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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Humans fails, even the greates of the saints fails, and this is because humans are limited, we live for a short time, we have little knowledge and strong powers try to decieve us. A pedo bishop or a luxurious pastor means noting, they are sinners we all are so its not a big surprise. Human fails, and we are confused thats why we have the sacred scriptures, the revelations. To help us to get close to god. No matter what you do you cannot avoid sinning. The sin in itself its not important, but our efforts to avoid sinning and to be on the right path is important.

And GOD knows we fail, we are imperfect, thats why he help us. Leaving the church because of the action of humans, is a poor excuse. Its like leaving the hospital complaining there are sick people in there. But the hospital exist exactly because of the sicks, not the healthy.

THe church is the same, its exist for us sinners. So leaving the church because of one sinner or a million is stupid. I dont say this for offend or demean you, I by my self have done some very bad things in my life. I have failed and done mistakes. Sometimes because of pride and arrogance other times because of stupidity. But its irrilevant, because whats important is our effort to get back to the right path that is important.

Not our mistakes…. Howard, I read your book, My Descent into Hell, years ago. It really inspired me, and still continues to inspire me. Who can speak ill of this? Thank you for your testimony. God is good. In this era I believe many will experience a examination of conscience. Gods mercy is so extraordinary, and He wishes that All come to the banquet table. Please continue to be of His service, and I will continue to be concerned with His Fathers affairs.

My name is Tom. I now tell everyone about what happened to me. There is a great, loving, merciful almighty God. He is a God of miracles. Every day He does a miracle for me. And Yes! Quite inspiring for some of us who love and adore Jesus Christ. Praise God. He said nothing about reincarnation or anything about being released from hell. Also Storm indicated that he believed that people could continue to develop their spiritual lives after death but did not say that Jesus told him so.

As for living on other planets, again that was an opinion, not a fact. I was and still am deeply impressed by his experience and I believe God is using him in a powerful way. There are no accounts of these things in the bible as someone mentioned above, because it is NOT biblical, it is not an omision by God!

The bible tells us not to add to or take away from it. The fact that it may be his opinion or belief is entirely his choice, not founded on the. That does not discredit his testimony regarding Jesus, etc. But he is misguided in the other areas. Satan walks about like a roaring lion ready to devour. I will pray for him…blessings!

Responding to the individual that says that the Catholic Church is a false church. Check out Chick. Hi Dolores, Please allow me to answer some of your questions. Search, pray, read and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. May God bless you and your loved ones. Because Protestant Christians have given their lives to keep the Bible in circulation and to translate it!!! I love his painting of Jesus…. Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever. What a loving Lord and Saviour! He is the only one that can save dieheard atheist like Howard.

Glory be to His holy name. So, how you missed those and the homilies given on the Scriptures after, is beyond me. Are you aware of the history of how the Holy Bible came about? Are you sure you want to embrace a Catholic book? Jesus came for sinners and you will find us in the Catholic Church, sure enough. But, just as you identified yourself as once Catholic, can you see how easy it is for people to claim Catholicism yet know absolutely zip about it?

I invite you to learn in the link I provided above. Everything believed by the Church is biblical. For ever four weak Catholics who leave the church there is one really good, sound and strong Catholic coming in the front end. The church will get smaller but stronger. Mairin, i try very hard not get into debates with people about what the Catholic church believes, because i know that what is taught at mass, and what is proclaimed by the church are two different things. Anyone who goes to a mass would have to agree that the word is preached.

However, there are huge portions of official catholic doctrine that are unbiblical. The whole concept of the papacy and the priesthood is obviously unscriptural if catholics would just read their bibles for themselves. I went to catholic school and catholic church, and have studied the teachings for years, as my passion is for the lost sheep. While i know there are many saved people in the catholic church, the truth is, i can say with certainty, and back it up with scripture, that anyone who knows and believes the full teaching of the catholic church will find themselves unsaved when judgement comes.

Just the stuff about Mary is enough to separate a person from God forever. True catholism is NOT true christianity. I have not read any of Mr. GOD Bless. Its not about the details. Religions all have it wrong. Its about love. You are loved. You are here to share and express your love. Hi everyone. I am Catholic and I do believe the Catholic scripture teachings are the closest to the truth, or even the truth of Jesus. I had an unpleasant experience with the Catholic institution. I was married for 7 years and had 2 children with my husband.

My husband had an affair in our marriage and then left with the woman he had an affair with. Anyhow, this woman worked as a school teacher in the Catholic system, so she knew people in the Church. The irony is that I worked as a school teacher in the public system.

