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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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I think with my eyes and my ears And with my hands and feet And with my nose and mouth. That is why on a hot day When I enjoy it so much I feel sad, And I lie down in the grass And close my warm eyes, Then I feel my whole body lying down in reality, I know the truth, and I'm happy.

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Death is a bend in the road, To die is to slip out of view. If I listen, I hear your steps Existing as I exist. The earth is made of heaven.


Error has no nest. No one has ever been lost. All is truth and way. Introduction: "Message" "Mensagem" is Pessoa 's best known book. It is a small book, with 44 poems describing the Portuguese coat of arms symbolically, and the only published in his life, excepting for two self-published books of poems in English under the youth pseudonym of Alexander Search. It glorifies the symbolic value of Discoverers, pities Portugal's sorry state and exhorts to a new, spiritual revolution, within the ideas of Sebastianism and the Fifth Empire. The complete work is easily found on the Web.

The blighter that is at the end of the sea On the pitch-black night raised itself flying; Round the vessel it flew three times, Three times it flew creaking, And said, 'Who dared pierce Into my dens that I do not reveal, My black ceilings of the end of the world? Whose the keels I see and hear?


Three times he raised his hands from the helm, Three times he had them rooted on the helm, And said after trembling three times, 'Here at the helm I am more than myself: I am a People who wants the sea that is yours; And more than the blighter, that my soul fears And rolls on the darkness of the end of the world, Orders the will, that ties me at the helm, Of His Majesty King John the Second! Pity him who lives at home Happy with his life, Without a dream, a flexing of wings, To make him relinquish Even the warmest ember of his hearth!

Pity him who is happy! He lives because life lasts. Nothing within him whispers More than the primeval law: That life leads to the grave. Vive porque a vida dura.

Heteronym : Bernardo Soares, Auxiliary book-keeper in Lisbon and a perfectionist without a real life. He lived in a small apartment in the Rua dos Douradores, and all he had in life was "a few accounting books and the gift of dreaming". One afternoon he was allowed to leave the office earlier to run a personal errand right there in Lisbon; the errand being completed early, he found that given the different hours Lisbon was a strange town he was unfamiliar with, and went back to the office, to the surprise of his colleagues.

Where a portuguese original quote exists, the translation into english was informal. And the supreme glory of all this, my love, is to think that maybe this isn't true, neither may I believe it true.

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To travel? Some 10 25 molecules of fat are jiggling around the viscous solution, moving much quicker if tortuously than we may imagine. Once in a while a hydroxide nears one of the three central carbon atoms of a fat molecule, the knock is just right men and women are not that different from molecules as they think and a C-OH bond forms, while the C-R bond loosens. An R - ion slides into the murk, picks up some surrounding waters, and is of onto the dance floor, picking up a positive ion partner.

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One of the authors [RH] has a fond remembrance of the closest model he has seen for molecular collisions and reaction kinetics. It was outside of Havana, an immense crowd densely dancing as the greatest Cuban band of them all, Los Van Van, played 'Muvete'. Lye and fat talk, the triglyceride and hydroxide ions sing in this wild riff, entangling, reacting The con versation becomes more heated, old bonds are loosened, new ones formed.

Eventually, the conversation quiets, and we have Era como se estivesse dentro de um vendaval retumbante.

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    Herrmann, E. Goethe, J. Roth, E. Schwedt, G. Soentgen, J. Unserer Zeit , 30 , Smeaton, W. Bergmann, T. Murray: London, Segundo volume , Globo: Porto Alegre, Este forno ainda era equipado com um Banho de Areia Sandbad. Assim se explica que o proveito esperado dessa espuma der Nutzen, den er sich von jenem Schaum versprach encontrava-se lag muito distante sehr im Weiten. Vaupel, E. Unserer Zeit , 40 , Maar, J.

    Unserer Zeit , 42 , Moraes de Rezende, C.