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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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With Kendrick Lamar Teasing A Possible New Album, Fans Should Expect The Unexpected

Hidden Depths can be discovered in Back Story or organically as a story progresses, but if used improperly can crop up in a Plot Tailored to the Party to give a character the necessary skills. Why did they never mention it?

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This Rebus Bubble list might take a while to fill. Of course, since these are common enough to have become a trope, they are less of a surprise than more — unusual depths. Indeed, some hidden depths are so common that making the surface and depth the same surprises the reader. In more extreme cases, a completely Flat Character becomes a Rounded Character. If the audience is aware of the depths but not all the characters are, Dramatic Irony is almost bound to occur. If it happens gradually, it's essentially Flanderization in reverse.

May be demonstrated when a character catches the Smart Ball. For more examples, see the index. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Idris: Are all people like this? The Doctor: Like what? Idris: So much bigger on the inside. Character type s and their usual Hidden depth.

Head and Shoulders shampoo has done several ads starring NFL player Troy Polamalu due to his long, full-bodied hair; an ad for "Head and Shoulders Deep" depicts him as an accomplished classical pianist. Comic Strips. Dykes to Watch Out For : Sparrow, described by the author as "the most cartoony of my characters," started as a fairly one-dimensional therapy-head and New Ager; she later came out as bisexual, had a child, became an atheist, and developed a grumpy side to her Though he has an outward appearance of a typical bratty 6-year old, Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes at times displays a degree of philosophical depth and intelligence you wouldn't expect from someone his age; usually in his conversations with Hobbes.

It's tremendously pronounced in Calvin's case; many adults aren't as intelligent as Calvin is. Calvin has repeatedly shown an intelligence of someone far older and even then, quite a few adults wouldn't be able to to make the same kinds of points that Calvin does with the same amount of articulateness or intelligence. It's even lampshaded in one of the later strips where Calvin's teacher humorously states that if he put a fraction of the energy he did into studying rather than avoiding it, he'd easily be a straight A student.

He's usually just an obnoxious Jerk with a Heart of Gold , most infamous among the fans for his patently false war stories and overestimating his own abilities And then, once in a while, he reveals some hidden skill, such as reading hieroglyphs not as well as he thinks, but the fact he can do it at all and without any book to consult is already a lot , and a huge knowledge of trivia that few people can match.

Best shown when he once jokingly compared the rainy weather to the summer of Cherrapunji and left almost the entire farm, in stunned silence wondering just what Cherrapunji was because nobody else was familiar with the place the series of strip ended with Alcide, the local intellectual, trying to get the reaction from Enrico, not knowing it had been him to introduce the saying to the farm, only for Enrico to make him scream by replying "You can say it's the spring of Cherrapunji.

Films — Animation.

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Tangled : Played for Laughs with the thugs in the Snuggly Duckling; they may be criminals, but they're also florists, mimes, pianists, romantics, even singers! They even become Big Damn Heroes to break Eugene out of jail.

Clarium: Hidden Depths (Original MIx)

Eugene casually mentions that he used to read to the other orphans at the orphanage he grew up in. Also, that he really dreamed of being a character from the books, whose wealth let him do all sorts of things, which puts a new light on his Greed. In An Extremely Goofy Movie it's revealed that PJ a Rounded Character already , who is shown to be sensible but usually not very intelligent in the academic sense, is somewhat skilled in the field of free-verse poetry.

This managed to surprise not only Bobby, but also Max, who had been friends with PJ for seven years at the time. His poem is about how people tend to overlook overweight people without noticing how interesting they can be. The studio's elephant mascot from Cats Don't Dance is a talented pianist.

Also, the reason Branch joins her is because Poppy came up with a plan to drive him out of his bunker by inviting all the other Trolls, banking on the knowledge that Branch will prefer a dangerous mission than be at a perpetual party. Branch also has hidden depths, revealing a rather poetic and romantic side when secretly feeding lines to help Bridget on her date. Zootopia : Chief Bogo seems like your typical tough guy chief , but some of the comments he makes imply he's more aware of the broken system than is readily apparent.

Chief Bogo : The world has always been broken. That's why we need good cops. Films — Live-Action. This trope is the point of the documentary American Teen. The documentary follows five high-school students in a very rural and average Midwestern town in Warsaw, Indiana: Hannah, Colin, Megan, Mitch, and Jake.

Hannah has a hard time fitting in with a rural town because she's so liberal and she falls into a severe depression when she's dumped in the beginning of the film, Colin's entire future is riding on getting on a basketball scholarship and his father rides him hard over this, Megan is under tremendous pressure to be accepted into the prestigious University of Notre Dame because the rest of her family went there, and Jake worries about finding a relationship that's meant to last.