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She persuaded him to go to the church and get our marriage annulled so that she could marry him in the Catholic Church and maybe to secure her job in the catholic teaching system. The priest that was in charge of annulments was known to her and they started attending mass at his church. I fought the annulment for 2 years, but to no avail and he was granted the annulment. No consideration was ever given to my young children, and what eventuated was even worse.

He stopped seeing the kids altogether and they have had no contact with him throughout their life. What I found devastating was the churches response to this whole thing. I let it go, spoke to Jesus myself, as I have a wonderful relationship with him, Mary, an of course the angels. I brought my kids up, sent them to Catholic schools, and took them to church during Easter and Christmas. What I have learnt is that the teachings of the scriptures are correct in the Catholic Church, but evil has infiltrated it, just as it infiltrates all institutions.

God bless you all. I searched and read the Bible and now I thank God for He has enlightened me. I do not have to confess my sins to anyone but to Him only thru Jesus. John is enough for me and I do not need any other mediator for Jesus is the only Mediator between God and man. I do not have to memorize my prayers but only things that are from my heart. I am saved because of His grace and not by my good works.

To Him alone be the glory forever and ever; and not even my religion. If only everyone would choose to live in the freedom from religion you clearly do. So do I! To all three of you, take a look at John 20;23….. Thank God for this testimony. I am so encouraged. John Probst. I loved this because it shows the mercy of God, Christ Jesus. Jesus went into hell and rescued the people who had died in Noahs day at the flood. And He took the keys of hell and death from our enemy satan. I hope this will draw others to Jesus and make them realise there is a way that does lead to Heaven through Christ Jesus.

This man has been used by God to bring Hope to those who maybe had no hope, haliluyah. He died for all of us so we could live eternally with Him and it is just a case of accepting his precious offer and recognising we are all sinners and we need His grace. Ohh… my sweet Jes, I thank you for your deep love for us all. What amazing story, instead of fighting over doctrine, let us celebrate the glory and mercy of the Lord. And remember their are millions of people like Howard who are going to hell unless they have a revelation of who Jesus is.

His not angry with you, He loves you! Therefore, His Name is exalted above every other names in heaven, on earth and below the earth[Read Phillipians ch. How I know it, is a long story, but we lost a daughter in Christ from our Youth group via self-harm suicide in the Pastors house in She was a loving Babe in Christ, singer, guitarist etc etc.. Important for family to LOve each other and NOT to take for granted their relationship here on earth.. Please read Luke There are only 2 places mentioned in the bible the word heaven and the word Hell. Revelation and all liars and those who worship idols are to be thrown into hell.

Jesus said except a man be born of water and the spirit you will by no means enter the kingdom of God. John There are many accounts of this. The punishments are similar to Hell but the difference is, they have the chance to go to Heaven. Their torments are temporary. Why all the running each other down? This is not what God tells us to do. What will matter is what is in your heart. God searches our hearts, He knows what is in there. Ask and you shall receive, ask God to show you the truth-He will. The bible nor God says anywhere that Ye must be members of any specific church.

He says Ye must be born again. Seek and you will find. Our God is mighty, loving, forgiving, truthful, and full of grace and mercy. He will forgive anything if you just ask. Belong to God. That is all that matters-love God, love your fellow man, forgive others and seek after good. OD is not the G. OD did 2 covenants and guess what, HE did it only with the Jewish people, twice!!!

Please ask G. OD that leaves has given to the world, for the Jews first and then to the rest of the nations. Read the Bible but the real one, not the catholic one and you will understand what Paul the Apostle not Saint Paul said again and again. Read the book of Romains and stop being blind. Thank you for pointing us again to the Jewish Messiah who was before Abraham, Moses, Peter, Paul and all those later called Popes, evangelists, etc.

That Messiah calls us to love one another, as GOD loves us all. Science and Medicine do not understand what life or death or consciousness are so fighting over whether people can be saved after dealth is perhaps meaningless. God uses whatever GOd wills to bring people to learn how to love God, themselves and others. Tell your atheist family and friends that Jesus already loves them and saved them. Now can we pray for enough love to love each other inspite our differences of belief?

Dear colleague, I am a Tunisian University professor. In this context, I have recently written a new paper available at this link :. Some of them tell about their significantly intense experience when they seem to live and function outside their body. First, we shall present the various stages of a near death experience NDE. We shall particularly explain why the observed phenomena during an NDE are troubling and destabilizing for the adepts of certain religions. Second, we shall analyze and interpret these phenomena according to different points of view. Further, we shall discuss life in the hereafter and present some of its aspects.

