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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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I prefer five on my custom suits. Regardless of number, there should be at least as many of them as there are buttons on the waist, and they are always placed within a half-inch or so of the hem. Always make sure on your bespoke suit and made-to measure jackets, the sleeve buttons are functional. When the buttons are functional, the temptation to leave one button undone in order to draw attention to the feature is a matter of personal Stylistocratic taste.

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Iridescent fabrics, intriguing patterns or stripes can make slipping off your coat a statement of style. VENTS Moving on from pockets we find the vents, flap-like slits in the bottom of the jacket which accommodate movement and offer easy access to the trouser pockets. Jackets have three styles: center, side or none.

Vent-less jackets, just as the name implies, have no vents, and are popular on Continental suits; they provide a very sleek look to the back of the jacket, though they can lead to wrinkling when the wearer sits down. Center-vented jackets, very popular on American suits, have a single slit at the back, allowing the jacket to expand at the bottom when sitting.

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A side-vented The most formal are jetted pockets, where the pocket is sewn into jackets has two vents, one on either side, generally just the lining of the jackets and only a narrow horizontal opening behind the trouser pockets, to provide easy access. Side appears on the side of the jacket. These pockets, being nearly vents also facilitate sitting more easily, moving as needed to invisible, contribute to a very sleek, polished appearance, and are prevent the rumpling of the jacket back, which leads to most frequently found on formal-wear. The next style, the flap creasing.

Flap pockets are made identically to jetted pockets, but include a flap sewn into the top pocket, which covers the pockets opening. These are the most common pockets on suit jackets, and in the very best, are fabricated so that the wearer may tuck the flaps inside, mimicking the jetted pocket. There are also diagonally-cut flap pockets known as hacking pockets, though they are somewhat less common; the hacking pocket is derived from English riding gear, and is most prominent on bespoke suits from English tailors, particularly those traditionally associated with riding clothes.

The least formal are patch pockets, which are exactly what the name implies: pockets created by applying a patch to the outside of the jacket. Patch pockets are the most casual option; they are frequently found on summer suits that would otherwise appear overly formal, as well as on sports jackets. There is more to a pant waistband than meets the eye.

If done properly, waistbands are time-consuming to make, but their functionality make them a requirement. Whether the garment is a custom suit or a pair of custom dress slacks, its waistband features a string pleat band that moves and expands with the wearer.


Proper trousers feature a triple button closure that helps ensure that the pants stay fastened and flat. This is what makes cuffing pants such a popular option. Proper etiquette dictates that flat-front pants be paired with an un-cuffed plain hem. You can find them online at www. As always Stay Stylistocratic! Fashion eyewear for fashion lovers. Megan and Gareth drew on their flirtations with photography, fashion and design to offer up a free-spirited English style sensitivity to the curdling conservatism of the European eyewear industry.

As a lover of everything fashion, my attention was brought to Zanzan Eyewear, a two year old company out of England. The creative team behind Zanzan, Megan Trimble and Gareth Townshend, introduced the brand in to drag. Its got comfort, design and most of all durability! These are all characteristics that make this one of the most desirable piece you'll need this up-coming season!

Think about this Hi ladies! The leaves are starting to change and there is a nice chill in the air, so you know that fall is just around the corner! One of the hot make up trends spotted on the runways including Gucci and Gievenchy is a mulberry lip. So pick a few shades to try and request some samples, wear it for a day or so and see looks best on you before you make the purchase. Using only the freshest ingredients, we offer a wide variety of authentic Thai cuisine and sushi in a great atmosphere.

AND Sunday - p. Their wait staff is undeniably friendly and attentive. Their rainbow rolls are beautifully arranged, the bowl of Duck Curry is superb, the fried spring rolls are exceptional and their Pad Prik King and Drunken Noodles are on serious demand. Atlanta Village also known as TNS, you may feel a romantic dinner vibe because of the dim lighting and candles, however it is actually a great place for family, friends, co-worker gatherings, etc.! Their recently added comfortable sized seating area, with a full wall projector screen pairs great for sports enthusiasts, as well as private parties.

The Tai flavors are all evenly seasoned with a blend that has a kick of salt, sweet, sour and spice. Their food is presented well, extremely fresh and simply delicious! Discounts may not be used in conjunction with other special offers, coupons or discounts. Discount applies to item cost only and does not include discounts on shipping and handling or taxes.

We had a chance to sit down with this talented group to get the inside story We never wanted to be a part of gang, so we found fun in making fun of gangs. We came up with our own colors, throwing parties and just having fun with everyone who wanted to interact with the crew. After some time, the movement got really serious, as the brother hood grew, we began to lean on each other for problems that we were having within our own families. These guys have been making their mark around Atlanta, hitting up open mic shows and hosting their own open mic in Riverdale, Georgia, at the Point.

We have built a team that works hard together from the beats production, to the writing; we execute everything in house, and have a fabulous mentor, Gold Mine, who helps with our branding. You can look for diversity in our music--singing, rapping and you may ever catch a techno beat! Look out when you hear the chant, we are the AllStars, you know who is in the building! Cobb Pkwy. Dex and Bobby Drac, also known as the talented group, Beat Geeks, formed their group back in college.

They both shared a love for music and have been around other music groups in the past, but once they connected their beats began. Dex started singing at the age of ten, and soon began recording at seventeen-years- old. She comes from a musical background, as her mother was a singer, and her Uncle was in a band. The mask aided him in forming his unique identity, yet while he loved performing, his main skill was production. BB: What was the feeling when you first heard your music on TV?

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Beat Geeks: It was amazing, exciting, and so unexplainable. BB: What do you do on stage for your crowd? Beat Geeks: We create performances that are going to keep the crowd engaged and able to participate in whatever we do! BB: What artist do you love and would love to work with?

  1. Charles H. Houston: An Interdisciplinary Study of Civil Rights Leadership.
  2. Amongst Us All: Stories, Essays, Poems and Mad Scribblings from the Posthumous Papers of the Phantom Writers Guild;
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  5. Statistics of Mental Imagery.

BB: Is music the only thing you do, career wise? Beat Geeks: No education is very important to us. BB: What is the name of your album? Government Guarantee. American Gold Eagle coins are dollar coin designed by Adolph Weinman. Mykelti talks smoothly about his forthcomings in the business and how he eventually became seasoned…literally in his branding.

Raised into acting at a young age, Myketi started his career as a member of The lockers on Soul Train. And then me and Tommy Hanks connected and the rest was history! He shares how previously, on a set in Africa, while filming with fellow world famous actors, he realized that everyone wanted to know the words to the rap songs and it was no longer a feeling of alienation, yet a feeling of relief to be apart of a culture of trend setters. Mykelti carries on his conversation to explain his growth in the movie industry, becoming true family with other actors on various movie sets.

With his natural nature for giving back, he said he began doing this second passion, cooking. Only he was cooking in the houses or movie trailers for the cast members, crew and their families. He grew to be the talk on set and everyone looked forward to his cooking and recipes for seasonings. He now owns his own natural seasoning line called Bubba Style.

His previously appeared on Better mornings on CBS and showcased his party wings called, "fried bubba fried" with his special seasonings. The great thing about his spices is that they don't need salt. He has teamed with charities, and a percentage of every purchase on his website is donated to the United Cancer Advocacy Action Network and Save Africa's Children. SIC6: - Insecticides.

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