teach a Canary to Sing

Choosing a fun, upbeat song to teach your bird is normally the best way to get your feathered friend singing quickly and accurately. Teaching your bird to sing isn't all that different from teaching your bird to talk. It's important not to rush your pet. Start slowly, repeating just the first few words of a tune, and then incorporate more as your bird learns. Try to hold the training sessions at the same time every day. It also can help to use audio editing software to create a loop of the first line or two of a song that you can play over and over for your bird.

Since parrots love to mimic, demonstrate the behavior you want your bird to copy. Once you've honed in on what type of music it likes, begin singing the song you want it to learn. Ideally, you'll get close to its cage so it can see you and hear you.

Training Your Bird to Talk

If your bird begins mimicking you and sings the song correctly, offer a treat for some positive reinforcement. As in all things, practice makes perfect. Birds learn best through repetition.