In this paper we shall also raise the issue of premonitory dreams which constitute a mystery for scientists. Since the topic would interest many readers, I am sending you a copy of the paper which will allow you to briefly access the universe of the hereafter. Would you please be so kind as to send me your comments and opinion on the matter. Each one has some good aspect remaining, but not one is the end all, or be all. How many of you would enter into a marriage without any personal relationship? Where would the fruit children of such a relationship be? Zilch, right? He created each and everyone of us with a purpose.

Peter had that revealed to his inner man, and to his soul. Sheree was sharing something of utmost importance. They lean on their own understanding. Sad, but truth. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned — with your spirit man. The potential for the entire being: spirit, soul, and body — to change, is there. For those who embrace the truth, life will never be the same. His love sustains me and I fully trust only Him for my salvation. I have been told it was the Catholic church who actually put together the New Testament.

Another source says the Orthodox Christian church put it together. If the New Testament was indeed put together by the Catholic church, what does that say about what it is? Dear David: Thanks for your letter inquiring about the development of the New Testament and the role of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches in that procedure.

You will find extended discussion and information on this subject in F. Briefly it occurred as follows: God inspired chosen men to write the various books of our New Testament. It seems that the Thessalonians Epistles were first written, about 50 A. The last written was Revelation in c.

Each book was produced as a separate document. Being inspired of God, it was perfect in content and language. Christians were eager to have books written by the apostles and prophets of Christ and when they learned that any church held a book or letter from Paul or others, say in Corinth, they would arrange to get a copy of it. Remember that all documents were prepared by hand. By the end of the first century most of the books of our New Testament enjoyed a wide circulation among the churches. There were however other books written by Christian writers who were not appointed and inspired by the Holy Spirit of God as Scripture writers.

These books varied in value and spiritual correctness. They too circulated among the churches.

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Gradually over a period of many years, a common consensus arose as to which books were Scripture and which were just religious writings by Christian men… such as I might write today. Books written by apostles were cherished as were those written by prophets closely associated with the apostles, such as Mark and Luke. The internal contents were also a key indicator as to whether it was a divinely given book. By the second century, some churches had all or most of the 27 books in their possession.

The large reference series of books called the Ante-Nicean Fathers contains all of the surviving writings of the early Christian teachers up to A. It is interesting that those writers cite or quote from all of the books of our New Testament. The New Testament could be reproduced from those writings. Another important fact to know is that apostasy appeared early in the life of the church.

In the beginning there was the church of Christ Romans , which He had established. It was some time before a congregation was established in Rome. There was no Roman Catholic church that can legitimately be linked with the modern church of that name until well into the 6th century. True there was a congregation in Rome as well as in many of the larger cities throughout the Roman empire, but it bore no resemblance to what is now the Roman Catholic Church. It finally emerged after some years of apostasy and was not the church that Jesus built. As is often the case with institutions and organizations that are illegitimate and phony, Rome seeks to create respectability and acceptance for itself by revising the history of the early church, claiming that it is the original church and that it gave us the Bible, plus many other unfounded claims.

The New Testament of Christ was fully written, completed and circulated four hundred years before that institution can document its beginning. By A. Gradually the other books found acceptance. The Roman Catholic church has a vital purpose in claiming that they gave us the Bible. Since so much of her doctrine and practice is contrary to the teaching of the N. This is her official dogma. Now as to the Orthodox Church you mentioned. The word orthodox means that which conforms to the established doctrine. There is a religious denomination called the Orthodox Church… usually identified as the Greek Orthodox church.

It emerged as a separate body as a result of a division in the apostate Church in A. This was in large part a political struggle. The two regional elements in the corrupt church struggled for supremacy. This church had no more to do with giving us the New Testament than did the Roman Church. Our plea as churches of Christ is that we can be Christians in the same way as were those of that first generation… long before there were any of the modern denominational churches, including Catholicism.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! Without accepting Him as Lord and believing that He died in our place and was raised again in three days by God, we are utterly hopeless. Beware of deceitful teachings influenced by Eastern religion which say that all we have to do is love God and live a good lifestyle. In other words, people will be judged by their true beliefs, not by their religious observance or denomination. He himself is breaking the rules of his faith.

