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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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See also: Outline of science fiction. Anthropological science fiction Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction Biopunk Christian science fiction Climate fiction Comic science fiction Cyberpunk Dieselpunk Dying Earth Feminist science fiction Gothic science fiction Libertarian science fiction Military science fiction Mundane science fiction Parallel worlds Planetary romance Social science fiction Space opera Space Western Steampunk Sword and planet. Main article: Speculative fiction. Further information: Skiffy.

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In episode one, we see wife Jane doing exercises in front of a flatscreen television. In another episode, we see George Jetson reading the newspaper on a screen. Can anyone say computer? In another, Boss Spacely tells George to fix something called a "computer virus.

There is a robot vacuum cleaner, foretelling the arrival of the iRobot Roomba vacuum. There was also a tanning bed used in an episode, a product that wasn't introduced to North America until And while flying space cars that have yet to land in our lives, the Jetsons show had moving sidewalks like we now have in airports, treadmills that didn't hit the consumer market until , and they had a repairman who had a piece of technology called The Economist.

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Subscription or UK public library membership required. Random House. Retrieved 23 June This ranking was by the Modern Library Editorial Board of authors. Retrieved 10 October Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. Archived from the original on 18 January Retrieved 14 August Understanding Kurt Vonnegut. Take care, Paul. PM: Hi Caitlyanna. We just want to know your plans about future conventions in the UK or in Germany for the next year.

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Hope to see you in the future. PM: Hi Halessa.

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  • No plans as of yet, but would love to come back to Germany and see all the fans there. PM: Hi Dini! Flag of Scotland — need I say more? The other one, I share with two close friends of mine — guy bonding! I want to thank all of the fans for the great questions. Quite honestly, they were in the hundreds! I would also like to thank Joe for letting me come on here and talk to you all. Back in early February, Carl and I wandered down to Stage 5 to check out the work in progress.

    The control room and gate room, once separated by fictional wall, glass, and sliding blast doors, was now an open expanse, a metal walkway running from the nerve center directly through the gate. The surrounding corridors and control room had been given a new paint treatment, with touches of protruding rock suggestive of a rough and recent off-world construction. The upstairs briefing room had been emptied of its SGC trappings.

    Gone was that old table that served us well for countless years, chipped and scratched in so many places that directors were forced to choose their camera angles judiciously. The vast window that once looked down on the gate had been walled up.

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    In a few short days, it would be a dining area. And, a month after that, the headquarters of Homeworld Command. I was admittedly wistful. But eventually, as the new sets took shape, that initial melancholy gave way to excitement at the prospect of the upcoming Stargate: Universe series and the third SG-1 movie.

    Over the course of the next few weeks, the sets were finished and, as impressive as they were on those casual strolls, they were ten times more impressive once properly lit and engaged. And then ten times more impressive than that when we first saw them in dailies. Paring down the dialogue, stripping away some of the superfluous beats, but still maintaining a lot of the character beats that Rob and Co. Hope to have a nice, tight, revised draft for when everyone comes back in about a week. About a week. Things are going to be very quiet at The Bridge for a while as production of the show shifts to New Mexico.

    Sora: Thank the gods, I thought they had forgotten about me! I got lost playing hide and seek four years ago and nobody even noticed I was gone. Hey, you guys are truly inspirational. Well, the other day, Shawna Buchanan I believe it was you, Shawna posted a comment asking whether I might be interested in writing for comics.

    I got in touch with my agent and floated the idea by him. He informed me that he had just had a conversation with a major comic book publisher interested in potential film and t. Did I have a pitch prepared? Did I! I pitched out the broad strokes of the story and he seemed very excited, suggested we set up a conference call. Oh, right. So, looking ahead to next week, I have the comic book pitch, those Atlantis scenes to write, the revised draft of Space to go over and, oh yeah, that short story to finish up.

    And, if he likes it, I plan to join him and the rest of the writers of the anthology for a San Diego Comic Con appearance — in Several weeks ago, when SyFy sic? I was admittedly leery. But a thoroughly unscientific study reveals that the vast majority of you frequent this blog for updates on the gastrointestinal issues that plague my dogs on a semi-regular basis. So, how to be fair to all the Stargate fans, literati, foodies, voyeurs, dog-lovers, people with nothing better to do, and those who mistakenly stumble upon this blog while surfing the net for funny pictures of hairless chinchillas?

