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The interdisciplinary nature of a degree in Middle East Studies means that students gain transferable skills that make them suitable for a wide range of careers. Joining a society, and particularly taking on a role of responsibility, can impress future employers and also enhance employability skills such as: team working, negotiation, event management, controlling budgets and leadership.

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There is, of course, an inherent tension within Palestinian cultural stud- ies and it is the predicament of the political. On the one hand, it continues to be hostage to the political conditions of the culture is it studying; on the other, the political is an order it is trying to negate. Cultural producers and scholars recognise this, and have expressed the tension in various ways. Tensions continue. Various forms of repression and silencing persist; and yet there is no denying the power of new forms of expression, their reach to wider audiences, and their potential for wider political change — in mediated platforms, whether in cinema, rap, television or the Internet.

What sets Palestinian cultural studies apart is the coercion of the politi- cal back into cultural studies generally and with that the overcoming of the division that has occurred in cultural studies over the past three decades, of negating the legacies of what the forefathers of cultural studies were seeking to achieve in the first place , and the preservation of a past that is reflective of a hyper modern condition of de-territorialisation, fragmentation and dispersal.

These tensions are reflective of the Palestinian condition: neither an accepted discourse, narrative, history or nation-state, nor a willingness to be silenced and erased. The dialectic between art and politics continues, and nowhere is it more vibrant in the region than in the Palestinian context.

Hers will continue to be a rare feat, one that can only come with privilege, dis- tance, and a forceful divorcing of culture from the political. For the fore- seeable future, however, this photographer is likely to remain anomalous. She is also likely to be forgotten in the annals of Palestinian culture. For the strength of Palestinian culture and cultural studies is precisely in merg- ing the political with the cultural, doing so in a particular way and under particular conditions. The heritage, to date, of Palestinian culture and its study is the creation of a record of life under political hardship and against the constant threat of annihilation.

The legacy that a Palestinian cultural studies will leave behind is the formidable task of national self-expression, self-representation and self-realisation under conditions continuously preventing them from actualisation. Both Palestinian culture and Palestinian cultural studies are attempts to fight historical amnesia and cre- ate a more equitable future. Palestinian cultural studies, then, is a counter- cultural studies.

The objective, as it stands today, of cultural praxis and cultural studies, is to ensure that Palestinians do not become footnotes in the longer cultural and political history of humanity. Notes 1. Suleiman Ibid: Hall , 63; original emphases. Williams , , Smith See Peck for a genealogy and critique of this shift. See Garnham and Grossberg Hammami and Tamari In fact, Massad argues that the term Nakba — which has been translated, as ca- tastrophe, cataclysm, or disaster — is rather inappropriate. Swedenburg Piterberg Bresheeth ; original emphases.

Said See Thompson ; Hall First, the end of official occupation was really an end on the part of the Israeli government to be responsible for Palestinian life; Israel still remains in ul- timate control. Third, I am not denying the strength of silencing under the control of the Jordanian and Egyptian regimes in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, respectively, between and ; nor on behalf of Arab governments such as Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, or the larger international community throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

See Jayyusi See Abdelhadi for the impact on a Nablus-based radio station.

I do not want to make it my object here to delineate all the ways in which Palestinians are silenced and erased; examples are countless, whether in the shape of their territorial exile or the dominance of the pro-Israeli lobby in the West. See Bishara for an example in the realm of international news. A number of problems arise with the arrival of the PA and the corruption and nepotism manifested in the cultural realm; these are beyond the scope of this chapter. Gazette Said — Here it is apt to bring in a common term from the Palestinian context, that of sumud steadfastness , which has been the foundational ideological justification, political strategy and everyday experience at the heart of the Palestinian strug- gle beginning with the first intifada.

Davis: 4. Cultural Anthropology Journal of Refugee Studies Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication 2.

Here Comes Chakravartty and Y. Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research 1. See Dabashi All of these filmmakers produce both feature and documentary films, I am classifying them here according to what they are most well-known for. Studies exist on facets on Palestinian culture that have preceded that on film, particularly news, literature and theatre.

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Scholarship on Palestinian literature and theatre is substantive. These fall outside the purview of the kind of cultural studies I am focusing on here — as my interest is on the more explicitly medi- ated. Rinnawi, ; op. Frosh, and M. Journal of Peace Research Naficy ; Tawil Alexander Tawil , Bresheeth — Dabashi Bresheeth , Tawil Massad Greenberg Share 0 0 0.

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About the Book As the Gulf assumes an ever more important identity in the global political economy, we see the emergence of a new popular and political culture underpinning its increasingly self-confident national identities. Recommended Titles. Sold out. Select options. Demystifying Syria Edited by Fred H.

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