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In any case, the Catholic Church is not the same church that it used to be. The great schism saw the church break into 2. The Orthodox church and the Catholic church. This is inconsequential. Jesus came to save the sinners. That was His mission. He loves everyone, regardless of race, creed or religion. But he rejoices when the prodigal son returns or comes to His Father.

I am a non-Catholic who is aware via Catholic friends and due to some degree of direct exposure, of the great variation between the different Catholic churches in mass styles, languages predominently used, scriptures chosen for reading from the pulpit, and subjects taught in the homily. I certainly am aware that in some Catholic churches, at least in Europe, the Queen of Heaven is worshipped and featured on the alter, but in others, Jesus is the focus.

That is why said Catholic friends take such care to seek certain types of churches and avoid others. Therefore, the arguments above about who is and is not correctly reporting about the procedures and teachings in the Catholic church must simply be because all these Catholics attend different churches so their experiences and observations are different!!!

Good grief. The catholic church is still far away from that state but I agree that many catholics will be in the Kingdom of G. In Genesis 12 G. OD to give you and fill you with it. This can happen to all of you too if you only humble yourself and ask G. OD bless you and Shabbat Shalom.

I cannot usefully add anything to most of what has been written above. Newton Green. I had a near-death experience NDE when I was 7. As I was pulled closer, I detected intelligence and warmth. As I got even closer, I saw a human form glowing with intense, warm, white light, I sensed incredible love and gentleness; he could put a newborn chick in a nest and not disturb a single feather. I also sensed incredible power with absolute self-control; a wayward thought from him could obliterate the universe in a microsecond, yet his overwhelming love and utter self-control made this impossible.

I suspect I had the NDE because I am fundamentally too stubborn and left-brained spiritually stupid to have gotten the message any other way. I experience that same presence in the Gospels and the Jewish Scriptures. Good news! The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord Romans After reading the story of Howards near death experience and reading the posts.

I am left wondering what exactly should I believe……. Thankfully having recieved my own experience of God and His goodness……I have to say quite honestly it is the fear of God which set me on the course to find Salvation and the truth….. All of you writing here, will do well to remember nothing ever changed about Gods word and we will all be judged accordingly.

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What I find difficult is so many who have written here seem to have forgotten or avoid what the Bible clearly states about death, resurrection, Judgement, heaven and hell. This looks like an interesting discussion from many points of view,… not to mention the wonderful testimonies! Please stop arguing people about the religion and the Bible!!! Pray for the world we are sinking and the world turn up side down.. My father was President of a Christian University.

He started sexually abusing me at such an early age. He always told me while beating me that I was the worse person in the world. I have always loved God, but want to understand His love for me because I know I am so undeserving. I can tell by some of your writings that you are aware of His great love.

I am thankful for you. You know that abusers and Satan tell you you are bad and things are your fault. Jesus said that those who caused a child to sin or sinned against a child were the ones who truly have reason to fear. You are still the child that GOD wants brought to GOD to be loved and washed clean of everything that was done to you. God will bring justice for our wrongs, teach us to forgive those who have sinned against us and bring us to ask for forgiveness of those we sin against. Why is the discussion about purgatory when Howard seems certain it was hell? Does anyone know when this experience happened?

Thanks for this nice and loving jesus experience …. I was born, baptised and still am a Roman Catholic. I also do not judge people for what church he or she attends. I believe that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. If a person is good and lives a decent and respectful lifestyle and lives by the Word of God, I believe we shall all enter the Kingdom Of Heaven.

We must live our lives as Jesus Christ has taught us and if we are truly sorry for our sins and wrongdoings on earth, that we will be taken to Heaven to meet our beloved Savior one day. Hard to believe that no one's made a quick trip to hell and back. I don't expect to find geographical coordinates for heaven in his book though.

Heaven and hell are not geographical places….. I believe in God. But his NDE all could be fake. For all we know, he is an Atheist. An atheist trying to sell a book. For all we know, he is mocking us for making him rich as he enjoys his life as an Atheist, enjoying life to the fullest no matter what the cost. Again, an atheist would enjoy life no matter what the cost. His works are great and till these days the this charitable organization still tend to thousands of poorest of the poor.

Additionally, there are also other religions with their own beliefs that they are the right one which adds more to my confusion. Would you kindly tell me if you ever asked Jesus when He asked your questions about my situation about the many different religions? This article does not represent everything that Howard Storm went through. Sadly, this article makes it sound like God told Storm that Christianity is the true religion. In actual fact, if you read the full excerpt, he says:.

