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This is a book that allows you to more fully explore how you can harness these energies for your life.

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The Power of Intention walks you through the barriers that you are still clinging to, those barriers that are literally blocking powerful energy from your life and existence. One of those energies or the power of intention responds to appreciation, as Dyer explains:. Cherish the energy that you share with all living beings now and in the future, and even those who have lived before you. Feel the surge of that life force that allows you to think, sleep, move about, digest, and even meditate.

The power of intention responds to your appreciation of it. This is one of the classic Law of Attraction books mentioned in the Secret movie that has stuck around for generations because the principles never get old.

Top 10 Law Of Attraction Books To Read For Inspiration

This book has changed my life. It has inspired ideas and plans in me that I never thought existed. It changed the way I saw the world, and actually worked to draw me nearer to my dreams as a result of the way the world works. I recommend everyone who is inspired to do more in their lives to read this, as it is a life-changing book. If you want to attract wealth into your life, this is a good book to read as a starting point and guideline. This little book under 30 pages was written anonymously in and still is one of the most popular manifestos around. The truths revealed inside still ring true.

In less than one hour total reading time, you can begin to make your dreams come true. The plan set out in this book is simple and effective.

How To Script: Scripting Law of Attraction to Increase Manifesting Power (4 Step Scripting Tutorial)

I can strongly recommend this to anyone that wants to dream big and make shit happen in their lives! Time to get experimenting with the Law of Attraction in your own life? The first of the experiments begin with you asking for a tangible item within a certain time frame. What does this prove? That you can manipulate and control the laws of the universe, that you can literally will what you want into your life.

Try it for yourself. Out of all the books I recommend on this list, I think this might be the most powerful because you are literally experimenting and testing these theories in your life. Stop by the I Am a Change Creator group to discuss what could possibly be holding you back. Our community of change creators is there to help you! Yes, you can hire someone to help you manifest more in your life.

Watch her video to learn more!

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Thank you for reading my best Law of Attraction book picks! Let me know! Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Success is no accident in this life. Start your journey to wealth and prosperity here, with my best Law of Attraction books: The Secret By Rhonda Byrne While this might be one of the more mainstream books on The Law of Attraction, it is still worth a quick read through.

Best-selling author and inspiration speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer is someone we highly recommend learning from when you are embarking on your Law Of Attraction journey. The soothing qualities in this book are superb for readers looking to learn how to identify and drop negative aspects of their life. It shows readers how to overcome mental barriers and create for themselves all that they could ever want. This book has been the inspiration behind a number of modern-day teachers and writers on the Law Of Attraction and is often quoted for its teachings on Abraham Hicks — a non-physical entity representing the flows and ebbs of the universe.

It is the detail within the pages of this book which provide in-depth instruction on how the Law Of Attraction should be best used, that makes it the very best choice of book for those looking to transform their life once and for all. If you want clear, detailed instructions on how to live your ideal life this book really is the book for you!

This is a really exciting example of a book that explores the idea that we are literally all by-products of our thoughts. Over one hundred years old, this precious book was amongst one of the first to reveal the secret that we now know — thoughts equal things.

You Are Your Attraction!

In this book, Mulford reinforces the power of thought and as well as covering topics that many modern LOA books cover such as wealth, success, love, and health; he also delves into less explored topics such as courage. Understanding the power of thought is essential if you want to create a life for yourself that you can be proud of and this is why this book is not to be missed. Plus, you also get 3 ebooks and 5 visionary videos for free. You can watch a free presentation of this program here. Whether you are already well practiced in the Law Of Attraction or are looking at it with fresh eyes, reading one of the many books that can be found in the Law Of Attraction will provide you with a fantastic tool in gaining a greater understanding of what it is and how it can be successfully used within your own life.

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Reading a book on something as big and life-changing as the Law Of Attraction requires an open-mind and an ability to think outside of the box. More importantly, by getting into the practice of jotting down any ideas that stand out for you whilst reading you can then remind yourself of what you have discovered throughout the day.

Power Law of Attraction

Once you have finished reading your book, the best action that you can then take is to share it! By sharing what you have learned with others, you are not only being generous by helping other people to transform their life but you are also putting the teachings of the Law Of Attraction into play within your own life.

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With time, you may choose to read a number of books on the Law Of Attraction. If you come to have a favorite book be sure to have it on hand at all times. Takes Just 30 Seconds Click The Button To Begin. Katherine Hurst.