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Augustine, On the Good of Marriage - Summary outline

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Comparison of Marriage and Continence: both are good, though continence is better

No notes for slide. Augustine, one of the leading figures in the history of western thought. Later on he combatted an error at the other extreme: the pseudo-optimism of the Pelagians who denied the presence of any disordered and selfish element in sexuality, and therefore ignored the importance of married chastity and the need for the grace of God in order to live it. In St. Augustine's writings, we find constant insistence that marriage is good because of three fundamental values or "goods".

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He says: "Let these nuptial goods be the objects of our love: offspring, fidelity, the unbreakable bond Offspring The potential fruitfulness of the union procreativity or the openness to having children: the "bonum prolis", or the "good" of offspring. The fruitfulness of the conjugal union fulfils man's and woman's normal longing for self-perpetuation and for the perpetuation, in offspring, of the conjugal love between them. Offspring The fruitfulness of conjugal love extends to the fruits of the moral, spiritual, and supernatural life that parents hand on to their children by education.

Parents are the principal and first educators of their children. In this sense the fundamental task of marriage and family is to be at the service of life. The arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, etc. Capital letters A, B, C, etc. Full Text of On the Good of Marriage , and notes on a more recent translation of de bono conjugali , published by Oxford University Press. Summary Outline of Casti Connubii by Pope Pius XI - Also the history of various events concerning divorce and contraception that lead up to the encyclical.

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The Marriage Union is Good 1. Marital union is the first natural union of human society. Marriage is a union of friendship. Different views regarding sexual intercourse and procreation before the fall: a Aman and Eve would have had children without intercourse; b they would have only had offspring spiritually; c Adam and Eve had bodies capable of death, and the intercourse ordered to the continuation of the species in spite of death.

Requirements of Conjugal Love

Marital union is good, and indeed so good it cannot be abandoned. Reasons for goodness: Natural association societas between male and female: "The reason why marriage is good lies, I think, not merely in the procreation of children, but also in the natural companionship itself between the two sexes. Good of fidelity: "In the very act in which married partners pay the debt they owe to each other, even if they demand this somewhat intemperately and without self-control, they owe equal fidelity to each other.

Marriage requires 1 permanence, and 2 openness to children. Status of marriages with various problems with sex Desire for sex without desire for children is made better by the fact of being married with the one with whom one desires sex 6. One shows fidelity, even if the request for sexual intercourse comes from weakness and incontinence.

Venial fault is connected with marital intercourse for the sake of lust. For Christians, fidelity must be kept even in the event of divorce. Remarriage is not possible, even for the sake of procreation. The strength of this bond is on account of the "sacramentum" of a greater reality. The Romans, however, do allow the woman to remarry. Comparison of Marriage and Continence: both are good, though continence is better 8. Marriage and continence are two goods—though continence is better, marriage remains good.

Marriage is good for the sake of something—the continuance of the human race in time.

A Pastoral Statement of the Arizona Catholic Conference Bishops

Since it is now not really necessary for an individual to marry in order to ensure the attainment of this end, it is better to not want marriage. What if all abstained from marriage for such a holy motive? The City of God would be filled up even more quickly. Continence is, in fact, proposed by St.

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  • Paul to all capable of it. Yet marriage even in the case of those who marry because they cannot control themselves is not a sin. Rather, the sexual union in such cases is a venial sin. But unnatural sexual intercourse is a grave sin.

    Our Marriage Story: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The chaste spouse is also holy in body and in spirit, only the unmarried woman thinks more about how to please the Lord.