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Abstract: A good web design is a prerequisite for a successful business nowadays, especially since the internet is the most common way for people to inform themselves.

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Web design includes the optical composition, the structure, and the user guidance of websites. The importance of each website leads to the question if there is a way to measure its usefulness. The aim of this paper is to suggest a methodology for the evaluation of web design. The desired outcome is to have an evaluation that is concentrated on a specific website and its target group. Keywords: Evaluation methodology , factor analysis , target group , web design.

References: [1] H. Balzert, U. Klug und A. Chen, Linear Networks and Systems Book style. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, , pp. Hauser, F. Maurice und C. Gerdes, J. Zudem wurde hier ebenfalls ausreichende Geduld verlangt. Teils an Tipp 1 gebunden war der mehrfache Hinweis 20 Prozent , dass in China die Vorgesetzten als Vorbild wirken sollten. Mehrmals wurde ferner gefordert, die chinesische Alltagskultur Feiertage etc.

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Zugleich ist die totale Anpassung zum Scheitern verurteilt. Um herauszufinden, welches Level der Anpassung Sinn macht, kann auch professioneller Rat hinzugezogen werden. Sie helfen den Teilnehmern effektiv kulturelle Unterschiede in internationalen Gruppen zu managen. Ein erfahrener Trainer, der sich mit der chinesischen Kultur und interkulturellen Trainingsmethoden auskennt, geht auf diese verzerrten Images ein.

Er vermittelt, wie im heutigen China mit chinesischen Mitarbeitern effektiv zu kommunizieren und erfolgreich zu kooperieren ist. German-Chinese cooperation, both in Germany and China, faces particular challenges in human resource management. The ability to deal with cross-cultural difficulties often determines the success of collaborative projects.

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This article draws upon surveys from the China portal Inter:Culture:Capital and intercultural expertise to present important tips and trends in China HR. Recent interviews and surveys have shown that, for Germans, intercultural communication is a major challenge at the workplace in China. Above all, the unfamiliar mentality of their Chinese colleagues makes many of them feel uncertain. What relationships are important within the company?

How is the hierarchy structured and how should one position oneself within it? In a poll conducted by the ICC portal in November , the German respondents living and working in China particularly missed the clear and direct communication from home. Why does nobody express their own opinion in China? In addition to this, several Germans thought their Chinese colleagues lacked the willingness to take clear responsibility within a group.

How can a German manager operate and communicate successfully in China? Which cultural aspects of interpersonal relationships should be taken into account? It is, of course, impossible to provide general answers to these questions. They depend on the region, the organization, and the context in which Chinese employees are to be managed.

To discover possible answers, we interviewed Chinese employees working for German companies in China during spring These well-educated Chinese were aged between 20 and 35, worked in middle and high positions under German managers, and had gained work experience in Germany before. The Chinese staff pointed out both positive and negative aspects of working with Germans.

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Some noted critically that their German superiors were not tolerant enough and, at times, behaved arrogantly. Additionally, they maintained that certain Germans in China did not want to adapt to Chinese ways and talked badly about the country even though they were not even particularly familiar with it. At least one-third of the respondents, conversely, did not find anything negative about their German bosses.

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What suggestions did the Chinese employees have for their managers from abroad? Let us first take a look at a few German ideas on this subject. For an ICC survey conducted in summer , a total of 92 China-based managers and executive staff members from German speaking countries with HR responsibility were asked for their opinion on personnel management in China.

They answered open-ended questions about guiding Chinese employees and critical, cross-cultural issues in German-Chinese HR. How do Chinese employees differ from their German peers? A third also complained about a lack of creativity and a widespread fear of taking individual responsibility.

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Nearly half the interviewees stated that Chinese employees focused largely on human relationships particularly with their supervisors and hierarchies, which was mostly evaluated neutrally and—in a small number of cases—was perceived positively. Several Germans praised the tireless work ethic of Chinese employees as well as their flexibility, contrasting it to the occasionally rigid adherence to rules in Germany.

A handful of interviewees commented favorably on the high levels of loyalty of Chinese workers to those German managers who had adjusted culturally to the Chinese environment. Only about 10 percent of the respondents indicated that one had to be careful with generalizations when answering this question. Chinese people were far more individual than usually portrayed. Furthermore, a couple of respondents suggested taking the educational background of each of the Chinese employees into account when evaluating their working attitude, since this varied strongly in China.

Based on the perceived behavioral differences listed above, the German HR managers and executives gave the following tips for guiding Chinese employees in China or Germany. With more than 60 percent, the most frequent reply by far was to adjust to the cultural differences in China. Examples that were given to illustrate this point included saving face, observing rules of politeness, and handling relationship networks guanxi with Chinese characteristics.

Sufficient cultural preparation should be made before going to China, but also a long-term consideration of cultural challenges was recommended. Not surprisingly, a few interviewees suggested learning the Chinese language, too. Less than half of the respondents were convinced that every manager could achieve optimal results in China by giving very detailed work and job descriptions which were to be repeated and supervised step-by-step.

Some Germans added that one should be patient and not put the Chinese employees under too much pressure, since this could result in a loss of face. Almost one third of the German executives stated that one should acknowledge decisiveness and even small successes.

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In this context, sufficient patience was again called for when managing Chinese staff. Creativity should be promoted—even if it did not directly deliver the desired results. In this way, the employees could strengthen their ability to work independently in the long run.