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He was a good friend to Pat and the rest of their gang. He always made me laugh. I really liked him. All of the O'Briens had a good sense of humor. He will be greatly missed! I am very sad and will keep you in my prayers. As someone who ran the same events as John in track at O'Dea,we had a lot of fun together. He was a dominant runner, a tremendous all-around athlete and he had the greatest sense of humor. One day he showed up at the start of a mile race with a sprinters starting blocks. Another time, he thought our coach was a little too tough on us, so John had a t-shirt made up with "SLAVE" emblazoned on the front.

It wasn't at all unusual for him to crack a few jokes during a race, right before he sprinted away for another victory. Godspeed, my friend. I remeber you as a strapping young man who kindly tolerated your older brothers. I was shocked to hear of your passing and felt compelled to send my condolences to your family and friends. I am sorry I missed the service and personally express my best wishes for your family of whom I have many fond memories.

God bless and go Irish. Thomas F. Although I never knew him as an adult, I remember clearly his child's face and huge smile.


He was good childhood friend and memory for me and he has obviously left this world much too soon. To his family I offer my prayers of comfort and peace in the knowledge that he is now in God's arms. My heart is breaking for you.

Francis X. O'Brien, MD

How can this be? I was at Holy Names while John was at O'dea. I had lost touch with John until working on a reunion and obtaining his email. We intermittently corresponded the last few years. With great pride he sent me pictures of all of you: martial arts and sports photos of the girls and most recently Taryn's class picture. He will be missed incredibly. March 15, Dr.

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OBrien is a perfectly wonderful doctor in every sense. March 14, all good. March 14, Dr. O'Brien is an exceptional physician, attentive, caring and knowledgeable. The BEST!! March 11, I have seen many, very good providers over the several decades. O'Brien is absolutely the best of them all. He is very professional, thorough, polite and very concerned about taking care o my health. He literally checked me from head to toe! March 4, I am not sure that those in charge realize the importance of the providers who care for us all the time.

I have seen Dr. O'Brien for over twelve years and have been able to count on him to know what I need and to keep me going. This is the level of physician responsible for my very well-being!

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February 28, Dr. O' Brien was great as usual. A student PA examined me also. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. February 18, I have recommended a few friend! He's a "keeper".

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February 15, Dr. O'Brien is absolutely the best doctor I have ever had care for me. I am 78 years old and have been seeing him for about 17 years. I trust him! February 4, Dr. O'Brien is the most caring, conscientious, compassionate doctor a patient could ask for. His approach to me as his patient is always genuine, professional and informative.

February 2, The best.

Breda O’Brien: Francis needs to answer the questions and fire bishops who cover up abuse

Always follows up. January 30, Dr. O'Brien is without doubt the most outstanding physician I have ever dealt with in my 79 years. He is truly exceptional! January 28, best dr. Francis O'Brien is an excellent doctor who always has my best interests at heart!! January 5, Dr. O'Brien is an exceptional doctor December 27, He calls to follow up because of illness.

Great concern. December 5, Dr. O'Brien is the best ever November 21, Dr. O'Brien is a wonderful physician. November 18, Dr. NBC managed to keep its two stars in place for five years, perhaps knowing deep down that eventually one of the stars would grow restless enough to want to leave. Imagine the challenge of having, say, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant on the same team and keeping them both happy.

Sometimes, one basketball is not enough. It's the same in broadcasting when you have two successful and highly ambitious people competing for the same time slot. While Leno didn't make the decision on who got the p. NBC followed through on that plan last year as Leno launched a show at p. But both Leno and O'Brien bombed in their new time slots.


NBC solved the problem by restoring Leno to p. O'Brien's exit strategy was noisy and effective. O'Brien was asked if he felt that Leno had acted honorably throughout the period of upheaval. O'Brien then went on to say that he would have handled the awkward situation "differently" than Leno had. Does that imply that O'Brien would have turned down the chance to go back to where Leno, by the way, has also returned to his accustomed place at the top of the ratings for the hour.

O'Brien comported himself professionally on "60 Minutes. But I didn't buy the notion that he would have turned down such a plum job.