    The gang at SyFy suggested a compromise whereby only the posts I categorize as Stargate-related would make an appearance on SciFi. All well and good, but what exactly constitutes a Stargate-related post? If, say, over the course of an entry dedicated to an account of the pleasant evening I spent opening every bottle in my liquor cabinet to sniff their various contents Hey, root beer schnapps really smells like root beer! Hard to say, hard to say.

    Now that my entries are being simul-posted on SciFi. Smith changing his shoes between set-ups. As for those of you who have been following this blog on a regular basis, continue posting your questions, comments, macadamia nut brownie recipes, and involved conversations amongst yourselves that have nothing to do with me. Except for the following slight changes:. So start posting those questions!!! Mega Snake tastes just like chicken! Mansquito, not so much. Less restaurant critiques and more wrestling reviews ie. The hitherto mundane match was elevated by a hint of suplex, surprisingly subtle in its delivery, that segued into a delightful pumphandle fallaway slam.

    I was intrigued by the ensuing course, a delightful gorilla press accompanied by generous helpings of arm drags and a soupcon of dragon screw leg whip. Although the spinebuster failed to impress in its artistry, events were topped off by an inspired inverted atomic drop. Service was prompt and courteous. Now go get a job! My French bulldog Lulu has only vomited a couple of times since I switched her over to that raw food diet.

    What is episode 10 of SGU now? Answers: 1. Episode 10 is now Justice. Though, in retrospect, I think Judgment is more appropriate. I believe so. Answer: Yep. I now have to wear a tie while composing my blog entries though, interestingly enough, the contract fails to include a pants clause. Answer: We are? Heads up — I think you may have dreamt that part. Will sgu still have the normal dose of stargate action? Will Martin Wood be directing universe anytime soon? Have you read Fahrenheit yet? If you did did you like it?

    Which SGU character are you most interested in so far? Sounds great. Action, adventure, humor, pathos, gravitas, veritas, demi-tasse. No plans to have any crossover races in the new show. I have. I preferred The Martian Chronicles. Last year the budget was kind of tight poor Executive Producer Robert Cooper had to share a hotel room with that monkey from Speed Racer and I ended up deferring to Martin Gero who did a terrific job as panel moderator only tasering three fans — down two from last year!

    Is there any chance that they might actually be appearing in the same episode, or would that be entirely too much to hope for? After the events of Enemy at the gates, all three earth ships were diabled after the battle with the super hive…. Joe, out of all the planets in the Pegasus galaxy with a stargate or mentioned in the Ancient Atlantis database… what would you say the percentage of them visitied by the team through the five seasons?

    The Sun Tzu is still out there. How much time has passed since Enemy at the Gate? Why is the team split up? Any good scenes with Sheppard and Todd or Ronon and Todd? Will our favorite supporting characters Lorne and Zelenka be featured? Any Shep whump? Come on! Any details on when production might start? Well, it aired January 9th, so almost three months. The explanation is too long and involved for this blog. It might be easier if I just sent you a copy of the script. Yeah, I do. Both will be making significant contributions.

    He is, no doubt, impatiently awaiting its arrival. Or, more than likely, has forgotten all about it. Answer: No, Narelle, I keep telling you — I need you around to scare off the riff-raff and raccoons. Did you get my letter? Some time ago, you mentioned a very slight possibility that Major Anne Teldy and team would be in the movie. Will I they be? I did. Maybe the next one? How much do you do manually, and how much do you let the camera do automatically?

    How long do you take setting up a shot? Do you bring your camera with you everywhere you go? Do you have trouble focusing in macro? Answer: I use a 60 GB, I take no time setting up a shot and it shows! I bring my camera with me almost everywhere. And I have not trouble focusing on macro but this script rewrite is another thing entirely.

    Scalzi been contributing the Universe progress? Has he stopped back in Vancouver since he was there originally? Translation: 1 No puddle jumpers in SGU. Cloverfield style. Answer: No. Just wondering if anyone keeping a list of extras for the show so that random actors do not just appear out of know where. Answers: 1 Not yet.