Expect the unexpected: Trump's isolationist policy abandoned in missile attack on Syria

The only one who doesn't seem to have any substantial depth like the others is Mitch, who, perhaps coincidentally or not, is focused on significantly less than the other four and is even left out of some posters for the film. Playing video games doesn't really cause a bunch of angst. The whole point of the Breakfast Club , the students reveals plenty of emotional baggage that they never showed before to their friends or family.

Mean Girls - Gretchen confesses to Cady that she's secretly miserable as Regina's friend and has to pretend to like and not like certain things to get Regina's approval.

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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day - Both Delysia, a ditz, and Miss Pettigrew, a governess have a lot more depth than their labels who imply. One could argue this is the point to Reservoir Dogs. Orange has many scenes revealing his hidden depths, Blonde turns out to have a hidden depth that was right out in the open, and White has his hidden depth come out at the end.

Played for laughs in Black Dynamite. Randomly during the film, the Jive Turkey cast reveals they have a lot of esoteric knowledge of Greek Mythology. There are several instances in American Beauty such as Angela, the pretty cheerleader who is a virgin and Frank Fitts, Ricky's Marine father who wants Lester sexually. When rebuffed, he kills Lester. Molly in You, Me and Dupree takes a liking to Dupree when she sees beyond his party boy persona and sees a kind, talented, hopeless romantic of a man.

David from the Sabrina remake knows a lot about the family business despite spending all those years as a playboy ne'er do-well. Batman Michael Keaton , in both his personas of Bruce Wayne and Batman, normally gives a subdued performance as both characters in Batman But then, during the scene with the Joker at Vicki's apartment, Bruce Wayne, unknowingly faced with the murderer of his parents, decides to, without any warning at all during his conversation with him, get nuts.

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He's doing it to protect Vicki; the audience should already know the Joker is their killer, but Bruce doesn't find out until the end of the scene when the Joker gives his signature line and shoots him in the chest. Bruce is so shaken by The Reveal that he completely drops out of his crazy act. It's a VERY well written and well acted scene all around. Max Schreck in Batman Returns , a stereotypical Corrupt Corporate Executive , is revealed to love his son and his deceased wife, and also seems to have some hidden resentments towards Bruce Wayne and the rest of the silverspoon crowd.

Kessler from Battle of the Bulge seems like the perfect soldier, strong, loyal and professional. Army Daze 's effeminate and seemingly un-military Kenny also runs a mean obstacle course. In Runaway Jury Herman Grimes is almost booted off jury duty because of his blindness, but once he threw his knowledge of the law in the judge's face, he was accepted.

It was this event that caused the jury to vote him as foreman. In Another Time, Another Place , you could be forgiven for thinking during most of the movie that Janie isn't much more than a twenty-something stuck in the emotional mindset of a teenager who's going to get eaten alive by the big, bad world. While it's true that she's unworldly and perhaps a bit naive, she reveals herself to have some serious moral fibre when she goes to the authorities to to exonerate Luigi at a great personal expense with no hope of ever seeing him again. Luigi might be a shiftless waster but he's not a bad person, and he certainly doesn't deserve to go to jail for a crime he didn't commit.

Other highlights include embroidery on nylons and detailed stitch patterns over clean sports aesthetics. Expect the unexpected for AW19! Team Evissa love the rich, complementary tones, giving them priority in our Top 10 colour prediction palette. One of the key leather treatments to emerge is the application of gloss finishes and lamination. Most effective as a treatment on embossed reptile, medium and large-scale croc and tonal snakeskin, gloss adds interest to any surface.

He does what he wants when he wants how he wants. The last time did this, he gave the world DAMN. He followed up the experimental To Pimp A Butterfly with a project of freeform cuttings called Untitled Unmastered , then with his most commercially-focused project yet, the hard-hitting DAMN. Then, he capped this frankly ridiculous run with a carefully curated soundtrack for Marvel superhero movie Black Panther. So, where does Kendrick go from here?

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The closest analog — the aforementioned Nas comparison — pretty much stalls out after two albums. Good Kid may stack up to Illmatic in a lot of ways, but their career paths diverge wildly after that, with Kendrick sidestepping the weighty expectations leveled on him by an adoring populace with his experimental art project and Nas chasing the mainstream glory on his criminally underrated It Was Written.

Cole, and — and this is admittedly a stretch — Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick has yet to attempt a double album, a high concept album, or stepping outside of his genre entirely as Drake did with large chunks of More Life. While DAMN. On KOD , Cole examined the nature of addiction to everything from drugs to money to the standard substances abused by his face-tatted detractors, while on Drogas Wave , Lupe imagined an Atlantean society of escaped slaves working to overthrow the slimy institution.