He joined the United Church of Christ because it is one of the more liberal and open-minded denominations that does not believe they are the only way. Jun, All those denominations are not necessarily a sign of disunity. On most of the important points they agree — namely, who Jesus is and what He did. There are differences, but not all of them are significant. The important thing is the person and finished work of Christ.

Please put your bad experiences aside and approach the Lord and His Word afresh. Sincerely ask God to show Himself to you in a real way, right where you are. Like in the story of the Prodigal Son, He will more than meet you halfway. No matter where you look, you will not find a better Savior than Jesus. He is the only one who can save us. This is a nice story, but obviously a work of fiction. For one, I find it hard to believe that it was so so so difficult to find a doctor in France.

A quick google search tells me that their medical system is better and more responsive than the U. Second, there is no way that Jesus has blond hair and blue eyes.

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That is a caucasian complexion. Every NDE I read about from a Christian person says that is how Jesus looks, however if his body is the same as it was on earth, why would he be caucasian? Jesus was born in Jeruslum, so he would therefore have a middle eastern complexion. Yet I have never ever heard of a NDE where he has a middle eastern complexion. Yet Jesus was also caucasian with blue eyes when he met him. Was Jesus the only caucasian in the middle east when he was born? I find that hard to believe.

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Also interesting thing to note- people who have NDE and belong to other religions, or originally came from other religions often have different NDEs. There are similarities of course, but if they are not Christian they do not see Jesus. They may see Allah or their Hindu god or whatever. I think this article is neatly written to convince an atheist to believe in Jesus, however I think that there is a special place in hell for those people who lie to others or hurt others so that they can convert to their religion.

However it is one of the reasons why Christianity is the number one religion in the world, with Islam doing similar things at a number two. A religion should sell itself; It should not need people to lie for it. And if this person is not lying, then it is obviously a delusion for the above stated reasons.

Satan is the great deciever so every one should beware of that. I do agree with a couple of things you said,but every one we need to stop focusing on what Our Lord Jesus Christ looks like and focuse on what He accomplished for His Father God and for all of us and the world, which is giving His life so we do not perish but have everlasting life, and so we can be reconnected with The One True God our One True God the God of Moses.

I interviewed Howard Storm and found him to be credible. The fact that he lost his wife and friends as a result of the incident tells me it was not a hoax. We were missionaries in Mexico for 10 years. A man who was a witch doctor died. He had two sons who were saved and did not want their father to go to hell.

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These two saved sons prayed to The Lord to bring their father back to life. The Lord brought their father back from the dead. And he had a story to tell. Remember, everyone is different and there is no one size fits all approach. We would suggest a holistic approach from looking at your diet yes what we eat affects our mood , exercise, mindfulness and seeking support with a psychologist or counsellor. You may find journaling, art and music therapy useful and there are promising studies around the benefits of yoga and mindfulness meditation too.

Search Make accessible Contact us Donate. Where am I? Home Ask a health professional Alternative treatment for anxiety and chronic depression. Read this page to me. Answers by StrokeLine. Now two major studies suggest that many of these strokes of unknown origin — up to a third — may stem from atrial fibrillation, a common irregularity of the heartbeat that often goes unrecognized. The findings are likely to encourage doctors to look more aggressively for signs of atrial fibrillation in patients who suffer strokes of unknown cause.

After such strokes, doctors usually prescribe a mild blood thinner such as low-dose aspirin. But aspirin alone may not be enough to prevent additional strokes in patients with underlying atrial fibrillation. These patients generally require more powerful anticoagulant medications to prevent clotting that can lead to additional strokes. Stroke patients are generally screened with electrocardiographic monitoring for 24 hours to rule out atrial fibrillation. But the new studies, published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine, suggest that some patients may need their hearts monitored much longer to detect abnormal rhythms.

One of the studies , which was funded by the Canadian Stroke Network and known as the Embrace trial , found that atrial fibrillation was diagnosed in five times as many patients who wore special heart monitors for 30 days compared with those who underwent conventional hour testing. The second study , led by researchers in Italy and carried out at clinics in the United States and other countries, found that a third of patients who had had strokes of unknown cause and were followed for up to three years experienced at least one episode of atrial fibrillation — and in most cases, there were no obvious symptoms.

In both studies, the longer monitoring periods resulted in significantly more patients being prescribed anticoagulants to lower their risk of another stroke. David Gladstone, an associate professor in the department of medicine at the University of Toronto and the lead author of the Embrace trial. Gordon F.