    There is one slot still open. But the ship will possess an alternate defense systems. The implication was clear. She was about to head off on a week-long Mexican getaway and the prospect of her flirting with danger was paramount on my mind. She threw me a look, then redirected her attention to her laptop. I pointed out that the chances of her coming down with something while down south were much smaller than, say, contracting some form of dysentery or getting kidnapped. All things being equal and given the choice, getting kidnapped would probably be the way to go.

    Well — uh- yeah, right on the first guess. Paul McGillion. Oh, and he also just shot a guest spot on Uh, right again. Michael Shanks. We had Thai and talked about old times, then he swung by my office and approved some of the pics I snapped of him for blog use. Oh, and he was also quite pleased about the performance of his favorite hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks…. Who are in my bad books. Because they won their series against the St.

    Space Academy, Stargate Search: Volume 2 of the Kirsten Chronicles

    Louis Blues, thereby costing me my bet with my co-worker Kerry that will see me accompanying her to a musical production of her choice. Will there be lots of action? Such P90 fire, Space battles, hand to hand scenes. Do you think it will have more action than the previous movies? So are you done Filming Water yet? Has it taken longer than usual to film? Has Life Started Filming yet? How close is Air to being finished.? How are the visual effects coming? Are they almost done? How is the music coming? Answer: 1. While Todd the wraith will play a significant role in the proceedings, the A story will not focus on the wraith.

    Life started filming today. Carl was away on location. Significant sections of Air III have yet to be shot. I think that most Stargate fans will enjoy the new series and, hopefully, plenty of franchise first-timers will also join the ranks. A couple of weeks ago, I asked him whether he might be interested in doing a guest entry for this blog.

    Oh, and humor. The practical joke he played on those poor Jaffa extras makes me chuckle every time I think about it. Producer John G. PDL: First I would very much like to thank Joe for making this Q and A possible… and for making me feel so welcome when I found myself back across the hall from him at the Stargate office.

    Now on to the questions… I have tried to answer in the spirit the questions were asked. Forgive me if I took them too seriously… or not seriously enough. What was your favorite memory of working on Stargate and finally how awesome was it to work on Supernatural and with Erik Kripke. I wish they were all as fun. Part of the inspiration for Fragile Balance can be traced back to the naked puppet of Thor.

    I looked at it and realized it had no genitals, so clearly the Asgard reproduced differently than we do. My little stint on Supernatural was very enjoyable. Kim died this year, so I am grateful for the short time I got to see him. He was a really good guy and a great director… I learned a lot from him. I really like the show and especially the cast.

    Exchange Discount Summary

    PDL: Yes. I did something on this episode of SGU that is more abstract than usual. I actually got to say something, and it was silly. We can play back recorded takes for me to review or I can just trust the people watching the monitors… which I usually do. PDL: Growing up around my Dad was amazing.

    His humor is always beyond belief but the intelligence, sensitivity and insight to create said humor is off the charts. My brothers and I really are no different than most kids… we want to please our parents and make them proud. Yes, we have procreated. It was the same wave, only replicated many thousands of times over through the incoming wormholes. Now what would happen if lets say you were to put a human into the gate at Dakara when all the gates were dialed in the network?

    Would that said human be copied like the energy wave, and have many thousands of that human on all the planets in the gate network? Or would that human be transmitted in a million pieces and come out in bloody chunks of nasty out of every stargate? I mean if the wave was copied in the buffer of the Dakara gate, and then transmitted out to all gates, then it would make sense that the same would happen with a human!

    It would be a perfect copy everytime just like it was for the energy wave! PDL: Wow, that is quite a question. So I need to ask: How are you so awesome??? But in all seriousness: To what do you owe your longevity in the business, and in so many varying roles ie: actor, director, writer, producer etc… besides your aforementioned awesomeness, of course.

    PDL: You flatter me. I think you respond to shows that tend to shoot here. My longevity, as you call it, is based on a desire to remain employed. Huge fan for years! Thank you for all of your talents in the Stargate Franchise over the years, and continued success.. PDL: My Dad is doing well, thanks for asking. Re: commentary. It IS premature, but I guess so. Black is very slimming and I dig the cod piece….

