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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Fifthly: Competitive translational research in Germany is only possible if we take advantage of digitalization. Researchers must be able to use patient data while observing the relevant ethical and data protection requirements. Efforts must be made to ensure the systematic storage, analysis and accessibility of the enormous amounts of scientific data in accordance with uniform standards. Sixthly: Good translational research must also be recognized by the scientific community itself, particularly in the advanced phases of development.

The number of scientific publications, for example, cannot be the sole criterion for success. This aspect must be actively addressed by the major science and research organizations. Specific indicators must be developed and applied to identify and highlight progress in translation. A great deal has been achieved with the establishment of the German Centres for Health Research since But we must not rest on our laurels.

A commitment to the science-led development of the Centres was included in the present Government's Coalition Agreement. As a result, the scientific work and strategy of the individual Centres was evaluated by international panels of renowned experts by May last year. The experts provided valuable advice for enhancing the Centres' capability to fulfil their mission. Let me mention a few points:. The experts' recommendations should encourage the German Centres for Health Research to continue to sharpen their profile. What can and must be the Centres' contribution to the overall process of translation?

What can be done to ensure that the Centres' own activities will be followed up by industry? The experience which has been gained since the establishment of the German Centres for Health Research between and and the recommendations issued by experts can contribute to solving these challenges. It is now time to focus greater attention on the overall development of the Centres. The German Council of Science and Humanities has been mandated by the Federal Government to review the overall approach of the German Centres for Health Research and to draft recommendations for their further development by the middle of next year.

Three lines of action are of particular importance from the German Government's viewpoint:. But the main point is the position which the Centres generally hold or will hold in German health research.

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When the German Council of Science and Humanities has presented its recommendations, my Ministry will discuss concrete steps to implement the further development of the German Centres for Health Research. Today's conference of the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research brings together basic researchers and clinicians and experts from funding organizations, regulatory authorities and industry.

The discussions will include the views and experience of different countries. The conference can provide valuable impetus for the development of the German Centres for Health Research. I congratulate the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research on the organization of such an event and wish all participants good and productive presentations and discussions.

Check against delivery Professor Eschenhagen, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very happy to be able to speak to you at today's conference. These are: Firstly: Translation will only work when all the players in the value chain cooperate across institutions. Let me mention a few points: Future research should focus even more strongly and strategically on translation.

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Even greater emphasis should be placed on clinical needs. External expertise should be involved to improve scientific quality assurance. Cooperation with industry should be strengthened. Career advancement measures for young researchers should increasingly focus on clinical aspects and even more clinical staff should be involved. The involvement of patient groups should be intensified. Efforts should be made to further increase international visibility. Obviously, translation faces a number of challenges.

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Let me mention the following in particular: In order to be internationally competitive, biomedical research needs increasing access to the latest generation of equipment. Ever larger volumes of data are being generated. This data must be organized, standardized, prepared and made accessible for structured analysis and study.

Technological potential and scientific expertise must be systematically combined with medical knowledge.

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Research results must become more robust and reproducible and their impact must be better understood. Research must meet high quality standards at all levels of the translation process. The coordination of pre-clinical and clinical research must be further improved in order to enhance the applicability of research results. Scientific institutions are increasingly forced to carry out early clinical trials themselves.

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Industry all too often decides not to engage in such research because of its high economic risk. Three lines of action are of particular importance from the German Government's viewpoint: The scientific and strategic development of the existing Centres — This includes the consideration of methods and processes to ensure the Centres' ability to develop with regard to new research topics and locations. Another question to be addressed is how to proceed when unsuccessful locations have to be abandoned.

The structural and administrative development of the existing Centres — This includes a review of the existing funding models and available funding and the enhancement of governance in the German Centres for Health Research. Students in extra-occupational training receive EUR 2 per year.

The scholarship grant is initially for 1 year and may be extended upon proof of study progress by the end of the normal period for a further year. Study progress is documented regularly via a performance overview.

Studieren mit Berufserfahrung. Dohmen, Dieter.

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Finanzierung beruflicher Weiterbildung in Deutschland. H, 3, Scholarship for advancement. PDF version. Name of the instrument - Local language Aufstiegsstipendium Name of the instrument - English translation Scholarship for advancement Country Germany Type of instrument Grant for individuals Type of entry Single instrument Short description Employees can apply for this State-funded grant to finance their costs for education and training. Short description of the related instruments nap Level of operation National Name of a part of the country nap Name of the region for regional instruments nap Name of the sector for sectoral instruments nap Relevance Marginal scheme Legal basis na Objective s and target s To increase permeability between vocational and academic education and offer the opportunity for further professional development.

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