    Please give him a huge hug from me. Which brings me to my next question. Your dad is a great cook. How about you? Do you love to cook? And if so, are you good at it? I only say this because I happen to suck at cooking no matter how hard I try. Window Of Opportunity is my all-time favorite episode probably of any television show. Thanks so much for stopping by to talk with us. PDL: Hug for Dad… on it. I am not a great cook and empathize. And is it even an accident that they all seem to follow you to a show?? PDL: It is fun, sometimes too much fun. I have a question for Peter DeLuise.

    Many ruined takes due to laughter. My dad did ad lib a fair bit. There was an enormous amount of material in post that Brad Wright expertly waded through in editing to make a wonderful episode. DeLuise bear with me :. I know that much of the production staff will follow to SGU, but how are you feeling about directing a new bunch after years with the same actors?

    Is it any good? Am I the only one who tends to separate the De more prominently? Your commentaries have always been a highlight for my DVD viewings. Will you be returning to do more? On that note, how is Gary Jones doing these days? Will you continue to cast yourself as an extra on SGU? Who is your second favorite Beatle? Perhaps my therapist can figure out what my issues are with that. I welcome a chance to work with new actors. Thank you. I hope so. Gary Jones is the best. We must all bow down before him. In terms of directing, what was the most difficult episode of Stargate you directed and why?

    What was your favourite episode of Stargate that you directed? What is the most difficult aspect of directing? In terms of acting, do you get a chance to stretch your acting skills much anymore? I loved him in the episode Urgo and the movie Smokey and the Bandit. He makes me laugh. As do you when you do your Bill Cosby impersonation! Finally, any chance of you popping down under for a meet and greet with the fans?? PDL: More numbered questions… 1. I still have nightmares. Trying not to freak out.

    I miss acting. Love alternate reality episodes. Dad is well. I really like Australians… anything is possible. It is fun to hear your take as an actor versus the other directors with their more technical approaches. How did you begin directing? How does your acting background help you visualize your approach to directing? Given respect for the great writing on these shows — do you feel that you can allow more improvisation on your sets than other directors because of your acting background?

    Have you had input into the mythology of SGU? Any future performances by you in any upcoming gory-yet-amusing scifi tv movies? PDL: Thanks.

    Book Reviews for The Story of Tantrum O'Furrily By Cressida Cowell and Mark Nicholas | Toppsta

    Improvisation has its place and some actors are better at it than others. Stargate scripts are pretty tight and well thought out so improv is kept to a minimum except my dad of course, that was special. No, but I really like the premise. No, at the moment, being beaten to death with my own leg will have to suffice for now.


    Was the end of stronghold hard to direct cause it had some extremely realistic and intense combat scenes? Having directed on all three Stargate shows, Which is your favorite to direct on? Which set do you like most, the Atlantis set, the Stargate Command set, or the Destiny set? PDL: 1. My memory of the end of Stronghold was that it was not harder than usual… it was fun actually. At present my favorite to direct is SGU because of the shooting style. I find it very liberating.

    The Destiny set is my favorite. It has many advantages including space, depth, texture, and many practical lights. Do you have a decided favorite, or do you enjoy the balance between them? Any anecdotes from the Supernatural set? Best wishes to Dom and all of your family, Peter, and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Thank you too, Joe, for this opportunity.

    I played someone possessed by a demon… as it was being purged from my body I needed to whip my head around violently… I had a very sore neck for several days… it was cool though because I got to work as an actor. One particular one stands out for me… Urgo from early on in Stargate Sg Did you enjoy directing Your Father…?

    Will we see you working with any of your brothers again.. I think all You Deluise Men are superb actors.. Or even coming up with any stories for future stargate Films. I love working with my brothers so I hope that happens again. I hope so… time will tell. It is great that you are back in Stargate land. Did you alter your directing style when working with your dad? Like were you on your best behavior? Did you take advantage of the situation when directing you brothers to be extra bossy? I saw David at a Con a couple years ago.

    Is funny just in the DeLuise genes? PDL: 1 Yes, I was on my best behavior for my dad. It was… my dad. And will we see you around more often?? More Commentary on episodes with Gary Jones?? I hope there is more to come including the commentary… with Gary… that would be so cool. PDL: Mom, I really need that stuff! Memorabilia is worth big bucks! I have 2 questions: 1. Did you ever hear the Roger Daltry tune, After the Fire?

    He mentions your dad. How is your father doing? I use to watch him on tv on his comedy show. He had a big grin, ear to ear. Now, a few questions:. It was one of my favorites. How much fun or not was it working with the Sanctuary bunch, and will you have any involvement with the show next season? Do you remember working with him waaaaaaaay back then? Okay — this is the most important one: Wraith, exactly how many prongs DO they have in their prong region??

    Is that true? Will film cameras go the way of the typewriter anytime soon? They have different needs. I believe HD digital is the future of Camera systems in the foreseeable future. Film has been around over years and the basic principle has remained the same. That being said, someone will always prefer film to digital, just like some filmmakers preferred black and white to color, or silent to talkies. Do you plan on ever acting in anything again? I imagine that the directing takes up much of your time. Have you ever contemplated creating a series starring your family?

    There are just so many talented people in your family. Hope they are all doing well. Very sad… a lot of talented people over there. I miss acting very much, but times are tough and directing pays the bills. I will act when the opportunity arises. The thought of creating a show for the family has come up, but never panned out. Now here are my questions. Where did you get the idea to stick yourself in the background of the Stargate episodes you direct? What would say was your favorite episode to write of SG-1? He did cameos in many of his films. My favorite episode to write was Evolution Part 2.

    When writing for the character I felt as though I was channeling the spirit of Burke… It was strange and wonderful! Did you have to borrow from other languages to keep that going, or did you repeat a couple? My MOM is 91 and she is a huge fan of your Dad. Do you have your own web site where we Peter fans can get updates on what your directing,producing stuff like that??..

    PDL: This was the intention. Kavan Smith stood out from the get go. It was a no brainer to bring him back. If not, where did it come from? Did anyone ever thank you for contributing so very much to DVD sales? We only buy them for the commentaries, yanno, and yours are some of the best! Did you name this character or was he just named in your honor? I am so pleased you like the commentaries. I could tell you that I put plastic wrap on one of the cast members dressing room toilets, so that the pee ran off and into his pants… but I could not confirm or deny that.

    I am such a big fan of his, and was very thrilled to see what a great job he did with his boys! Great work! PDL: My dad is hanging in there… he is still sharp as a tack and as funny as ever. I hope I get to direct more. Your audio commentaries are legendary. Did you ever get told by the studio or Brad to tone them down at all? Why did you leave? What are the toilets like on Destiny? I actually was wondering what Michael was up to.

    He was hilarious on Gilmore Girls. I learned I need balance in my life. To be truly good at what I do I need life experience. When I first started on Stargate I was single and I was content to do nothing but Stargate all day long. This meant that my total life experience while doing the show was nothing but Stargate. I am married now with a 5 year old son. That kind of life experience makes me a way better director and writer.

    I left the show because I needed a break and wanted to pursue more acting roles. Michael continues to work as an actor, but has pursued his talent for oil painting. He is very good! Thanks for a great adventure! A chance to question Peter. Naturally the mind goes blank. Can you give any details to your Robin Hood? It would be amazingly fun to follow you on Twitter I would imagine. If you do, are you willing to let out how to find you. PDL: 1 I like to include humor when I can, even dramatic scenes can have some humor. I just try to trust my instincts and make TV I would want to watch.

    Sci-Fi channel knows better when it will come out. This Robin Hood includes a creature. Did you ever dress up as Captain Chaos when you were younger? I never dressed up as Captain Chaos, but I got to watch those scenes being filmed on set! The season 2 prop guys from Stargate dressed up as Captain Chaos to make me laugh… it worked. PDL: Mario Azzopardi left a directing slot open when he went to go direct a Movie of the Week toward the end of the second season. John Smith brought me in as a substitute because we worked together on 21 Jump Street.

    Jonathan Glassner had worked on 21 Jump Street as well so he was familiar with what I could do. Read it aloud in a quizzical voice and maybe add a question mark to it. Enough behind the scenes people were working on both shows at the same time that to me the real difference was the actors. Every actor requires a different type of directing, so dealing with each individual actor was the major directing difference to me.

    I described how N. John Smith brought me in as a substitute to Direct, but it was Brad Wright who mentored me after I pitched a story to him and encouraged me to write. Brad told me to write it down and we would develop the idea. So the first thing I did when I got in this morning was send Ashleigh a request from the studio:. Someone in the production offices suggested I get in touch with you regarding this matter. The studio is planning a retrospective of long-time stage actor Theodore Wilson who passed away last month. Apparently, he appeared in two Stargate episodes and we would like to include scenes from these episodes in the retrospective.

    I would appreciate your help on this matter. About an hour later, my phony email account received the following response:. The only other thing I can suggest is getting in contact with his agent. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Disappointed, I had Janet write back:. I appreciate the quick response. Theodore was represented by his wife Elizabeth xxx. I waited.

    And waited. Had lunch. Waited some more. I hope to see you there. We are unable to find the information anywhere and MGM would like to include his episode footage in a retrospective. Would you happen to know which episodes he was in? You work for Stargate? Coincidentally, my late husband made several guest appearances on your show.

    I believe they were two episodes from the first series. He played the leader of an alien tribe called the Praktok? I recall that several years after the episode aired, we flew to Poland for a convention appearance only to be arrested as we were making our way through customs. It turned out the word, Praktok I believe it was, is a very offensive word in the Polish language. Would you happen to know who came up with the title and whether they were of Polish heritage?

    I sat back, searching my mind. I told her I was hurt. Did she really think I would make up a name like tokra? No, the tokra were very real — but, unfortunately, they appeared in some fifty episodes.

    How to Do Keyword Research: Go Beyond Search Volume

    Ashleigh explained the situation: studio request, retrospective for deceased actor, 70 year old woman with faulty memory, her futile attempt to find any reference to the pratok or patrok on Gateworld or anywhere else online. Yep, I suggested she go with tokra but, given the ten seasons we did, it was very possible we did introduce an alien race with a similar name. I wished her luck as she headed out. Also, it would be lovely to have you at the Burbank con.

    The man who usually helps me pack and unpack the corpse himself passed away earlier this week. She sat at her desk, brow furrowed in consternation. But, on my way back twenty minute later, she had a huge smile on her face. Thank you for sending the titles. My executive producer, Joe Mallozzi has offered to sponsor me, so I have grabbed his card already and have booked my flight down to Burbank. A bunch of us have plans to go out for dinner tonight.

    My earliest memory of Don S. Welcome to Stargate! This was back in season four, sometime between our second script Window of Opportunity and our third Point of No Return. In those early years, Paul and I spent most of our days in our respective offices, writing, spinning or, in one inspired afternoon, creating the lyrics to the Stargate SG-1 theme. We were busy and, most important of all, we wanted to look busy. The last thing we needed was to be seen hanging around set, gawking at the actors when there were scripts to be written, brilliant ideas to be spun.

    So I decided to start taking little walks. Pitch document or outline in hand, I would pace — up and down the corridors, in and around the building, and through the empty sets. Except for one afternoon when I inadvertently strolled onto an active set where they were setting up for the next shot. Realizing my error, I immediately turned on my heels, prepared to march right back out when Brad Wright spotted me and called me over. Don, Joe is one of our new writers.

    How was your weekend? And it was no different when he met the fans. But Don was never the type to be stand-offish or put himself on display. A regular, modest, kind-hearted guy who genuinely cared for his fans and the people he worked with. And, inevitably, those convention-goers who had, moments before, cautiously approached the man they knew as General Hammond would, moments later, be sitting, chatting and laughing, in conversation with good old Don.

    Don loved his fans. He loved life. And he loved food. So I suppose it should come as no surprise that we enjoyed many a dinner together. At first, it would be just Don and I but in time, as Fondy got to know the man, she started to join us. Fondy has always been quick to bow out of any work-related outing, but Don worked his magic on her, putting her instantly at ease so that, in time, she would eventually ask after him.

    We should go out with Don again. I was floored.